Guardian Tales Tier List: All Heroes Ranked [2023]

Be that Warriors, Tankers, Rangers or Support units, we'll acquaint you with the best of them!

Guardian Tales players will agree: overcoming the deadly clutches of the invaders and rescuing Kanterbury is the most complex RPG dilemma ever to exist! And even if you can’t relate, you will be tested sooner or later unless you pore over our Guardian Tales tier list. 

Key Highlights
  • Spread across four playing classes–Warrior, Ranged, Tanker, and Support, about 63 heroes fill the Guardian Tales world. 
  • Ranking of the entire Guardian Tales character horde bases solely on each option’s usability for its specific playing class and how independent it performs from the rest of the caste. 
  • Future Knight, Lilith, Nari, Garam, Bari, Noxia, Kamael, Gabriel, Oghma, and Future Princess are Guardian Tales heroes worth investing in. These heroes will eradicate even the toughest of goblin armies in an instant. 
  • Guardian Tales heroes you must avoid picking unless inviting trouble is your thing include Loraine, White Beast, and The Knight (Male/Female). These are the weakest of the 63-character collection and must only be picked as a last resort. 
  • Rescuing Kanterbury from the deadly traps of the invaders is not easy, and only the best Guardian Tales heroes can help you through that.

Pure luck won’t help anyone in Guardian Tales; therefore, we’ve put forth a well-defined, most up-to-date character ranking. A stronger team will ensure the Guardian Knight an easy rescue journey no matter how hard the army of goblins seems to defeat. 

The post will be taking you through the Guardian Tale’s four main playing classes — including tanker, warrior, ranged, and support — ultimately helping you choose the most viable team for setting your Kingdom free. 

Guardian Tales Tier List Ranking Table
TiersWarriorsRanged HeroesTanksSupport Heroes
S-Tier Future Knight, Lilith, Beth, LynnNari, Garam, BariOghma, Future PrincessNoxia, Kamael, Gabriel
A-Tier Lapice, Rue, Vishuvac, Alef, Orca, Lahn, Eugene, Scintilla, LupinaCatherine, Elvira, Tinia, Bianca, Rachel, MK.99Marina, CraigIdol Captain Eva, Veronica, Mayreel, Aoba, Miya
B-Tier Shapira, Fei/Mei, Akayuki, PlitviceCoco, Gremory, Lucy, Mrinne, Rie, Arbelle, Hekate, Sohe, MK.22RangpangKarina, Aisha, Eleanor
C-Tier Neva, Amy, Marvin, Yuze Girgas, Eva, DolfLaviFavi
D-Tier White Beast, The Knight (Male/Female)Loraine

So let’s not just linger here and get right into it! If you feel unleashing the Guardian Tales realm is a little too early, you can try other thrilling gacha RPGs like the Idle Huntress tier list or Cross Summoner R tier list

Or how about the Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent tier list? Well, whatever your choice is, for now, let’s not make the tier list below wait anymore: 

Guardian Tales Rankings Explained

GT tiers
Guardian Tales Rankings Explained!

Before starting any hierarchy, you must understand how it goes in order to use it properly. Therefore here’s a breakdown for you about our tier list. 

In order to make it helpful for aspiring Guardian Tale successors, rookies, or veterans, we have divided the entire post into sections that cater to each primary role present in the game. 

For a start, you will be greeted by separate tier lists that rank Guardian Takes heroes within their specific class (against units of the same roles). Once you are done with that, the best character section will unveil the cream of the crop type units. 

This way, you’ll get to know what should be your top choices when choosing a tank, warrior, ranged, or support fellow for your team. Also, because we’ll go along the standard five-level S-D classification system throughout the tier list, here’s what you should know about each tier:  

S-Tier: All the Guardian Tales heroes that rank here are definitely those must-have picks who’ll win many games for the team. The S-rated OP units have the capacity to single-handedly change the entire course of a match and push the team to victory, no matter how hard the situation may seem. 

Players often get frustrated with how the best characters manifest varying performances across different metas. With the S-tier units, you don’t have to fret, though, as they’ll perform equally great in both PvP and PvE grounds. 

A-Tier: Though they don’t reach the S-level, we’ll still deem the heroes of the A-tier one of the best in our tier list. Buddies who rank here own massive stats and capabilities and miss the number one rank just slightly. 

Across all game modes, A-tier heroes will perform like literal champs, being very competitive against every type of boss and reliable in whatever they do. Winning teams can have these, no matter how complex or ordinary the composition is. 

B-Tier: Here, too, dwell the most decent playable units of the game, but they are not as excellent as the ones found in the top two levels of our tier list. That said, the units of B-tier aren’t very far off; in fact viable patrons in most game modes. 

However, don’t forget that you’ll still have to face them lagging a bit in terms of offense and endurance, especially in the PvP meta.

C-Tier: This is the tier from where you’ll start to notice a bit of a downfall, but that’s not too steep if you ask us. We’ll classify the heroes ranking here as average picks. They are neither too well nor very weak hence sitting right in between the competition of the best and worst.

That said, the B-tier units don’t really ace any particular niche, but because they aren’t utterly trash, they’ll do fine if employed for general matches. Replace them as soon as you find a better-tiered Guardian Tale hero but don’t fret until then. 

D-Tier: Though we’ve finally hit the bottom of our tier list explanation, don’t think that here lies the bottom of the rooster too. Yes, D-tier heroes aren’t the worst units. In fact, Guardian Tales simply have no worst units. However, they might be called the weakest, consequently justifying their lowest ranking. 

Characters lurking in this tier are usable but not great. Hence it’s suggested to only employ the units here as a last resort only. Meaning you don’t have to upgrade the D-tier heroes a lot nor put in any resources. Just play (or bare) with them till you meet a better replacement.

So yeah, these were all the ranking features we wanted you to understand before kick-starting our tier lists. Now that we are done with it, let’s get going: 

Warriors Tier List

GT Warriors
Warriors Tier List

Warriors are the primary units of your team that you should be looking for with utmost responsibility and precaution. These are the front-line buddies who’d be leading the rest of the party into battles. That said, in the case of a warrior, you have to narrow your search to only the strongest, most flexible ones. 

As if the entire warrior choosing process wasn’t tough already, you should also know that there are quite many choices in this case. The Guardian Tales warrior class is big! But hopefully, that will not be a problem with this Warrior tier list: 

TiersGuardian Tales Warriors
SFuture Knight, Lilith, Beth, Lynn
ALapice, Rue, Vishuvac, Alef, Orca, Lahn, Eugene, Scintilla, Lupina
BShapira, Fei/Mei, Akayuki, Plitvice
CNeva, Amy, Marvin, Yuze 
DWhite Beast, The Knight (Male/Female)

Best Guardian Tales Warriors

Lynn, Future Knight, Beth, and Lilith are the top warriors everyone loves to have in their teams. They all offer great party-wide buffs, fantastic special abilities, and a crazy amount of offense potential, consequently winning you every battle. 

For instance, Future Knight is one heck of a versatile Guardian Tales unit that can employ nearly every type of weapon to give off excellent output. Otherwise, players can always go with the Rifle-only specialist–Rue.

There’s also another weapon-specific hero in the warriors’ list known for her unique Hunter. It’s Beth, who we are talking about. She’s got the best Guardian Tales weapon, and equally amusing is her performance. 

Also, Lynn is a simple melee DPS yet insanely more effective than expected. She’s durable for any team and will prove to be a good investment in the long run. 

As far as not-so-simple DPS units are concerned, you can always go with the astonishingly high Vishuvac or maybe Plitvice too! But not to forget that they’ll need a little support. Anyways players also have Aleph and his unique Golem Rider ability on offer as well. 

All in all, there are plenty of good choices here, aren’t they? But who’s the most marvelous character of them all? Well, we would say it’s Lilith

Thanks to her entire arsenal, the iconic Lilith and her unique damage rendering abilities are one of the best melee DPS specialties in Guardian Tales one can get. 

Lilith users can enjoy her incredible base stats and practical attacks/skills that are powerful enough to pass even through walls! 

Are you struggling to fight mobs in tight spots? Then Lilith’s definitely the unit you need. She also has an attack boosting skill called the Demolition, which does this by 20%, followed by 100% DPS infliction on hits. 

Equally interesting are Lilith’s other skills, such as her Demon Clutch and Chain. Both of them help Lilith heal 20% of ally HP. Overall, Lilith’s one of the most versatile characters in Guardian Tales.

Anyways coming to what’s going to sadden you a bit is the fan-favorite heroes Eugene and Scintilla’s performances. They are suitable units, but unlike the hype, they aren’t the best. Both of them are pretty flexible, though, and will offer an explosive experience. 

Ranged Heroes Tier List

GT Rangers
Guardian Tales Ranged Heroes Tier List

This type of heroes has always been the toughest to pull in any gacha RPG, and Guardian Tales is no different. Don’t worry, though, as we will decide this mystery as quickly as we did with the warriors. 

Anyways the Ranged units are way squishier by nature than the ones we just discussed above. However, this by no means compromises their potential. In fact, the Ranged heroes of our Guardian Tales tier list are one of the best in terms of offering the ability to render explosive damage. 

Unlike DPS attacks, ranged users need to strategize with these heroes a lot more cleverly, placing them in spots that are at a perfect distance required to wash off effective hits. 

Just do that, and you’ll love how much pain these ranged companions cause for your opponents. Moreover, Ranged heroes in Guardian Tales are very versatile. Whether multiplayer gameplay mode or single-player, Ranged units perform amazingly in just about any gameplay. 

However, do not forget that not all perform as worthy as you might want from your chosen unit. Some cut way too extraordinarily different from the rest given their potency of dishing massive damages despite standing at a distance, while some just don’t do good in every player’s case.

We recommend you ace the decision-making stage by looking for these critical factors in a ranged hero: damage capacity, survivability, and high defense skills. Once you get this recipe correct, everything will seem like a piece of pie! Here’s a Ranged units tier list: 

TiersGuardian Tales Ranged Heroes
SNari, Garam, Bari
ACatherine, Elvira, Tinia, Bianca, Rachel, MK.99
BCoco, Gremory, Lucy, Mrinne, Rie, Arbelle, Hekate, Sohe, MK.22
CGirgas, Eva, Dolf

Best Guardian Tales Ranged Heroes

Unlike Warriors, the list of best Ranged units is pretty acute. But not to worry about that as this situation will do more good than harm to you. In the end, choosing from a smaller list of best characters is far easier than choosing from a wide variety, isn’t it? 

Anyways Nari is our tier list’s number one Ranged hero. No matter the team, whether too uncertain or already superb in every aspect, Nari will fit in just about any condition and will turn tables anytime you want. 

What’s of most hype in Nari’s profile, however, is her OP Party buff and the Fox Bead basic attack. By shrinking ranged defense potential by 20%, the attack takes down tanky enemies in Raids, Story Mode, and especially in the Arena gameplay mode. 

As far as the OP Party Buff is concerned, it will provide Nari 50% extra Range DMG, ultimately helping the entire team quickly decimate bosses. 

Moving on to other best Ranged heroes, we have Hot for a start with his sturdy skill set and the proficiency to employ bows and baskets (peculiar but excellent!). Bianca, the two-handed swordsman, is a perfect unit, too, while Arabelle is demanding but a worthy investment. 

She’s pretty tough to employ, but with the correct user and weapon, her shortcoming won’t hit so hard. 

Tanks Tier List

GT Tanks
Guardian Tales Tanks Tier List

The tanker’s class is somewhat disputed, not in terms of how it plays but on whether it should be played or not. Most players choose to continue an offensive stance to build a more substantial ground till the late game, hence not investing in tanks. 

This seems pretty economical, especially for the knowledgeable Range and Warrior employers; however, beginners should not risk their Guardian Tales experience like this. Having tankers should be a newbie player’s go-to strategy for the early game. 

It’s the time when most rookies struggle to understand the powerhouse units of their team, and quick to establish tankers will prove to be an excellent remedy for such situations. Though tankers won’t seem much practical for raids, it’s still recommended to keep a robust defense line whenever experimenting with the others. 

Anyways, here’s what we have to say about the class in terms of hierarchy: 

TiersGuardian Tales Tanks
SOghma, Future Princess
AMarina, Craig

Best Guardian Tales Tanks

Oghma and Future Princess are our Tanker tier list’s top heroes. Since both have very different play styles, they shine in different situations; however, the latter is whom we find more interesting. 

Future Princess doesn’t only keep the powerful tankiness to herself only instead induces it amongst the entire party thanks to the onboard HP party buff. She mixes that with her ability to shield and the extraordinary synergy between staff melee damage and staff range, ultimately leading the team. 

The tank hero has other viable skills like increased defense, Taunts, and barriers for the ally party. All in all, Future Princess is a go-to tank for tough enemy fights as not only is her damage pretty severe, but she also helps keep all the other valuable units alive. 

Oghma is similar, too but doesn’t house the spark to be called a number one Tanker of the roster. He owns a massive sturdiness, though, which will definitely help even the weakest team get past the problematic Guardian Tales stages. 

Support Units Tier List

GT Support
Guardian Tales Support Units Tier List

What’s even a team in any gacha RPG without some solid support units? Nothing, of course, because though these special units are not so aggressive, they are still as crucial as a Warrior or Ranged hero. 

That said, it will still be great if you look for support heroes who do equally significant in terms of offense as in support. Anyways, healing and assisting the team’s primary DPS in the most demanding situation is what they should do best. 

Providing party buffs to enhance the team’s abilities is also a support unit’s core responsibility. There is a total of 14 support heroes in our tier list, and they compete like this: 

TiersGuardian Tales Support Units
SNoxia, Kamael, Gabriel
AIdol Captain Eva, Veronica, Mayreel, Aoba, Miya
BKarina, Aisha, Eleanor

Best Guardian Tales Support Units

Out-of-the-box healing and assisting capacity topped with match-winning damage dealing and defense potential are the characteristics that one should look for in their best support character. Fortunately, you’ve got a couple of such heroes in Guardian Tales. 

This includes Gabriel, Mayreel, and the best of bests, Kamael, and while each one of these owns the ideal combination of buff skills and healing capacities, the latter is hands down the most favorite support buddy in the game. 

For a start, Kamael offers an extraordinary basic attack called the Circle of Life that causes a 20% decrease in a target enemy’s defense potential for 3 seconds and renders a solid passive healing effect. This ultimately offers a mode-wide bounty, making Kamael a comprehensive Guardian Tales support. 

And that’s not over yet as Kamael has got the Earthly Purification. It’s another excellent healing potency powerful enough to dish out extreme DPS damage while also inducing a party-wide healing effect matching his 20% HP. 

The skill does this by summoning an elemental and maxes off by removing adverse effects from the entire team. All in all, there’s no doubt that Kamael is genuinely the best support for any team that you may compose. 

Other than Gabriel, Mayreel, and Kamael, the support roster of the game has a few more picks that are worthy of your attention. This includes Aoba, Favi, Miya, and Noxia, all of whom are decent but are forced to rank lower due to a couple of trade-offs. 

If we talk about the upsides, Aoba has one of the largest reserves of healing effects, if not excellent damaging skills. Favi is also terrific at providing party-wide boosts, while Miya’s Exorcist skills make her shine in most situations. 

Last but not least, Noxia is known for the much-hyped Necromancer ability, which lets the unit manifest outstanding support plus defense strategies if appropriately built. 

Tier List Criteria 

From the time eXputer started building tier lists to date, our team has always stuck to one aim, and that’s making the hierarchies as complete and comprehensive as possible. Since the tier list is part of our same legacy, the aim is still continued.

Nevertheless, as we proceed with each tier list, we make sure we try the game ourselves and then turn to expert and beginner players to induce as much general view while eradicating any biases there might be. 

To do so, our team reached out to the community, skimmed through discord servers, and collected reliable information from a bunch of different authorized sources. 

So yes, general opinions are very much supported here and are one of the sturdiest pillars that hold our tier list, but it’s ok if you still can’t relate to some parts. At the end of the day, tier lists tend to be a somewhat subjective thing, and we fully respect our every reader’s view. 

Therefore, we will absolutely appreciate it if such unique gamers out there share with us their view in the comment box down below.


And that’s a wrap for our tier list. With the game’s complex gacha systems, assembling a complementing team is not a child’s play, but hopefully, it would seem like one for those who have thoroughly read this post. 

Though we have highlighted the best in-game characters who you should be looking for from the very start, not always will these top-tier hunks save you. Guardian Tales players, whether newbies or experienced, must be aware of forming a winning team. 

That said, we tried our best to convey the importance of hail with the right combination of heroes of different classes. So what’s stopping you then? Save the Kanterbury!

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