FFXIV Best Addons & Mods [Visual, UI, HUD, Graphics]

These best FFXIV addons and mods would breathe a fresh air into your game and improve the graphics and gameplay significantly.

Final Fantasy 14 is one of the most successful MMORPGs trending even after ten years of its release date. It is appreciated by fans worldwide due to its impressive exploration and combat. Since Final Fantasy 14 was released over ten years ago, it’s no wonder that the gameplay and graphics got outdated over time.

Fans have developed various mods that can improve the graphics, HUD, and user interface so they can compete with newer games. In this guide, we will discuss some of the best FFXIV addons and mods that can improve your gameplay significantly while making it look spectacular. Be careful, as using some of the mods might get you banned.

Key Highlights

  • FFXIV Addons can be installed from Nexus Mods and Github.
  • There are a variety of addons which include graphical upgrades and gameplay enhancements.
  • Players can alleviate bad ping through XIVAlexander.
  • Combat performance can be tracked through Advanced Combat Tracker.

How To Install FFXIV Addons?

You can find most of these addons on Nexus mods; a few excellent mods are available to download from Github as well.

  1. Visit the Nexus mods or Github website.
  2. Download the files of a particular mod.
  3. Download the setup of the mod.
  4. Extract the files and install the mods.
  5. Sometimes, you would be required to copy certain files to specific folders to install some mods.

Character Visuals Addons In FFXIV

FFXIV Visual addons
Character Visuals Addons

These addons would improve your characters’ looks, making them look more realistic and appealing aesthetically. You can utilize various options to customize your character, making them look pleasing according to your desire. Though, some of these addons might reduce performance due to higher system requirements to run these mods. While you’re at it, why not read our State of Decay 2 Best Mods guide.  

Hair defined

This is one of the best Final Fantasy 14 addons, especially if you want to improve the textures of your characters. This addon would add more detail to your character’s hair, making them stand out and look more appealing.

This add-on can improve about 1000 hair textures in the game. This addon also improves eyelashes, eyebrows, and facial hair’s texture. However, you may face performance issues like lags if you install this addon.

NPC defined

This addon would improve the texture of various NPC characters. These NPC characters would then appear much more appealing. Your gameplay experience during a cutscene will also be significantly enhanced. This add-on would improve the graphic features of all the NPCs whether you encounter them in raids, main story, and in other situations during the game. If improving your NPC’s looks is your priority then you should not sleep on these best FFXIV addons.

There is almost no risk of getting banned while using this mod, as this addon does not alter the game’s structure. Installing this add-on is worth it if you want a gameplay experience with better NPC graphics.

Face defined

Another great add-on that will significantly improve the character’s graphics. You can dramatically enhance various characters’ looks with the help of Face defined addon. Moreover, this addon will significantly improve eye textures and enhance multiple facial features in the games. The improved textures will allow you to have a much more immersive gameplay experience.

You may experience performance issues like fps drops and lags, especially when walking in highly populated areas during a game. Still, using this addon is worth it as the improved textures will significantly improve the gaming experience.

Touch of Real

There is two Touch of Real mods available for both the male and female characters in the game. These mods can improve the graphics and textures of characters significantly. Touch of Real would allow you to have a better gameplay experience with refined textures. You can download this mod from nexus mods easily to access it.

This add-on will make your cutscenes look livelier and more immersive. Though this add-on consumes a lot of GPU, you may face performance issues if your device’s specifications are not enough to handle it. Still, installing this addon is worth it as it improves the game’s outdated graphics immensely.


Eyeworks is another excellent and one of the best FFXIV addons that can significantly improve your character’s graphics. This addon makes your character look more alive with the detailed and advanced eye textures. There are over 150 manual options available that you can use to customize your eyes. All textures are available in 256×256, which is enough to improve the eye’s textures of various characters immensely.

The Eyeworks addon is well optimized. Moreover, it won’t take a toll on your GPU because of the well-adjusted size of the eye textures. You will rarely experience performance issues because of this mod. Moreover, there is no risk of getting banned while using this addon.

Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea

Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea provides you with a wide variety of eyes. These eye textures would make your characters look stunning. This addon significantly improves the Aesthetic value of the game. It provides various eyes for all classes, genders, and sub-races.

Each eye texture was carefully designed to make your character look fabulous. You would not want to miss out on this addon as the eye textures are spectacular. The eye textures were created keeping in mind the features of various classes. You can download the mod files from Nexus mods.

Graphics Addons In FFXIV

FF14 Graphics addons
Graphics Addons

Like character visual addons, these addons would improve the graphics of FF14, making them look spectacular. These graphic addons would breathe fresh air into the game and make it look brand-new by improving scaling and resolution. These addons would allow you to take higher-quality screenshots and videos. Many of these add-ons might cause your frames to lag, so make sure your device is suitable enough to run these addons smoothly. Installing these Graphics mods in FFXIV is recommended.

Alive Gshade preset

Alive Gshade preset is another excellent visual addon. This addon would enhance the game graphics immensely, making it appealing and lively. Alive Gshade can significantly improve your gaming experience by breathing a new life into the graphical textures in the game. This add-on can be found easily at Nexus mods.

Alive Gshade preset would reduce the regular green haze originally incorporated in FFXIV graphics. It will add detailed shading to both the environment and characters. Moreover, Alive Gshade would add a lot more depth to the field. Using this addon is worth it, especially if you want your game to look appealing. However, advanced graphics and textures would require a much more powerful GPU. So you must ensure that your GPU specifications are enough to handle Alive Gshade preset before installing it.

Ludite 4 FFXIV – Gameplay Graphics Overhaul

Ludite 4 can improve the default color palette of FFXIV to a great extent. This would increase the game’s color ranges, which would provide better-contrasting visuals in the game. Ludite 4 will also introduce a better-looking cyan tint that is on par with FFXV. This addon can improve the lighting in the game by making dark areas a bit dark and lighter areas much more noticeable.

The improved visuals will not give you trouble while exploring dungeons, as Ludite 4 was created keeping in mind the visual features of the entire game. The addon also introduces RayTraced Global Illumination (RTGI), making your game look better. You can run the RTGI without an RTX graphic card.

Heavensward Sweet FX

Heavensward Sweet FX is one of the best graphics addons in FFXIV. This addon improves the shading of the game, making the graphics look more well-balanced. This shader addon works much better than the in-game shaders and would make your game look stunning.

Installing this addon is recommended if you are a geek for aesthetic and beautiful graphics. This addon would make your game look amazing and improve your gaming experience. Install this addon if you want a taste of beautiful art. This addon might cause a few performance issues, so make sure that your device is compatible enough to run the game with this addon installed smoothly.

HD Buffs Icons

The original icons in the game are poor in their aesthetic quality and graphics, and most players do not appreciate their blurry textures. If you are a player who wants their icons in ff14 to look more refined, HD Buffs Icons is the perfect addon for you.

This addon improves the resolution of the icons by improving their scaling significantly, making them look less blurry and sharp. If you install this addon, your in-game icons will look spectacular instead of an eyesore with poor graphics.

The Newness HD

The Newness is an excellent graphics mod that doesn’t cause any performance issues; you can install this addon on your low-end device, and it would cause minimum lags. The Newness would make your game look new and modern as if FF14 had just been released yesterday. Installing this addon would make your game look spectacular.

The Newness HD addon would significantly improve the lighting and shadows, making the game look stunning. Many players appreciate Aesthetic graphics, and this addon is often used to record YouTube videos and take high-quality screenshots.

UI Addons In FFXIV

UI addons

These addons would improve the user interface for many players, The improved user interface would make gameplay much more convenient for the players. These addons can perform various functions, such as improving the map or improving the looks of the original game user interface. Below are some of the best UI addons and mods in FFXIV.

Moogle Maps

Moogle Maps is one of the most convenient addons for final fantasy 14. This addon can help the players locate various treasures without searching their locations on the internet. Moogle maps help players find the treasure and provide daily hunt locations. Installing this UI addon in FFXIV would be helpful, especially during later game expansions and the larger maps.

Installing Moogle Maps is recommended to enhance your gameplay experience reducing the tediousness of finding the treasure and daily hunt locations online. Moogle Maps can help you locate treasure by simply changing the map’s texture.

Material 4K UI

Material 4K UI is one of the best UI addons. It can improve your interface significantly. It replaces the original ffXIV UI with a better and improved one. This mod will make various bars look much more prominent and less messy. The mod adds a much more distinctive color contrast to the interface. Moreover, It can help you manage your inventory effectively.

The addon has a dark theme that makes your interface look more appealing. Installing Material 4K UI is worth it as you can keep track of your items efficiently. Moreover, it will also provide you with the coordinates of nearby chests, making your gameplay more convenient.


The Tpie addon is one of the most helpful and best UI addons in FFXIV. This addon can bind various spells and gears in the ring, allowing players to use them more efficiently and faster. Often it is tedious to use spells and switch gears, but this addon would make the process much quicker.

You can even find some pre-designed presets developed by other players for ease of usage. Installing this addon is recommended because it allows players to use spells and gear more effectively during combat without going through the tedious task of going into the menu to change spells and gears.

Chat Grey Box Remover

Another convenient interface addon that can improve the UI for the player. Chat grey box remover can make your chat box look neat. Many players find the greyish tone in the chatbox annoying as it makes the chatbox look messy, So this UI addon in FFXIV was created to improve your chatbox interface.

If you are particularly annoyed by the grey chatbox, installing this addon is recommended. You would need TexTools 2 to install this mod. The addon is available at nexus mods so that you can download the necessary files there.

Blue UI

Blue UI changes the color of your game interface. It would give it an appealing blue look. The user interface looks neat and impressive with the help of this mod. The sharp blue color makes it look immaculate.

Installing Blue UI is recommended, especially if you like blue. This UI gives a much more refreshing look to the default dull user interface that may appear boring to many gamers. You can find this addon at Nexus mods and use TexTools 2 to install necessary files.

Darksteel UI

Darksteel UI is a great addon that can improve a lot of interface elements. It would add some transparency to your in-game HUD that can appeal to many players. It changes many interface elements, upgrading them according to modern gaming standards.

Darksteel Ui can change your default windows, job gauge, chat frame, and map. It would change the rounded frame structures to a much sharper one, thus making the interface more aesthetically pleasing for the players. Darksteel UI can also be a great FFXIV HUD addon and improve the overall interface of the game.


These addons would improve the head-up display of the players; some of these HUD addons are handy and can make your gameplay more convenient and exciting.

Fr4nsson’s FFXIV Config

It’s considered one of the best hud addons for final fantasy XIV. It can provide you with a clean and well-organized HUD layout. Various spells are assigned to the hot bars according to your characters’ jobs. This addon can prove convenient to the players as it could make the gameplay easier by providing them with a well-managed HUD.

The mod has assigned various keybinds for different spells, which saves the player time setting those keybinds themselves. This allows the players to keep their key bindings for spells well organized. This mod is safe to use as it does not go against TOS. No files have been modified by third-party applications that the game has banned. Installing this mod is worth it as it would improve your gaming experience while also providing you with a great HUD.

VM Square Mini Map

Square Mini Map is a great addon that can be helpful to many players. This addon replaces the in-game map with a square mini-map. The square mini-map is well designed and looks great. Moreover, this addon would also prove helpful as it would allow the players more visibility than the in-game default map. This would also let you look for the City of Ancients effectively, which most players have trouble finding.

Installing Square Mini Map is recommended as it would certainly improve your gaming experience. More visibility will make the gameplay much more convenient and less tedious, allowing you to enjoy the game more. Installing this FFXIV Hud addon is recommended, and you would not want to ignore this one.


The Compass addon is a helpful mod that would be helpful, especially for rookie players. The Compass would allow you to track various quests, NPCs, and important points of interest. This would enable a player to travel through the world without the feeling of being lost. The compass may help you complete the mystery miners side quest efficiently.

The Compass would improve the gameplay experience of many rookie players who have trouble with the directions in FF14. The addon would allow them to track where to go easily. This is an excellent HUD addon in FFXIV that appears as a slider bar; on this slider bar, you can locate valuable points of interest which would change if you go near them.

Simple Focus Target Cursor

This FFXIV addon can be helpful to a lot of rookie players. This would be significantly helpful for those players who confuse the focus target with the actual target. Many rookies find it challenging to select the focus target because of the in-game target arrows. A simple focus target cursor makes the task much easier for them.

The addon would replace the focus target arrow with a dot. This would allow the players to select it more easily. This addon would prevent the players from making many mistakes, such as healing the wrong character. Though the dot might not look as appealing as the target arrows in the game, it would still be a helpful feature for players, making the gameplay easier for them.

LOCK and ARROWS Icons Removed

As the name suggests, you can remove all Lock and arrows when installing the addon. Many players can find the Locks and Arrows annoying in their HUD. This is because the Locks and Arrows can hide the exp bars for the players. This may turn down a lot of players as it looks less appealing.

With the Lock and arrows removed, you can get rid of all such hindrances near your Hotbar. The addon would make your HUD look great. Installing this fix HUD addon is worth it as it would remove the lock and arrows that many players find less aesthetic. When improving the HUD is in question there is hardly any parallel you’d find under the best FFXIV HUD mods category on the web.

Other Addons In FFXIV

FF14 mods
Misc Addons

These addons can perform various functions to improve your gameplay, whether in combat or exploration.

Advanced Combat Tracker

Advanced Combat Tracker can be a helpful addon as it tracks all of your data during combat. The data includes damage dealt, healing done and damage taken. The mod can help players know their weak points if they go through data, so installing this addon can be handy. Advanced Combat Tracker can provide you with the data of both the individual and team combats. If you install this addon, you can adjust various buffs to use your characters more effectively.

Though you must be careful as many players were reported to get banned by using this addon because they bullied other players for having low DPS potential, so make sure you avoid it, as doing so will most likely get you banned. You can utilize a training dummy to track your combat results. The combat tracker will also help you in leveling up your characters effectively.

XIV Alexander

XIV Alexander can be a helpful XIV Alexander, especially if you are experiencing ping issues. This addon can help reduce a lot of lags, especially those caused due to a poor ping. Ping issues usually occur when a player is far away from the server’s location. Using XIV Alexander can significantly fix your ping, making your game lag less.

The lesser lags will improve your overall gameplay, and you will be able to attack your enemies more effectively and rapidly with the help of XIV Alexander. Players will be able to do GCD and cooldowns damage much more effectively without experiencing delays.

XIV Combo

The XIV Combo addon is recommended for all rookie players who find the combat in FFXIV difficult and daunting. The XIV Combo addon will give such players a handicap by allowing easier combos. You would be able to do combo rotations by pressing a single button. If you install this mod, you will never mess up your combos, inflicting significant damage to the opponents. It is one of the most helpful FFXIV mods as it allows you to keep track of your combos effectively. You can do a lot of combos easily, which would help you level up faster.

Usually, players must press three buttons to make a successful combo attack. The XIV Combo makes it much easier for the players as they would be required to press a single button. However, this addon might reduce the challenging aspect of combat which veterans might not appreciate. You will be able to use solo classes effectively if you have this mod installed.

Flicker Optimization and V-Sync Stutter Fix

A useful addon, especially if you are running FXIV on a low-end pc. Flicker optimization can reduce the flicker issues in the game if your pc isn’t strong enough. In addition, this addon can also decrease stuttering in the game and can improve overall performance.

If you want to experience fewer lags and much smoother performance, you should install this addon because it can fix many potential performance issues. It can improve your gameplay significantly if you use a less strong pc to run FFXIV.


XIVAuras is one of the most convenient and best addons for FFXIV; with this mod’s help, you can efficiently improve your combat strategies. XIVAuras can help a player know about various buffs that his characters get during a battle. This addon keeps track of all the buffs a character gets and the time they last.

Knowing various buffs and the time they last that players can get with this addon can help them understand when to use a particular buff during combat. Players can battle more effectively with the careful strategizing that they can do with the help of this addon. You can also match up some DPS classes for better combat.

Cyberpunk Jacket

Cyberpunk Jacket is one of the trendiest FF14 addons on Nexus mods. This addon is specially designed for players who love the Cyberpunk franchise. If you want your ff14 characters to look like Cyberpunk characters, this mod is perfect for you.

The jackets are available in various colors, and you can pick one to your liking. It is available in Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Black. If you are a fan of Cyberpunk clothes, Check out our guide on Legendary clothes you can find in Cyberpunk 2077.


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That’s all about our best FFXIV addons and mods guide, utilize these addons, and you will not be disappointed because these mods would give your game a much fresher look while also improving gameplay.

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