Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List [Ranked After Testing]

We rate every piece of exotic armor in our Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List to help players find the best Armor.

Exotic armors are very uncommon and potent pieces of armor that may be acquired through decrypting Exotic Engrams that are located across the globe as task rewards or by buying them from merchants. We rate every piece of exotic armor in our Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List according to its usability and effectiveness.

Key Highlights
  • Known for its dynamic list of playable characters, Destiny 2 has an equally worthy Exotic Armor collection that houses more than 35 options.
  • While on-field effectiveness and usability remained our key criterion for ranking Destiny 2 Exotic Armor, stats, synergy potential with other Exotic Gear and characters, and trade with merchants were also considered. 
  • Exotic Armor that fulfilled all criteria with excellence and is recommended for optimum Destiny 2 performance include Raiden Flux, Shards of Galanor, Renewal Grasps, Aeon Swift, and Celestial Nighthawk
  • Options that performed the opposite and therefore warn our and most Destiny 2 fans’ disinterest include The Sixth Coyote, Oathkeeper, and Graviton Forfeit. Because of subpar capability and minimal defensive characteristics, you will not be able to contest decently with these.

Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List 

Tiers Exotic Armors 
S-Tier Raiden Flux, Renewal Grasps, Shards of Galanor, Aeon Swift, Celestial Nighthawk, Orpheus Rig, Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk, Omnioculus, and The Dragon’s Shadow
A-Tier Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, Mask of Bakris, St0mp-EE5, Assassin’s Cowl, Foetracer, Lucky Raspberry, Caliban’s Hand, Athrys’s Embrace, Khepri’s Sting, Liar’s Handshake, Fr0st-EE5, Gwisin Vest, and Ophidia Spathe
B-Tier Blight Ranger, Wormhusk Crown, Raiju’s Harness, Knucklehead Radar, Gemini Jester, The Bombardiers, Lucky Pants, Shinobu’s Vow, Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves, Young Ahamkara’s Spine Radiant Dance Machines, and Star-Eater Scales
C-Tier The Sixth Coyote, Oathkeeper, and Graviton Forfeit

Five legendary shards can be obtained by disassembling exotic armor. Xur, an agent of the nine, was a dealer in earlier Destiny games who offered unique goods for strange coins: Legendary shards are now the unit of exchange for purchasing exotic gear (23 for armor).

Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List Criteria

In this tier list, every Exotic Armor from Destiny 2 is included. You may use it to decide which armor is most beneficial—the Exotic Armor Tier List for Destiny 2 rates the usability and perks of each piece of armor.

The four categories listed below comprise the Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List:

  • S-Tier: The best armor in the game right now, with the most benefits.
  • A-Tier: Outstanding and superior armor that is always beneficial to you.
  • B-Tier: Stable armor that balances your loadout.
  • C-Tier: Exotic armor from Destiny 2 to avoid using.

Comparison Between All Armors

Here are the complete details of all exotic armors in Destiny 2: 

Armor nameTierMobilityDisciplineResilienceRecoveryIntellectStrength
Celestial NighthawkS10.
Aeon SwiftS11.
Shards of GalanorS20.
Renewal GraspsS6.
Raiden FluxS10.
The Dragon’s ShadowS13.
Gyrfalcon’s HauberkS6.
Orpheus RigS12.
Assassin’s CowlA16.
Mask of BakrisA6.
Sealed Ahamkara GraspsA20.
Liar’s HandshakeA12.
Khepri’s StingA7.
Athrys’s EmbraceA6.
Caliban’s HandA6.
Lucky RaspberryA14.
Ophidia SpatheA12.
Gwisin VestA10.
Gemini JesterB35.
Knucklehead RadarB10.
Raiju’s HarnessB6.
Wormhusk CrownB10.
Blight RangerB6.
Young Ahamkara’s SpineB10.
Mechaneer’s TricksleevesB30.
Shinobu’s VowB11.
Lucky PantsB7.
The BombardiersB6.
Star-Eater ScalesB6.
Radiant Dance MachinesB6.
Graviton ForfeitC10.
The Sixth CoyoteC10.


Destiny 2 Exotic Armor S-Tier

The highest defensive capabilities in the game are found in the S-Tier on the Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List.

Celestial Nighthawk Renowned for its ability to one-shot kill many bosses, Celestial Nighthawk excels in decimating adversaries, especially yellow bars in Lost Sectors and bosses in playlist strikes and lower-level Nightfalls. However, it’s not suitable for Crucible encounters.
Aeon Swift A versatile choice, particularly beneficial with the rewards modifications, Aeon Swift shines when allies are Aeon Cult members, offering significant advantages to the entire fireteam.
Shards of Galanor Shards of Galanor may not fully replenish your Super, but they ensure you’re on the brink of getting another one, particularly after defeating numerous opponents or a sizable boss.
Renewal Grasps With the right Stasis build, Hunters can adopt a supportive role using Renewal Grasps, transforming their gameplay dynamics significantly.
Raiden Flux This exotic enables Hunters to eliminate entire rooms of foes with the Arc Staff Super without running out of energy, making it invaluable in various scenarios, such as clearing out enemies in raids or challenging missions like the Whisper mission.
The Dragon’s Shadow Highly effective in PvP scenarios, The Dragon’s Shadow provides numerous benefits, including Enhanced Reload, Snapshot Sights, and Quickdraw, along with a Mobility boost and weapon reloads. It grants Hunters increased Dodge frequency at 100% Mobility, with bonuses lasting ten seconds.
Omnioculus Omnioculus facilitates stealthy maneuvers, allowing Hunters to revive fallen comrades swiftly and retreat unnoticed, making it an excellent choice for end-game activities where tactical gameplay is crucial.
Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Offering significant damage boosts and an over shield that can be activated as needed, Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk provides both offensive and defensive advantages to Hunters in various combat scenarios.
Orpheus Rig Orpheus Rig accelerates the recharge rate of Hunter Supers based on the number of enemies tethered with Shadowshot, ensuring frequent Super activations. Despite a reduced effectiveness over time, they still provide a substantial portion of the Super energy, making them invaluable for clearing waves in raids and other challenging encounters.


Destiny 2 Exotic Armor A-Tier

Exotic armors from Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List A-Tier are excellent options because they are stronger than other armors.

Foetracer Foetracer is highly effective in Competitive Crucible, offering a slight damage boost against low-health targets, which can be crucial in close matches.
Assassin’s Cowl Hunters can make great use of Assassin’s Cowl for quick escapes and healing with well-timed finishers, particularly useful in challenging situations.
St0mp-EE5 St0mp-EE5 provides situational advantages with increased height for safer jumps and potential for confusion in Trials scenarios, offering strategic benefits for skilled players.
Mask of Bakris Mask of Bakris enhances a Hunter’s damage output, particularly when combined with arc weapons like Anarchy, and offers the additional advantage of invisibility during shifts, providing tactical versatility in combat situations.
Sealed Ahamkara Grasps Sealed Ahamkara Grasps are potent for close-range combat in Crucible, allowing continuous battling without needing to change positions after a successful strike, offering valuable flexibility despite being slightly less potent than in the original Destiny.
Liar’s Handshake Liar’s Handshake allows Hunters to swiftly end fights in PvP with one-hit kills after counterattacking, particularly effective for those who favor the Arcstrider subclass and enjoy close-quarters combat.
Khepri’s Sting Khepri’s Sting offers the ability to detonate Smoke Bombs on melee strikes, providing advantages in close-quarters combat scenarios, although not as impressive as its original counterpart from Destiny.
Athrys’s Embrace Athrys’s Embrace provides an alternative option for individuals who prefer not to rely on weapon-specific Champion customizations, stunning enemies with thrown knives, offering versatility even when other exotic choices may seem more appealing.
Caliban’s Hand Caliban’s Hand offers intriguing possibilities for Gunslinger Solar 3.0 improvements, although it may not be the best exotic option for those who don’t frequently use Proximity Knife in PvE or PvP situations.
Lucky Raspberry Lucky Raspberry can be valuable in specific PvE situations, particularly for skilled players who can chain kills in Crucible and consistently utilize additional grenades to secure kills effectively.
Ophidia Spathe Ophidia Spathe is enticing for its ability to provide two throwing knives, particularly valuable in Crucible where knives can result in one-hit kills, offering enhanced damage potential for skilled players.
Gwisin Vest Gwisin Vest remains a formidable choice, allowing extended Super duration in PvE and consistent annoyance to enemy teams in Crucible by frequently engaging with Spectral Blades, offering both strategic advantages and annoyance factor.
Fr0st-EE5 Fr0st-EE5 enhances hunter speed, making it excellent for both PvE and Crucible scenarios where mobility is crucial, particularly suitable for players focused on ability building and interested in maximizing their movement capabilities.



The B-Tier of the Armor Tier List has some of the greatest armor pieces, although they have certain limitations.

Gemini Jester Excels in Crucible combat, particularly with Arcstrider subclass and Way of the Wind perk tree, disorienting opponents by removing their radar. Limited utility outside of PvP engagements.
Knucklehead Radar Offers marginal benefits with Enhanced Sensor Pack but falls short compared to superior exotic options in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Recommended to store in vault rather than use in combat encounters.
Raiju’s Harness Conceptually intriguing but fails to deliver significant advantages, leaving players without a Super for a set period upon early deactivation. Less desirable compared to other exotics in most Destiny 2 activities.
Wormhusk Crown Provides instant healing and protection, valuable for survivability and tactical retreats in Crucible engagements. While not the best choice, its immediate health regeneration may suit certain playstyles.
Blight Ranger Offers enhanced damage, but effectiveness may be overstated, leading players to consider more reliable alternatives such as Renewal Grasps. May not be optimal for maximizing player performance in Destiny 2 activities.
Young Ahamkara’s Spine Offers situational benefits but may not provide significant advantages compared to other exotic options for Hunters. While not inherently bad, there are generally better choices available for optimizing player performance.
Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves Provides utility for sidearm enthusiasts in Crucible matches, enhancing damage output with specific upgrades and weapon choices. Effectiveness depends on ideal settings and playstyles, making it less versatile compared to other exotic options.
Shinobu’s Vow Grants an additional grenade but may not significantly impact gameplay compared to superior exotic options. Situational benefits may find use in specific scenarios, but generally, there are better choices for optimizing player performance.
Lucky Pants Improves Hand Cannon performance by gradually filling stored Hand Cannons with accurate hits. Benefits specific weapon types but effectiveness varies depending on player preferences and loadouts.
The Bombardiers Enhances player lethality in PvE and PvP engagements, aiding in clearing enemy troops efficiently. While not the most potent exotic, its situational benefits may suit certain scenarios and playstyles.
Star-Eater Scales Provides a significant damage boost from Super activation and allows the use of Orbs even when fully charged. Effective in combat situations but may not match the effectiveness of other exotic options.
Radiant Dance Machines Increases mobility for players who frequently dodge, ideal for agile playstyles. While beneficial in certain situations, its effectiveness may not be as significant compared to other exotic options. May not be optimal for enhancing performance in all combat encounters.



These armor parts are ranked lower on the Exotic Armor Tier List due to their limited capability and subpar defensive characteristics.

Graviton Forfeit Offers invisibility, but its limited utility and lack of significant advantages make it less desirable compared to other exotics. Not a top choice for optimizing player performance in Destiny 2 activities.
Oathkeeper Lacks effectiveness due to its limited utility and vulnerability in combat situations. Generally considered subpar and not recommended for use in most scenarios in Destiny 2.
The Sixth Coyote While offering a second dodge, its overall impact on gameplay may not be as significant as expected. Finds limited use in the meta and may not be the best choice for enhancing player performance.

Best Destiny 2 Exotic Armor

Exotics are essential to making Hunters strong since they provide advantages like ability restoration and a potent follow-up punch attack. Here are the top exotic armors in Destiny 2 for Guardians seeking an advantage over both Traveler and Guardian foes.

  1. Mask of Bakris:
    • Grants a short-range teleportation ability called Shift, which cloaks you while active.
    • Provides a 10% damage increase to arc weapons after shifting, lasting for ten seconds.
    • Deals 10% greater damage to enemies who are slowed.
    • High reward-to-risk ratio, especially effective in PvP scenarios.
  2. Aeon Swift:
    • Class-neutral Exotic gloves that provide energy for each ally death, applicable to any dodge.
    • Enables maintaining Radiant boost for extended periods, enhancing abilities like Ace of Spades.
    • Useful for repeatedly using dodge capability in 6v6 scenarios.
  3. Assassin’s Cowl:
    • Grants nine seconds of invisibility and partial healing after defeating an enemy with a melee attack.
    • Finishers and boss kills extend invisibility duration to 15 seconds and augment healing.
    • Effective for aggressive playstyles, particularly with Top Tree Arcstrider and Revenant subclasses.
  4. Omnioculus:
    • Provides immediate melee energy, allowing Gambler’s Dodge downgrade avoidance.
    • Enables turning two allies invisible easily, spamming Smoke Bombs to increase damage resistance.
    • Effective in both PvE and PvP, offering radar invisibility and damage resistance increase.
  5. St0mp-EE5:
    • Improves mobility by enhancing jumps, sprint, and slide speeds.
    • Decreases Airborne Effectiveness of all weapons by -50.
    • Enables swift traversal of maps, ideal for evading threats and covering ground quickly.

Changes Due To Recent Updates

Last Updated: Version

Here are all the relevant update changes that are relevant to the armor in Destiny 2. 

Armor Changes:

  • Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk: The reserve over shield now activates when a player uses Ensnaring Slam.
  • Khepri’s Horn: Fixed an issue where it could disable non-enemy objects.
  • Vesper of Radius: Fixed an issue where its effects were triggering actions other than casting a rift.
  • Point-Contact Cannon Brace: Fixed an issue where it would create lightning strikes on melee attacks other than Thunderclap.
  • Arbor Warden: Fixed an issue where being frozen would disable its Exotic perk and cause issues with the Juggernaut aspect’s interaction with class ability energy.
  • Sunbracers: Fixed an issue where they were not improving Solar grenades as intended.
  • Helm of Saint-14: Fixed an issue where it was not providing any effects.
  • Verity’s Brow: Fixed an issue where it was not functioning in PvP.
  • No Backup Plans: Fixed an issue where it was buffing non-Shotgun damage in certain situations.
  • Athrys’s Embrace: Fixed an issue where the buff icon was not appearing in the HUD in PvP.
  • Amped Up and Electric Armor: Fixed an issue where the names of these artifact perks were switched.

Tier List Criteria

For this Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List, every exotic armor from Destiny 2 has undergone testing. Despite their might, certain armors are hard to come by. The potential and impacts of armor should work together to increase its use with minimal additional effort.

To make sure you are properly educated on the top Destiny 2 Exotic Armors that are accessible in our Tier List, we at eXputer pushed the envelope and went above and beyond. As they are the strongest and will provide you with the greatest benefits, you should stick with the S-A Tiers. It’s entirely up to you to select which Armor to use, though.

Our video game enthusiasts researched which Destiny 2 Exotic Armor is the finest right now to provide you with the most accurate and exact information.

Because tier lists are inherently arbitrary, your choices on the armor may or may not match our assessment of the Destiny 2 Exotic Armor. Do you view Exotic Armor in a different way than we do? If so, feel free to share your opinions on the Exotic Armor in the comments section below.


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