Destiny 2: Vesper Of Radius [How To Get & Best Builds]

Destiny 2 Vesper of Radius is an excellent choice for Warlock exotic armor, that offers great build potential in PvP and PvE activities.

Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 is a Warlock chest piece, exotic armor, that has seen its fair share of ups and downs throughout the history of Destiny 2. Despite all the times it was nerfed and disabled, it still performs exceptionally well and manages to impress the player base. Vesper of Radius is best paired with the Arc sub-and Stasis classes on Warlock and can be used to create several exciting builds. Recently in the Season 21 of Lightfall expansion Vesper of Radius has also received a massive buff.

Important: It is crucial that you use Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 with the Arc and Stasis sub-classes only because it will not work as effectively with other sub-classes.
Key Takeaways
  • Vesper of Radius is an exotic Warlock chest piece from the Curse of Osiris expansion.
  • Pair it with Fragments and Aspects for Arc and Stasis subclasses to create endgame builds.
  • Acquire from Xur on weekends or as a random world drop.
  • Rift ability recharges faster when enemies are nearby.
  • Casting a rift with Vesper of Radius deals damage to nearby enemies within a 7.5-meter radius.
  • After casting, deals periodic damage every 5 seconds to nearby enemies.
  • Blinding Fragment on Arc subclass blinds nearby enemies when using Vesper of Radius.
  • With Stasis subclass, casting a rift freezes nearby enemies

How To Get Vesper Of Radius In Destiny 2

main pic for vesper of radius
Vesper of Radius (Image Captured By Us).

Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 is one of those exotic armors that are easily obtainable. Essentially there are three ways you can acquire Vesper of Radius.

  1. The first method to acquire Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 is to simply buy it from Xur, the exotic weapons and armor vendor.
    • Xur arrives every week on Friday daily reset with a choice of an Exotic weapon and exotic armor for each of the three classes.
    • If you are lucky Xur will have it available in his inventory and you can buy it for twenty-three legendary shards.
  2. Furthermore, you can also buy an Exotic Engram which costs ninety-seven legendary shards.
    • This will reward you with an exotic weapon or armor that you previously did not have in your collection.
    • It also increases your chance of acquiring Vesper of Radius.
  3. Another way to acquire Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 is to play the game and it will eventually drop from a playlist and seasonal activities as a world drop or from the reward chest towards the end of the activity.

The Best Vesper Of Radius Builds In Destiny 2

With the recent buff that the exotic chest piece Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 has received. You are open to making several builds with the Arc and Stasis sub-class. This guide will mention the main builds for the two aforementioned sub-classes. However, you must have all the Aspects and Fragments unlocked to create these unique builds.

Arc Build

The arc Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 build makes use of a rift that blinds nearby enemies and deals damage to them every 5 seconds. Furthermore, if you have the Aspect that gives you Arc Soul, it will also deal increased damage to nearby enemies. This build is great for enemies like Majors and Champions.

Important: Before you proceed with this build, it is important to note that you must unlock the Aspect and Fragments of the arc sub-class. These can be bought from Ikora Rey in the Tower for 25000 Glimmer each.
Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 Build Arc Subclass
Vesper of Radius Arc Build. (Image Captured By eXputer)

Class Abilities

  • Super: Chaos Reach
  • Rift: Healing Rift
  • Jump/Glide: Burst Glide
  • Stasis Grenade Ability: Storm Grenade
  • Stasis Melee Ability: Ball Lightning


  • Arc Soul: Cast your rift to cast an Arc Soul that fires at enemy targets in front of you. Allies can pass through your rift to get an arc soul. When amplified your Arc Souls are supercharged and gain an increased fire rate.
  • Electrostatic Mind: Defeating targets with arc abilities or defeating jolted or blinded targets creates an Ionic Trace. Collecting Ionic Trace makes you Amplified.


  • Spark of Resistance: While surrounded by combatants, you are more resistant to incoming damage.
  • Spark of Discharge: Arc weapon final blows have a chance to create an Ionic Trace.
  • Spark of Ions: Defeating a jolted target creates an Ionic Trace.
  • Spark of Shock: Your arc grenade jolts targets.

How To Use

The Arc build works by making efficient use of your Arc sub-class abilities. The Aspect and Fragments will allow you to regenerate your Grenade and Melee ability. You can equip Charged With Light mods to further reduce ability cooldowns.

Here are the steps you can follow to correctly use this build:

  1. Place your rift near PvE enemies to blind enemies. This will also give you a supercharged Arc Soul.
  2. Throw your grenades at the blinded enemies. Defeating enemies with a grenade will Jolt the targets.
  3. Defeating Jolted or blinded enemies will make your Arc Soul stronger and fire at a faster rate.
  4. Enemies defeated by the Arc Soul will return grenades and rift energy.

If you keep repeating this process you will have Arc Soul active at all times. Your grenade and melee ability will be regenerating at an exceptionally fast rate.

Furthermore, you can pair the Centrifuse exotic weapon to make this Arc Vesper of Radius build even better. You can also use legendary weapons such as blinding grenade launchers to constantly blind enemies, which is very useful in endgame PvE content.

Stasis Build

This Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 build utilizes the stasis sub-class to its maximum potential, making it a good choice for endgame content and playlist activities.

Important: Before you proceed with this build, it is important to note that you must unlock the Aspect and Fragments of the stasis sub-class by doing quests from Exo Strange on Europa.
Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 Build Stasis Subclass
Vesper of Radius Stasis Build. (Screenshot By eXputer)

Class Abilities

  • Super: Winters Wrath
  • Rift: Healing Rift
  • Jump/Glide: Burst Glide
  • Stasis Grenade Ability: Coldsnap Grenade
  • Stasis Melee Ability: Penumbra Blast


  • Iceflare Bolts: Shattering a frozen target spawns seekers that track and freeze other nearby targets.
  • Frostpulse: Casting your rift generates a shockwave that freezes nearby combatants.


  • Whisper of Fissures: Increase the damage of the stasis crystal when you destroy it or defeat a frozen target.
  • Whisper of Shards: Shattering a stasis crystal temporarily boosts your grenade recharge rate.
  • Whisper of Refraction: Defeating slowed or frozen targets grants you class ability energy.
  • Whisper of Bonds: Defeating frozen targets with weapons grants you super energy.

How To Use

The Stasis build works very similarly to the Arc build. This build works by optimizing your ability regeneration and giving you maximum ability uptime. Ideally, you want to equip Heavy Handed mod which will return half of your melee energy when charged with light. Combining this with the above selection of Aspects and Fragments will give you maximum ability uptime.

Here are the steps you can follow to make this build work:

  1. Place your rift near enemy combatants to freeze them.
  2. Use your weapons to kill the frozen enemies. Killing frozen enemies will regenerate your rift and super energy.
  3. Throw a grenade at enemies that are at a distance.
  4. This will freeze or slow them and so killing these enemies will return your rift and grenade energy.
  5. Repeat the cycle by using the rift again.

If used correctly you will have grenade and rift energy at all times. Furthermore, you will be generating super energy at a very fast rate.

With the recent buff Vesper of Radius has received it becomes a very good exotic armor to use. The player has a choice to choose between several builds that focus more on abilities rather than weapons. It may seem hectic at first to manage all these ability cooldowns. However, once you get used to it both of the Vesper of Radius Destiny 2 builds turn out to be very good for everyday use and endgame content.

These builds rely more on the efficient use of class abilities such as grenades, melee attacks, and rifts. Furthermore, you can make changes to the Aspect, Fragments, and Mods to make a build that suits your play style better. You can visit the r/DestinyTheGame subreddit for more information on how to optimize these builds.

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