Guardian Tales Tier List: All Heroes Ranked [2023]

Be that Warriors, Tankers, Rangers or Support units, we'll acquaint you with the best of them!

Guardian Tales players will agree: overcoming the deadly clutches of the invaders and rescuing Kanterbury is the most complex RPG dilemma ever to exist! And even if you can’t relate, you will be tested sooner or later unless you pore over our Guardian Tales tier list. 

Key Highlights
  • Guardian Tales has 120 heroes categorized into Warrior, Ranged, Tanker, and Support classes.
  • Weakest heroes like Loraine, White Beast, and The Knight (Male/Female) should be avoided unless no other options are available.
  • It’s advisable to avoid 1-Star Heroes as they may not offer optimal performance.
  •  Choosing the best heroes is crucial for successfully navigating and overcoming challenges in Kanterbury.
Guardian Tales Tier List Ranking Table
TiersWarriorsRanged HeroesTanksSupport Heroes
S-Tier Future Knight, Lilith, Beth, LynnNari, Garam, Bari, Claude, 1st Corps Commander, and LinaOghma, Future PrincessNoxia, Kamael, Gabriel, and Crosselle
A-Tier Lapice, Rue, Vishuvac, Alef, Orca, Lahn, Eugene, Scintilla, Lupina, Rey, Sumire, White Snow, Gourry, and Dai


Catherine, Elvira, Tinia, Bianca, Rachel, MK.99, AA72, and AndrasMarina, Craig, and ErinaIdol Captain Eva, Veronica, Mayreel, Aoba, Miya, Maam, and Ara
B-Tier Shapira, Fei/Mei, Akayuki, Plitvice, Hana, Carol, and ParvatiCoco, Gremory, Lucy, Mrinne, Rie, Arbelle, Hekate, Sohe, MK.22, Popp, Rosetta, Priscilla, and Chun RyeoRangpang and PymonKarina, Aisha, Eleanor, and Xellos
C-Tier Neva, Amy, Marvin, Yuze, Kanna, Valencia, Mad Panda Trio, KAI, Bob, Hyper, and DragonGirgas, Eva, Dolf, Linda, Leah, and Wizard PopeLaviFavi and Peggy
D-Tier White Beast, The Knight (Male/Female), Blade, Jay, Kang, Agatha, DaVinci, Maria, Rio, and HoshidaMina, Oralie, Miss Chrom, Ameris, Kate, Zoe, Lisa, Nyan, and Marty JuniorLoraine and Ailie

Before getting into further detail, let’s check out the comparison between every Hero from Guardian Tales:

BariSFlower Girl3-Star/ UniqueEarthRangedBasket
NariSEight-tailed Fox3-Star/ UniqueBasicRangedBasket
OghmaSMecha Warrior3-Star/ UniqueDarkTankerOne-Handed Sword, Shield, and Rifle
Future PrincessSN/A3-Star/ UniqueLightTankerStaff
GaramSNine-tailed Fox3-Star/ UniqueWaterRangedBow
GabrielSArchangel3-Star/ UniqueLightSupportBow
LynnSDrunken Swordmaster3-Star/ UniqueFireWarriorOne-Handed Sword
LilithSDemon Queen3-Star/ UniqueDarkWarriorClaw
NoxiaSNecromancer3-Star/ UniqueDarkSupportBasket
Future KnightSN/A3-Star/ UniqueBasicWarriorOne-Handed Sword, Shield, Two-Handed Sword, Bow, and Rifle
KamaelSGod of Harvest3-Star/ UniqueEarthSupportStaff
BethSDark Magician3-Star/ UniqueDarkWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
ClaudeSCount of Demonshire3-Star/ UniqueDarkRangedGauntlet
1st Corps CommanderS1st Corps Commander3-Star/ UniqueDarkRangedStaff
LinaSRobbers' Killer3-Star/ UniqueFireRangedGauntlet
CrosselleSContractee3-Star/ UniqueDarkSupportGauntlet
RueASanta's Little Helper3-Star/ UniqueEarthWarriorRifle
Two-Handed Sword
AobaALeaf Fairy2-Star/ RareEarthRangedBow
LapiceAKnight Lady3-Star/ UniqueLightWarriorOne-Handed Sword, Shield, and Two-Handed Sword
CatherineADimension Traveler2-Star/ RareWaterRangedBow
VishuvacADragon Avatar3-Star/ UniqueFireWarriorClaw
ElviraARed Hood2-Star/ RareFireRangedRifle
LupinaAIce Witch3-Star/ UniqueDarkWarriorStaff
LahnAScrivener3-Star/ UniqueBasicWarriorGauntlet
EugeneAMovie Star3-Star/ UniqueLightWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
RachelAPirate2-Star/ RareWaterRangedRifle
TiniaADancing Archer3-Star/ UniqueEarthRangedBow
CraigAAspiring Warrior2-Star/ RareEarthTankerOne-Handed Sword
AlephAGolem Rider3-Star/ UniqueEarthWarriorGauntlet
OrcaAWarlord Mercenary3-Star/ UniqueWaterWarriorRifle
ScintillaAFlame Harpy3-Star/ UniqueFireWarriorGauntlet
Idol Captain EvaAIdol Captain3-Star/ UniqueBasicSupportStaff
MarinaAGrand Admiral3-Star/ UniqueWaterTankerOne-Handed Sword
BiancaANoble Succubus3-Star/ UniqueWaterRangedTwo-Handed Sword
MiyaAExorcist3-Star/ UniqueFireSupportBasket
VeronicaAChosen One's Archpriestess3-Star/ UniqueWaterSupportStaff
MayreelADivine Beast of Harvest3-Star/ UniqueEarthSupportClaw
Mk.99AAndroid3-Star/ UniqueLightRangedRifle
AraASea Witch3-Star/ UniqueWaterSupportBasket
ReyASword of Werebeasts3-Star/ UniqueFireWarriorOne-Handed Sword
AndrasASlayer3-Star/ UniqueWaterRangedStaff
SumireAKunoichi3-Star/ UniqueDarkWarriorClaw
White SnowAWhite Snow3-Star/ UniqueWaterWarriorGauntlet
GourryAMaster Swordsman3-Star/ UniqueLightWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
DaiAHero3-Star/ UniqueBasicWarriorOne-Handed Sword
MaamAMartial Artist3-Star/ UniqueEarthSupportGauntlet
AA72ALittle Android3-Star/ UniqueWaterRangedRifle
ErinaALegendary Hero3-Star/ UniqueBasicTankerOne-Handed Sword and Shield
LucyBTrickster3-Star/ UniqueFireRangedStaff
AishaBPrincess2-Star/ RareLightSupportOne-Handed Sword
SoheeBScientist on the Beach3-Star/ UniqueBasicWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
EleanorBGoddess of Wealth3-Star/ UniqueLightSupportBasket
KarinaBVampire Girl2-Star/ RareDarkSupportStaff
RangpangBDragon Talon Clan2-Star/ RareBasicTankerClaw
CocoBInnuit Girl2-Star/ RareWaterRangedStaff
Mk.2BAutonomous Android3-Star/ UniqueDarkRangedRifle
HekateBSniper2-Star/ RareEarthRangedRifle
RieBBattleball Girl2-Star/ RareBasicRangedOne-Handed Sword
MrinneBEngineer2-Star/ RareEarthRangedRifle
ArabelleBExecutive Red Hood3-Star/ UniqueDarkRangedRifle
ShapiraBDragon Knight2-Star/ RareDarkWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
Fei/MeiBKung Fu Master2-Star/ RareLightWarriorGauntlet
AkayukiBSwordsman2-Star/ RareFireWarriorOne-Handed Sword
GremoryBMad Scientist2-Star/ RareDarkRangedBasket
PlitviceBGoddess of War3-Star/ UniqueFireWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
One-Handed Sword
Chun RyeoBCyborg Monk Chun RyeoN/ALightRangedEpic Basket
HanaBGrim Reaper3-Star/ UniqueWaterWarriorStaff
CarolBElemental of Christmas3-Star/ UniqueLightWarriorOne-Handed Sword
ClaraBThe Bound Child3-Star/ UniqueFireDBow
ParvatiBModel Employee3-Star/ UniqueEarthWarriorGauntlet
PymonBDestroyer3-Star/ UniqueFireTankerGauntlet
XellosBPriest3-Star/ UniqueDarkSupportStaff
PoppBMage3-Star/ UniqueFireRangedStaff
RosettaBHuntress3-Star/ UniqueEarthRangedRifle
PriscillaBHalf Vampire3-Star/ UniqueLightRangedBasket
YuzeCLifeguard3-Star/ UniqueWaterWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
EvaCKnight Captain2-Star/ RareLightRangedStaff
LaviCTwin Fighter2-Star/ RareFireTankerGauntlet
GirgasCFire Dragon2-Star/ RareFireRangedStaff
DolfCSwindler Magician2-Star/ RareFireRangedStaff
FaviCTwin Healer2-Star/ RareWaterSupportBasket
NevaCDragon Seeking Girl2-Star/ RareLightWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
AmyCDual-personality Maid2-Star/ RareBasicWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
MarvinCDesert Mercenary2-Star/ RareEarthWarriorGauntlet
KannaCDruid3-Star/ UniqueBasicWarriorStaff
ValenciaCElite Royal Guard Captain3-Star/ UniqueLightWarriorOne-Handed Sword
Mad Panda TrioCParty Crasher3-Star/ UniqueEarthWarriorGauntlet
KAICH.E.R.O.S3-Star/ UniqueLightWarriorOne-Handed Sword
LindaCThe Senior Guardian1-Star/ NormalBasicRangedBow
Wizard PopeCWizard PopeN/AFireRangedStaff
BobCGuardian Member1-Star/ NormalBasicWarriorOne-Handed Sword and Shield
HyperCByrule's Hero1-Star/ NormalFireWarriorOne-Handed Sword
LeahCElf Archer1-Star/ NormalEarthRangedBow
PeggyCSuccubus Researcher1-Star/ NormalDarkSupportBasket
DragonCUltra Rationale1-Star/ NormalLightWarriorGauntlet
The KnightDFemale/ Male2-Star/ RareBasicWarriorOne-Handed Sword
Shield, Two-Handed Sword, Bow, and Rifle
LoraineDInnkeeper2-Star/ RareBasicSupportBasket
White BeastDN/A2-Star/ RareWaterWarriorClaw
BladeDSuper Teatan 21-Star/ NormalWaterWarriorGauntlet
JayDTeatan Ninja1-Star/ NormalBasicWarriorOne-Handed Sword and Shield
MinaDHomecoming Queen1-Star/ NormalFireRangedRifle
HoshidaDDragon Talon Clan1-Star/ NormalDarkWarriorOne-Handed Sword and Shield
AilieDRelic Collector1-Star/ NormalFireSupportBasket
OralieDGhost Guard1-Star/ NormalDarkRangedStaff
Miss ChromDNo.93-Star/ UniqueBasicRangedRifle
AmerisDElder Dragon's DaughterN/AEarthRangedEpic Claw
KangDBaby White Tiger1-Star/ NormalLightWarriorClaw
AgathaDMerchant1-Star/ NormalWaterWarriorTwo-Handed Sword
DaVinciDDoctor1-Star/ NormalWaterWarriorGauntlet
KateDClass President1-Star/ NormalEarthRangedStaff
ZoeDTown Guide1-Star/ NormalDarkRangedStaff
MariaDPeddler1-Star/ NormalFireWarriorGauntlet
LisaDCaravan1-Star/ NormalEarthRangedBow
RioDMonk Disciple1-Star/ NormalEarthWarriorGauntlet
NyanDPrivate1-Star/ NormalBasicRangedRifle
Marty JuniorDJunior Engineer1-Star/ NormalEarthRangedRifle

Warriors Tier List

GT Warriors
Warriors Tier List

Warriors are the primary units of your team that you should be looking for with utmost responsibility and precaution. These are the front-line buddies who’d be leading the rest of the party into battles. That said, in the case of a warrior, you have to narrow your search to only the strongest, most flexible ones. 

TiersGuardian Tales Warriors
SFuture Knight, Lilith, Beth, Lynn
ALapice, Rue, Vishuvac, Alef, Orca, Lahn, Eugene, Scintilla, Lupina, Rey, Sumire, White Snow, Gourry, and Dai
BShapira, Fei/Mei, Akayuki, Plitvice, Hana, Carol, and Parvati
CNeva, Amy, Marvin, Yuze, Kanna, Valencia, Mad Panda Trio, KAI, Bob, Hyper, and Dragon
DWhite Beast, The Knight (Male/Female), Blade, Jay, Kang, Agatha, DaVinci, Maria, Rio, and Hoshida

Best Guardian Tales Warriors

Future KnightN/A3-Star/ UniqueBasicOne-Handed Sword, Shield, Two-Handed Sword, Bow, and Rifle
RueSanta's Little Helper3-Star/ UniqueEarthRifle
Two-Handed Sword
BethDark Magician3-Star/ UniqueDarkTwo-Handed Sword
LynnDrunken Swordmaster3-Star/ UniqueFireOne-Handed Sword
VishuvacDragon Avatar3-Star/ UniqueFireClaw
AlephGolem Rider3-Star/ UniqueEarthGauntlet
LilithDemon Queen3-Star/ UniqueDarkClaw
PlitviceGoddess of War3-Star/ UniqueFireTwo-Handed Sword
One-Handed Sword
EugeneMovie Star3-Star/ UniqueLightTwo-Handed Sword
ScintillaFlame Harpy3-Star/ UniqueFireGauntlet

Ranged Heroes Tier List

GT Rangers
Guardian Tales Ranged Heroes Tier List
TiersGuardian Tales Ranged Heroes
SNari, Garam, Bari, Claude, 1st Corps Commander, and Lina
ACatherine, Elvira, Tinia, Bianca, Rachel, MK.99, AA72, and Andras
BCoco, Gremory, Lucy, Mrinne, Rie, Arbelle, Hekate, Sohe, MK.22, Popp, Rosetta, Priscilla, and Chun Ryeo
CGirgas, Eva, Dolf, Linda, Leah, and Wizard Pope
DMina, Oralie, Miss Chrom, Ameris, Kate, Zoe, Lisa, Nyan, and Marty Junior

Best Guardian Tales Ranged Heroes

NariEight-tailed Fox3-Star/ UniqueBasicBasket
ArabelleExecutive Red Hood3-Star/ UniqueDarkRifle
BiancaNoble Succubus3-Star/ UniqueWaterTwo-Handed Sword

Tanks Tier List

GT Tanks
Guardian Tales Tanks Tier List
TiersGuardian Tales Tanks
SOghma, Future Princess
AMarina, Craig, and Erina
BRangpang and Pymon

Best Guardian Tales Tanks

OghmaMecha Warrior3-Star/ UniqueDarkOne-Handed Sword, Shield, and Rifle
Future PrincessN/A3-Star/ UniqueLightStaff, Shield

Support Units Tier List

GT Support
Guardian Tales Support Units Tier List
TiersGuardian Tales Support Units
SNoxia, Kamael, Gabriel, and Crosselle
AIdol Captain Eva, Veronica, Mayreel, Aoba, Miya, Maam, and Ara
BKarina, Aisha, Eleanor, and Xellos
CFavi and Peggy
DLoraine and Ailie

Best Guardian Tales Support Units

GabrielArchangel3-Star/ UniqueLightBow
MayreelDivine Beast of Harvest3-Star/ UniqueEarthClaw
KamaelGod of Harvest3-Star/ UniqueEarthStaff
AobaLeaf Fairy2-Star/ RareEarthBow
FaviTwin Healer2-Star/ RareWaterBasket
MiyaExorcist3-Star/ UniqueFireBasket
NoxiaNecromancer3-Star/ UniqueDarkBasket

Tier List Criteria 

From the time eXputer started building tier lists to date, our team has always stuck to one aim, and that’s making the hierarchies as complete and comprehensive as possible. Since the tier list is part of our same legacy, the aim is still continued.

To do so, our team reached out to the community, skimmed through discord servers, and collected reliable information from a bunch of different authorized sources. 

So yes, general opinions are very much supported here and are one of the sturdiest pillars that hold our tier list, but it’s ok if you still can’t relate to some parts. At the end of the day, tier lists tend to be a somewhat subjective thing, and we fully respect our every reader’s view. 

Therefore, we will absolutely appreciate it if such unique gamers out there share with us their view in the comment box down below.

Changes Due to Patch Update 

Updated Till: Aug 8th, 2023 (Beach Dragon Knight Shapira Update) 

Frequent Maintenance and Improvement Updates are a crucial part of any game to keep the mechanics fresh and exciting and the Guardian Tales game is no different. This year Guardian Tales is seen to add more than a few characters to its already huge playable caste, along with welcoming multiple nerfs and buffs here and there.

That and a lot more, the list below discusses everything you need to know before forming your go-to Guardian Tales team:


  • Solar Wind (Normal) improved:
    • Before: Creates a whirlwind to deal damage to enemies.
      • After: Causes a hurricane to inflict damage to enemies, and increases melee damage by 30% for 5 seconds
  • Spotless Mind (Special Ability) improved:
    • Before: On Shiny Swing’s hit, increase Atk by 25% for 3 seconds. For each Light Type party member, increase Crit Hit Chance of party members by 10% up to a maximum of 30%.
      • After: On Shiny Swing’s hit, increase Atk by 30% for 3 seconds. For each Light Type party member, increase Crit Hit Chance of party members by 10% up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Elite Royal Guard Captain Valencia:
    • Increased damage of Judgement Edge (Chain Skill) from 300% to 350%.

Dive into the following link to get to know more about hero adjustments. 


And that’s a wrap for our tier list. With the game’s complex gacha systems, assembling a complementing team is not child’s play, but hopefully, it would seem like one for those who have thoroughly read this post. 

Though we have highlighted the best in-game characters who you should be looking for from the very start, not always will these top-tier hunks who save you. Guardian Tales players, whether newbies or experienced, must be aware of forming a winning team. 

That said, we tried our best to convey the importance of hail with the right combination of heroes of different classes. So what’s stopping you then? Save the Kanterbury!

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