Destiny 2 Vexcalibur Node: How To Unlock & Finish

Uncover the Secrets of the Vexcalibur Node and defeat Brakion in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 is well-known for its covert missions and quests, and the Vexcalibur Node is no exception. This secret mission is not obtained from any vendor or activity, making it an exciting challenge for players to discover. To start the Vexcalibur quest, players must locate six floating Vex cubes scattered across The Gulch area in the EDZ. Once all six cubes have been collected, players can enter a hidden cave to start the //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// Exotic mission.

Key Takeaways
  • The Vexcalibur Node may be reached through a secret passage on the Tangled Shore, and player interaction kickstarts the Vexcalibur quest.
  • The Vex Network is a collection of platforms where you must complete various tasks to complete the Vexcalibur objective.
  • Brakion, the Genesis Mind, is the mission’s last boss, and his shield may be destroyed by firing the luminous orbs that erupt intermittently on his body.
  • The whole fire team may be wiped out in a matter of seconds by Brakion’s last onslaught; therefore, players should keep moving and hide under cover at all times.
  • Loot and Catalysts, which can be used to upgrade equipment and skills, are awarded to players who complete the Vexcalibur mission.
  • Before beginning the quest, you would need a Power level of 1800 or higher and stock up on ammunition like heavy ammo and supplies.
  • The odds of succeeding in the Vexcalibur mission may be considerably increased by bringing a varied loadout and using the surroundings to your advantage.
IMPORTANT: Players must go into it with a full-fire team of three players to have chances of completing Vexcalibur Node in Destiny 2.

Vexcalibur Node Secret Mission

Secret Mission Vexcalibur Node in Destiny 2
The Gulch

Whether you’re a veteran Guardian or a newbie player, this guide covers the history and lore of the Vexcalibur mission, providing a deep understanding of the story behind the quest.

It also includes stage-by-stage walkthroughs to help you progress through the mission and helpful hints for surviving the challenges you’ll encounter along the way. Prepare yourself Guardian for the Destiny 2 Secret Mission Vexcalibur Node, a journey into the Vex network searching for the Vexcalibur.

Secret Mission Vexcalibur Node in Destiny 2

Completing this mission gets you the Vexcalibur weapon crafted at the war table in The Helm. This guide will provide the necessary information to successfully complete the Vexcalibur Node Secret Mission in Destiny 2.

Lore And Background Of The Secret Mission

Will you take the plunge and discover what lies underneath the Vexcalibur task in Destiny 2? Let’s stop for a while and learn about the history of this thrilling journey. First, it’s important to know that Vexcalibur is a hidden task introduced to Destiny 2 with the Season of the Lost content patch. Via the Vex network, you may access this task for a limited period; thus, you should do it immediately.

  1. With the help of Vexcalibur, the Guardians must infiltrate a Vex stronghold and fight Brakion, the Genesis Mind, a formidable Vex boss and a major danger to the galaxy. Why is the Vex creating problems, and what is Brakion’s significance?
  2. Legend has it that the Vex have been tinkering with space and time to discover a means to wipe out the Guardians and any other obstacles standing in their path. Particularly important to foiling these plots is Brakion.

You now know the history and legends of the Vexcalibur expedition. So now is the time to get kitted up, enter the Vex network, and destroy Brakion.

Starting The Quest

Here is how you begin your search for Vexcalibur:

  1. You need to go in the Jetsam of Saturn region of the Tangled Shore.
  2. Find a little structure with a fan on the top and a door on the side.
  3. Pass through it and continue down the hall until you reach the chamber with the massive fan.
  4. Find the secret switch and flip it to open up another option.
  5. After the switch is flipped, a new doorway revealing the Vexcalibur node opens up.
Secret Mission Vexcalibur Node in Destiny 2
Vex Cube
  1. To start the Vexcalibur Quest in the EDZ, players must find six floating Vex cubes scattered throughout The Gulch area.
  2. Interacting with each cube will provide a Simulated Access Code that must be obtained within a 30-second time frame.
  3. After collecting all six codes, a hidden cave in The Gulch will be revealed, which contains the //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// Exotic mission. The quest can be completed with two additional players and is not timed.

Entering The Vex Network

Secret Mission Vexcalibur Node in Destiny 2
The Node

Let’s get set to enter the Vex network, guardians! Using the terminal in the Cave of the Vex is the first step toward completing the Vexcalibur task.

  • A doorway will open once you reach a certain point in the mission.
  • You will be on a succession of shaky platforms for your space adventure.
  • It would be best to move quickly, as the platforms will collapse beneath you.
  • Be prepared to fight off any opponents you encounter during your adventure.
  • Look for a red gateway leading you to the next part of the mission.
  • The last part of the mission will have a boss waiting for you.
  • Ensure to bring plenty of ammunition and supplies before entering the last portal, as there will be no way out
  • once the final fight begins.

Tips And Tricks For Vexcalibur Secret Mission

Here are some tips and tricks for the Destiny 2 Secret Mission, Vexcalibur Node:

  • Bring a Fireteam: This mission can be very challenging to complete solo.
  • Bringing a fire team will make handling the hordes of enemies easier.
  • Use the Right Weapons: Vex enemies are weak against Arc damage weapons.
  • Be sure to bring weapons that deal Arc damage to do quick work of the Vex.
  • Take Your Time: Rushing through the mission can lead to mistakes and unnecessary deaths.
  • Take your time and be patient when navigating the Vex network.
  • Watch Your Step: The Vex network has traps and hazards that can quickly end your run.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and watch out for deadly obstacles.
  • Stay Mobile: The Vex can quickly overwhelm you if you stay in one spot for too long.
  • Keep moving and stay agile to avoid getting surrounded.
  • Use Cover: The Vex is deadly accurate and can take you down quickly if you’re out in the open.
  • Protecting yourself by taking cover and taking out enemies from a safe distance can yield better chances of success for survival.

Defeating Brakion

Secret Mission Vexcalibur Node in Destiny 2

The ultimate goal of the Vexcalibur quest is to defeat Brakion, and doing so will need some strategic thought and coordination. You’ll need every trick in the book to take down Brakion, the game’s most difficult boss. To survive Brakion’s torrent of strikes, you must remain on the move and duck under cover.

  • Aim for the boss’s critical spot in the middle of his chest to start the battle.
  • Sniper and scout rifles are ideal for dealing damage from a safe distance.
  • Move around the arena to avoid Brakion’s random teleports.
  • Brakion will spawn waves of Vex enemies throughout the battle.
  • Swiftly eliminate these foes to prevent being overwhelmed.
  • Assign one player to Brakion while others deal with the additional enemies.
  • Brakion has a shield that must be taken down before dealing significant damage.
  • The shield can be removed by shooting the glowing orbs that periodically appear on his body.
  • Prioritize taking out these orbs as soon as they appear
  • Be prepared for Brakion’s final attack, which is a massive blast of energy that can quickly wipe out your entire fireteam
  • Keep moving and stay behind cover to avoid this attack
  • With careful planning and coordination, Brakion can be defeated, and the Vexcalibur quest completed
  • Completing the quest earns valuable rewards 

Unlocking Crafting Options And Catalysts For Vexcalibur

Players may make their own Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion gun after they have completed the Vexcalibur task. You’ll need a Vex Mythoclast Catalyst, which can be earned by finishing the Master difficulty of the Vex Offensive or completing the weekly tasks in the Vault of Glass raid.

  • Players must accomplish tasks to use the Vex Mythoclast catalyst to its full potential.
  • This includes eliminating foes and fulfilling missions throughout the solar system, such as strikes and Crucible battles.
  • Players may craft a Vex Mythoclast from in-game components when the catalyst is fully unlocked.
  • Completing the Presage mission on Master difficulty grants access to a special accessory for the Vex Mythoclast.
  • The weapon can be decorated with this ornament using the in-game editor.
  • Unlocking Vexcalibur’s crafting choices and catalysts adds complexity to the game’s endgame content.
  • It also gives players access to a powerful and distinct weapon.

Rewards For Completing Vexcalibur Secret Mission

In addition to the satisfaction of completing the hidden Vexcalibur assignment, there are other benefits. Unlocking the Vex Mythoclast, an exotic fusion rifle that can deliver immense damage to foes, is a major prize. As a player completes a quest, they get access to various legendary weapons and armor.

In addition, there are many victories that a player may unlock and post on their accounts to brag about their accomplishments. Towards the end, players may also collect enhancement cores, prisms, and ascendant shards, all used to improve their weapons and armor.


Destiny 2’s Vexcalibur undercover assignment is a difficult and exhilarating challenge that provides players with a one-of-a-kind and gratifying experience. It’s a challenge that’ll test your coordination, strategy, and talent, but the satisfaction of accomplishing it is well worth the effort.

Further motivation to complete this mission comes from various prizes, including rare weapons, armor, and catalysts. You may put your skills as a Guardian to the test and discover new parts of the game by accepting the Vexcalibur mission.


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