FFXIV Leveling Guide 60-70

In this guide, you will get a detailed explanation of all the methods for leveling in the Stormblood range from level 60 to 70.

Developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV is frequently included in the list of the Top five Best MMORPGs ever made. Luckily the game is blessed by the addition of three expansions so the updated content associated with these expansions essentially rejuvenates the gameplay experience. In the FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70, we tried our best to offer multiple solutions for those players that bump into certain hurdles related to the leveling mechanics.

Venturing from level 60 to level 70 can be peculiar and distinctive as compared to the previous stages. This is chiefly due to the several options available in the game for leveling up. Luckily, you can count on us as in this article of FFXIV Leveling Guide 60-70; we will be focussing on different methods that will help you in surpassing various barricades in your expedition from level 60 to level 70.

Key Takeaways
  • You can opt for many EXP-Boosting bonuses, such as Utilizing Food Buffs for an extra 3% EXP, and Aetheryte Earrings provide a 30% EXP boost up to level 70.
  • The main source of (EXP) is from Main Scenario Quests, Side Quests, Fates, Levequests, Beast Tribe Quests, Dungeons, Challenge Logs, and Hunting Logs.
  • Some leveling strategies to go from 60 to 70 are: Side Quests, Fates, Levequests, Beast Tribe Quests, and Dungeons yield high EXP rewards in a short time.
  • Palace of the Dead (up to level 60) and Heaven on High (up to level 70) are unique deep dungeons. These dungeons offer higher EXP rates than regular dungeons.

Various Methods to Level Up from 60 to 70

First things first, getting your hands on all the EXP-related bonuses can turn the tide for you. In this regard, utilize the Food Buffs to make sure you are getting the extra three percent EXP buff. Moreover, just like the Friendship Circlet, Brand New Ring, and Ala Mhigan Earrings, having the Aetheryte Earrings will give you a 30% EXP boost at level 70 or below. These earrings were introduced as a Preorder Bonus reward. However, if you haven’t pre-ordered the FFXIV: Shadowbringers, please proceed.

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How to Level Up in FFXIV?

You can level up to level 50 as far as the main story, A Realm Born, is concerned. With the Heavensward expansion, you can level up to level 60. Like most games, FFXIV offers an uncomplicated mechanism for leveling up. You can earn Experience Points (EXPs) by completing Main Scenario Quests, Side Quests, Fates, Levequests, Beast Tribe Quests, Dungeons, Challenge logs, and Hunting Logs.

Once you have gained enough Experience points you will see notable changes in the Level bar. Some of these methods will be discussed briefly in the sections below. However, before reaching level 60 you will have to adopt a slightly different methodology to gain enough experience points that will take you to level 60. Don’t get worked up as our guide of Final Fantasy XIV: How to Level up faster can be helpful in this regard.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
Screenshot from the trailer of Shadowbringers Expansion

Level 70 is the Level Cap for the Stormblood expansion. Finally, with the Shadowbringers quests, you can reach up to Level 80. Now that you know various methods through which you can earn EXPs, you will have to use a different strategical approach while leveling up from 60 to 70.

This is primarily due to the fact that various methods offer distinctive EXPs. Additionally, you will have to use distinct methods for various classes (DPS, Stamina, and Healer) as explained in other sections of the FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70.

Main Scenario Quests

As evident from the name itself, Main Scenario Quests cover the storyline and narrative of the game. The only drawback of these quests is the tedious cut scenes that slow down the overall EXP gain rate. If you have no problem with it and you want to enjoy the original narrative, you should go for these quests as you will be getting strikingly tremendous EXPs at the end. Keep in mind that you can reach up to level 68 by completing MSQ roulettes only. 

Side Quests

These are yet another means of farming EXPs that are always an option for players especially if they are exhausted from participating in Dungeons. The progress rate is slow but at the end of every quest, you will be rewarded with a good amount of EXPs. If you are in a particular area, initiate all the side quests that are associated with that location. This will prevent the unnecessary time loss that you should avoid at all costs.


These are one of the fundamental options that you should choose to avoid the monotony of the Queue duration of dungeons. This is mainly because of the fact that Fates are captivating and refreshing. You will receive a tremendous amount of EXPs as well. You should participate in these Fates with teammates because you are not receiving anything if you die. You can play as a Solo survivor if you can survive the vicious threats that these Fates throw at you. Fate can have variable objectives that are as follows.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
Screen Animation confirming that Fate has been initiated

First of all, you can encounter a Fate in which you have to kill swarms of enemies. An alternative form of this Fate is the one where you have to kill potential bosses only instead of ordinary enemies. Odin, Foxy Lady, and Behemoth are examples of some of the sturdy bosses that you will face in these Fates. You will have to defend some worthy items from a certain number of enemies in other Fates. In some Fates, your prime objective will be to escort and defend NPCs from groups of adversaries. Additionally, there are Fates where you will have to collect some exclusive items and deliver them safely.


They are utterly similar to the Fates with slightly varied objectives. You can participate in these quests by having a conversation with the Levemetes. You will find them at random spots on the map that are referred as strategic points. This is an alternative and quick method of farming XPs as you will get through it within few minutes.

Beast Tribe Quests

These quests are included in the Daily Quest section and are another substitute for gaining EXPs. Another key fact to remember is that you can receive the Reputation points that can be of great importance as you can buy mounts, minions, and other items by investing these points. Anata and Kojin Beast tribes are decent resources of EXPs.

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Dungeons are preferable means of earning a tremendous amount of EXPs in a relatively short period of time if you ignore the queue time of regular dungeons. As a result many FFXIV players simply take part in dungeons instead of going for other options. You can also acquire the best gears from these dungeons so this method saves you from the headache of buying gears. With dungeons, you can also learn which job is suitable for you and which rotation strategy is ideal for a particular job.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
Dungeons-One of the potential sources of EXPs

There are two forms of dungeons-Regular and Deep dungeons. A comprehensive explanation of both dungeons is in the following section of FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70.

Regular Dungeons

We have divided this section according to different dungeons that should be your first and foremost priority at specific levels. The problem with these dungeons is the strenuous Queue time spans especially if you are going with a DPS role. During Queue times, you can go for Hunts and Fates that will make your gameplay much more appealing. You must know what you are signing up for.

This means that you should go for only those options that you can complete without dying otherwise lucrative opportunities could end in a series of misfortunate events. The following section also includes different measures that will be helpful for you while fighting ferocious foes.

Level 60-61

We will start with the roulette leveling at level 60 which is exceptionally advantageous. Since Patch 4.1, Daily Roulette: Raid is highly recommended as it provides tons of EXPs after its completion and is exceedingly variable so you can get an immersive experience instead of going through the same courses of events again and again.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
Daily Roulette: Raid

Roulette Raid is followed by Daily Roulette: 50/60 mainly due to its amazing boss fights as you have to fight a solo boss instead of wasting your time and resources on mobs of enemies.FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70

Daily Roulette: 50/60Roulette: Trial is another decent option because you will get through it in no time.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
Roulette: Trial

Another highlight of Stormblood expansion will be the Hunting Dailies that are quite similar to that of Heavensward expansion besides the fact that the location will be in Kugane now and the targets will be in the Stormblood area. Therefore, focussing on a reasonable rotation strategy could prove worthwhile. Here’s how you should proceed to attain optimal outcomes.

Follow the chronological order and start from Castrum Abania and then rotate towards the areas provided by the main storyline. In this way, you can synchronize with the level cycles or difficulty levels of various enemies which could prove a laborious task otherwise. What’s more, you will have to face hordes of enemies before encountering a tougher boss that seems unbeatable but now you can wipe the floor with such adversaries. If you are following our FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70, your next target will be The Peaks that you should start from the Northernmost town as you will get most of the hunts from there.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Peaks

Afterward, your next destination should be the Ruby Sea, and teleporting to Onkoro should be your priority because the next town lies beneath sea level. Consequently, you will waste time while getting out of it.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Ruby Sea

Similarly, you should always teleport to Namai as your next spot will be Yanxia and it’s the central point. You will find at least one target in the Southern area.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70

In Azim Steppe, which will be your next location if you are following the suggested order, the main target is The Dawn Throne.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Azim Steppe

Furthermore, the Azim Steppe also has some decent Fates and the Forlorn Maiden can be a part of these Fates as well if you are lucky enough. You should get rid of her first and leave other enemies for the end.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Forlorn Maiden

Consequently, you will get an enhanced amount of XPs after the completion of that particular Fate. Moreover, you’ll also get roughly double XPs for the completion of the next Fate in that particular area. The next area the Lochs is a tough challenge at level 60. You can try to clear a single mob or simply stay away from that area until Level 64.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Lochs

However, The Antitower, Sohr Khai, Xelphatol, The Great Gubal Library, and Baelsar’s Wall are worthy alternatives to the dailies mentioned above as they can grant you approximately 600k to 800k XPs per run.

Level 61-63

After reaching level 61, you can finally go for Stormblood dungeons that will provide you better XP rates than the Heavensward dungeons. The first dungeon is Sirensong Sea that grants you 1.4 Million XPs.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Sirensong Sea dungeon

You can participate in dungeons over and over again to gain more and more EXPs. Additionally, Fates, Hunting Dailies, Daily Roulettes (if they are free) and Beast Tribes are good surrogates as well not only for level 61 but also for level 62 and level 63. As mentioned earlier, these options are the best solutions for the annoyingly long queue times as a result your experience will be much more satisfying. Once you have reached level 63, your main focus should be the Shisui dungeon as you will get a markedly enhanced amount of XPs out of it.

Level 63-64

The Shisui dungeon should be your utmost priority on these levels because of the Chain XPs. After completing this dungeon, you will receive 2.2 Million EXPs. What’s more, you will get a unique exposure as the dungeon itself is well designed and the associated mechanics are contemporary. As far as the battle with Ruby Princess is concerned, you can take cover behind the crates to avoid the Temptation spell that can prove devastating otherwise.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Ruby Princess

The main highlight of this dungeon is the fairly short Queue time and the Gear that you will obtain through this dungeon especially if you have a female character.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
Gear for Female Character-Shisui Dungeon Completion Reward

At level 64, equipping an advanced gear is considered a decent strategy as it will help you with the dungeons that you have to complete in successive levels or stages.

Level 64-66

The Shisui and Sirensong dungeons should be your prime picks during Level 64. Consequently, this blend will make things interesting for you. Furthermore, doing Fates during the hectic Queue times will tackle the boredom associated with these time spans. 

Going for the Bardam’s Mettle dungeon is considered an ideal approach during Level 65 as it grants 2.5 Million EXPs after its completion. This particular dungeon can be an arduous task. However, a Healer can save you from misery, and having a good team on your side can turn the tables for you in these circumstances. The second boss of this dungeon can prove to be a potential threat. Nonetheless, dodging the incoming attacks is the only sensible tactic in this battle.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Second Boss of Bardam’s Mettle Dungeon

After you have dealt with the second boss only a small number of enemies stand in your way before you encounter the final boss. Obliterating these enemies will not be a hard nut to crack but I’m afraid I can’t say the same for the last boss.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
Final Boss Fight

If you are playing as a Tank, stick to your Tanking stands. This will make things easier for the Healer and as a result, after a grind of five to seven minutes, you can thrash this violent enemy.

Level 66-68

As described earlier, from level 65 to level 66, the Bardam’s Mettle dungeon should be your main focus. However, from level 66 to level 67, it’s wiser to go for all other dungeons while doing the Fates and Hunts during the queue time. After you have reached level 67, Doma Castle is considered a productive dungeon until level 68. Do keep in mind that the difficulty levels are slowly scaling up so you should take all the necessary measures.

Staying in the Safe ports and avoiding the AOE ports can be a life-saving practice in this regard. The Second Boss will force you to come closer and it will then dispatch a vicious attack that can deal a huge amount of damage.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Second Boss of Doma Castle dungeon

Using utilities could prove vital as well. You will get 2.8 Million XPs after completing this dungeon so it’s definitely worth the grind and is an effective choice at this level.

Level 68-70

This is the last leveling range of the Leveling guide 60-70. While leveling up from level 68 to 69, you should go for all other dungeons except the Sirensong Sea dungeon. You are once again left at the mercy of Fates, Hunts, and Daily Roulettes that can save you from the onerous queue time. You can avail an additional edge of the Chain XPs from the Daily Roulettes. After you have hit the level 69 mark, Castrum Abania is another rewarding dungeon that offers 3.2 Million XPs so it should be your top priority. The dungeon itself is an alluring adaptation of the Magitek Research Facility of Final Fantasy Six and so are the bosses that you will encounter.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Castrum Abania dungeon

The First Boss that you will face is a highly mobile adversary and can be immobilized with cannons that are located on the boundary of the battle arena only. So it’s advisable to use these cannons to incapacitate him and then engage with suitable resources.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
Cannon (White arrow) and First Boss (Red arrow)

The Second Boss is another potential threat but the one that can be handled if you know what you are doing. Use the pillars around the battle arena and watch out for the main attack that is the polarity shown on the status list of the boss where you will have to acquire the exact elementals by moving towards the appropriate circles.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Second Boss of Castrum Abania dungeon

The Final Boss is yet another potent opponent even with a Tank on your side. However, dodging every AOE especially the Bomb can change the circumstances.

FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70
The Final Boss of the Castrum Abania dungeon

It might take you some time but once you have defeated the Boss you have finally received the hallmark of level 70.

Deep Dungeons

Those dungeons that have unique symmetry and mechanics each time you join the quest are termed Deep Dungeons. As of Patch 4.35, there are two Deep dungeons- Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High. The following segment of the article FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70 gives a comprehensive summary of these deep dungeons.

Pros and Cons

Both deep dungeons are the best alternatives to the regular dungeons and at times, they are considered better options as they can save you from the agony of Queue time. Moreover, you will receive a slightly increased amount of EXPs as compared to the regular dungeons.

Their main downside lies in the fact that completing them can be a backbreaking task due to the repeated stages that you have to cross. Consequently, deep dungeons are considered tedious and boring by some players. Also, you don’t get to use a lot of abilities at lower levels in Deep dungeons especially in the case of Palace of the Dead. This is not true for Heaven on High as it becomes better after two stages because you can now utilize all the level 70 abilities.

The basic difference between these two deep dungeons lies in their relative leveling range. You can reach the level 60 mark by participating in the Palace of the Dead dungeon. Heaven on High, on the other hand, will take you to level 70. We will be discussing Heaven on High in detail.

How DPS Roles will get benefit from Heaven on High?

Heaven on High is nothing less than a blessing for DPS roles especially. This is basically due to the short Queue duration that will help you to level up faster as compared to other regular dungeons. As you are accompanied by DPS teammates mostly, they will vanquish hordes of enemies smoothly with little to no effort especially at lower levels. If you are taking part in Regular dungeons as a DPS player, you will be queued for more than twenty to forty minutes. As a result, you will be forced to look for other options.

Mandatory Requirements

You can enter the Heaven on High quest if you are at Level 61 or above. To join the quest, simply engage in a conversation with Kyusei located in Crick near the Ruby Sea zone.

FFXIV Leveling Guide 60-70
Conversation with Kyusei

Moreover, you should have cleared the Palace of the Dead before accessing the Heaven on High dungeon. What’s more, you must have completed the Level 63 Main Scenario Quest- Tide Goes In, Imperials Go Out.


After defeating a certain number of adversaries, you will have to stand in the portal along with your teammates that will take all the players to the next floor. You can reach from level 60 to 70 with roughly 32 runs of Heaven on High, however, this is highly variable as is evident from the chart. The general completion time for each run was 13-14 minutes but these numbers are again markedly fluctuating depending upon the teammates and their rotation strategy. 

Advance Tips and Tricks

Here are some general tips and tricks about this dungeon that will make your gameplay smoother and easier. While you do have an option of treasure hunting, most players will force you to stick to the idea of leveling up faster. However, you should go for the chests that are easily accessible and you don’t have to kill a pack of enemies to acquire those chests. Secondly, the Pomanders can mould your gameplay experience significantly, and using them is a decent approach while you are in the dungeon. You will know their importance once you have to fight a tougher boss.

FFXIV Leveling Guide 60-70
Complete list of Pomanders with their Functions

Pomander of Petrification is one of the best Pomanders as you can literally transform all the enemies into stones within a matter of few seconds. Pomander of Strength is designed specifically for DPS jobs so you should use it instantly if you are playing with a DPS role instead of storing them.

Many players sleep on Magicite that is even more powerful and useful than the Pomanders. These are available in four types- Crag, Elder, Inferno, and Vortex Magicite. You can summon Primal by using these Magicites that can annihilate every enemy on a particular floor. It is advisable to use these Magicites on floors that aren’t partitioned by walls into separate rooms. You can acquire these Magicites from Silver Treasure chests so as said earlier take your time with the Treasure hunts. Having these Magicites on your side will speed up the leveling process.

FFXIV Leveling Guide 60-70
Various types of Magicites

Thirdly, avoid hopping around too much otherwise you can trigger the traps that will result in unnecessary loss of time. Take Silence Traps as an example, once you are entrapped in them, you can’t perform any action for 30 seconds which you should avoid in any case. You have to face less annoying enemies, you get to use a lot of abilities, and the EXP-Time relation is far better than the Palace of the Dead that’s why Heaven on High is a preferable pick for FFXIV Leveling guide 60-70.

In the end, instead of following trends set by the mainstream audience choose the method that’s convenient for you because strictly speaking, there’s no perfect method of leveling in FFXIV. Find things to do that you enjoy and it’ll be a better experience even if it’s not optimal. I really recommend trying everything and seeing what you enjoy spending your time on.

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Remember, we here at Exputer, try our best to keep you updated with the latest news, productive guides, and competitive tier lists of almost all the popular games. So which method you liked the most? If there’s anything else you want to suggest we will be more than happy to consider it. Just let us know about your valuable opinions in the comments section below.

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