FFXIV Best Tank Tier List [3000+ Hours Experience]

Are you wondering about the best Tank job in FFXIV? Check out our tier list in which we discuss the pros and cons of each Tank job in the game

With FFXIV being on such a vast scale, there is an intense variety of jobs to play in each of its three prominent roles: Tank, Healer, and DPS. This is our take on the four available Tank jobs in FFXIV as of patch 6.4 – our FFXIV Best Tank tier list.

  • Why Trust Us: The tier list above showcasing the best tanks in FF14 was written by me. With roughly 3000 hours spent in-game, and listening to the opinions of top-level raiders, such as Xenosys Vex, this tier list has been carefully crafted to be as accurate as possible. 
Key Takeaways
  • Gunbreaker is easily the best tank in FFXIV because of its META damage output, great defensive potential, and powerful passive healing.
  • Thanks to the changes in patch 6.4, Warrior is now on par with Gunbreaker.
  • With Warrior’s powerful self-healing and DPS, it is almost on par with Gunbreaker.
  • Dark Knight is third, as it did not receive any changes at all in patch 6.4, resulting in it being power crept by Warrior and Gunbreaker.
  • Lastly, Paladin is still the weakest of all the tanks due to its weaker DPS and lackluster invulnerability.

FFXIV Best Tank Tier List Ranking Table:

S-TierGunbreaker, Warrior
A-TierDark Knight

FFXIV Best Tank

Here’s a quick rundown of all the Best Tanks we picked, along with their abilities and attributes in FFXIV:

Character NameTierTypeRoleMaster(s)Primary AttributeArmsBest Abilities
GunbreakerS TierDisciple Of WarTankRadovanVitalityGunblades- Heart Of Corundum
- Camouflage
- Aurora
- Superbolide
WarriorS TierDisciple Of WarTank- Curious Gorge
- Wyrnzoen Saelsmyndsyn
VitalityAxes- Bloodwhetting
- Equilibrium
- Thrill Of Battle
- Holmgang
Dark KnightA TierDisciple Of WarTank- Sidurgu Orl
- Fray Myste
VitalityGreatswords- The Blackest Night
- Oblation
- Dark Mind
- Living Dead
PaladinB TierDisciple Of WarTank- Jenlyns Aesc
- Mylla Swordsong
VitalitySwords And Shields- Holy Sheltron
- Bulwark
- Clemency
- Hallowed Ground

S Tier: Gunbreaker

ffxiv best tank
Disciple of WarTankRadovanVitalityGunblades
ABILITIES/ ACTIONSDemon Slice, Camouflage, Brutal Shell, No Mercy, Keen Edge, Burst Strike, Solid Barrel, Danger Zone, Lightning Shot, Royal Guard, Sonic Break, Superbolide, Aurora, Demon Slaughter, Nebula, Bow Shock, Wicked Talon, Savage Claw, Gnashing Fang, Rough Divide, Bloodfest, Blasting Zone, Heart of Corundum, Hypervelocity, Double Down, Continuation, Jugular Rip, Abdomen Tear, Eye Gouge, Fated Circle, Heart of Stone, and Heart of Light

Gunbreaker is the latest tank added to FFXIV with the Shadowbringers expansion. In Endwalker and its patches, it has been refined and buffed. It also boasts extremely high damage and that is why it is an S tier on our list.

Mitigation And Self Sustain

Gunbreaker boasts an incredibly versatile defensive kit, fit for any situation. It is second only to a warrior’s healing and defensives.

Heart Of Corundum
Recast25 secs
Description-15% Decrease In Dmg Taken By Self and Allies

Gunbreaker boasts Heart of Corundum, an upgrade to the Heart of Stone skill from Shadowbringers. This skill is touted as one of the best defensive skills in the entire game.

It is an incredibly powerful tool overall that allows Gunbreaker to negate anything from tank busters to auto attacks. In addition, this defensive skill can be given to an ally to help them in case they are dying.

Recast90 secs
  • 50% increase in parry rate
  • 10% reduction in damage taken

Camouflage is Gunbreaker’s secondary defensive tool with a 90-second cooldown. It increases the parry rate by 50 percent and reduces damage taken by 10 percent.

Recast60 secs
DescriptionTarget is given regen ability

With the release of Endwalker, Gunbreaker now has 2 stacks of Aurora. It is a simple heal-over-time effect. While it may sound lackluster on paper, it is incredibly useful when paired with Heart of Corundum.


Recast360 secs
  • HP is reduced to 1
  • Most attacks are unable to effect you for 10 seconds

Gunbreaker’s invulnerability skill is called Superbolide. This skill drops your HP to 1 and makes you invincible for 10 seconds. It is considered one of the best invulns in the game due to its short cooldown at just 360 seconds.


  • Pre-Patch 6.4, Gunbreaker was widely seen as the strongest tank.
  • The development team believed other tanks were slightly weaker than Dark Knight, so they buffed all tanks except Dark Knight.
  • These changes boosted Gunbreaker’s damage by around 1%, solidifying its position as the premier tank.

S Tier: Warrior

S-tier class
Disciple of WarTankCurious Gorge and Wyrnzoen SaelsmyndsynVitalityAxes
ABILITIES/ ACTIONSTomahawk, Defiance, Overpower, Berserk, Maim, Mythril Tempest, Vengeance, Inner Beast, Thrill of Battle, Storm’s Path, Fell Cleave, Infuriate, Storm’s Eye, Steel Cyclone, Holmgang, Upheaval, Onslaught, Decimate, Equilibrium, Raw Intuition, Inner Chaos, Nascent Flash, Chaotic Cyclone, Inner Release, Shake It Off, Primal Rend, Orogeny, and Bloodwhetting

In Endwalker’s patch 6.4, Warrior deals incredibly high damage and has the best healing out of all the tanks. It is because of its incredible healing and damage that we have put Warrior in the S Tier.

Mitigation And Self Sustain

Of all the tanks on this list, Warrior is the king of self-sustainability and mitigation.

Recast25 secs
Description10% reduction in dmg taken

Bloodwhetting is one the best defensive cooldowns in the entire game. With a cooldown of 25 seconds, players can easily heal themselves with this ability. Coupled with a 20 percent mitigation during the first 4 seconds, it possesses all the qualities required in a defensive cooldown.

In addition, the effect can also be given to allies through Nascent Flash. 

Recast60 secs
DescriptionRestores your own HP

Equilibrium grants a heal equivalent to a potency of 1,200 and a heal over time effect. This skill alone can heal the warrior for up to 60 percent of their HP.

Thrill Of Battle
Recast90 secs
  • Increases Max HP by 20%
  • The same amount restored

The Thrill of Battle increases the warrior’s effective HP by 20 percent for 10 seconds. It also boosts the potency of healing actions such as Equilibrium. All of these skills make Warrior the best defensive tank.


Recast240 secs
DescriptionPrevents most enemy attacks to not let your HP be reduced to less than 1

Holmgang is the best invulnerability skill in the entire game, simply because it has a cooldown of only 240 seconds. 


  • While Warrior’s self-sustain makes it nigh immortal, it suffered from mediocre DPS.
  • This was alleviated in Patch 6.4, giving Warrior a whopping 3% increase in its damage output.
  • Combining Warrior’s broken self-healing, incredible ease of use, and high damage output, it is a safe S Tier in this tier list.

A Tier: Dark Knight

ffxiv best tank
Dark Knight
Disciple of WarTankSidurgu Orl and Fray MysteVitalityGreatswords
ABILITIES/ ACTIONSUnmend, Grit, Unleash, Syphon Strike, Hard Slash, Stalwart Soul, Shadow Wall, Blood Weapon, Flood of Darkness, Souleater, Plunge, Salted Earth, Living Dead, Dark Mind, Edge of Darkness, Delirium, Quietus, Bloodspiller, Carve and Spit, Abyssal Drain, Dark Missionary, Living Shadow, Oblation, Salt and Darkness, Shadowbringer, The Blackest Night, Flood of Shadow, and Living Shadow

In Endwalker’s patch 6.4, it has been power crept as it did not receive any buffs during this patch. Even then, it is still incredibly powerful and a solid A Tier.

Mitigation And Self Sustain

Dark Knight enjoyed the single best mitigation tool called The Blackest Night in Shadowbringers. However, in Endwalker, it has fallen off slightly, thanks to the other tank cooldowns being buffed to high heavens. 

The Blackest Night
Casting Instant 
Recast15 secs
DescriptionA barrier that tanks 25% of the Max HP of the target

The Blackest Night is a powerful shield equivalent to 25 percent of your maximum HP. Although it excels at mitigating powerful single hits, it struggles against consecutive strikes because TBN is not a percentile mitigation.

While this CD is good, it falls short compared to tools like Heart of Corundum or Bloodwhetting.

Recast60 secs
Description10% reduction in dmg taken

Oblation is a defensive tool that mitigates damage by 10 percent. While the defensive effect is very average, Oblation has 2 stacks and can be given to allies, making it very versatile. 

Dark Mind
Recast60 secs
Description20% reduction in magic vulnerability

Dark Mind reduces magic damage by 20 percent. This CD is either useless or broken, depending on what Square Enix feels like while designing fights. 

Living Dead

Recast300 secs
DescriptionWhile under this effect, if HP is reduced to 0, then you transform into the Walking Dead

Living Dead was the worst invulnerability skill at the start of Endwalker. However, after buffs, it is pretty viable now. Players can effectively heal themselves back to full in 4 GCDs under the effect of the Walking Dead. 


  • Dark Knight has always dominated in terms of DPS throughout the Asphodelos and Abyssos raids.
  • Thanks to this, Dark Knight received no buffs during patch 6.4. 
  • Due to the lack of changes, it has been power crept by Warrior and Gunbreaker, as they do higher damage and offer a lot more defensive capabilities.

B Tier: Paladin

B-Plus class
Disciple of WarTankJenlyns Aesc and Mylla SwordsongVitalitySwords and Shields
ABILITIES/ ACTIONSIron Will, Shield Bash, Total Eclipse, Riot Blade, Fight or Flight, Sentinel, Sheltron, Spirits Within, Rage of Halone, Shield Lob, Bulwark, Hallowed Ground, Circle of Scorn, Cover, Prominence, Intervention, Royal Authority, Clemency, Divine Veil, Goring Blade, Holy Sheltron, Expiacion, Blade of Faith, Blade of Truth, Blade of Valor, Passage of Arms, Holy Circle, Intervene, Atonement, and Confiteor

In Patch 6.3 of Endwalker, Paladin has received a much-anticipated rework that adjusted it to align itself in the bursty 2-minute meta. Even after the rework, Paladin still suffers slightly from jank and lower DPS.

Mitigation And Self Sustain

Paladin has received numerous adjustments to its entire defensive kit, making it a lot more viable than before.

Holy Sheltron
Recast5 secs
Description15% Reduction in dmg taken

The problem with Holy Sheltron was that it blocked attacks instead of mitigating them, as blocking does not affect damage over time effects. Because of this reason, Square Enix adjusted it to make it viable against all types of damage.

Now, Holy Sheltron is arguably better than Heart of Corundum as it has the same effect and 2 charges. 

Recast90 secs
DescriptionBlock incoming attacks by enemies

Added in Patch 6.3, Bulwark is now the new Sheltron, blocking all incoming attacks.

Casting1.5 secs
Recast2.5 secs
DescriptionTarget HP is restored

Clemency is a terrible version of Warrior’s Equilibrium skill. It forces Paladin to stop attacking to heal themselves at the cost of 2000 MP. 

Hallowed Ground

Recast420 secs
DescriptionMost attacks do not have any effect on you

Hallowed Ground is the worst invulnerability in the game, with a staggering cooldown of 420 seconds. 


This is Paladin’s biggest drawback, even after the rework. While the DPS right now is viable enough to clear all content easily, it is still the lowest out of all tanks. 

The only good thing about Paladin is its party utility. Considering its lower DPS potential and mediocre invulnerability, we have put it as the worst tank on our list. However, it is still B Tier because regardless of its flaws, it can still clear fights and put up a good performance.

Changes Due To Updates

Updated Till: June 6, 2023, Patch 6.4 and 6.41

  • The changes Gunbreaker’s Job Actions/ Abilities have seen in recent times include: 
    • The potency of “Keen Edge” and “Brutal Shell” has been boosted. Keen Edge is now 200 (formerly 170), while Brutal Shell made its way from 130 all the way up to 160. 
    • Brutal Shell’s combo Potency has also swelled to 300 from 270.
    • “Heart of Light” welcomes a buff in its Effect Radius, which is now twice that before (15 yalms). 
  • Dark Knight didn’t remain behind either and registered a few buffs if not many. The Effect Radius of its “Dark Missionary” ability/ action has been increased to 30 yalms from 15, this too twice as before.
  • Like Gunbreaker, Warrior has received quite many changes to its actions/abilities palette too. They are as follows: 
    • The potency and Combo Potency of “Storm’s Path” increased to 160 and 440, respectively.
    • The status effect of Vulnerability Down now comes along with the “Vengeance” status effect.
    • “Storm’s Eye,” “Fell Cleave,” “Inner Chaos,” and “Upheaval” register potency buffs of up to 10 degrees too. 
    • Lastly, the Effect Radius of ”Shake It Off” is scaled to 30 yalms from 15.
  • All the latest changes that have been made to the Paladin discipline in FFXIV are: 
    • 20-degree Potency increase for “Riot Blade,” “Circle of Scorn,” “Royal Authority,” and “Atonement.” 
    • “Riot Blade” and “Royal Authority” get combo Potency boosts too. 
    • The Effect Radius of ”Divine Veil” is scaled to 30 yalms from 15.

For previous changes and their details, see the complete list of FFXIV Patch Notes. 

ffxiv best tank
Tanks in FFXIV

This brings us to the end of our FFXIV Best Tank tier list. Do you agree with the points discussed in our tier list? Let us know in the comments below.

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