FFXIV 80-90 Leveling Guide [BEST Methods]

Reach level 90 with your job in FFXIV using this optimal leveling method.

Released in December 2021, Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker brought many exciting updates and gameplay overhauls, including an increased level cap to level 90. FFXIV 80-90 leveling guide will make this extremely daunting task to gain further experience points easier.

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  • Use MT. Gulg to level up to 81 before using any other methods mentioned in the guide.
  • Farm experience points using Zadnor instead of The Bozjan Southern Front as it earns you much greater experience points.
  • Use Dungeons close to or higher than your level to farm experience points. Spam the dungeons.
  • Use the daily Beast Tribe Quests. But you can only do 3 quests per day, more quests if you rank up with your specific Tribe. 
  • Fill up your weekly Wonderous Tails Journal, as it earns you far greater experience points than you have to work for.

Level 80-81

ffxiv leveling guide 80-90 fastest ways
Mt. Gulg | image copyright: Exputer

Before we progress any further in, we have first to make sure to get from level 80-81. That is because a lot of the methods we will be using to farm experience points will usually only be accessible once you reach level 81. Now, remember, you should not use the dungeon that is at the same level as you to farm experience points. That is why we will not be using any of the level 80 dungeons. 

We will use the level 79 dungeon called “Mt. Gulg”. This will ensure that you get the most optimal amount of experience points at level 80. If you do not have it unlocked, you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Extinguishing the Last Light”. 

Once you’ve successfully managed to reach level 81, you can start using all the various methods mentioned in this guide to ensure you get to level 90 as fast as possible. 


the best ffxiv leveling guide 80-90
The Queen Gunnhildr | Image Credits: Exputer

Now that you have made it to level 81, you can start the huge grind to level 90. Though, getting there through normal means, like doing standalone FATEs, can take way too long. It is also not the most optimal method of farming experience points. 

That is why we will be using Zadnor instead, and it is like the higher-level version of The Southern Bozjan Front. But it works exactly like Bozja. Zadnor can consist of up to 72 players on a battlefield, and there are no preset teams, meaning you can make a party with any other players online to play together. It also consists of an endless amount of FATEs and duties that you can complete to earn a large number of experience points. 

While Zadnor is almost completely identical to Bozja, it being a higher-level version of Bozja means that it will also net you a higher amount of experience points. Since this is a guide about the most optimal ways to get to level 90, we recommended Zadnor over Bozja.

In case you do not have Zadnor unlocked, you can either unlock it with the method provided below, or you can simply choose to run Bozja instead. 

Unlocking Zadnor

The actual Quest you need to complete to unlock Zadnor is called “A New Playing Field”. There are just a few prerequisites you need to complete before that Quest becomes available to you, though. You must complete the main scenario quest called “Futures Rewritten” after that, you will have to complete the quest “Fit for a Queen”.

Once you have done these steps, you can talk to Marsak in Gangos (X:6.4 Y:5.7). He will allow you to take the quest. Complete it, and you will have unlocked Zadnor. 


optimal ffxiv leveling guide 80-90
The Tower Of Zot Dungeon | Copyrighted by Exputer

No matter what level range, there will always be dungeons close to or higher than your level. These dungeons are always an amazing way to farm experience points. The method of leveling up using these dungeons remains the same; once you progress to the next level, you pick the next dungeon and repeat this whole process. Of course, always remember only to do the dungeons that have duty support enabled. 

A quick warning, though; the dungeons you will encounter from levels 80-90 are much harder than any of the dungeons you have previously completed. You will need to be on your toes and play your best game in order to complete them. But as hard as it will be, it will net a large number of experience points.

This is the full list of dungeons ranging from level 80-89, their requirements, and how to unlock them:

  • The Tower of Zot. The required level for this dungeon is level 81. You can unlock it by completing the Quest “In the Dark of the Tower”
  • The Tower of Babil. The required level for this dungeon is level 83. You can unlock it by completing the Quest “Gateway of the Gods”
  • Vanaspati. The required level for this dungeon is level 85. You can unlock it by completing the Quest “Skies Aflame”
  • Ktisis Hyperboreia. The required level for this dungeon is level 87. You can unlock it by completing the Quest “Caging the Messenger”
  • The Aitiascope. The required level for this dungeon is level 89. You can unlock it by completing the Quest “Her Children, One and All”

Beast Tribe Quests 

leveling guide ffxiv 80-90
Arkasodara Tribe | Screenshot credit: Exputer

Beast Tribe Quests are quests given to you by different tribes across the continent. These quests are an amazing way to earn some extra experience points and should be utilized along with the other methods listed in this FFXIV leveling guide.

Overall there is a large number of quests across all the different tribes. But you are only allowed to complete 3 quests every 24 hours per tribe. These quests are rotated daily from within the endless amount of quests in each tribe. You earn reputation points as well, and these basically allow you to rank up with the tribe. If you rank up, you can do 3 additional quests on the same day, essentially allowing you to surpass the 3 quests a-day limit. Though, you are still limited to 12 quests at max if you keep ranking up on the same day. 

Unlocking Beast Tribe Quests

In order to unlock Beast Tribe Quests, you need to be above level 41, of course. Then complete the main scenario quest called “In Pursuit Of The Past”. Once you have completed this quest, Beast Tribe Quests should be unlocked.

Unlocking the Arkasodara Tribe Quest is a bit more complicated than that. In order to unlock it, you have to complete 2 series of side quests, and they start with the side quests called “Steppe Child” and “What’s In A Parent”. They both have 4 side quests each, respectively; in total, you have 8 side quests to complete.

For “What’s In A Parent” you are required to level 85 to complete the main story quest “Under His Wing”. Once done, you will be able to start this series of quests. 

For “Steppe Child,” you are only required to level 80. In order to start this series of quests, you have to complete the main scenario quest called “A Fisherman’s Friend”. Once completed, you have to go to Thavnair (X: 25.6, Y: 36.1) and talk to Ogul. You will now be allowed to start “Steppe Child”.

Here is the full list of the side quests starting with “What’s In A Parent”:

  • “What’s in a Parent” Found in Thavnair (X: 29.2 Y: 15.3)
  • “Curing What Ails” Found in Thavnair (X: 29.6 Y: 17.2)
  • “The Sins We Bear” Found in Thavnair (X: 29.6 Y: 17.2)
  • “Societal Alchemy” Found in Thavnair (X: 29.7 Y: 16.2)

Here is the full list of the side quests starting with “Steppe Child”:

  • “Steppe Child” Found in Thavnair (X: 25.6 Y: 36.1)
  • “The Matanga Along the Way” Found in Thavnair (X: 25.4 Y: 31.2)
  • “Ogul Repays Her Favors” Found in Thavnair (X: 19.0 Y: 33.8)
  • “The Yedlihmad Hunt” Found in Thavnair (X: 25.4 Y: 31.3)

Wondrous Tails

ffxiv optimal leveling guide 80-90
Khloe Aliapoh | Image by Exputer

Wondrous Tails journal is absurd when it comes to the number of experience points you will earn from it compared to the actual work you have to do. It is a weekly event that lets you power-level your job like no other. You simply need to fill out the tasks in a journal every week. You can receive your journal from Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire (X: 5.7, Y:6.1)

A completely new Wondrous Tails journal is ready for you to receive every Tuesday. Upon opening the journal, you will be greeted by 9 different tasks. Your basic objective is to complete them and, of course, complete them before the week is over so that you can receive your next Wonderous Tails journal. Keep in mind you can hold on to 1 journal for only 2 weeks. Once completed, you need to hand your journal to Khloe Aliapoh so that you can actually get the experience points. 

Unlocking Wondrous Tails 

In order to unlock the Wondrous Tails journal, you need to complete the quest “Keeping Up with the Aliapohs”. The required level for this is only 60. You can accept this quest in Idyllshire (X: 7.0 Y: 5.9) by talking to the Unctuous Adventurer. 

Wrap Up

Of course, if you wish to get to level 90 with your main job, you only have to complete the main scenario quests. Your main job will reach the max level very quickly. But for your alt job, there are very few ways you can use at this point in the game that will net any decent amount of experience points. But we have still managed to find 4 very effective and optimal methods of leveling up.

Using these methods mentioned in this FFXIV leveling guide 80-90, you will reach the max level in no time. Make sure to try out all of the methods and if you get bored with one, try using another. The most important thing is to have fun, after all. But if you are really determined, you can also farm experience points to reach level 90 using just 1 of the methods mentioned above! With this, we wrap up our FFXIV leveling guide. 


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