FFXIV Leveling Guide 70-80: How To Level Jobs Faster

Learn about the best optimal ways to get your FFXIV job from level 70-80.

Many people get stuck In FFXIV at this point because they are in the last stages of reaching the max level. If you are looking to get your main job to level 80, then all you need to do is complete the main scenario quests; you will get from level 70-80 in no time. For your alt jobs, it gets a bit more complicated than that. You have to grind a lot for your experience points and be very smart about it.

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The Rundown: 

  • Reach level 71 using the Dungeon Castrum Abania.
  • Utilize The Bozjan Southern Front to farm experience points, as it will sync your job to level 80, essentially buffing you.
  • Complete your daily Pixie Tribe Quests, and you will have 3 quests, and they will rotate every 24 hours.
  • Make sure to do the Dungeons close to or higher than your level.

Level 70-71

ffxiv leveling guide 70-80
Castrum Abania | Copyright: Exputer

The very first thing we will focus on here is to get to level 71 specifically. That is because everything else we will use to get from level 70-80 will unlock at level 71. You may think of using level 70 dungeons like “Ala Mhigo” to grind for experience points and get to level 71. But the level 69 dungeon “Castrum Abania” actually gives you more experience points than the level 70 ones.

As such, we will be using Castrum Abania to grind for experience points and get to level 71. If you do not have it unlocked, you can unlock it by completing the Quest “The Price of Freedom”.

Once you have successfully managed to get to level 71, you can start using all the different ways to go from level 70-80 as quickly as possible and become the bringer of the night sky. 

The Bozjan Southern Front

ffxiv leveling guide 70-80 quickest ways
The Bozjan Southern Front | Copyrighted by Exputer

The Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV is an excellent way to level up from 70 to 80. It was introduced in patch 5.35 with the Shadowbringers expansion and offers a massive adventuring Foray experience. Here’s how you can use it to level up and unlock it:

What is the Bozjan Southern Front?

  • The Bozjan Southern Front is an adventuring Foray in FFXIV that allows up to 72 players to participate.
  • You can form parties with other online players to tackle content together.
  • It features numerous FATEs and duties that grant a significant amount of experience points.
  • Your character’s level is synced to 80 within the Bozjan Southern Front, allowing you to use all your level 80 abilities.

Unlocking Bozja 

  1. Reach Level 71: You must be at least level 71 to enter the Bozjan Southern Front.
  2. Complete the “Alliance Raid” Questline: To unlock Bozja, you need to complete the “Alliance Raid” questline from the Stormblood expansion. This questline includes the “Return to Ivalice” raid series:
    • The Royal City of Rabanastre
    • The Ridorana Lighthouse
    • The Orbonne Monastery
  3. Unlock Gangos: After completing the “Alliance Raid” questline, you’ll need to unlock Gangos, which is where you’ll find the main quest for Bozja.
    • Complete “The City of Lost Angels” to unlock “Hail To The Queen” from Keiten.
    • “Hail To The Queen” starts the 5.25 Shadowbringers storyline.
    • Complete “Path To The Past” in this storyline to unlock the Gangos region.
  4. Start “Where Eagles Nest”: Once in Gangos, go to X: 5.5, Y: 5.4, where Sjeros will have the quest “Where Eagles Nest.” Completing this quest will grant you full access to the Bozjan Southern Front.

Pixie Tribe Quests 

ffxiv leveling guide 70-80 the best way
Tyr Beq | Screenshot Credit: Exputer

The Pixie Tribe Quests is another very fast way to farm experience points. This Questline has 2 different types of quests; main quests and the daily quests. We will be focusing only on the daily quests in this guide, since our main goal is to get from level 70-80 as fast as possible.

This Questline gives you 3 quests to complete every 24 hours. There are of course, a lot more than 3 quests in total. The 3 Quests you receive daily are rotated at random from the actual number of Quests in the entire Questline. They are located in Il Mheg at Lydha Lran (X:12.4 Y:32.9).

Unlocking The Questline

In order to unlock The Pixie Tribe Quests, you have to complete the main scenario quest “The Wheel Turns”. You are then allowed to take the quest “Manic Pixie Dream Realm” from the Pink Pixie in The Crystarium (x13.1, y15.3).

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the best leveling methods to go from 70-80 in ffxiv
Holminster Switch Dungeon | Image Captured by Exputer

Dungeons still remain a very effective and optimal way of farming experience points to get from level 70-80. Even at such a high level range you can get a lot of mileage from doing dungeons. The trick is to of course, do dungeons closest to your job’s actual level. Once you get to the next level, you pick the higher level dungeon and repeat this whole process. 

Here is the full list of all the dungeons from levels 70-80, their requirements, and how to unlock them: 

  1. Holminster Switch (Level 71) – Unlock by completing the quest “The Lightwardens.”
  2. Dohn Mheg (Level 73) – Unlock by completing the quest “The Key to the Castle.”
  3. The Qitana Ravel (Level 75) – Unlock by completing the quest “The Burden of Knowledge.”
  4. Malikah’s Well (Level 77) – Unlock by completing the quest “A Fresh Start.”
  5. Mt. Gulg (Level 79) – Unlock by completing the quest “Extinguishing the Last Light.”
  6. Amaurot (Level 80) – Unlock by completing the quest “Shadowbringers (Quest).”
  7. The Twinning (Level 80) – Unlock by completing the quest “By the Time You Hear This.”
  8. Akadaemia Anyder (Level 80) – Unlock by completing the quest “Akadaemia Anyder (Quest).”
  9. The Grand Cosmos (Level 80) – Unlock by completing the quest “A Grand Adventure.”
  10. Anamnesis Anyder (Level 80) – Unlock by completing the quest “Beneath the Surface.”
  11. The Heroes’ Gauntlet (Level 80) – Unlock by completing the quest “The Converging Light.”
  12. Matoya’s Relict (Level 80) – Unlock by completing the quest “Like Master, Like Pupil.”
  13. Paglth’an (Level 80) – Unlock by completing the quest “The Flames of War.”

We understand that dungeons can get a bit repetitive and old. If you get tired of grinding dungeons, we recommend switching to The Bozjan Southern Front. This will ensure that your mind stays fresh as you farm experience points and most important of all, have fun.


You have successfully made it to level 70 in your FFXIV journey. But suddenly, it feels almost impossible to climb up from level 70-80. Not only do you need a very large amount of experience points just to climb up a single level, but the opportunities to even get such experience points are also scarce.

The extra ways to buff your experience points are very scarce at this high of a level range, but there is still one item that can boost your EXP; Menphina’s Earring. This item will give you a 30% boost in EXP until level 80, so make sure to equip it!

We now conclude our FFXIV Leveling Guide 70-80. After winning skirmishes against the Empire in Bozja, fighting through the Shadowbringer’s dungeons, and helping out the pixies, you too can become the Shadowbringer, The Warrior of Darkness. 


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