Hero Siege Tier List: Ranking The Best Classes [2023]

From Mighty Titans to Stealthy Assassins: Unleashing the Powerhouses of Hero Siege - The Best Tier List

In order to defeat as many enemies and bosses, you will need a class that can hold his/her own. In the current version, 5.9.4, there are around 15-25 classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.  So, we have drafted a descriptive and comprehensive Hero Siege Tier List, that will help you pick out the best classes in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 19 classes in Hero Siege as of right now. 
  • All 19 classes are ranked on their attacking, defensive, supportive, and passive abilities. 
  • S-Tier classes are OP as they provide the perfect balance among all classes and are a real asset to any team they are part of in Hero Siege. 
  • A-Tier classes are stronger than most classes in the game and their skill set is top-notch. 
  • The B-Tier classes are decent, not too good, but not too bad either to make them unplayable.
  • When it comes to C-Tier classes, their skill sets are abysmal, and do not bring much value to the team.
  • The D-Tier classes are the worst classes in the game as they have the weakest skills and are the most underwhelming classes in Hero Siege.
SJotunn, Marksman, Amazon
ANomad, Redneck, Demon-Slayer, Pyromancer, Demonspawn
BPaladin, White Mage, Pirate, Samurai, Marauder, Shaman
CShield Lancer, Necromancer
DViking, Illusionist, Plague Doctor


The strongest tier in the Hero Siege Tier List

The S-Tier classes are the strongest in the game. Their skills and stats set them apart from every other hero in the game. They are a force to be reckoned with. 


Jotunn uses Melee Spell attacks to punish his opponents. He has two skill trees, from which his powerful skills are derived. Son of Aurgelmir and Son of Ymir, both revolving around ice powers. 


  • Jotunn has strong offensive prowess, specializing in Melee and Spell attacks.
  • His skills have a fairly fast Cooldown rate.
  • Good ranged attacks.
  • Jotunn is great at close-range fights.
  • A good skillset is provided at lower levels as well. 


  • Jotunn’s defense is not very strong.
  • There are characters with heavier damage, like Demon-Slayer and Marauder.
  • Needs a supporting Hero to function the best.


Marksman specializes in Bows, Javelins, and Guns. This allows him to be relatively fast, and accurate at the same. He has two skill trees, namely, Sharpshooter, and Engineer


  • One of the fastest characters in the game. 
  • Marksman’s attack accuracy is very high.
  • Good at distracting because of his use of decoys from his passive skill.
  • Remains protected in the nighttime as he can create Drones and place Totems.
  • He can target multiple opponents by using skills like Cluster Mines and Multishot Turret.
  • Can pierce through armor. 


  • Fairly weak in close-ranged fights. 
  • His defensive powers are not the best.
  • Does not have the ability to simply overpower teams like Jotunn.
  • The cooldown rate is not the best. 


Amazon is a gracious fighter, very fast and extremely agile. She uses Bows and Javelins to decimate her opponents. She has a good balance between ranged and melee attacks. Amazon has two skill trees, Huntress and Valkyrie


  • Amazon’s speed is very high, which helps her evade attacks.
  • Agility is quite high as well. 
  • Ranged attacks are quite good. 
  • Melee attacks are fairly decent.
  • Very balanced character. 


  • Amazon’s lack of specialization precludes her from achieving mastery in any particular domain.
  • The only defensive tactic is to evade attacks. 
  • Can not go head-on with any Hero who specializes in melee combat. 
  • Since Amazon uses poison to deal damage, the damage dealt is relatively inflicted slower than usual. 
  • Hard to play with. 


These classes are a force to be reckoned with

The A-Tier Heroes are feared and considered very formidable in the realms of Hero Siege. They have a great skill set, and not a lot of cons. They come in second place in our Hero Siege Tier List. 


Nomad is one of the best Melee attackers in the game. He specializes in close-range wind attacks and wide-area sandstorms. He is also quite versatile and fast, making him perfect for quick fights. His two skill trees are Wanderer and Vagabond.


  • Nomad is relatively faster than most characters. 
  • Extremely versatile.
  • His Melee attack prowess is unmatched. 
  • He dominates the competition in close-range wind attacks. 
  • Is able to create huge AOE Sandstorms. 


  • Not very useful when it comes to ranged attacks. 
  • The only defensive technique is evading attacks. 
  • Vagabond skills are not very strong.


Due to his mastery of Melee and Chainsaw’s attacks, Redneck is quite intimidating in Hero Siege. He also makes use of gasoline to do area damage. His two skill trees are Hillbilly and Logger


  • Redneck is great at close range fights. 
  • His damage is quite high because of his use of the Chainsaw.
  • He is capable of doing area damage with his use of gasoline. 
  • Can handle multiple opponents at once. 


  • Ranged attacks are sparse. 
  • Redneck’s most powerful skills are underpowered.
  • Needs portions from his passive to outperform other top characters. 


Demon-Slayer’s skill set is quite diverse as he makes use of Guns, Bows, Claws, and Melee weapons. The unique thing about Demon-Slayer is that he can master a melee weapon or a ranged weapon. This makes Demon-Slayer one of the most adaptive characters in the game. His two skill trees are Gunslinger and Executioner


  • Extremely adaptive.
  • Can work great in close combat.
  • Ranged attacks are amazing. 
  • One of the best passive skills in the game. 
  • Amazingly fast. 
  • High damage. 


  • Demon-Slayer is extremely hard to master, even for high-level players.
  • Is not very viable as your level becomes higher.


Pyromancer makes use of Spell weapons to decimate his opponents. He is great if you want to attack opponents from a safe distance. His two skill trees are Flame Diviner and Arsonist. 


  • One of the best characters for ranged attacks. 
  • Great AOE fire abilities. 
  • Can cause extra AOE destruction if fire procs are combined with an Aura. 


  • Not great at melee attacks. 
  • Weak in close range battles.
  • Relatively lower health. 


Demonspawn is one of the few flying characters in the game. Just like the Pyromancer, he also uses Spell attacks to instill fear in his opponents. His two skill trees are Bone Conjurer and Blood Lord


  • Is amazing at dodging attacks because of his ability to fly. 
  • Great defense for a character that uses Spell attacks. 
  • Amazing long-range attacks.
  • Good defensive capabilities, since Bone Conjurer can give him the ability to create shields for himself. 


  • Poor melee attacks. 
  • Not useful in close-range battles.
  •  Not adaptive. 
  • Does not have good AOE abilities. 


These classes are decent

B-Tier classes are fairly decent. They can get the job done, however, they will not perform the best when faced with classes that belong to S-Tier or A-Tier. They rank 3rd in our Hero Siege Tier List


Similar to the Viking, is extremely dangerous, specializing in Melee attacks. He can also be used as a tank, or a supporting unit, given his special abilities. His two skill trees are Justiciar and Lionheart


  • Great in close-range fights. 
  • Melee attacks are above average. 
  • Can tank for his allies or himself by using rotary shields. 
  • Can support his allies by creating a healing light. 


  • Relatively slower than most characters. 
  • The Paladin is not very versatile or adaptive. 
  • His use is somewhat niche. 
  • Weak when it comes to ranged attacks. 

White Mage

The White Mage is a great pick for a supporting character. He comes with multiple buffs and auras. He uses Spell weapons for his attacks and abilities. His two skill trees are Zealot and Divine Being,


  • Great at healing and supporting allies.
  • Decent long-range attacks. 
  • Can grant immunity for a short amount of time. 
  • White Mage can also remove negative effects. 


  • Not suitable for one-on-one combats. 
  • Weak in close-range fights. 
  • Cannot hold his own.
  • Weak health. 
  • Poor attacking abilities. 


The pirate is perhaps one of the most unique characters in the game. She uses Bows and Guns to attack her enemies. Her two skill trees are Gunner and Plunderer


  • Has the ability to inflict rapid damage. 
  • Great at producing big AOE cold damage. 
  • Can take out multiple monsters at the same time. 


  • Difficult to start out with.
  • The Pirate is a very hard class to master. 
  • Can relatively find loot better than other classes. 


The Samurai uses Claw and Melee attacks to inflict damage upon his enemies. He is relatively quick, and his two skill trees are Ronin and Emperor’s Blade. 


  • Amazing in close range fights. 
  • The Samurai is quick on his feet. 
  • Can slice away an entire horde. 


  • Poor long-range attacks.
  • It is hard to learn how to play Samurai since his gameplay is very fast. 
  • Not adaptive. 


The Marauder uses Chainsaw and Melee weapons, so you can probably figure out that he is great when it comes to close range fights. His two skill trees are Juggernaut and Gladiator


  • Can use traps and taunts to kill off enemies. 
  • Great in close range fights. 
  • Can do area damage by using massive bombs. 
  • Can hold his own. 
  • Easy to play with.


  • Very weak when it comes to long-range attacks. 
  • The Marauder is relatively very slow, and not agile.
  • Not useful at higher levels. 


For someone who uses Spell attacks, Shaman can inflict heavy damage. He also possesses Claw attacks. His two skill trees are Elementalist and Chieftain


  • Good at close range attacks.
  • Shaman can also hold his own when it comes to long-range attacks. 
  • He has the ability to do rapid attacks. 
  • Totems can take out huge amounts of enemies. 
  • He is versatile and adaptive.
  • Can use lightning strikes.


  • Shaman is vulnerable and has weak defense. 
  • He cannot carry teams like most top characters. 


Below average classes

The C-Tier units are abysmal at best. We do not recommend using these classes. Their skills are weak and they will probably not be able to provide much value to your team. They are just above the worst classes in the Hero Siege Tier List.

Shield Lancer

As the name suggests, Shield Lancer is a tanking class. He can protect your allies with his life, and provide great defense. His two skill trees are Champion and Knight.


  • Shield Lancer can absorb a lot of damage and protect your allies. 
  • Can gain a 5 percent base damage reduction through his passive. 


  • His attacking abilities are abysmal. 
  • The Shield Lancer is incredibly slow.
  • He is not adaptive or versatile.


The creepy class, Necromancer uses poison to slowly damage his enemies. He makes use of Spell attacks to inflict damage, and his play style is semi-active. His two skill trees are Lord of the Dead and Venomancer


  • Ranged attacks are okay. 
  • Has access to a small HP shield. 
  • He can revive his allies 20% faster, through his passive ability, 


  • Very weak when it comes to close range attacks or fights. 
  • He is not very useful at higher levels. 
  • Underwhelming skills.
  • Due to his using poison, his damage is not instant. 


Hero Siege Tier List's worst classes

These classes are the absolute worst in the game, we recommend finding replacements as fast as possible. Their skills are very underwhelming, and their value added to the team is non-existent. 


The intimidating Viking makes use of Melee attacks to deal damage to his opponents. He also has access to Shields to protect allies and attack enemies. His two skill trees are Shield Bearer and Berserker


  • He can charge into hoards of enemies. 
  • Can overpower opponents. 
  • Good health. 
  • Good at Melee combat. 
  • The Viking can accumulate up to 5 stacks. 
  • Easy to play with. 


  • Useless when it comes to ranged attacks. 
  • Not adaptive or versatile.
  • He is relatively slower than other characters. 
  • He is not useful at higher levels. 


The Goddess can bend time and makes use of Spell attacks to inflict damage upon her victims. Her two skill trees are Sand Manipulator and Chornomancer


  • Decent at ranged attacks. 
  • Can gain 5% extra energy through bending time. 
  • Can use Sandguards to protect herself. 


  • Poor when it comes to close-range fights. 
  • Her abilities can only prove useful in certain situations. 
  • She is not useful at higher levels. 

Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor has access to attacks that do area damage. The eerie Doctor makes use of Flasks and Spell weapons for his abilities and attacks. 


  • The Plague Doctor can damage multiple opponents through his use of attacks that do area damage. 
  • Can do long-range attacks. 


  • He has a poor defense. 
  • Poor attacking capabilities, especially close-range attacks. 
  • Not useful in most situations. 
  • Not adaptive or versatile. 
  • He can easily be overpowered.

Tier List Criteria 

Drafting this tier list was not easy. We looked at each class’s skillset and analyzed their strengths and weaknesses. Almost all classes were very different, so upon further analysis, each character’s pros and cons were quite apparent. We used the following to draft each class’s Tier.

  • Attacking Abilities. 
  • Defensive Abilities.
  • Close/long-ranged attacks. 
  • Versatility and adaptability. 
  • Usefulness at higher levels.
  • Passive Skills. 
  • Supporting capabilities. 

Final Words

The most recent patch has improved the balance of the game and fixed glitches in the game. However, there are still some classes that overpower the rest. Hence, the Hero Siege Tier list was absolutely necessary to make.

Also, starting out in Hero Siege is quite difficult, so you must understand the fundamentals of the game to truly master the game.


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