Warframe Tier List: Ranking All Frames [December 2023]

Did you know the best frames in Warframe? No? Check our Warframe tier list guide & learn about the best, average & below-average frames.

In Warframe, there are 53 playable warriors/characters in the game. They are also called frames, and each one of them comes with unique abilities based on a particular theme. Not all of these characters are the absolute best when it comes to doing PvE missions alone or with a team. This is why we have curated the Warframe tier list to rank all frames based on their overall performance in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Warframe offers 53 Frames for competitive gameplay.
  • Frames are divided into themes such as Hunter, Sand Elemental, Archer, Manipulation, Gunslinger, Poison, Serpentine, etc.
  • Each Frame’s unique skills and moveset cater to specific themes, including damage dealing, healing, and crowd control.
  • Top-performing Frames that excel in overall performance are Mesa, Saryn, Octavia, Trinity, Nova, and Wisp.
  • Frames like Xaku, Nyx, Zephyr, and Grendel are challenging to master quickly and lack impressive offensive tactics.
  • Frames that excel in their domain while providing value across various situations rank higher in the tier list.
Warframe Tier List Frames Ranking Table
MaleInaros, Chroma, Volt, Wukong, Rhino, Nidus, Gauss, Nezha, Caliban, StyanaxBaruuk, Limbo, Oberon, Lavos, Harrow, Sevagoth, RevenantVauban, Nekros, Frost, Excalibur, Loki, AshHydroid, Atlas, KullervoGrendel
FemaleMesa, Saryn, Octavia, Trinity, Nova, WispIvara, Khora, Gara, Equinox, Voruna, Citrine,Mirage, Titania, Protea, Ember, GyreMag, Hildryn, Garuda, ValkyrBanshee, YareliNyx, Zephyr

Warframe Comparison Table

Let’s take a quick glance at the comparison between the Warframe Frames:

CharatcerTierGenderThemeSubsumed Ability
MesaSFemaleGunslingerShooting Gallery
SarynSFemaleDisease, Poison, SerpentineMolt
TrinitySFemaleHealerWell of Life
NovaSFemaleAntimatter ManipulationNull Star
WispSFemalePortal ManipulationBreach Surge
IvaraAFemaleArcher, Poison FrogQuiver
InarosAMaleMummy, Sand ElementalDesiccation
ChromaAMaleDragon, Elemental Power, HunterElemental Ward
KhoraAFemaleArachnid, Huntress & Companion, Metal ManipulationEnsnare
GaraAFemaleGlass, WarriorSpectrorage
WukongAMaleMonkey KingDefy
EquinoxAFemaleDuality, Day & NightRest and Rage
NidusAMaleInfestation, MutationLarva
GaussAMaleKinetic Energy, RunnerThermal Sunder
NezhaAMaleThird Lotus PrinceFire Walker
BaruukBMaleMonk, PacifistLull
MirageBFemaleHarlequin, IllusionistEclipse
OberonBMaleNature, PaladinSmite
HarrowBMaleMonastic, Void ManipulationCondemn
LavosBMaleAlchemy, SerpentineVial Rush
LimboBMaleMagician, Planes of ExistenceBanish
TitaniaBFemaleFairy QueenSpellbind
RevenantBMaleEidolon, VampirismReave
SevagothBMalePhantom, Reaper, Shadow ElementalGloom
EmberBFemaleFire ElementalFire Blast
ProteaBFemaleGadgetry, Time ManipulationDispensary
NekrosCMaleDarkness, NecromancyTerrify
VaubanCMaleCombat EngineerTesla Nervos
FrostCMaleIce ElementalIce Wave
HildrynCFemaleShield MaidenPillage
ExcaliburCMaleSwordsmanRadial Blind
ValkyrCFemaleBerserker, FelineWarcry
AshCMaleAssassin, NinjaShuriken
GarudaCFemaleBlood Manipulation, GoreBlood Altar
AtlasDMaleBrawler, Earth ElementalPetrify
BansheeDFemaleSound, Wailing SpiritSilence
HydroidDMalePirate, Water ElementalTempest Barrage
KullervoDMaleBetrayal, Criminal, Daggered DaxWrathful Advance
XakuFAndrogynousBroken, Void ManipulationXata’s Whisper
GrendelFMaleGluttony, OniNourish
ZephyrFFemaleAir Elemental, AvianAirburst
NyxFFemalePsychicMind Control


All the frames mentioned in our S-tier are the best Warframes in offering various roles in the game. We have mentioned damage dealers, healers, and crowd-controlling frames in this list. If you have not unlocked these frames, we highly recommend investing your time in them.

Warframe Tier List
S-Tier Frames


If you are looking for the best frame in Warframe, then Mesa is the one you should go for. She will not disappoint you when it comes to attacking enemies from close or ranged engagements.

Primarily, Mesa is a gunslinger frame in the game. So, if you do not equip a melee weapon and heavily rely on guns, she gets a health bonus. Her ‘Shooting Gallery’ ability gives a random ally damage buff while jamming enemies’ guns.  

Subsumed AbilityShooting Gallery


Saryn is the master of inflicting various status effects on enemies. Moreover, the status effects applied on enemies by her abilities and weapons last 25% longer. This passive ability alone at times proves overpowered in certain situations in Warframe. Saryn’s abilities apply corrosive, viral, and toxin status effects on enemies. Moreover, using her ‘Toxic Lash’ ability deals double Toxin damage – a 100% Toxin status effect chance.

ThemeDisease, Poison, Serpentine
Subsumed AbilityMolt


The Mandachords on Octavia’s arms are the weapons of destruction. She is a unique frame in our A-ranking Warframe tier list whose abilities are heavily music-centric. Using the ‘Resonator’ ability, Octavia launches a rollerball that divides the enemies’ attention, allowing her and the allies more time to attack the foes.

Subsumed AbilityResonator


If you are looking for the best healer frame in the game, Trinity is the one you need to keep an eye out for. All of her abilities either grant direct healing to allies or steal and channel them from foes to teammates.

Trinity, by far, is the best healer frame players should have by their side in a team while clearing out missions and bosses quickly.

Subsumed AbilityWell Of Life


Nova is the master of antimatter manipulation, and she can confuse enemies with her decisive abilities. Her ‘Worm Hole’ ability allows Nova to travel away from enemies by creating a wormhole. She can conjure a couple of anti-matter particles that seek nearby enemies.

ThemeAntimatter Manipulation
Subsumed AbilityNull Star


Wisp is the portal master, and she uses various tricks to escape or surprise attack enemies by using her abilities. Her ‘Wil-O-Wisp’ is probably our favorite as it allows Wisp to conjure a ditto image of her in front of enemies, confusing the foes.

If you trigger the ability again, she teleports to the position of her image. Wisp’s ‘Sol Gate’ costs 25 energy, and she opens a portal to melt enemies using the solar plasma energy of the sun.

ThemePortal Manipulation
Subsumed AbilityBreach Surge


All frames falling under our A-tier listing are near-to-perfect ones in the game. They are not the absolute best, but they will get the job done. Pick these frames, and you will never be disappointed while dominating enemies and bosses in Warframe.

Warframe Tier List
A-Tier Frames


Players who want to play with an archer in Warframe should look for Ivara. She is the best offensive A-tier Warframe when it comes to shooting enemies down from a distance using four types of tactical arrows.

Ivara switches between arrow types on the fly, and all four of the tactical arrows give a strategic advantage to allies and self. Using the cloak, she creates a bubble that cloaks her teammates and herself.

ThemeArcher, Poison Frog
Subsumed AbilityQuiver


Inaros is a great offensive frame in the game, and he deals decent damage by applying True, Corrosive, and Slash status effects on foes. His ‘Desiccation’ ability allows him to steal health from enemies by attacking them with cursed sand. The attack also leaves them blind for a short time.

ThemeMummy, Sand Elemental
Subsumed AbilityDesiccation


Chroma is the best frame when it comes to leading assaults on enemies with a full team. He is the master of elemental power and can cycle between four elemental types on the fly. Heat, electricity, toxin, and cold are four elemental types Chroma triggers by using his Elemental Ward ability.

Whatever elemental type you go with, Chroma offers defensive and offensive buffs to self and allies. Having him on your side while taking the fight to a boss or crowded enemies is a relief.

ThemeDragon, Elemental Power, Hunter
Subsumed AbilityElemental Ward


Khora does massive damage using her whipclaw and loyal hunter companion called Venari. She calls her pet to assault enemies. Moreover, Khora controls Venari to damage a single target or protect and heal.

She can also revive herself using Venari, which makes Khora the ultimate frame in our A-ranking Warframe tier list. Other than that, by using the ‘Ensnare’ ability, Khora traps an enemy in a circulating living metal.

ThemeArachnid, Huntress & Companion, Metal Manipulation
Subsumed AbilityEnsnare


Volt is the master of electricity-oriented attacks. He offers the best offense and defense tactical advantages by manipulating electricity to its advantage. Volt’s ‘Shock’ ability deals with small bursts high-damage of electric shock to a target. It can also chain to an adjacent enemy.

Subsumed AbilityShock


Gara wears glass armor that cuts enemies deep and reflects light to blind enemies. Using the ‘Shattered Glass’ ability, she hits enemies with glass shards. Holding down the ability button will strike a foe with a glass arching strike.

Gara’s ‘Splinter Storm’ ability allows her to fortify allies from incoming damage, and at the same time, the glass inflicts heavy damage on enemies. She brilliantly uses glass to lead assault or buff the defense of teammates.

ThemeGlass, Warrior
Subsumed AbilitySpectrorage


There is no other frame other than Wukong, who is best at shredding enemies and controlling the crowd. He is also easy to get and should not give you much trouble grinding for weeks before you could play with him. Using his ‘Celestial Twin’ ability, Wukong creates another version of himself having his own health.

ThemeMonkey King
Subsumed AbilityDefy


Rhino is the frontal assault frame in the game, and he can destroy enemies alone or buff allies for extra firepower. He charges onto enemies to deal impact damage. Rhino uses the ‘Iron Skin’ ability to harden his skin to soak in all the incoming damage for a short duration.

Subsumed AbilityRoar


Equinox is a unique frame in our A-ranking Warframe tier list. All of her moveset and abilities completely change whenever she alternates between day and night tactical forms. While using her ‘Metamorphosis’ ability, she gets extra damage and speed if Equinox is in day form.

ThemeDuality, Day & Night
Subsumed AbilityRest and Rage


Nidus is the master of inflicting fungal infestation-oriented damage onto enemies. He is a perfect frame for crowd control and buffing an ally. Using the ‘Virulence’ ability, Nidus launches a fungal infestation attack that grows in a radius and staggers the enemies.

ThemeInfestation, Mutation
Subsumed AbilityLarva


Gauss is the master of manipulating kinetic energy to his advantage. Using his ‘Mach Rush’ ability, he rushes through the enemies to deal impact damage. If Gauss strikes a solid object, he will create a massive shockwave, dealing enormous damage to nearby enemies.

His ‘Kinetic Plating’ ability acts as an offensive and defensive tool. Gauss absorbs the incoming elemental damage and prevents himself from getting knocked down or staggered. 

ThemeKinetic Energy, Runner
Subsumed AbilityThermal Sunder


Nezha is the master of controlling fire-based attacks while fighting enemies in Warframe. His ‘Fire Walker’ ability allows him to hurl flame attacks on foes. His ‘Blazing Chakram’ ability allows the frame to throw a scorching flame ring on a couple of enemies, dealing tons of damage.

Whenever enemies die from this ability, they drop Restorative Orbs. Nezha’s Wading Halo consumes 75 energy but in return forms a defensive ring around the frame, dealing stun and Slash status effect to nearby enemies.

ThemeThird Lotus Prince
Subsumed AbilityFire Walker


The frames falling under our B-tier listing perform above average in Warframe. They are great at attacking, healing, and controlling the crowd. However, a few drawbacks are holding them down in the current game’s meta.

Still, they are an excellent pick for certain situations, and veteran Warframe players will know how to utilize their abilities in the field properly.

Warframe Tier List
B-Tier Frames


Baruuk is another great frame you should have in the game. His ‘Elude’ ability allows him to dodge incoming shots or projectiles. The ability only works if Baruuk is not attacking enemies. His ‘Lull’ ability confuses enemies by putting them to sleep, and when they wake up, they become disoriented. 

ThemeMonk, Pacifist
Subsumed AbilityLull


Mirage is an above-average attack who received damage buff whenever she is in light. She becomes much harder to track when she goes into the shadows. Mirage is also great at confusing enemies. Using the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ ability, she creates a couple of her duplicates to distract the enemy’s attention. Her ‘Prism’ ability costs 50 energy, and she unleashes a floating prism that fires lasers randomly in all directions.

ThemeHarlequin, Illusionist
Subsumed AbilityEclipse


Oberon is a good attacker and healer frame in our B-rank Warframe tier list. Using his ‘Renewal’ ability, he projects healing energy to restore allies’ health for a short duration. Oberon’s ‘Smite’ ability does decent area-of-effect damage. His ‘Hallowed Ground’ costs 50 energy but in return sanctifies the ground in front of Oberon. Whenever an enemy steps inside this flaming range, it receives a radiation status effect damage.  

ThemeNature, Paladin
Subsumed AbilitySmite


Harrow is an excellent all-rounder frame in the game. He can do a decent amount of damage to enemies and at the same time can convert it into health regeneration as well. Using his ‘Penance’ ability, Harrow receives a boost in fire rate and reload speed by sacrificing the shields. Additionally, all damage struck on an enemy is converted to health for self and nearby allies.

ThemeMonastic, Void Manipulation
Subsumed AbilityCondemn


Lavos is an above-average offensive frame in the game. By using his ‘Ophidian Bite’, he attacks enemies with a serpentine strike. The ability also grants healing for a short duration. Lavos’s ‘Vial Rush’ ability allows the frame to dash forward with an incredible speed. He leaves an icy trail behind whenever he crashes through enemies, damaging the enemies with a cold status effect.

ThemeAlchemy, Serpentine
Subsumed AbilityVial Rush


Limbo is an excellent offensive frame that is a master of magic-based attacks. His ‘Banish’ ability allows him to cast rift energy, damaging enemies slowly. Limbo’s ‘Stasis’ ability enables him to suspend or freeze enemies that are bound by rift energy. 

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ThemeMagician, Planes of Existence
Subsumed AbilityBanish


Titania is a decent frame that applies various debuffs on enemies. She can also buff the allies for bonus damage on foes. Using her ‘Tribute’ ability, Titania can cycle through four buff variations. The full moon buff grants allies increased damage for a short duration.

ThemeFairy Queen
Subsumed AbilitySpellbind


Revenant is a decent offensive frame in our B-rank Tier list. By using his ‘Enthral’ ability, revenant converts an enemy into a thrall that attacks other foes. The thrall is controlled by Revenant until the duration of the spell expires.

ThemeEidolon, Vampirism
Subsumed AbilityReave


Sevagoth is a decent all-rounder frame in the game. By using his ‘Sow’ ability, he steals nearby enemies’ health by planting a death seed. He can also detonate the seed to deal area-of-effect blast status effect damage on nearby enemies. Sevagoth’s ‘Gloom’ ability costs 50 energy, and it slows down all foes, stealing their health and regenerating his own. All allies also restore their lost health bar by attacking the enemies nearby.

ThemePhantom, Reaper, Shadow Elemental
Subsumed AbilityGloom


Ember is great at assaulting enemies using fire elemental-oriented tactics. Her ‘Fireball’ ability sets a target ablaze after being struck by a charged fire projectile.

Ember’s ‘Immolation’ ability allows her to cast fire over her armor that grows over time, protecting the frame from incoming damage. Her ‘Fire Blast’ ability allows her to do an area-of-effect attack by slamming the ground. All nearby enemies can get incinerated by the attack.

ThemeFire Elemental
Subsumed AbilityFire Blast


Protea is not an easy-to-use frame in the game as she comes with tons of gadgets that require precise timing to deal damage effectively. Her ‘Dispensary’ ability costs 75 energy and allows Protea to generate three orbs after a certain time.

ThemeGadgetry, Time Manipulation
Subsumed AbilityDispensary


The frames belonging to our C-tier listing perform somewhat close to the B-tier frames. However, not all of them offer valuable tactical advantages while fighting enemies.

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Warframe Tier List
C-Tier Frames


Nekros frame is a master of necromancy, and he can control foes with his abilities. Using his ‘Soul Punch’ ability, he deals serious damage on enemies and turns them into his shadows. Nekros’ ‘Terrify’ ability drains 75 energy and allows the frame to terrorize nearby enemies.

ThemeDarkness, Necromancy
Subsumed AbilityTerrify


Mag is a unique frame in the C-rank. She is the master of magnetism that can turn the tide while fighting enemies. The only downside we think Mag has is that most of her abilities cost a lot of energy. Her ‘Pull’ ability brings ranged targets closer, allowing Mag to deal with melee attacks.

Subsumed AbilityPull


Vauban is a combat engineer who has an arsenal of tools that wreak havoc on enemies. His ‘Photon Strike’ allows the frame to drop a beacon that signals a high-power laser artillery strike.

ThemeCombat Engineer
Subsumed AbilityTesla Nervos


Frost is the master of manipulating frost and ice-based elemental tactics. Using his ‘Freeze’ ability, he applies cold status effect damage on enemies and has a good chance to freeze the target. Frost’s ‘Ice Wave’ ability deals serious damage when powerful ice waves hit a target.

ThemeIce Elemental
Subsumed AbilityIce Wave


Hildryn is an average frame that uses her defensive tactics to assault enemies. Using her ‘Haven’ ability, she conjures shield energy around self and allies. Foes who come in contact with the shielded frames take damage.

Using the ‘Pillage’ ability, Hildryn steals enemy shields and armor to refill her own. Her ‘Balefire’ ability unleashes charged fire bolts on enemies. Hildryn’s ‘Aegis Storm’ ability allows her to jump in the air and bombard Balefire rockets on foes.

ThemeShield Maiden
Subsumed AbilityPillage


Excalibur is one of the starting frames players get to choose while diving into Warframe for the first time. He is an average frame that has great mastery over swords. Using his ‘Slash Dash’ ability, he can dash between multiple enemies and slash through them in quick succession.

Excalibur’s ‘Radial Blind’ ability allows him to blind nearby enemies for a short duration by casting a bright light. His ‘Radial Javelin’ ability deals great damage on enemies when they are struck by sharp javelins.

Subsumed AbilityRadial Blind


Loki frame offers a very different perspective with which you can play Waframe. He comes in our C-rank Warframe tier list because almost all of his abilities are based on decoy, deception, and trickery. They lack strategic advantage when it comes to draining enemy health either by attacking directly or stealing.

Subsumed AbilityDecoy


Valkyr is an average offensive frame in the game. She uses ‘Rip Line’ ability to pull enemies towards her melee range. If the hook misses the target and hits a terrain, it pulls Valkyr towards it.

ThemeBerserker, Feline
Subsumed AbilityWarcry


Ash is a master ninja who assaults enemies using his shuriken and can escape overwhelming situations by dropping a smoke bomb. He can cover great distances to reach enemies shooting from far away by teleporting to them.

ThemeAssassin, Ninja
Subsumed AbilityShuriken


Gardua uses decisive blood manipulation tactics to assault enemies in Warframe. Using her ‘Bloodletting’ ability, she regenerates energy by depleting her own health. Garuda’s ‘Dread Mirror’ ability steals a target’s health and uses it as a defense mechanism to soak the incoming damage.

ThemeBlood Manipulation, Gore
Subsumed AbilityBlood Altar


All the frames that come under our D-rank Warframe tier list perform below average in the game. They do not offer good enough offensive or defensive tactics while fighting enemies.

Warframe Tier List
D-Tier Frames


Atlas is the master of controlling earth elemental-oriented tactics in Warframe. Using his ‘Rumblers’ ability, he calls two elemental stone minions who fight side-by-side with him. The two stone brawlers will become the source of healing for Atlas when the ability’s duration expires. He can also summon a big chunk of stone wall to defend himself.

ThemeBrawler, Earth Elemental
Subsumed AbilityPetrify


Banshee uses powerful sound waves to assault enemies in Warframe. Using her ‘Sonic Boom’ ability, she sends a loud and impactful sonic shockwave that pushes nearby enemies away from her. This ability is good for crowd control and dividing the enemies’ agro. Banshee’s ‘Sound Quake’ ability allows her to concentrate the sound energy and send it to the ground, damaging nearby enemies slowly. 

ThemeSound, Wailing Spirit
Subsumed AbilitySilence


Like Atlas, Hydroid uses water elemental tactics to lead the offense on enemies. His ‘Tempest Barrage’ ability allows Hydroid to do an area-of-effect attack by calling a barrage of liquid fury. The attack is very slow in nature but if you charge it before unleashing on enemies, it will deal extra damage.

ThemePirate, Water Elemental
Subsumed AbilityTempest Barrage


Kullervo is the latest Frame added in Warframe, however, he failed to impress the player base because of his inferior abilities as compared to the rest of Frames in the game. Kullervo is a male frame whose theme is Betrayal. His sharp blades can take down the mightiest enemies, although, they need time to get used to. Apart from that Kullervo comes with the Wrathful Advance as its Subsumed Abiliti and Storm of Ukko as the Tactical Ability.

ThemeBetrayal, Criminal, Daggered Dax
Subsumed AbilityWrathful Advance


All frames falling under our F-rank Warframe tier list are the weakest frames in the game. They are challenging to play, and most of them do not even have decent offensive abilities. If you pick these frames while playing the game, you are guaranteed to struggle a lot while fighting enemies.

Warframe Tier List
F-Tier Frames


Xaku is a unique frame in the game because he is neither a male nor female. Instead, he is Androgynous, an embodiment of lost frames. His void manipulation abilities are a new addition to the game, but they are pretty underwhelming for now. Using ‘Xata’s Whisper’ ability, Xaku wields void damage from existing weapons.

ThemeBroken, Void Manipulation
Subsumed AbilityXata’s Whisper


Grendel is a massive gluttonous frame in the game that eats enemies and spews them out to deal toxin damage to nearby foes. Most of his attacks rely heavily on him storing enemies in his gut after eating them. Using his ‘Regurgitate’ ability, Grendel throws projectiles of pukes stored inside his gut.

ThemeGluttony, Oni
Subsumed AbilityNourish


Just like Atlas and Hydroid, Zephyr uses air elemental tactics into her abilities to assault enemies. Using his ‘Tail Wind’ ability, he can hover in the air and also dive-bomb onto enemies. Zephyr’s ‘Airburst’ ability allows him to hurl dense air onto enemies, draining the health slowly.

ThemeAir Elemental, Avian
Subsumed AbilityAirburst


Nyx is a mind controller who uses psychic-oriented abilities to confuse enemies. Her ‘Mind Control’ ability allows her to control an enemy and attack other foes for a short duration.

Nyx’s ‘Chaos’ ability allows her to confuse all enemies who are affected by her psychic blast. All enemies then start attacking each other for a short duration.

Subsumed AbilityMind Control


Caliban is a Warframe embodying both biological and Sentient characteristics. This formidable Warframe excels in crowd control and survival, exerting dominion over the battlefield. Caliban safeguards himself against threats and wields formidable offensive capabilities, inflicting substantial harm upon adversaries.

ThemeHybridization, Sentient, and Adapting
Subsumed AbilitySentient Wrath


Styanax, a fearless hoplite, fearlessly seeks out his enemies without concern for their numbers. Armed with a powerful spear and shield, he instills fear in his foes. He embodies the valor of ancient champions, wielding his well-honed weapons to perfection.

ThemeAstyanax, Hoplite, Peltast, Shield and Spear Paradox
Subsumed AbilityTharros Strike


Voruna leads a pack of loyal wolves, blending strength and stealth seamlessly. Their howls signal a relentless pursuit of vengeance during the primeval hunt. In the moonlit shrine, these sacred beasts, named Dynar, Raksh, Lycath, and Ulfrun, carry out Voruna’s decree, unleashing havoc and feasting on their prey. The sight of their monstrous grins beneath the lunar glow evokes fear and trembling.

ThemeWolf, Žvorūna
Subsumed AbilityLycath’s Hunt


Citrine power resides in her crystalline form as she supports her allies on the battlefield. In the midst of combat, her beauty only grows more intricate and mesmerizing. Adorned in radiant gemstone purity, she shines brightly like adamant amber.

ThemeCrystalline, Geode, Mineral Manipulation
Subsumed AbilityFractured Blast


Gyre possesses the power to destroy foes using electrical coils and transmitters, providing effective crowd control. She embodies the essence of elegance and sophistication. With graceful movements and precise clockwork precision, her mechanized pirouette mesmerizes onlookers with electrifying shock and awe.

ThemeBallerina, Electromagnetism, Tesla Coil
Subsumed AbilityCoil Horizon


Yareli unleashes a devastating flood of destruction on the battlefield with her aqueous attacks, dealing high damage and bringing down enemies. Her aquatic grace gives hope to the oppressed as she fearlessly fights for those in need.

ThemeAquakinesis, Idol, Surfer
Subsumed AbilityAquablades

How We Ranked

Over the last eight years, developers Digital Extremes released more frames to the game. They expanded the roster and strengthened the replay value of the game. With steady support from the developers since 2013, the fanbase of Warframe grew over time, and in 2019, it crossed 50 million.

The developers not just added more characters to Warframe but also introduced hundreds of new weapon arsenal as well. You may want to check our Warframe weapon tier list. It ranks all of the weapons you will come across while playing the game.

Our Warframe tier list is based on our experience with the game. We understand that our ranking may differ from yours, and the frames that we have placed in certain tiers may seem out of place for you. However, we tried to give justice to the best Warframes and also keep in mind which don’t enter that group yet.

The frames we listed in each tier ranking are based on the current meta. Please note that our categorization is based solely on our opinion of where each frame should fall in the tier list. Additionally, for each frame, we have provided a short description that highlights their best abilities.

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Whenever Warframe gets new frames, we will update our tier list. But till then, this list will do. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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