Gundam Evolution Tier List: Best To Worst [2023]

Learn the ranks of all the units in Gundam Evolution based on overall skill, weapon damage and easier learning curve

In the team-based shooter Gundam Evolution, two opposing teams of six players each engage in combat as they try to accomplish different goals on the map. Based on the game mode, these goals change. There are three game modes: Point Capture, Domination, and Destruction. Each unit may perform quite different depending on the game mode and that is why we have curated Gundam Tier List for the players.

Key Highlights
  • Players are supposed to build a team of 6 out of Gundam Evolution’s 14-character caste
  • There are a total of three modes each character has to evolve successfully from in order to be called the best. The modes are  Point Capture, Destruction, and Domination. 
  • Besides mode-specific performances, ranking each of the 14 mighty options strongly depends on how well they attack and increase points on the map, maintain points in tight spots, and employ a weapon of mass destruction in favor of the ally team. 

  • Characters that you must place in your 6-unit team without a second thought include Gundam Barbatos and Sazabi. There is no big learning curve to their usage, and they perform flawlessly for the beginning and endgame. 

  • Though not the worst, Marasai and Guntank rank as the weakest characters of the Gundam Evolution game. 
  • Compared to the high-ranking characters, the bottom units of the horde don’t provide any real value and are advised not to be made a part of a winning team.
Gundam Evolution Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Units 
S-Tier Gundam Barbatos, Sazabi
A-Tier GM, GM Sniper II, Asshimar, Dom Trooper
B-Tier Methuss, Zaku II Ranged, Gundam Exia, Gundam RX-78-2, Pale Rider
C-Tier Marasai, Guntank

In Point Capture, players must try to attack and take points on the map away from the opposing team. In Domination, both teams must try to take three points. And in Destruction, teams must try to activate or stop a weapon of mass destruction that the opposing team is attempting to use against them.

All Gundams

Here are the stats for best to worst Gundams: 

UnitsTierHPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
SazabiS1,400Close Ranged1.03/4
Gundam BarbatosS1,000Close Ranged3.04/4
Dom TrooperA1200.0Mid Ranged1.01/4
AsshimarA800.0Mid Ranged2.03/4
GM Sniper IIA800.0Long Ranged1.03/4
GMA800.0Close Ranged3.02/4
Pale RiderB1000.0Mid Ranged2.02/4
Gundam RX-78-2B1000.0Mid Ranged2.03/4
Gundam ExiaB800.0Close Ranged3.04/4
Zaku II RangedB800.0Close Ranged3.04/4
MethussB800.0Mid Ranged2.03/4
GuntankC1200.0Mid Ranged2.02/4
MarasaiC1200.0Mid Ranged2.03/4

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Gundam Evolution S-Tier List

All units we have entailed in our Gundam Evolution S-tier list are simply the best of the bunch. Play with these as their learning curve is extraordinarily easy, and you will get the hang of their skills and movement in a very short time. 


Beam Shot Rifle, a hand-carried ranged beam weapon made specifically for Sazabi use, is a feature of MSN-04 Sazabi. It has a power rating of 10.2 MW, is fueled by a rechargeable energy cap, and is notably bigger than most other beam rifles. 

The fact that this gun has two barrels—one for firing regular beam shots and the other for shooting beam bursts that resemble scattershots—makes it special. The latter is comparable to what a shotgun fires; the larger beam disperses damage across a wider region.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficultyShield
S1,400Close Ranged13/41,400

Additionally, the Sazabi comes with six funnels that the pilot could operate using psycowaves and a Psycommu system. The Sazabi was the first MS to have the ground-breaking new psycoframe cockpit installed. The inside structure and cockpit walls of the mobile suit had tiny psycommu receiver circuits. The mobile suit can instantly react to mental orders because of these minute circuits that amplify and transmit a Newtype pilot’s psycowaves.

The Sazabi’s beam tomahawk, which mounts two beam emitters, is their strongest melee weapon and is kept on the rear of the shield. The beam tomahawk can either produce two-beam axe blades or combine its output to create a single huge beam saber by taking use of the I-adaptability field’s and capacity to shape plasma.

Gundam Barbatos

A mace, a sizable physical weapon employed by the Gundam Barbatos, is a rare metal with a high hardness that is also utilized to make mobile suit frames. Such hitting weapons are regarded as effective since mobile suits employ Nanolaminate Armor as protection. The enemy MS is frequently penetrated using the pile driver mechanism found in the mace’s center, which, when triggered, discharges a “Needle” (a big spike rod) from the tip.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
S1,000Close Ranged34/4

Alaya-Vijnana System, another sword used by Gundam Barbatos, is mostly used as a backup melee weapon when the mace or the big special mace is available since Mikazuki finds it difficult to wield. However, Mikazuki successfully mastered the weapon in the confrontation with Graze Ein, and it is demonstrated to be able to pierce both the mobile suit’s armor and frame in a single strike.

Gundam Barbatso was outfitted with a Long Sword to suit Barbatos’ hands better and to aid in reducing kinetic energy waste. Mikazuki is compelled to use the Alaya-Vijnana System to look for openings in the enemy mobile suit’s armor because the Nanolaminate Armor’s great strength renders the sword’s slashes ineffectual.

When the mace or the huge special mace is available, the long sword mostly serves as a backup melee weapon since Mikazuki finds it challenging to wield. However, Mikazuki successfully mastered the weapon in the fight with Graze Ein, and it is demonstrated to be able to sever both the mobile suit’s armor and frame in a single strike.


Gundam Evolution A-Tier List

The Gundam Evolution A-tier list contains units that are a tad bit below in the overall performance than what you get in S-tier. Don’t get us wrong, and the A-tier units are still great, but not that when you compare them to the top-tier ones.

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Dom Trooper

Gundam Barbatso was outfitted with a Long Sword to suit Barbatos’ hands better and to aid in reducing kinetic energy waste. Mikazuki is compelled to use the Alaya-Vijnana System to look for openings in the enemy mobile suit’s armor because the Nanolaminate Armor’s great strength renders the sword’s slashes ineffectual. When the mace or the huge special mace is available, the long sword mostly serves as a backup melee weapon since Mikazuki finds it challenging to wield.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
A1200Mid Ranged11/4

However, Mikazuki successfully mastered the weapon in the fight with Graze Ein, and it is demonstrated to be able to sever both the mobile suit’s armor and frame in a single strike.

A cloud of particles with attacking and protective properties is created by the Screaming Nimbus, and it spreads out to surround the DOM Troopers.

As a result, the DOM Trooper is able to easily dispatch groups of enemy troops while maintaining some degree of protection from opposing fire.

The Jet Stream Attack by the trio of DOM Troopers serves as an example of how this may be utilized both offensively and defensively.


The only available weapon for the NRX-044 Asshimar was a massive beam rifle that was made specifically for it and installed in MA mode on the main body. On several Federation bases on Earth, however, the Asshimar proved to be a strong, adaptable, and lethal unit.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
A800Mid Ranged23/4

It was a specially made beam rifle with a long vertical rectangular muzzle optimized for aerodynamics. When not in use, it is kept under the fuselage in MA mode or behind the waist armor in MS configuration. Its 2.6 MW output and high destructive power were caused by a higher beam convergence rate. Both single and burst beam rounds may be fired by the Large Beam Rifle.

In addition, NRX-044 Asshimar also employs typical close-range weaponry that is held in the hands and is fueled by a rechargeable energy capacitor for the majority of mobile suits. The beam saber generates a plasma blade that is confined by an I-Field and can pierce the majority of armor that has not been coated with anti-beam material.

The Asshimar was a fearsome machine, even if its commercial model was not as strong as its prototype. The Asshimar’s transformation system was equipped with magnet coating technology, allowing it to switch between its MS and MA modes in 0.5 seconds.

Asshimar has the ability to change into a Mobile Armor and briefly fly. This impact is halted early by the use of napalm.

GM Sniper II

RGM-79SP GM Sniper II is one of the few capable of accurately firing MS-sized sniper rifles that use physical projectiles. Only a handful of these guns were produced, despite the fact that they are immune to magnetic fields and solar winds, unlike beam weapons.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
A800Long Ranged13/4

Near the conclusion of the One Year War, a mobile suit-sized sniper rifle with a 5-round magazine is designed, but only a small number of them are produced and used in combat. The sight has a great hit rate and works in tandem with the GM Sniper II’s computer. This shell-firing rifle is immune to solar winds and magnetic forces, unlike beam weaponry. Due to its slow rate of fire and bolt-action design, it is inappropriate for use in the fight against MS.

Additionally, RGM-79SP GM Sniper II uses a rapid-fire, close-range defensive weapon that is positioned on the right side of the helmet. The low offensive power is solely used to put down a wall of suppressive fire and impede opponent mobility.

The suit is not just an expert in long-range combat. The GM Sniper II preserves adaptability while offering improved performance, much like the lauded GM Sniper Custom used previously. It can employ practically any MS armament now in use and has enough specs for both close combat and mid-range support.

The GM Sniper II’s mobility is increased by sub-thrusters in various places and a total of six massive vernier thrusters. Luna Titanium alloy is used to bolster the armor.

This is a good approach to increase movement while keeping the same fundamental shape.

The secondary tool in GM Sniper II is called Sensor Visor, and it locates all foes and follows them around barriers. Additionally, it minimizes the amount of Thruster Gauge used when hovering and permits temporary use of the scope.


GM uses a hand-held mega-particle cannon with a shorter range and slower focusing rate than a beam rifle. The beam spray pistol had three different firing options: a straightforward single-shot mode, an area suppression burst shot with a broadened beam focus, and a range shot with the capacity to harm a large area.

In addition, GM employs a secondary ability called Homing Mine, which she uses to launch a number of mines at foes that approach too closely. When the mines detonate, they harm all enemies around.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
A800Close Ranged32/4

Shield Bash is GM’s active skill number one, and using it, and GM may charge forward a short distance while wielding a shield to deliver damage and knockback to foes in front of you.

GM’s active Skill 02 enables him to launch an incendiary device that explodes at your command and deals medium-range damage to all nearby troops.

In addition, GM can throw a gadget to repair teammates in a constrained region where it lands with the active skill 03, a repair grenade.


Gundam Evolution B-Tier List

The units that are part of the Gundam Evolution B-tier list are not the absolute best in the game but the worst as well. They have a little challenging learning curve, and their overall skills and attack controls’ practicality is a little underwhelming compared to A-tier units. Still, the B-tier units are miles better than the C-tier ones we have listed below.

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Pale Rider

The bullpup machine gun, which Pale Rider employs, was created as a system weapon with dual usage for the ground and space. It is accurate and has enough anti-MS punch despite being little. 

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
B1000Mid Ranged22/4

The introduction of fresh gunpowder increases its muzzle velocity, allowing it to pierce Zeon’s mobile suit’s armor more readily. Target acquisition capability is improved when the mobile suit’s targeting system is combined with a box-like sensor system at the top that includes a video camera and a laser sensor. With HADES’ assistance, this weapon becomes much more accurate.

The Pale Rider is a strong machine, but that strength comes at the expense of less operational time. It was used on several covert operations as the primary mobile suit for Grave’s “Pale Rider Project.”

The mobile suit was given the code name “Pale Rider,” which was taken from the name of the fourth and last horseman of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse after having the HADES’ core unit implanted in its head.

Gundam RX-78-2

The Gundam was the first mobile suit with firepower comparable to a battleship’s beam guns since it would engage in most fights with its beam rifle. It also had two beam sabers, which were plasma blades so hot they could easily cut through any metal. It was possible to stretch such beam sabers into a spear-like beam javelin that could be used to stab an opponent from a greater distance.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficultyShield
B1000Mid Ranged23/41000

The Gundam’s main weapon is a beam rifle. With a 1.9 megawatt output, it is a miniature version of a mega particle cannon. The beam rifle uses charged concentrations of Minovsky particles as ammunition and makes use of the energy capacitor, or E-cap, the technology of the Federation.

Amuro may charge the Gundam’s normal beam gun to fire a shot with additional force. The Gundam still has its beam javelin and Hyper Bazooka, which Amuro may charge for extra damage.

Gundam Exia

The pair of GN Beam Daggers, which are kept on the Exia’s back waist, utilize the same fundamental mechanism as the GN Beam Sabers but are modified to generate shorter beam blades that require less energy and are more difficult to spread. 

They may therefore be utilized as throwing weapons to penetrate far away foes, as Setsuna, Exia’s Gundam Meister, frequently did. The GN Beam Daggers and GN Beam Sabers are identical at first; however, function modifications have changed how they behave.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
B800Close Ranged34/4

Their functionalities can be changed by the Meister by readjusting from the cockpit. Underwater combat may be carried out using either the GN Beam Daggers or GN Beam Sabers.

Long and short physical swords with varying lengths, with GN Particles encasing the blades to provide exceptional cutting and piercing skills. They can readily cut through a 3-meter thick E-Carbon plate because of the GN Particles, also known as the GN Blades collectively. Similar to GN Beam Daggers, the GN Short Blade may also be thrown.

These two Exia swords were the longest to create out of the seven, making them unavailable at the start of the armed incursions. The Gundam’s thrust and defensive skills are improved, and for a brief period of time, it is able to operate at three times its typical output when all of the compressed high-density GN particles gathered inside it are entirely released during Trans-Am. 

The enormous quantity of GN Particles that surround and cover the device, as well as those found in the GN Cables and in the tiny channels in the armor, which are normally invisible, start to glow red. This causes the whole Gundam also to appear red.

Zaku II Ranged

A mobile suit’s small-caliber machine gun was created under the United Maintenance Plan. The Zaku Machine Gun, which was previously in use, has undergone changes to its general design and mechanism. A 197mm grenade launcher is an option, and the magazine has been modified from a drum magazine to a box magazine. 

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
B800Close Ranged34/4

The caliber has been decreased to 90mm, but as a consequence, the hit rate has increased. Additionally, the 90mm shell used for firing is quite good in terms of starting velocity and anti-MS firepower. The ordinary single magazine holds 32 rounds, while the triple magazine holds 100. With a redesigned barrel and hand guard, the late manufacturing variant has a more compact form.

Zaku II ranges also have a close combat weapon in the shape of an axe that can pierce enemy MS or vehicles’ armor with a highly heated blade. The Zaku II’s thermonuclear reactor produces heat energy, which is transmitted through the hands of the MS.

Cracker grenades are explosive devices meant to be tossed or fired by the MS and detonate after a certain period of time, similar to those used by soldiers. The “cracker” then disintegrates into several smaller bombs across a large region. 

There is also a flash-type variation that can briefly disable the opposing MS’s sensors. Up to four cracker grenades, two on each side of the left and right waist armor racks, are an optional accessory for the Zaku II.


The Methuss was extremely quick and nimble in mobile armor form, much like the Zeta Gundam. Its sole weapons, though, as a prototype unit, were two arm beam cannons and six beam sabers. The improved Mega Bazooka Launcher may use the Methuss as a second power generator as a support machine during battle.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
B800Mid Ranged23/4

The two-arm beam weapons, one on each forearm, flip forward when in use and are fueled by the Methuss’ generator. Any armor that has not been treated with appropriate countermeasures can be breached by the particle beam launched from the weapon. Each arm beam cannon has a 2.0 MW power rating.

One of the Medic Units is Methuss, which has the ability to restore a unit’s HP at the sacrifice of its own turn while incurring no unit energy cost. Use a medium-range cable to connect to an ally, maintaining them over time and resurrecting them if they get incapacitated and need a clear line of sight to operate.

The Methuss, which can temporarily morph into a Mobile Armor to fly, was the first really transformable mobile suit that restricts assaults to the primary attack but leaves Repair Cable intact. It gives a momentary boost of power to an ally, increasing their damage output and decreasing their damage intake. Will unavoidably choose to attack a Repair Cabled ally.


Gundam Evolution C-Tier List

The units that fall under the Gundam Evolution C-tier list are an absolute mess, and they offer little to no value if you pick them and go against opponents using the S and A-tier units. You will get destroyed in no time if you pick C-tier units in the game. So, until they are not balanced out, we recommend not to play with these units in Gundam Evolution at all. 

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The arms of the Guntank are fitted with two 4-tube 40mm Bop Missile Launchers. They rapidly launch tiny anti-aircraft missiles within a 20 km range. The Missile Launchers are also utilized as the main defensive armament because the Guntank lacks any close-range weapons.

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
C1200Mid Ranged22/4

Guntank automatically selects all nearby foes and does the same amount of damage to each of them. The unit also increases target acquisition range and damage by concentrating all fire on a single target.

Guntank releases a swiftly moving flying unit that you may direct with the Launch Core Fighter. The Core Fighter can be set off to do damage to any troops nearby.

The center block that holds the mobile suit’s cockpit, control systems, and the primary power source is a feature of the prototype mobile suits made by Earth Federation Forces’ Operation V. In an emergency, and this core block may eject and unfurl into the FF-X7 Core Fighter.

Twin 120mm guns, which are powerful at both long and medium ranges, are the Guntank’s primary weaponry. Its hands have been replaced with four-barrel missile launchers, which were effective against enemy tanks and planes but less so against mobile suits.

The Guntank’s inability to move its torso is a serious issue since it makes it challenging to aim the guns at moving targets because the Guntank must constantly adjust its position. Its design was designed for ground fighting, which results in poor agility in space, which is another significant weakness.

Guntank may also charge forward for a brief period of time when using the Rush ability to repel frontal strikes, which hit foes and causes them to be knocked back. The unit may quickly restore a disabled ally to health thanks to the High-Speed Recovery talent (skill number 3).


This lengthy and potent beam weapon was first employed by the RX-139 Hambrabi and RX-110 Gabthley and is now utilized by the Marasai. 6.6 MW of power, charged via a rechargeable energy cap. It can also fire a beam saber, akin to the XBR-M87A2 Beam Rifle of the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (BOWA).

Tier HPRangeDash LimitDifficulty
C1200Mid Ranged23/4

When you steady the weapon to reduce recoil, the weapon fires successfully up to the medium range, and overall accuracy increases for mid-range combat engagement.

One of the Zeon Remnants’ Marasai utilized a Sea Snake weapon, a Hambrabi-derived weapon, during the assault on Torrington Base. It is a wired, portable grapple weapon that can shock enemy mobile suits with incapacitating electricity. Verniers, in its tip, assisted in guiding its direction.

When deployed, the mobile suit’s hands hold a tiny gadget called a beam saber that Marasai employs. The beam saber is fueled by a rechargeable energy capacitor. In order to create an efficient cutting blade, it first emits high-energy Minovsky particles to create an I-field shell in the shape of a blade (by manipulating electromagnetic fields). Two beam sabers, one of which has a longer handle than the others, are carried by the Marasai and are kept on their shield when not in use.

Gundam Evolution Tier List Criteria

After careful consideration of the capabilities and functions of each unit, the Gundam Evolution tier list was developed. Units that produce more damage and have a better learning curve are ranked higher, whereas those that have limited potential and a difficult learning curve are ranked lower.

Why Trust Us

In order to provide you with a fair Tier List, our team at eXputer decided to go into the game’s character roster. You will find that this will be quite helpful in selecting your character in the game. The effectiveness of each character in the game and their likelihood of winning battles have a direct impact on their rating.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Gundam Evolution tier list. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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