FFXIV Eureka Leveling Guide: Leveling Up in Eureka

eXputer brings you an updated FFXIV Eureka leveling guide so that you are all geared up for the encounters for the next expansion, Endwalker.

With another iteration of the Final Fantasy franchise released in 2017, players found themselves in Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood, a role-playing multiplayer masterpiece with endless potential. In patch 4.25, a somewhat controversial addition was presented in the form of The Forbidden Land of Eureka. The gameplay of this particular FFXIV series is reminiscent of 2000s MMORPGs, which offers a dive into the sweet nostalgia for older players, and allows newer gamers to experience what MMOs of that era felt like. This article will help you as a FFXIV Eureka leveling guide.

Key Highlights

  • In Patch 4.25 of FFXIV, The Forbidden Land of Eureka made its debut.
  • Players must have good knowledge of the Magia Board system to ensure progress.
  • It is important to kill monsters closer to your level.
  • Try to join as many parties as you can for fast farming.

Understanding the Eureka Leveling System

First up in our FFXIV Eureka leveling guide: Before jumping straight into the grind and slaying monsters, it is important to understand the leveling system in Eureka. This mysterious island presents Elemental levels. This means that all the new players entering this section will begin at level 1.

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The elemental theme presented means that not only are the monsters tougher but also that they are weaker to certain elements while being stronger to others. The six affinities offered up in Eureka are Earth, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, and Wind. The general layout of each elements’ strengths and weaknesses is shown below.

FFXIV Eureka Leveling Guide
Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses

Magia Board

You can boost the strength of your element in the game through the allocation of magicites throughout the elements. Through completion of Krile’s quests, you can earn up to 5 magicites which should all be stacked on the same element. While holding a balanced elemental setup seems like the most natural way to about things, in Eureka, things are different.

The magicite allocation is not permanent so don’t start panicking if you see a monster with a stronger element out on the island. Que in: the magia board. The Magia board is a sort of spin the wheel mechanism for changing your character’s elemental affinity. The board allows you to change the position of your stacked magicites to any element at any time. This means that you can dynamically adapt to any monster before or even during the battle. 

FFXIV Eureka Leveling Guide
Magia Board

Magia Medler

Distribution of the above-mentioned magicite crystals can only be done through a Magia Medler. We can find this weird-looking object in the settlement. The Magia Medler isn’t simply a way to change your magicite placement, but also a way to recharge the Magia Board itself. Since Leveling in FFXIV eureka is already challenging, you need to make sure that your handy board is always charged up and ready to spin you to the next element at all times.

FFXIV Eureka Leveling Guide
Magia Melder and Menu

Note: Players can recharge the board by killing monsters, but given the penalty for dying, we wouldn’t recommend that.

Death Penalties

Yes! you read it right! In Eureka, unlike the rest of FFXIV: Stormblood, there are death penalties. From the moment a new player enters Anemos, he needs to be well aware of how this system works so here is a breakdown.

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Before reaching level 6, Players can be dye without any penalty. This means that the starting levels are catered towards getting you familiar with the Eureka system. However, after reaching level 6, a portion of your collected EXP will be deducted for every death if you aren’t resurrected in time.

Traveling with a party is the most effective way to avoid losing your precious EXP as it is quite hard to combat monsters alone. Furthermore, after reaching level 11, things get even dicier. Dying at this point would generally mean forfeiting a whole level which you could spend hours grinding for. 

Unlocking Eureka

Next up in our FFXIV Eureka leveling guide, we teach you how to enter Eureka: Players can unlock FFXIV Eureka upon completing the quest of the Stormblood series, and there are certain prerequisites to actually being able to access this expansion. It is highly advised to be at a level of 70 or higher since the goal here is to grind by killing monsters and not the reverse. Additionally, your items will be synced to level 300 which means that any item above that level will be downgraded. 

Unlocking Eureka isn’t a challenging task. Journey to Ralghar’s Reach where you can simply pick up the quest titled “And We Shall Call it Eureka” by talking to Galiena. Following through with this quest will grant you an audience with another NPC, Rodney, in Kugane. Talking to Rodney will unlock Eureka to your player in all of its glory. However, don’t rush into the forbidden land as there is quite a bit of prep work you must do in order to level up efficiently in FFXIV Eureka.

FFXIV Eureka Leveling Guide
Our Way Into Eureka: Rodney

Items to Take to Eureka

With unlocking Eureka, you will need to consider attaining armor which could literally be the biggest factor in how quickly your leveling goes. For this, you will have to purchase either two Cryptic seals, if you plan to play with a physical class, or three Damascene cloths if you wish to grind as a magic class. You will exchange these items at pier #1 near our already familiar NPC Rodney, for one of the two sets of armor. The Kirin’s Osode of X or the Vermilion Cloak of X depending on what class you picked earlier. These items will give you an elemental bonus and haste. The two boosts will increase your power and speed tremendously helping you breeze through the initial grinding.

Harmony potions are another item which you could decide to buy. These potions offer a 10% elemental EXP boost which allows you to level up significantly faster.

Starting the FFXIV Eureka Leveling

One of the most crucial aspects in our FFXIV Eureka leveling guide is how you level up: Once your prep-work is down and you are completely ready to get a taste of Eureka, leveling up is next on the agenda.

Leveling up isn’t as hard in Eureka if you stick to the basics of attacking monsters at your own level. However, with some Eurekan potions, you can even set your targets on monsters 1-2 levels higher than yourself. These potions, which you can buy from almost any vendor, offer crazy regeneration capabilities which are important given that death in Eureka does have consequences.

There are also these beings known as elementals all around the map. Elementals are basically creatures that will cast area of effect buffs onto any player they come in contact with. The buffs they provide are EXP, Damage, Regeneration, and even Echo.

FFXIV Eureka Leveling Guide

Playing as a Solo Player

As a Solo player, your main objective is to start off by killing monsters at your own level. These are relatively easy targets and will provide you significant EXP at lower levels. Hunting monsters that are at a lower level than you is a rather fruitless task as not only is the EXP considerably lower, but also no chain multiplier will be provided for these opponents. Chain multiplier in FFXIV Eureka can be achieved based on certain criteria.

These are: the monsters you kill have to be on your level or higher and the time taken between kills should be small. Given this, We highly advise you don’t go out trying to kill monsters that are more than 2 levels above you. This applies especially after Reaching level 6 due to the EXP deduction.

We recommend this type of play on lower elemental levels as dying after level 6 is quite risky.

Playing in a Party

As simple as this fact sounds, playing in a party in Eureka is far more rewarding than scourging the forbidden island alone. Although the EXP is split evenly among all party members, there are many other benefits that tip the scales. Having 4 people in a group will allow you to take on monsters up to 2 levels higher than yours.

Furthermore, you can go through chain multipliers much faster and have longer chains overall. However, in order to take on monsters up to 5 levels higher than your own, an 8 people party is optimum. Normally the chat room in Eureka is really responsive, so don’t hesitate to party up with people.

Fighting Notorious Monsters

These are sort of boss-level opponents with their own elemental affinities in FFXIV Eureka. These monsters spawn as Full Active Time Events (FATE). The prerequisite for one of these bad boys to pop up is simply defeating a large number of monsters. While some do have a dependence on weather conditions, this aspect is not absolute. Defeating these monsters yields immense rewards in form of EXP, Crystals, and other loot. Fighting NMs is extremely hard so never do it solo, especially at higher levels with higher penalties.

Apart from your run-of-the-mill NMs, Happy Bunnies will become available to you after clearing Anemos. These FATE involve protecting the bunny and receiving locations to hidden treasures. 

How to Obtain Artifact Armor and Relic Weapon in Eureka

Lastly in our FFXIV Eureka leveling guide: These items are essentially the reason most players embark on their journey to Eureka. In order to obtain them, you will first have to exchange your antiquated armor and weapon in order to get you going. The end goal here is to finally take your weapons to the Anemos variant which will allow you to dye the weapon as you please. The weapon will also have a shrouded elemental glow making it look truly amazing.

FFXIV Eureka Leveling Guide
Eureka Artifact Armor

You can exchange the Artifact armor or the Relic weapon for subsequent variants by adding Protean crystals. These crystals can be collected through slaying monsters and NMs. However, augmenting the weapon to that final Anemos variant requires Anemos crystals and 3 feathers of Pazuzu.

The Anemos crystals can be obtained similarly to Protean crystals, but the feathers of Pazuzu are more challenging. In the earlier patches, the only way to secure these elusive Pazuzu feathers was by killing Pazuzu with gold completion. However, now we have this convenient vendor located at x19 y31.3 to simply purchase these feathers for 300 Protean crystals each.

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