FFXIV Best Grand Company: How To Rank & Change

FFXIV features immersive gameplay providing multiple features to the players. In addition to the main story, players can join various grand companies. Joining a grand company is required to continue your main story. You can complete multiple grand company missions and quests to exchange them for company seals. Players can obtain lots of valuable gear and materials from their grand companies. 

Grand Companies in FFXIV are factions that players can align themselves to. Joining a Grand Company provides a variety of useful benefits such as items, mounts, and the ability to buy a house.

Key Highlights

  • There are 3 Grand Companies in FFXIV.
  • Order of the Twin Adder, The Immortal Flames, and The Maelstorm.
  • Players can pick any Grand Company at their leisure as no company is better than the other.
  • Grand Companies have a ranking system
  • Ranking up in a Grand Company unlocks various benefits such as housing and useful items.
  • Players can climb the ranks by clearing Company Missions and turning in Company Seals.

What is Grand Company in FFXIV

There are three grand companies in FFXIV that players will be required to join to continue the main story. It’s essential to consider which one to join, especially if you look forward to obtaining certain items and gear. Players can join the three grand companies: Maelstorm, Immortal Flames, and The Order of the Twin Adder.

These grand companies reward in the same way, so players can choose the one they prefer. You can obtain gear exclusive to a grand company that you can join. Players can also interact with others in FFXIV Novice Network to hear other opinions about a grand company.

Grand Companies in FFXIV

There are 3 Grand Companies in FFXIV. There are

  • The Order Of The Twin Adder.
  • The Immortal Flames.
  • The Maelstorm.

These companies all serve the exact same purpose, joining them allows you to purchase loot and reap other benefits. The gear itself is universal across all companies. It just has differing themes fitting their respective cities. To join a Grand Company, you have to go to its respective city.

  • The Order Of The Twin Adder: Can be found in New Gridania.
  • The Immortal Flames: Can be found in Ul’dah.
  • The Maelstorm: Can be found in Limsa Lominsa.

The Order Of The Twin Adder

Best Grand Company FFXIV
The Order of The Twin Adder

If you love nature and various grassy aesthetics, then The Order of the Twin Adder is the best grand company in FFXIV for you. The Order of the Twin Adder is located in Gridania, a town situated in a forest. You might have trouble finding the grand company without a map.

The order of the Twin Adder is located further away from the aertheryte. Still, choosing a company in this location is worth it due to its lush and floral aesthetics that can appeal to the players’ senses. You can use some of the best FFXIV addons to improve graphics further.

Kan-e-Senna leads the grand company. The grand company is a wooden building, and you can spot the company members through their well-designed uniforms. Their gear is made up of natural colors, including yellow and brown. Players can do certain quests from NPCs specific to the Order of the Twin Adder. These NPCs include Scarlet and Vorsaile Heuloix.

The Maelstorm

Grand company gear ffxiv
The Maelstorm

Maelstorm is a grand company in FFXIV that best suits players if they prefer PvP combat. The company is well known for its excellent performance in combat and for winning battles. Moreover, players would be able to experience the aesthetics of the beautiful seaside each time they visit Maelstorm. Furthermore, the market board is near the aetheryte so that players can easily access it.

Additionally, players can do grand company quests for various characters exclusive to the Maelstorm company. These characters include Rashant Rhiki and Trachraet. Players can also obtain exclusive weapons and gear by completing their hunting logs.

The company headquarters is located in Limsa Lominsa and consists of five squadrons. The admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn rose to power and oversees navy matters in the FFXIV world. Maelstorm members can be recognized with black and red clothing that may appeal to some players.

Players can get exclusive Maelstorm grand company gear in FFXIV if they like the uniform. On the subject of fashion, check out our Final Fantasy styled for hire guide.

The Immortal Flames

How to change grand company ffxiv
The immortal flames

This grand Company is composed of soldiers ready for combat, The headquarters of the company is located in Uldah. Their knight-style gear might appeal to some players, so join the immortal flames if you love their uniform. If you are a fan of desert aesthetics, then immortal flames would appeal to your taste.

Moreover, if you want to quickly get to your grand company, you might want to pick the immortal flames. Getting to the company is convenient because it’s near to the Aetheryte.

The grand company is presided by Rauban and his team of knights. If you pick Immortal Flames, you can complete its specific quests given to you by swift and Mimio Mio. If you are interested in these characters, you can choose the grand company to get to know more about them.

Moreover, you will also be able to obtain elite flame weapons set if you pick the Immortal Flames. You can obtain the serpent weapon set from the company.

Ranking Up In A Grand Company

Grand Companies have a ranking system in which players can climb the ranks. Getting a higher rank will give you a variety of benefits such as, buying a house, new loot, and being able to unlock new ways to get a higher rank. The ranks and their benefits in a Grand Company are

RankSeals Required For Levelling Up RankOther Requirements Unlocks
Private Third Class2,000NoneNone
Private Second Class3,000NoneNone
Private First Class4,000NoneNone
Sergeant Third Class6,000Complete the "Company Hunting Log Rank 1" None
Sergeant Second Class7,000NoneUnlocks Expert Delivery
Sergeant First Class8,000NoneNone
Chief Sergeant 9,000Complete "Shadows Uncast" quest.None
Second Lieutenant10,000Complete "Gilding the Bilious" quest and Company Hunting Log Rank 2.Unlocks Housing, Hunts and Squadrons.
First LieutenantNoneAttain Squadron Rank 3.None
CaptainNoneComplete "Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike" and 5 Command Missions with your Squadron.None

To rank up, you will need to exchange Company Seals. The best ways to attain them are

Leveling Roulette and FATEs

Leveling roulette, which is available once every 24 hours, grants you bonus experience points and currencies, including Company Seals. It should be done daily to attain company seals and level up your jobs in the process. Completing FATEs found throughout the open world in every area also grant Company Seals.

Company Hunting Log

Your Grand Company will give you a Hunting Log with specific enemies marked. These enemies have to be found throughout the open world and killed. Their location is also mentioned alongside their names, so finding them is not as daunting.

Supply and Provision Missions

You can undertake Supply and Provision missions by speaking to the Grand Company Personnel Officer which will require you to give a specific item to your Grand Company. Players can attain this item through crafting, gathering, or simply purchasing it from the Market Board. Successfully turning in the item will net you Company Seals. 

Expert Delivery

You will unlock Expert Delivery upon attaining the Company rank Sergeant Second Class. It is the definitive and best way of attaining company seals. Throughout your adventure, you will attain stronger and better gear, making your old gear obsolete.

Instead of throwing your old gear away, give it to your Grand Company through Expert Delivery by speaking to the Grand Company Personnel Officer. This is a great way of attaining Company Seals as players will have a lot of useless gear throughout the course of leveling up. You will attain more Company Seals depending on the level of your gear.

Company Levequests

Players can undertake Company Levequests for any Grand Company, However, a seal bonus is only received if you do quests for your own Grand Company.

Benefits Of Grand Companies

Joining a Grand Company is imperative in your journey in the realm of Eorzea. You will receive a variety of benefits from ranking up in your Grand Company.

Chocobo Mount

You can receive a Chocobo mount from the Grand Company to make travel less tedious. At level 20, join a Grand Company and talk to the commander to initiate My Little Chocobo quest. You will receive a Chocobo as a reward for finishing this quest.

Useful Items

The Quartermaster NPC at your Grand Company’s base will allow you to purchase a variety of useful items. For example, you can purchase items for your relic weapon questline, or you can purchase food for the experience buff. You can also purchase weapons and armor, however, it is pretty useless at higher levels and only usable for fashion.

FF14 Grand Company
Quartermaster’s Items | Picture By Us

Source Of Passive Gil

If you have some spare Company Seals, buy some Glamor Prisms in bulk and sell them on the Market board. These Prisms may be cheap but they can be sold in large quantities. Since attaining Company Seals is very easy, this can be a source of passive Gil.

Company NPC FF14
Quartermaster And Personnel Officer | Screenshot Grab: eXputer


Grand Companies will give you a Squadron. These are your own NPCs who can undertake dungeons with you. They are better than a majority of Duty Finder players and extremely useful in mitigating queue times. Progressing your squadron rewards you with unique emotes and rewards.

Leaving A Grand Company

Players will have the option to leave their Grand Company for a new one once they attain the rank of Second Lieutenant. However, keep these things in mind 

  • Leaving your Grand Company will reset your rank to Private Third Class.
  • Your Company Seals will not carry over to your new company.
  • Gear from your previous Company will become unusable.
  • Your first transfer is free but subsequent transfers will cost 50,000 Gil.
  • After transferring to another Grand Company, a subsequent transfer can only be made after waiting 15 days.

How To Change Grand Companies In FFXIV

It is simple to switch your best grand company in FFXIV as you please. However, players must wait 15 days to change their grand company again. To change their company, players would be required to talk to the personnel officer to get a transfer. It usually costs 50,000 Gil to change your grand company, but players can avail the first grand company transfer for free. You can level up your characters to farm Gil quickly and efficiently.

If players change their grand companies in FFXIV, they can obtain all the gear exclusive to various companies. Moreover, players can get an immersive experience of the location aesthetics of all grand companies. You would also be able to try out grand company exclusive leves and quests. So, changing your best grand Company is recommended if you want to experience the world of FFXVI fully.

Choosing A Grand Company

Choosing a Grand Company is simply down to personal and subjective choices. No company is better than the other one as they are all the same, with literally different coats of paint. We recommend you choose a Grand Company that is aligned with your favorite starting city.

FFXIV Grand Company
The Maelstorm Grand Company | Credit: eXputer


That’s all about our FFXIV best grand company guide; picking a grand company isn’t a difficult choice as players can change it anytime as they please. It’s essential to consider your location and gear preferences before picking a grand company. Ideally, if you want to switch your grand company, It is best recommended to do it after you have ranked up your current company.

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