FFXIV Training Dummy: Location and Level Guide

Here Is How to Find All Training Dummy Locations in Final Fantasy XIV

Surprisingly, Final Fantasy XIV acquires multiple hidden quests that only support meager hints. Not all the hints contain concrete dots for producing a bigger graphical image that could efficiently lead players to the beginning point of a quest. Undoubtedly, Final Fantasy XIV is an extremely cunning game, especially when the player is doing raids and quests. Your gear is of pivotal importance for causing damage, survivability, and also a delightful blend of abilities and movements that he utilizes. One of the best ways to sharpen these abilities is with the FFXIV training dummy.

Key Highlights

  • Training dummies allow players to practice their combos on them.
  • They are imperative in improving your gameplay.
  • They can be found in many locations in the open world.
  • You can also place a training dummy at your personal house.

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What Is Training Dummy in FFXIV?

Players practicing virtual rotations for raids
FFXIV – Training Dummy concept

A training dummy in Final Fantasy XIV is a convenient tool that allows virtual players to practice their rotations. There’re numerous locations available for housing or free ones in particular areas that those players can utilize. If you intend to choose striking dummy as a beginner, it’ll be utterly futile.

For this purpose, we would suggest using the one that complements your gaming level. The reason is, using the higher ones than your level improves the possibilities of missing attacks. There’re different rotations of the training dummy to opt for, so it generally relies on personal preferences and on the efficient levels of the players.

Levels And Rotations In Training Dummy 

For achieving the desired abilities with the right grips, and to be used in combat, the training dummy in Final Fantasy XIV is provided to players for such consequences. However, it’s imperative to use the accurate training dummy according to your level. Remember that using a slightly higher level would cause less damage and couldn’t allow an accurate representation of hitting the opponents of your levels. On the contrary, you’ll be causing excess impairment, which ultimately brings inaccurate readings.

As you strike the training dummy in Final Fantasy XIV with your rotations, you can observe the destruction inflicted in the combat log. By utilizing this log, you get to acquire a clear idea of how you’re influencing the dummies and all sorts of practical data, which is utterly relevant.

Final Fantasy XIV Training Dummy Locations

Supposedly, you’ve got your hands on the Ffxiv, but you misinterpreted the mechanism. Over the years, there have been multiple changes so whether you’re playing FFXIV a beginner or an expert, there’s a lot of diversity within the game. For additional convenience, we’ve created a list of helpful suggestions for training dummies that’ll make your gaming venture a lot more amusing.

Even if you wouldn’t get every answer to the queries you might have, it’ll certainly push you in the accurate direction. Generally, the training dummies are divided into four main levels, 1,2,3 and 4, and here are all the locations you should visit. 

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Central Shroud- The Bannock

Level 1 virtual rotation practice area
Central Shroud location

As the name implies, the Central shroud lies at the bottom of the heart of the Black shroud. Being the best location in level 1 of FFXIV training dummy Stromblood, it is situated in the state of Gridania, the other side of the Jadeite Flood. This zone associates with the East Shroud through Greentear to the North one via Standing Corses.

There are multiple theories regarding the origin of its area’s name. Some people claim that it’s been derived from the hard track issued to Grand Company recruits, while others say that’s it was taken from the training stump’s resemblance to the selfsame rations.

Middle La Noscea- Summerford Far

ffxiv Training dummy
Middle La Noscea- Summerford Far

It is a beginner zone in training dummy locations, connected to the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, Western La Noscea, and Eastern La Noscea. Presently, there’re no instances of dungeons or any luxury higher-level fates appearing in this zone. Fortunately, players can link themselves to an aethryte in the Summerford Farms for teleporting to the zone.

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Western Thanalan- Scorpion Crossing

Level 1 Scorpion Crossing virtual rotation area
Western Thanalan- Scorpion Crossing location

Besides other training dummy locations, Scorpion Crossing is a hamlet of the Western Thanalan. Primarily, it is situated near the Ul’dahn Gate of the Sultana and slightly close to the Goblet housing development. Only a minimal and necessary business is done through the Scorpion Crossing. However, it appears to be under construction for now.

Coerthas Central Highlands- Whitebrim Front

ffxiv Training dummy
Coerthas Central Highlands- Whitebrim Front location.

Whitebrim Front is a pivotal training dummy location in Final Fantasy XIV that combats in the war against dragons, specifically during the time when the Dravanians held the Stone Vigil. Now that we’ve victoriously achieved the watchtower, knights of the House Durendaire work efficiently to restore its defenses and ensure that it never falls into the enemy’s tray again.

Coerthas Western Highlands

Virtual Rotation practice area: Coerthas Central Highlands
Coerthas Central Highlands- Whitebrim Front location

Ideally, the Coerthas Western Highlands location lies behind the glacier at Snowcloak. Also, it is usually accessed by a light from the Holy See of Ishgard. A route leading to the Dravanian Forelands lies in the northeast. Zone associations also exist to the Dravanian Hinterlands in the south and the Sea of Clouds in the north.

The heavy snows which arrive at the highlands of Coerthas lead to an extension of countless plants and living creatures. Until now, the fertile banks of the rivers flowing through the western highlands were once brimming with life. As soon as the rivers froze and the temperature dropped, the vegetation died along with the livelihood of Ishgard’s farmers and shepherds.

The Dravanian Forelands

Dravanian Forelands: Virtual Rotation practice location
The Dravanian Forelands location.

The area was founded by the hunters who primarily arrived at the frontiers with the hope of snaring the wild chocobos of the forest. Among other locations of training dummies, the Dravanian Forelands is situated in the west of Coerthas. A route leads to the Coerthas Western highlands located in the southeast.

The Dravanian Hinterlands

ffxiv Training dummy
The Dravanian Hinterlands location

The location relies on the westernmost reaches of Abalathia’s Spins. Also, the constant roar of the waters seems to be a cherry on the top of the cake. In this FFXIV training dummy location, we’ve attained some fame because of the seat of Sharlayan’s colony. Currently, this settlement remains unoccupied.

Castrum Oriens (The Fringes)

The Fringes: Virtual Rotation Practice area
Castrum Oriens (The Fringes) location.

Besides other training dummy locations in FFXIV, This Garlean stronghold arrived as the base of the constructions for Baelsar’s Wall. Following the seventh Umbral Calamity, it was diversified to become an entirely fledged castrum for the Black Wolf’s resumed invasion effects. 

Yanxia- Namai

ffxiv Training dummy
Yanxia- Namai location

Namai is a village located in the middle of the mountains of the Gensui Chain. This training dummy location arrived with the Empire when it got placed under siege. However, prevalence leads villagers to continue holding onto their ways.

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Reunion area for Virtual practice rotation
Reunion location

Undoubtedly, it is the most promising position of training dummy location. Qestir hoped for the Reunion to gather and unite all of them at a single platform after discovering the hub of trade. Additionally, all of these people of the Steppe and merchants from international lands might appear here as well.

The Lochs- Porta Praetoria

ffxiv Training dummy
The Lochs- Porta Praetoria location

Previously, a checkpoint along the main highroad to Ala Mingo was incorporated into a newly established Castrum Abania. Prior to the Garlean invasion, the place is busted with merchants bound for the near east. However, mercantile endeavors have grown since provided a way to military ones.


The field of FFXIV training dummy locations is quite diversified. Fortunately, there’s a chance of purchasing a certain level of FFXIV series dummies to continue your practice. we can’t utilize such dummies in an apartment or a private free company. Regardless of the size, more than three dummies can be easily placed in your yard.

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