Idle Heroes Tier List: Ranking All Heroes [February 2024]

A detailed look at the Tier list consisting all the heroes from Idle Heroes!

Idle games with Gacha elements seem to catch the eyes of many players worldwide. It has a big fan base, and Idle Heroes is one of such games with a diverse universe that you will take time to grasp. And my Idle Heroes Tier List might speed up that process. 

Key Takeaways
  • Idle Heroes features more than 200 characters for players, but only 66 characters are fit enough for PvP and PvE gameplay. 
  • Ranking of Idle Heroes is based on each hero’s ease of upgrading,  synergy with gems, and how big of an overall impact it can make in different playing types. 
  • Idle heroes that perform better than the rest and in what playing mode include Carrie (PvP), 2x Delacium (PvE), Russel (PvE), Sword Flash – Xia (PvP), and Heart Watcher (PvE). 
  • Heroes that seem to struggle in doing almost everything a player expects from a decent Idle Heroes unit are Delacium, King Barton, Jahra, Valkyrie, Vesa, and Valentino
  • They excel in neither the PvP mode of the game nor PvE, instructing you only to bet eyes on the high-ranking Idle Heroes.
  • Nevertheless, given the game’s gacha nature, a fitting playing style and handling strategy can help the lower-ranked units render an unexpected impact.

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Idle Heroes Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers  Heroes 
S-Tier  Carrie (PvP), Russel (PvE), 2x Delacium (PvE), Sword Flash – Xia (PvP), Heart Watcher (PvE), Scarlet Queen – Halora (PvP), Ithaqua (PvE), Rogan (PvP), Garuda (PvE), Amen-Ra (PvP), Drake (PvE), Russell (PvP), Drake (PvP), Aspen (PvE), Ignis (PvP), 2x Skerei (PvE), Sherlock (PvP)
A-Tier  Inosuke (PvP), Emily (PvE), Aida (PvP), Delacium (PvE), Tara (PvP), Nakia (PvE), Tix (PvP), Deathsworn (PvE), Das Moge (PvE), Belrain (PvE), Gustin (PvE), Elyvia (PvE), Ormus (PvE), Sigmund (PvE)
B-Tier  Aida (PvE), Morax (PvP), Barea (PvE), Horus (PvE), Ithaqua  (PvP), Carrie (PvE), Asmodel (PvE), Amuvor (PvE), Flora (PvP), Amen-Ra (PvE), Ignis (PvE), Kroos (PvE), Skerei (PvE), Gerke (PvE), Tara (PvE)
C-Tier  Xia (PvE), Aidan (PvE), UniMax-3000 (PvE), Faith Blade (PvE), Dark Arthindol (PvE), Baade (PvE), Cthugha (PvE), UniMax-3000 (PvP)
D-Tier  Mihm (PvE), Starlight (PvE), Michelle (PvE), Delacium (PvP) King Barton (PvE), Jahra (PvE), Valkyrie (PvE), Vesa (PvE), Valentino (PvE)

Idle Heroes Tier List Breakdown 

Idle Heroes Tier List Methodology
Idle Heroes Tier List Methodology

In this piece, we will talk about two-tier lists. The first tier list will rank the best PvE heroes, while the latter will rank the best PvP heroes from the game. If you are unaware of the difference between PvE and PvP, then you should not worry; it is very simple.

PvP means you are playing against the other players, while PvE means fighting against the bots in the game. The boss fights and other interactions with the environment come under PvE. Obviously! You might be wondering why there are two different modes in my Idle Heroes Tier List 2024, and the answer is simply that some heroes do well in PvP while others are better in PvE.

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Idle Heroes Tier List
S Tier

This Tier contains the best heroes from the game. The game has gems you can use to level up your heroes; the ones in the S Tier are resourceful and easy to upgrade; leveling them up is easy, and overall they have the biggest impact. 

HeroTierBest in PvP or PvE
Scarlet Queen – Halora SPvP
Heart Watcher SPvE
Sword Flash – Xia SPvP
2x Delacium SPvE
Carrie SPvP
Drake SPvE
Amen-Ra SPvP
Garuda SPvE
Rogan SPvP
Ithaqua SPvE
Russell SPvE
Sherlock SPvP
2x Skerei SPvE
Ignis SPvP
Aspen SPvE
Drake SPvP


Idle Heroes Tier List
A Tier

This Tier contains the heroes that come a little short of the ultimate tier. They are very good, but in instances like boss fights or crucial PvP matches, you will be annihilated by someone like Heart Watcher or Carrie from the S Tier. 

Das Moge APVE
Deathsworn APVE
Elyvia APVE


Average Characters
B Tier

If you are building a team, then the characters from this Tier are easy to get, yet they can add some value to your team. Of course, it is a no-brainer that they are not at the level of the S Tier and the A Tier, but they are not completely useless. They surely can be imprinted and are not completely useless.

Amen-Ra BPVE


Bad Characters
C Tier

I am not sure what to do with the characters from this Tier. If I call them complete garbage, I am surely wrong, but if I tend to side with them because of their limited powers, I am doing injustice to the characters from the B Tier. So the best strategy with C Tier characters is not to make them part of your core units unless they get some upgrade in an update. 

UniMax-3000 CPVP
Baade CPVE
Dark Arthindol CPVE
Faith Blade CPVE
UniMax-3000 CPVE
Aidan CPVE


Worst Characters
D Tier

Some of these characters might be useful for you, and you might disagree as the playing style and strategies influence the heroes in the game a lot. In my worst Tier, I have put the heroes who are not good at the front line, midline, or the last line. Moreover, they have not received a major update to elevate their status. 

Delacium DPVP
King Barton DPVE
Michelle DPVE

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What To Expect From Idle Heroes?

The game is a slow grind despite it roughly taking 10 minutes of your time in a day. It is a game where you must rely on your intuition. You can make a strategy and stick to it, but it will be redundant the next moment. Thus it requires a lot of patience and is not your average game where you don’t need much grinding.

As stated earlier, the game is both P2W and F2P friendly, depending on your expectations and how far you want to go in the game. Moreover, if you want to go a little deep in the game, then the 10 minutes of casual play is not something you would want to aim for. You would need a minimum of two half-hour sessions in a day.

[Disclaimer] My Tier List is based on my experiences, research, and time in the game. It may or may not please you, as I might rank your favorite elements, characters, locations, or games in a way that might not please you. But I am open to constructive criticism, which you may express in the comment section.


Idle Heroes PvP and Idle Heroes PvE Tier list conclude here. I have ranked all the characters concerning their performance in both modes of the game. Also, I have placed a lot of emphasis on the core of the team, and somehow, you can pick anyone from any Tier and make your core. That is why I have skipped some heroes from the game. Even the D Tier characters are not bad with the right strategy. 


Is Heart Watcher good in Idle Heroes?

The best strategy with Heart Watcher is to use her rebuilding ability to the fullest. She has a very good HP and deals good damage to your opponent. For guild boss damage, she is a keeper. So yes, she is good in Idle Heroes.

Is Inosuke good in Idle Heroes?

Yes, in PvE Insuke is a good hero to consider, but in PvP settings, he is terrible and worth avoiding. He has great avatar bonuses, but some people use him as fodder which is a bad strategy.

Why is Ignis Wraith so good?

It is an overstatement to say she is so good as Ignis is above average and can be a great energy feed. On top of that, over time, Ignis has not lost the charm, unlike other heroes, and thus Ignis is worth keeping.

What is the max level in idle heroes?

Level 40 is the cap for the heroes; they can’t reach a level beyond that. Post the 40th level; there are tier upgrades. A tier upgrade boosts their skills and basic stats, but tier upgrades are not easy and require stones.

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