7DS Tier List: All 150+ Characters Ranked

Reign over the world of 7DS Grand Cross With The Best Characters!

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is a unique game that features over 150 characters. Players might see some similar faces from other manga and series, too, as the game features some characters from a different verse. That being said, with over 150+ characters, it is extremely hard to choose some and make the team.

But that might not be the case anymore, as we have organized a tier list where we will rank each character available in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross from S-F Tiers. The latest update of the game was released on 20th March, which will bring the event known as Vaizel Fight Festival.

Key Takeaways
  • There are more than 150+ characters in 7DS Grand Cross.
  • S Tier includes characters such as Mael of Sunshine, one of the four archangels, and Ultimate Escanor, the best PVP character in the game.
  • If you want the Darkness attribute, then Purgatory Meliodas or the Traitor Meliodas are the best choices.
  • Witch of Greed Echidna is the best HP Attribute character in the game.
  • In Strength, Covenant of Light, Tarmiel and Queen Diane are both good options.
  • Berserk Estarossa is perhaps the best speed attribute character in the game. 
  • B and C Tier characters can be used if they are well-built.
  • E and F Tier characters are pretty much useless, so you shouldn’t waste resources on them.
  • Reincarnation of Obsession Mage Vivian is the worst character in the game.

Comparison Between All Characters

Now that you’re aware of the Tier ranking, let’s quickly go through the comparison between all 7DS characters:

Character NameTierRarityElementRaceAttackDefenseHP
Mael of SunshineS TierSSRLightGoddess8,3705,18497,640
Ultimate EscanorS TierSSRLight Human8,4475,06899,430
Purgatory MeliodasS TierSSRDarknessDemon8,5385,26896,365
Traitor MeliodasS TierSSRDarknessDemon7,4644,86098,640
Covenant of Light TarmielS TierSSRStrengthGoddess6,9385,91991,500
Queen DianeS TierSSRStrengthGiant6,3905,293101,910
Witch of Greed EchidnaS TierSSRHPN/A7,9267,106101,910
Elizabeth of Eternal RebirthS TierSSRLightGoddess7,3575,18796,745
Berserk EstarossaS TierSSRSpeedDemon7,8745,22394,450
Queen's Successor FiloS TierSSRHPN/A7,7754,72090,910
Hijack GowtherS TierSSRHPN/A6,1375,24596,840
Fairy King HarlequinS TierSSRSpeedFairy7,5455,11494,150
Covenant of Light LudocielS TierSSRSpeedGoddess6,9984,98993,165
The Master Swordsman ReinhardS TierSSRStrengthHuman7,9267,106101,910
Slime RimuruS TierSRHPN/A4,5453,70471,580
Mage of Infinity MerlinS TierSSRHPN/A7,9267,106101,910
Will of the Holy SwordS TierSSRHPHuman6,4594,95695,480
Mono of Blood and IronA TierSSRSpeedHuman7,1385,12497,850
Immortal’s Return Purgatory BanA TierSSRStrengthHuman6,9195,50491,100
The One EscanorA TierSSRSpeedHuman7,2175,21595,440
Master of Light Sun God FreyrA TierSSRStrengthN/A7,2194,62689,770
The Goat Sin of Lust Holy Knight GowtherA TierSSRStrengthN/A5,3304,74692,100
Starry Night’s Illusion Lillia of DesireA TierSSRSpeedHuman6,7894,99792,080
Beach Girl Truth Seeker MerlinA TierSSRSpeedN/A6,8884,91088,780
Shield Hero Iwatani NaofumiA TierSSRSpeedHuman6,0727,17693,070
Re:ZERO Twin Maid RamA TierSSRHPN/A6,8504,78991,585
Naofumi’s Sword RaphtaliaA TierSSRSpeedN/A6,2396,59689,580
KOF ’98 Terry BogardA TierSSRStrengthHuman6,1565,37392,845
Battlefield Guardian Princess BrunhildA TierSSRHPHuman7,7154,90887,680
Demon King’s Deputy Executioner ZeldrisA TierSSRHPDemon7,9264,92992,765
Chosen King Excalibur ArthurA TierSSRStrengthHuman6,8594,95691,280
Halloween Holy Knight GowtherA TierSSRHPN/A6,4824,83090,100
Divine Protection Merlin, the Daughter of BelialuinA TierSSRHPN/A7,3384,70895,745
Advent of Tornado Covenant of Light SarielA TierSSRHPGoddess6,9884,70095,040
Pacifier Fiend Mage ChandlerA TierSSRSpeedDemon6,3514,92898,845
Origin Fragment Highest-ranking Demon CusackA TierSSRSpeedDemon7,9267,176101,910
Ominous Nebula Prince of Darkness ZeldrisA TierSSRSpeedDemon7,2764,81897,165
Bride of the Snow Country Princess BrunhildA TierSSRStrengthHuman7,4755,00491,980
Holy Warrior Goddess ElizabethA TierSSRSpeedGoddess7,1165,65490,258
Assault Mode Berserk MeliodasA TierSSRHPDemon7,2545,00295,560
Future of LionesA TierSSRSpeedN/A7,1255,463100,530
Divine Proxy Ludociel of FlashB TierSSRHPGoddess7,0174,82490,180
Spellbinding Queen Goddess of Beauty FreyjaB TierSSRStrengthN/A7,7955,12495,460
Light of Hope New King ArthurB TierSSRHPHuman6,3414,86993,460
Napping Reaper Dual Swordsman CusackB TierSSRSpeedDemon7,4455,13490,170
Re: ZERO Royal Candidate EmiliaB TierSSRSpeedN/A6,8985,29685,000
Serpent Queller World Serpent JormungandB TierSSRHPN/A7,6164,38090,760
KOF ’98 Kusanagi KyoB TierSSRStrengthHuman6,8984,66187,670
The Four Archangels Ludociel of FlashB TierSSRSpeedGoddess7,3375,18485,680
Halloween Mercenary MatronaB TierSSRStrengthGiant5,7754,75695,755
Guide to Valhalla Valkyrie MegelldaB TierSSRSpeedN/A7,4764,68986,085
Tyrant of Destruction Milim NavaB TierSSRSpeedN/A5,1803,64485,840
The Four Archangels Sariel of TornadoB TierSSRStrengthGoddess6,8205,10492,955
Dungeon Raider Gamer ShinB TierSSRHPHuman6,7404,85985,155
Wielder of Gram Prince SigurdB TierSSRStrengthHuman7,0865,05392,965
Tundra Hunter Giant SkadiB TierSSRStrengthGiant6,5604,74093,990
The Four Archangels Tarmiel of OceanB TierSSRSpeedGoddess5,9257,10690,690
Clandestine Savior Red ThonarB TierSSRStrengthHuman7,1585,30293,465
The Ten Commandments Derieri of PurityB TierSSRStrengthDemon6,5015,17088,965
Scent of Spring Golden Wings ElaineB TierSSRSpeedFairy6,3894,74497,650
Weapon Master Mono of Blood and IronB TierSSRHPHuman7,0785,00494,450
Re: ZERO Twin Maid RemB TierSSRStrengthN/A7,1264,95791,305
Origin Fragment Highest-ranking Demon ChandlerB TierSSRHPDemon7,9267,106101,910
Ragnarok Blessing of the Earth DianeB TierSSRHPGiant6,7994,74093,270
Oceanic Harmonizer Noblesse EastinB TierSSRStrengthHuman6,3025,62495,670
Mastermind Mage LilliaB TierSSRSpeedHuman6,5226,05886,750
Sweet Jelly New Wings KingC TierSSRHPFairy7,0224,86493,450
Camelot’s Sword New King ArthurC TierSSRStrengthHuman6,5014,60588,260
Elite Demon Derieri of PurityC TierSSRHPDemon6,5814,72690,165
Beach Guardian Blessing of the Earth DianeC TierSSRStrengthGiant7,1594,74093,270
The Lion Sin of Pride Holy Knight EscanorC TierSSRStrengthHuman6,5205,11695,850
Sunshine Holy Knight EscanorC TierSSRHPHuman8,0405,451101,840
Signs of Maturity New Wings KingC TierSSRSpeedFairy7,0224,86493,450
Memory Fragment Knight of Danafor LizC TierSSRHPGoddess7,2984,40977,200
Halloween Gamer ShinC TierSSRStrengthHuman6,6605,21982,335
Reincarnation of Conviction Grandmaster ZaratrasC TierSSRHPHuman6,6915,04483,010
Ragnarok Brawler BanC TierSSRStrengthHuman6,1854,33596,008
Empress of the Sea Eastin of AuthorityC TierSSRStrengthHuman6,8025,32490,970
Elite Demon Estarossa of LoveC TierSSRHPDemon6,4594,93695,060
Sweet & Scary Melascula of FaithC TierSSRHPDemon6,9405,06284,467
Ragnarok Lostvayne MeliodasC TierSSRSpeedDemon6,5384,75694,745
Virtual Body Doubles Lostvayne MeliodasC TierSSRStrengthDemon7,4985,29691,545
Blade in the Dark Human Weapon MonoC TierSSRHPHuman6,5604,68290,490
Swift Sword Foreign Swordsman NanashiC TierSSRSpeedN/A7,2174,53191,270
Halloween Queen of Explosions RoxyC TierSSRHPHuman6,8184,86983,680
Oni ShunaC TierSSRHPN/A5,2104,37989,050
Earthshaker Weapon Researcher ValentiC TierSSRHPHuman6,0656,25587,650
Magic Weapon MK-II Valenti of ObsessionC TierSSRHPHuman7,1575,29993,945
Sweet Temptation Druid ZaneriC TierSSRHPHuman5,9044,56895,770
Kijin BenimaruD TierSSRStrengthN/A5,3484,64671,690
King of Prophecies Adventurer ArthurD TierSRSpeedHuman5,8464,47477,520
Beard of the Mountain Cat Member AllioniD TierRHPHuman5,3704,37475,580
Burning Ember Knight of Danafor CainD TierSRHPHuman6,2263,58583,100
The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Holy Knight DeathpierceD TierSSRHPHuman6,5544,01487,020
Ruler of Stormy Seas Noblesse EastinD TierSSRSpeedHuman6,5425,26488,470
Boar Hat Tavern Hostess ElizabethD TierSRStrengthGoddess5,7263,61879,550
Summer Vibes Guardian Hawk & ElizabethD TierSSRStrengthGoddess7,1594,74093,270
Wings of the Sky Celestial EllatteD TierSSRStrengthGoddess6,6015,18888,460
Sky Temple Protector Celestial EllatteD TierSSRSpeedGoddess6,6214,82894,260
Star of the Kingdom Holy Knight GilthunderD TierSRSpeedHuman5,1214,61490,497
Chivalrous Holy Knight GilthunderD TierSRHPHuman5,4414,35087,697
Knighthood of Scraps Disposal Oslo & HawkD TierSSRStrengthN/A6,8385,33288,765
Forest Guardian Fairy HelbramD TierSSRHPFairy6,6803,73287,350
Adventurer Holy Knight JerichoD TierSRStrengthHuman6,4023,69067,420
New Generation Holy Knight JerichoD TierSRSpeedHuman6,1223,88267,420
Godspeed Knight Guardian JerichoD TierSSRHPHuman7,1284,59288,100
Harlequin King the Fairy KingD TierSSRStrengthFairy6,9404,19393,160
The Dragon Sin of Wrath Demon MeliodasD TierSSRStrengthDemon6,6414,46192,860
Collector Great Mage MerlinD TierSSRStrengthN/A6,5204,53289,700
Overpower Hunter SlaterD TierSSRSpeedHuman6,5604,18484,000
Roars of Dawn Captain SlaterD TierSRStrengthHuman5,9044,03275,340
Halloween Hunter SlaterD TierSSRStrengthHuman6,4004,12493,400
Confirmation Apprentice Holy Knight TwigoD TierRStrengthHuman5,6083,40086,320
The Seven Deadly Sins Holy Knight DianeD TierSSRHPGiant6,5024,92694,450
Sunny Vacation Noblesse EastinD TierSSRHPHuman6,6225,44492,470
Green Halloween EastinD TierSSRHPHuman7,9267,106101,910
Halloween Guardian ElaineD TierSSRSpeedFairy6,3014,57283,080
Stranger Things ElevenD TierSSRSpeedHuman7,0694,92691,970
A New Adventure Princess ElizabethD TierSSRSpeedGoddess6,3215,00686,380
Liones’s Hero Holy Knight GowtherE TierSSRSpeedN/A6,6424,83089,300
Sweet Temptation Druid JennaE TierSSRSpeedHuman6,8214,47084,660
New Legend Guardian JerichoE TierSSRSpeedHuman7,2884,41288,100
Doombringer Mage LilliaE TierSSRHPHuman6,6825,87886,750
Warrior of Justice Wanderer ThonarE TierSSRHPHuman6,9585,30291,465
Ale Collector Adventurer BanE TierSSRSpeedHuman5,6793,84687,470
Outlaw Brawler BanE TierSSRSpeedHuman6,5054,51587,208
Re: ZERO The Caretaker of the Forbidden Library BeatriceE TierSSRSpeedN/A6,1835,04893,765
Reverse Hawk & ElizabethE TierSSRSpeedGoddess6,2824,63286,480
Mobile Tavern Hawk & ElizabethE TierSRStrengthGoddess5,8864,09880,730
Liones Princess ElizabethE TierSSRHPGoddess6,2814,37091,580
Cadet Corps Eren YeagerE TierSRSpeedHuman6,5323,81680,890
Elite Demon Fraudrin of SelflessnessE TierSSRSpeedDemon6,4225,71585,670
Elite Demon Galland of TruthE TierSSRStrengthDemon3,780560.07,000
The Ten Commandments Galland of TruthE TierSSRSpeedDemon6,6614,74693,660
Knight of the Holy War Guardian GriamoreE TierSSRSpeedHuman2,7682,327320.0
Champion Ranger GriamoreE TierSRStrengthHuman5,4564,69285,950
Knighthood of Scraps Disposal Captain HawkE TierSSRHPN/A6,0865,04281,750
Ashen Desire Demon HendricksonE TierSSRHPDemon6,7134,99087,175
Roars of Dawn Holy Knight JillianE TierSRHPHuman5,4104,01491,670
Stranger Things Jim HopperE TierSSRStrengthHuman6,5305,22891,880
The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy KingE TierSSRSpeedFairy6,5404,19397,160
Forest Guardian King the Fairy KingE TierSSRHPFairy7,8603,83391,960
Advent of Destruction Lillia of DesireE TierSSRStrengthHuman6,8695,11784,480
Gift of Happiness Knight of Danafor LizE TierSSRSpeedGoddess6,9984,37387,700
KOF ’98 Shiranui MaiE TierSSRSpeedHuman6,9094,88988,270
Boom Boom Pow Holy Knight MarmasE TierRSpeedHuman5,1483,75680,330
Elite Demon Melascula of FaithE TierSSRStrengthDemon6,5005,14692,367
Knight of Wrath Demon MeliodasE TierSSRSpeedDemon6,6414,36588,860
Advent of Destruction Human Weapon MonoE TierSSRSpeedHuman7,1004,20289,690
Elite Demon Monspeet of ReticenceE TierSSRHPDemon6,7395,30288,060
Summer Sun Queen of Explosions RoxyE TierSSRSpeedHuman6,7384,68990,480
KOF ’98 Omega RugalE TierSSRHPHuman6,2605,05786,880
Gift of the White Snow Valenti of ObsessionE TierSSRStrengthHuman7,9267,176101,910
Sunny Vacation Weapon Researcher ValentiE TierSSRSpeedHuman6,4655,61984,850
Elite Demon Zeldris of PietyE TierSSRStrengthDemon6,8584,98994,888
Sweet Temptation Guardian ElaineE TierSSRStrengthFairy6,2214,21288,280
Executor of Darkness Guardian Deity CamilaE TierSSRStrengthN/A6,9875,12690,335
The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Holy Knight DeldryE TierSSRStrengthHuman5,8064,97281,540
The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Captain DenzelE TierSSRStrengthHuman6,3016,13879,100
Halloween Protective Heart DianeE TierSSRHPGiant6,8004,66390,970
Matrona Fighter DianeE TierSSRSpeedGiant6,3324,21390,450
The Serpent Sin of Envy Holy Knight DianeE TierSSRSpeedGiant6,6624,92690,450
The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Holy Knight ArdenE TierSRSpeedHuman5,3484,53380,100
King of Prophecies Adventurer ArthurE TierSRSpeedHuman5,8464,47477,520
Nunchaku Adventurer BanE TierSSRStrengthHuman6,8993,66688,670
The Fox Sin of Greed Adventurer BanE TierSSRHPHuman6,6594,20684,670
Undead Prisoner BanE TierSRStrengthHuman5,3073,33998,471
The Six Knights of Black Captain BellionE TierSSRSpeedDemon6,6205,06488,670
Kungfu Master Fighter DianeE TierSSRStrengthGiant6,2524,21386,450
Heart of the Land Mercenary DianeE TierSRStrengthGiant5,9074,59082,680
The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Holy Knight DogedoE TierSRStrengthHuman5,4674,52476,540
Omen of Chaos Grandmaster DreyfusF TierSRStrengthHuman5,9854,41078,200
Break Grandmaster DreyfusF TierSRHPHuman5,9054,41083,400
Fairy of Blessings Golden Wings ElaineF TierSSRStrengthFairy6,5495,10494,650
Fairy King’s Forest Guardian ElaineF TierSSRHPFairy6,7814,21283,080
New Legend Princess ElizabethF TierSSRStrengthFairy6,3614,73083,580
Mascot Hawk & ElizabethF TierSRHPFairy5,9664,27876,730
Titan Form Eren YeagerF TierSSRHPHuman/Giant6,3025,32591,460
The Ten Commandments Estarossa of LoveF TierSSRStrengthDemon7,0195,11689,860
The Ten Commandments Fraudrin of SelflessnessF TierSSRHPDemon6,2625,27185,670
Weird Fangs Holy Knight FreesiaF TierSRSpeedHuman5,0483,42691,120
Three Millennia of Memories Aide GerhardeF TierSSRHPFairy5,7445,47285,670
Knight of the Holy War Guardian GilthunderF TierSSRSpeedHuman5,8814,53994,996
Thunderbolt Guardian GilthunderF TierSSRStrengthHuman5,5414,755100,496
The Ten Commandments Gloxinia of ReposeF TierSSRHPFairy6,8204,95688,460
Elite Demon Gloxinia of ReposeF TierSSRStrengthFairy6,7404,68092,460
Weird Fangs GolgiusF TierRSpeedHuman5,3303,55686,220
Wanted Man Young Villager GowtheF TierSRHPN/A5,6643,79680,940
Iron-wall Knight Guardian GriamoreF TierSSRHPHuman5,1584,849101,590
Adventurer Ranger GriamoreF TierSRSpeedHuman4,9764,60889,950
Halloween Guardian GuilaF TierSSRHPHuman6,3603,61689,720
Knight of Ice Holy Knight GustavF TierSRHPHuman5,5483,45986,280
New Tavern Captain HawkF TierSSRStrengthN/A5,9264,85079,850
Awesome Party Oslo & HawkF TierSSRSpeedN/A6,4385,15296,765
One-eyed Despot Cardinal HelbramF TierSSRSpeedFairy6,3603,81680,550
Royalty Fairy HelbramF TierSSRSpeedFairy6,7603,36087,350
Reincarnation of Revenge HelbramF TierSSRStrengthFairy6,3603,72079,350
Melt Grandmaster HendricksonF TierSSRSpeedHuman6,0264,54498,010
Omen of Chaos Druid HendricksonF TierSRHPHuman5,3304,29689,660
Knight of the Holy War Holy Knight HowzerF TierSSRSpeedHuman6,3474,63393,110
Liones Royalty Ranger HowzerF TierSRHPHuman4,9304,48891,470
Tempest Holy Knight HowzerF TierSSRStrengthHuman5,6674,36993,810
Star of the Kingdom Ranger HowzerF TierSRSpeedHuman5,5704,57287,470
Roars of Dawn Holy Knight HugoF TierRHPHuman5,2902,96481,300
The Seven Deadly Sins Old Fart KingF TierSSRSpeedFairy6,1925,28295,440
Weird Fangs Holy Knight JudeF TierRStrengthHuman5,6883,24081,720
New Generation Holy Knight JerichoF TierSRSpeedHuman6,1223,88267,420
Adventurer Holy Knight JerichoF TierSRStrengthHuman6,4023,69067,420
Knight of Frost Guardian JerichoF TierSSRStrengthHuman6,8884,49688,100
KOF ’98 Iori YagamiF TierSSRHPHuman6,8784,82890,175
Protector of Dolls Old Fart KingF TierSSRHPFairy6,5925,00695,440
Disaster Old Fart KingF TierSSRStrengthFairy6,3525,00696,640
Greatest Soldier LeviF TierSSRStrengthHuman6,5204,86992,565
Fang of the Land Mercenary MatronaF TierSSRSpeedGiant5,9354,81693,955
The Ten Commandments Melascula of FaithF TierSSRSpeedDemon540.0430.05,800
New Legend Demon MeliodasF TierSSRHPDemon6,5614,46192,860
Ragnarok Truth Seeker MerlinF TierSSRHPN/A6,8084,91091,580
Infinity Great Mage MerlinF TierSSRSpeedN/A6,9204,80888,500
Halloween Captain MeliodasF TierSSRStrengthDemon6,2824,29286,480
Boar Hat Tavern Master MeliodasF TierSRSpeedDemon6,0664,25480,720
The Seven Deadly Sins Captain MeliodasF TierSSRHPDemon6,4424,01691,680
Tomorrow’s Champion Captain MeliodasF TierSSRSpeedDemon5,9664,31085,020
Greatest Soldier Mikasa AckermannF TierSSRSpeedHuman6,5425,42383,480
Mad Destroyer Queen of Explosions RoxyF TierSSRStrengthHuman7,0584,41387,680
Roars of Dawn Holy Knight WeinheidtF TierSRSpeedHuman5,9243,60679,940
Stranger Things Will ByersF TierSSRHPHuman6,6294,84392,080
Weird Fangs Holy Knight RuinF TierRHPHuman4,9414,49479,700
Stranger Things Mike WheelerF TierSSRStrengthHuman6,1205,31291,985
Shepherd of Death Human Weapon MonoF TierSSRStrengthHuman6,8604,65877,690
Roars of Dawn Holy Knight SimonF TierRStrengthHuman5,5513,04573,520
The Ten Commandments Zeldris of PietyF TierSSRSpeedDemon6,7785,34990,888
Vaizel Fight Festival Champion TaizooF TierRStrengthHuman4,7943,90085,760
The Ten Commandments Monspeet of ReticenceF TierSSRStrengthDemon6,4195,75886,860
Ruler of Monsters RimuruF TierSSRSpeedN/A5,2804,56978,860
Reincarnation of Obession Mage VivianF TierSRStrengthHuman5,7503,45671,350
The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Holy Knight WailloF TierSRSpeedHuman5,4874,76776,090

How Tier List Works

S Tier


In S Tier, the characters are undoubtedly the best ones you can find in the game. The characters we have listed in the S Tier of the tier list are the easiest to use, but to make them stronger, you will have to build them with the resources. That being said, you might not obtain these characters with ease, so it’s alright to use some from the lower tiers till you get the desired characters. 

A Tier


The S-Tier characters are indeed the strongest, but the A-Tier ones are not that far away. These characters are just a little bit weaker than the S Tier characters. Some characters in the A Tier of our Tier List are as strong as those in the S Tier, but they might be a little difficult to use. Still, players can build these characters as they are also enough to clear the game’s content.   

B Tier


B Tier characters are not the strongest, but they are also not the weakest. It now all depends on the players if they want to use these characters or not, as they aren’t bad or good. B Tier characters are the best for early phases, so you can build them for starters and eventually replace them with a higher-tier character, as this is the ideal approach.

C Tier


The characters in the C Tier of this Tier List are not great, but they are not that bad. These characters are also just used for the early phases of the game. Some players might use one or two characters from C Tier in the middle phases of the game, but it is ideal to replace them with someone from the higher tier. That being said, these characters are totally usable but not worth the investment.

D Tier


The characters in D Tier are more on the worst side. Not many players use characters from this tier as they are not much help in the game. Some characters from the D tier might help you with the early phases, but that’s it. Wasting resources on these characters is not a great idea.

E Tier


Characters listed in the E-tier of the tier list are almost the worst characters in the game. These characters are pretty much useless and might not even help you at all. Investing in these characters won’t be worth it as the resources are limited. Still, players can use one or two characters from this tier in early phases without investing too much.

F Tier


F Tier characters ranked in the tier list are the worst characters in the game. They are pretty much useless and not even worth talking about. So, we recommend staying away from them.

7DS Tier List Ranking Criteria

The characters in our tier list are ranked purely on the basis of their abilities, gameplay, and difficulty. The rarity and attributes don’t really matter that much while ranking, but they do play an important role in the game. The attributes were defined with only colors, so some players might not get them but don’t worry. We will explain their meaning right away.

  • Red: Strenght
  • Yellow: Light
  • Blue: Speed
  • Green: HP
  • Purple: Darkness

There might be some personal preference added to the tier list, but the characters are ranked based on their worth in the game. So, this tier list will help those who were having a hard selecting the characters and clearing the game.

Changes Due To Patch Notes

Last Update: 6/12

Here are all the changes that were added to 7DS in its recent patch update:

  • New heroes added
    • [Future of Liones] Prince Tristan, comes with an attack card that deals 200% of the attack as damage, and on rank two it removes stances. Tristan’s second card, the buff card removes debuff and on rank 2 it applies an “Solidify” effect on allies.
    • [Will of the Holy Sword] Excalibur Arthur has an attack card which deals damage starting from 120% and he also removes enemies ultimate move orbs. His second card is a stance card which taunts enemies and applies debuff immunity.

Summing It Up

That is almost everything a player would want to know about the best characters in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. In the 7ds tier list, we ranked all the characters from the S-F tiers.

But this doesn’t mean players can’t choose characters based on their preferences. But it is ideal to choose characters S-B Tiers as they are the best ones. Moreover, players can follow this subreddit to share their progress in the game, talk to the community, and much more.

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