Hero Siege Tier List: Ranking The Best Classes

From Mighty Titans to Stealthy Assassins: Unleashing the Powerhouses of Hero Siege - The Best Tier List

To defeat as many enemies and bosses, you will need a class that can hold his/her own. In the current version, 5.9.4, there are around 15-25 classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.  So, I have drafted a descriptive and comprehensive Hero Siege Tier List, that will help you pick out the best classes in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 19 classes in Hero Siege as of right now. 
  • All 19 classes are ranked on their attacking, defensive, supportive, and passive abilities. 
  • S-Tier classes are OP as they provide the perfect balance among all classes and are a real asset to any team they are part of in Hero Siege. 
  • A-Tier classes are stronger than most classes in the game and their skill set is top-notch. 
  • The B-Tier classes are decent, not too good, but not too bad to make them unplayable.
  • Regarding C-Tier classes, their skill sets are abysmal and do not bring much value to the team.
  • The D-Tier classes are the worst in the game as they have the weakest skills and are the most underwhelming classes in Hero Siege.

Classes Ranking & Stats Comparison

Here are all the stats for the best classes: 

Character NameTierSpecializationSkill TreesSkills
JotunnS- Spell
- Melee Weapons
- Son of Ymir
- Son of Aurgelmir
Son Of Ymir:
- Permafrost
- Breath of ice
- Flash freeze
- Orb of frost
- Frozen hide
- Icicles
- Portal of ice
- Avatar of frost
- Blizzard
Son Of Aurgelmir:
- Glacial tremors
- Frozen boulder
- Freezing leap
- Power of the ancients
- Glacial armor
- Sweep attack
- Avalanche
- Absolute zero
- The embodiment of Aurgelmir
MarksmanS- Bows
- Javelins
- Guns
- Sharpshooter
- Engineer
- Critical attack
- Disengage
- Multishot
- Arrow rampage
- Arrow rain
- Armor piercing rounds
- Agility
- Ballistics
- Volatile shot
- Explosives technician
- Multishot turret
- Landmine
- Territorial offense
- Master mechanic
- Cluster bombs
- Safe space
- Rocket turrets
- Gunner drones
AmazonS- Javelins
- Bows
- Huntress
- Valkyrie
- Master poisoner
- Poison knives
- Death from above
- Leap
- Caustic spearhead
- Thrill of the hunt
- Toxic remains
- Jungle camouflage
- Envenom
- Odin's gift
- Rebound
- Chooser of the slain
- Feint
- Spearnage
- Lighting dash
- Brunhilde's chosen
- Tropical thunder
- Odin's battle maiden
NomadA- Melee Weapons- Wanderer
- Vagabond
- Eye of ra
- Sun ray
- Sand tremors
- Wind & sand
- Wind armor
- Dissipate
- Demolishing tornado
- Sand entombment
- Sandstorm
- Desert endurance
- Flying scimitar
- Traveler
- Rupture
- Body double
- Wind slash
- Vanish
- Phantom blades
- Wind blades
RedneckA- Chainsaws
- Melee Weapons
- Hillbilly
- Logger
- Napalm spill
- Moonshine molotov
- Pipe bombs
- Tire fire
- Spontaneous combustion
- Hillbilly rage
- Moonshine madness
- Combustile oil
- Pickup raid
- Stomp
- Bear trap
- Chainsaw massacre
- Durable wear
- Revved up
- Experienced logger
- Chainsaw mastery
- Logger's endurance
- Firebreak
Demon SlayerA- Guns
- Bows
- Claws
- Melee Weapons
- Gunslinger
- Executioner
- Trigger finger
- Eagle eye
- Execute
- Bullet hell
- Shadow grasp
- Demon shield
- Shredder trap
- Demon's presence
- Absolute mayhem
- Fast slices
- Vitals
- Heart attack
- Demon's calling
- Focused mind
- Slice of shadows
- Soul leech
- Unholy possession
- Demon form
PyromancerA- Spell Weapons- Flame Diviner
- Arsonist
Flane Diviner:
- Meteor
- Comet
- Blazing trail
- Flame shield
- Pyrokinetic disorder
- Splitfire
- Armageddon
- Pandemonium of flames
- Calamity
- Fireflies
- Fireswarm
- Fire nova
- Burning
- Extended flames
- Third degree burns
- Hydra
- Fire chains
- Inferno
DemonspawnA- Spell Weapons- Bone Conjurer
- Blood Lord
Bone Conjurer:
- Bone fragments
- Impale
- Bone storm
- Single out
- Ossification
- Cartilage build up
- Ominous presence
- Spinal trap
- Bone barrage
Blood Lord:
- Gut spread
- Blood bolts
- Manapool aura
- Blood surge
- Demonic presence
- Mana shield
- Mana devour
- Blood demons
- Blood tendrils
PaladinB- Melee Weapons- Justiciar
- Lionheart
- Divine storm
- Holy shock aura
- Infusion of righteousness
- Steel shields
- Lightning fury
- Blessed shields
- Consecrated teleport
- Righteous fury
- Thor's fury
- Mending aura
- Holy hammer
- Life overflowing
- Holy nova
- Warrior of light
- False salvation
- Divine shield
- Thunder hammers
- The venerated one
White MageB- Spell Weapons- Zealot
- Divine Being
- Curse
- Restless spirits
- Dark magic
- Fanaticism aura
- Soul spurn
- Martyr
- Dark oath
- Malediction
- Black mass
Divine Being:
- Heavenly fire
- Burst of light
- Heal boost
- Flash heal
- Benediction
- Chain lightning
- Absord shield
- Healing zone
- Mana orb
PirateB- Bows
- Guns
- Gunner
- Plunderer
- Explosive barrels
- Buckshot
- Bomb barrage
- Cannonball
- Grenade jump
- Powder trail
- Explosive bullets
- Kneecap
- Rapid fire
- Freezing chain shot
- Torrent
- Set sail
- Parrot
- Anchor swing
- Remiges
- Frozen lead
- Treasure hunter
- Land ahoy!
SamuraiB- Claws
- Melee Weapons
- Ronin
- Emperor's Blade
- Battle glance
- Warrior plunge
- Smoke bomb
- Evasion
- Shuriken throw
- Shadow clone
- Bushido
- Explosive kunai
- Live by the sword
Emperor's Blade:
- Fan of knives
- Omnislash
- Exploding bola
- Blade runner
- Way of the warrior
- For honor
- Shadowstep
- Burst of speed
- Empire's slash
MarauderB- Chainsaws
- Melee Weapons
- Juggernaut
- Gladiator
- Heavy ball
- Bouncing grenade
- Wrecking ball
- Unstable bomb
- The big bo-om
- Crazy grapple
- Plan b
- Random scatter
- Force overwhelming
- Serrated chains
- Chain trap
- Titanium chains
- Retarius net
- Master trap maker
- Rend flash
- Madness control
- Trophy hunter
- Madness of the arena
ShamanB- Claws
- Spell Weapons
- Elementalist
- Chieftain
- Lava spill
- Boulder
- Wind armor
- Spirit wolves
- Earth bind
- Scent of the wolf
- Twister
- Meteor storm
- Elemental blast
- Storm totem
- Totems
- Fissures
- Earth armor
- Fire totem
- Rock fragments
- Earth totem
- Chieftain's rage
- Totemic awakening
Shield LancerC- Lances
- Melee Weapons
- Champion
- Knight
- Flank
- Charge
- Thrust
- Endless charge
- Defenseless
- Parry
- Crushing lance
- Lance throw
- Glory
- Shield bash
- Counter
- Honed defenses
- Taunt
- Debilitating shout
- Damage reflect
- Spiked shield
- Shield wall
- Stand united
NecromancerC- Spell Weapons- Venomancer
- Lord of the Dead
- Poison burst
- Poison barn
- Acid cloud
- Poison nova
- Volatile mixtures
- Lingering toxins
- Cursed ground
- Putrid flesh
- Expunge toxins
Lord of the Dead:
- Cursed hands
- Undead army
- Summon frenzy
- Summon mastery
- Soul rend
- Bone armor
- Homing souls
- Sacrifice
- Vengeful spirit
VikingD- Melee Weapons
- Shields
- Shield Bearer
- Berserker
Shield Bearer:
- Recovery
- Shield bash
- Charge
- Odin's fury
- Stoneskin
- Warbringer
- Shield wall
- Defensive tactics
- Futile aggression
- Seismic slam
- Zeal
- Pummel
- Throw!
- Weapon master
- Whirlwind
- Berserker
- Ymir's champion
- Shockwave
IllusionistD- Spell Weapons- Sand Manipulator
- Chronomancer
Sand Manipulator:
- Sand guardian
- Call for war
- Circle of guardians
- Piercing sand
- Link of sand
- Dissipation
- Spirit link
- Cheapshot
- Combat order
- Age of proliferation
- Gravitational slam
- Split reality
- Sands of time
- Time deceleration
- Dimensional displacement
- Precognition
- Expansive mind
- Tempral heroes
Plague DoctorD- Flask
- Spell Weapons
- Sanguine Physician
- Plague Caller
Sanguine Physician:
- Surgical bloodletting
- Malpractice
- Jar of leeches
- Crow mask
- Blood sustenance
- Crematus!
- Lifeblood aura
- Devout doctor
- Defunct surgeon
Plague Caller:
- Plague of rats
- Oops!
- Toxic flask
- Booster shot
- Chant of weakness
- Plague master
- Miasma
- Fatal curse
- Rat king


The strongest tier in the Hero Siege Tier List

The S-Tier classes are the strongest in the game. Their skills and stats set them apart from every other hero in the game. They are a force to be reckoned with. 

Classes Pros Cons
Jotunn Strong melee and spell attacks, quick cooldowns, effective at close range. Lower defense, requires support, outmatched in damage.
Marksman Fast, high accuracy, can target multiple opponents, armor piercing. Weak in close-range, lower defensive power, longer cooldowns.
Amazon High speed and agility, balanced ranged and melee attacks. Lacks specialization, solely evasive defense, slower poison damage, challenging to play.


These classes are a force to be reckoned with

The A-Tier Heroes are feared and considered very formidable in the realms of Hero Siege. They have a great skill set, and not a lot of cons. They come in second place in our Hero Siege Tier List. 

Classes Pros Cons
Nomad Fast, versatile, unmatched melee and close-range wind attacks, huge AOE sandstorms. Limited ranged attacks, only evasive defense, weaker Vagabond skills.
Redneck Excellent in close-range, high damage with chainsaw, area damage with gasoline. Sparse ranged attacks, most powerful skills underpowered, reliant on passive for top performance.
Demon-Slayer Highly adaptive, great in close combat and ranged attacks, fast, high damage. Hard to master, less viable at higher levels.
Pyromancer Best for ranged attacks, great AOE fire abilities, extra destruction with fire procs. Weak in melee and close-range combat, lower health.
Demonspawn Can fly, dodging ability, great defense for a spell user, amazing long-range attacks. Poor melee capabilities, not useful in close-range, not adaptive, lacks good AOE abilities.


These classes are decent

B-Tier classes are fairly decent. They can get the job done, however, they will not perform the best when faced with classes that belong to S-Tier or A-Tier. They rank 3rd in our Hero Siege Tier List

Classes Pros Cons
Paladin Excels in close-range and melee attacks, can tank and support allies. Slower, less versatile, niche use, weak in ranged attacks.
White Mage Great at healing and supporting, decent long-range attacks, can grant temporary immunity. Not suited for solo combat, weak in close-range, low health, poor attacking capabilities.
Pirate Rapid damage, excels in AOE cold damage, can target multiple monsters. Difficult for beginners, hard to master, better at finding loot.
Samurai Excellent in close-range, fast, can tackle hordes. Lacks long-range attacks, steep learning curve, not adaptive.
Marauder Effective traps and taunts, excels in close-range, uses bombs for area damage, easy to play. Weak in long-range, slow and not agile, less effective at higher levels.
Shaman Strong in both close and long-range attacks, versatile, adaptive, uses lightning strikes. Vulnerable with weak defense, cannot lead teams.


Below average classes

The C-Tier units are abysmal at best. I do not recommend using these classes. Their skills are weak and they will probably not be able to provide much value to your team. They are just above the worst classes in the Hero Siege Tier List.

Classes Pros Cons
Shield Lancer Absorbs significant damage, 5% base damage reduction passive. Poor attacking abilities, incredibly slow, lacks adaptability.
Necromancer Decent ranged attacks, small HP shield, faster ally revival. Weak in close combat, less effective at higher levels, slow damage due to poison.


Hero Siege Tier List's worst classes

These classes are the absolute worst in the game, I recommend finding replacements as fast as possible. Their skills are very underwhelming, and their value added to the team is non-existent. 

Classes Pros Cons
Viking Charges into hoards, can overpower, good health, excels in melee, easy to play. Lacks ranged attacks, not versatile, slower, less effective at higher levels.
Illusionist Decent ranged attacks, can protect with Sandguards, gains extra energy. Weak in close combat, abilities situational, not effective at higher levels.
Plague Doctor Can target multiple enemies with area damage, capable of long-range attacks. Poor defense, lacks close-range capabilities, not versatile, easily overpowered.

Tier List Criteria 

Drafting this tier list was not easy. I looked at each class’s skillset and analyzed their strengths and weaknesses. Almost all classes were very different, so upon further analysis, each character’s pros and cons were quite apparent.

I used the following to draft each class’s Tier:

  • Attacking Abilities. 
  • Defensive Abilities.
  • Close/long-ranged attacks. 
  • Versatility and adaptability. 
  • Usefulness at higher levels.
  • Passive Skills. 
  • Supporting capabilities. 

Final Words

The most recent patch has improved the balance of the game and fixed glitches in the game. However, there are still some classes that overpower the rest. Hence, the Hero Siege Tier list was absolutely necessary to make.

Also, starting out in Hero Siege is quite difficult, so you must understand the fundamentals of the game to truly master the game.


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