FFXIV Leveling Guide 1-50 [FASTEST Methods]

Learn the fastest methods currently available to go from level 1-50 in FFXIV

For your first job in Final Fantasy XIV, you can very easily level up quickly by just completing the main scenario quests. But a lot of the beginner players start like this and end up confused because they then wish to level up their second job after they have already used the main scenario. These are the fastest ways to get from level 1-50 with your second job.

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Major Highlights:

  • Farm experience points using The Palace Of The Dead. 
  • Do the Leve Quest called Adamantoise Tears while avoiding combat with the enemies near you.
  • Earn experience points using the Duty Finder’s functions Duty Roulette: Leveling and Frontline.
  • Spam Dungeons close to or higher than your level to farm experience points.
  • Use Extra Ways to buff your overall experience points using Food and Wearable Items. 

The Palace Of The Dead

leveling guide 1-50 ffxiv
Deep Dungeon The Palace Of The Dead | Copyright: Exputer

The Palace Of The Dead is the very first deep dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. It was originally released with 50 floors, later increased to 200 floors in patch 3.45. 

To unlock the deep dungeon, you have to progress in the main story and complete the quest “The House That Death Built” in New Gridania after you have completed the quest, head over to the Gridania adventurous guild and talk to the Lalafell sitting on a box. 

We will be using this dungeon to grind out experience points to get our job from level 1-50 quickly. The dungeon itself has a unique leveling-up system. You always start with level 1 in the dungeon, regardless of your actual level. But don’t worry; this system is synced to your actual level and gear. The advantage of this is you don’t have to worry about changing up your gear as you level up. 

This dungeon works in chunks of 10 floors; every time you pass 10 floors, the difficulty increases. You never want to go solo for this one. It might work for the first 10 floors, but as you progress, it will become impossible. You want a matched party with other online players or try to convince some friends to go in this dungeon with you.

The reason we included PoTD in our FFXIV Leveling Guide 1-50 is that floors 51-60 are one of the most optimal and time-saving ways of leveling up fast. But getting to floor 50 is required for this. Even then, the experience given by the initial climb from floor 1-50 is very generous. This is certainly one of the fastest methods of getting from levels 1-50. 

LeveQuests: Adamantoise Tears

Fastest way from level 1-50 ffxiv
Leve Quest Adamantoise Tears | Image credit: Exputer

This Leve Quest is another way to very easily grind out experience points while remaining relatively safe. You will need to travel to Camp Tranquil in the Southern Shroud. If you don’t have Leve Quests unlocked at this point, you can do them very quickly. We’ll be using them to power level.

The reason why we mentioned that this is a relatively safe way to gain experience points is that the only real objective of this Leve Quest is to collect 5 Adamantoise Eggs. That means you technically don’t have to engage in any sort of battles whatsoever. 

Now, that does not mean you can just easily go ahead and pick up the eggs. There are enemies that spawn in the area, and the trick is to avoid them completely. You must carefully grab each egg while making sure none of the monsters or the turtles that spawn in the area kill you. Once done, turn in the Leve Quest, then repeat. This is sure to give you enough experience points to very quickly climb from level 1-50.

However, do keep a couple of things in mind:

  • You are still relatively low in level, which is why getting hit even once by any of the enemies that spawn there will most likely kill you.
  • You need to make sure to bump the difficulty of the Leve Quest all the way up, and this will ensure that you get the optimal amount of experience points. 

Duty Finder

Best ffxiv leveling guide 1-50
Duty Finder | Screenshot by: Exputer

This is a tool you can use for matchmaking and to enter duties in the game. Upon opening it, you will be greeted by a list of Guildhests, Trials, PvP, Dungeons, and all sorts of other duties. You need to have unlocked the actual duty before you can register for it in the duty finder. In order to enter one of the duties, you must check the box next to them and select join.

We will be using two of the duty finder’s functions to gain extra experience points to go from level 1-50; Duty Roulette: Leveling and Frontline. 

Duty Roulettes: Leveling 

ffxiv leveling guide
Duty Roulette: Leveling | Source: Exputer

Roulette: Leveling is one of the best ways in the game for you to gain extra experience points. It simply selects a dungeon or a trial at random from the ones you have unlocked. If you complete the dungeons or trials from Duty Roulette Leveling instead of manually doing them, it will earn you more than twice the usual experience points. 

You also get daily rewards from Duty Roulette, which depends on your character’s level at the time of signing up. Additionally, you get even more experience points based on the difference between your level and the dungeon or trial successfully completed. An even larger amount of experience points are given to the player who completed a higher-level dungeon or trial. 

If you are doing a dungeon or a trial for the very first time using roulette leveling, you get even more experience points. These points are completely separate and added on top of the experience points you’re already getting. 


quickest way from level 1-50 ffxiv
Frontline Menu In Duty Finder | Captured by Exputer

This is the PvP (Player vs. Player) aspect of the duty finder we mentioned earlier. In frontline, you play in teams of up to 24 players, and there are a total of 3 teams. Which takes the overall player count in a single match up to a total of 72 players. Of course, as it is PvP, your skills and your ability to work as a team with other players will heavily affect the outcome of the battle. You need to play at your best if you wish to optimize experience points so you can get from level 1-50 in the fastest way possible. 

Frontline boasts a total of 4 maps:

  • The Fields Of Glory 
  •  Seal Rock 
  • The Borderland Ruins 
  • Onsal Hakair

All 4 of the maps have unique attributes to them, and the maps are rotated daily. There is only 1 thing common between every map, the PvP aspect of it. You always have to take down other players while you achieve each map’s unique goal.

Frontline also has a dedicated ranking which you can view on the loadstone. You can get very competitive with frontline as the loadstone will display the number of matches you’ve played, your win rate, and your overall ranking. If your company is placed in the top 100, a notification will appear on your wall.

Due to the competitive aspect of the frontline, grinding it can be very fun. It does not feel repetitive or forced while netting you a large number of experience points. Using this method, you are guaranteed to get from level 1-50 very fast while having a lot of fun.

Dungeon Spam 

ffxiv leveling guide 1-50 best ways
Dungeon Menu | Credit: Exputer

Spamming Dungeons is basically what it sounds like, spamming dungeons. You need to make sure only to do the dungeons that have duty support available. It is definitely one of the more repetitive ways of leveling up in FFXIV. But it certainly is an effective one if you’re up for the grind, that is.

The minimum level required for your job to enter one of the dungeons is level 15. So make sure to get to level 15 first, using any of the methods previously mentioned. You will want to do the dungeons closest to your level over and over again. Once you’ve reached a higher level than the dungeon you were doing, you pick the next dungeon at a higher level and repeat.

Here is the full list of the dungeons you need to do, their level requirements, and how to unlock them:

  • Satasha. The required level for this Dungeon is 15, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “It’s Probably Pirates” 
  • The Tam-Tara Deepcroft. The required level for this Dungeon is 16, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Fire In The Gloom”
  • Copperbell Mines. The required level for this Dungeon is 17, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Into a Copper Hell”
  • Halatali. The required level for this Dungeon is 20, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Hallo Halatali”
  • The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. The required level for this Dungeon is 24, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Into the Beast’s Maw”
  • Haukke Manor. The required level for this Dungeon is 28, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Skeletons In Her Closet”
  • Brayflox’s Longstop. The required level for this Dungeon is 32, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “The Things We Do for Cheese”
  • The Sunken Temple of Qarn. The required level for this Dungeon is 35, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Braving New Depths”
  • Cutter’s Cry. The required level for this Dungeon is 38, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Dishonor Before Death”
  • The Stone Vigil. The required level for this Dungeon is 41, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “In Pursuit of the Past”
  • Dzemael Darkhold. The required level for this Dungeon is 44, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Fort of Fear”
  • The Aurum Vale. The required level for this Dungeon is 47, and you can unlock it by completing the Quest “Going for Gold”

Extra EXP Buffs

There are several ways introduced in Final Fantasy XIV that allow you to buff your overall experience point gains. You should be stacking these on top of each other as much as possible to maximize your experience points, especially when you are relatively low in level, so your leveling journey from 1-50 will be a lot faster. We will be listing a lot of these below:

  • Food. You have to make sure to eat food throughout the entire time you’re playing the game. Eating food gives you an extra 3% boost in experience points. It may seem like a trivial amount, but it does add up a lot over time.
  • Items. There are a lot of items you can equip as you journey through the game, which helps boost your experience points. One of these items is the Brand New Ring from the novice halls, which increases EXP earned by 30% as long as you are under level 30. 
  • The Heat Of Battle 2. If you join a free company with this buff, you can increase your experience points earned through battle by 10%. It lasts up to 24 hours, so make sure to put it to good use. 

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPGs currently out, with a nearly endless world to explore. It has various methods that you can use to level up your warrior of light. But with so many different ways to gain experience points, it can certainly get a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

With that, we will be wrapping up our leveling from 1-50 guide for FFXIV. You can try using a lot of these methods listed in the guide at the same time or just 1 at a time. Either way, these steps will ensure that you level up in the fastest way possible and become the champion of light you were destined to be. 


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