Destiny 2 Centrifuse [Stats, Catalyst, & Build]

Destiny 2 Centrifuse is a brand-new exotic auto rifle with a catalyst that makes it an even better weapon that can be used in several builds.

Destiny 2 Centrifuse is a brand new exotic auto rifle that comes with Season of the Deep (Season 21). It shoots at 450 rounds per minute and deals arc damage. Veterans of the community will recognize its similarity to an old fan favorite from Destiny 1 exotic auto rifle, the Zhalo Supercell. Destiny 2 Centrifuse performs extremely well in the current sandbox and you can use this auto rifle with several builds. Furthermore, Destiny 2 Centrifuse catalyst makes it an even better weapon because it increases stats like increased damage, fire rate, and range.

Important: You need to own Season of the Deep to obtain Centrifuse exotic weapon. However, if you don’t own the current season you can still acquire it after leveling up your season pass.
Key Takeaways
  • Centrifuse is the new seasonal exotic weapon for Season of the Deep in Destiny 2.
  • You can obtain Destiny 2 Centrifuse Level 1 of paid season pass track.
  • If you don’t own Season 21 you can obtain it from Level 35 of the season pass free track.
  • Additionally, you can also obtain the catalyst from Banshee-44 after having acquired the weapon.
  • Centrifuse is a 450 RPM exotic auto rifle that deals Arc damage.
  • Its exotic perk Overcharge Capacitor increases stats like range and reload speed when you sprint and slide.
  • While you are sprinting and sliding the charge builds up and a higher charge will allow you to do more damage in both PVE and PVP.
  • Killing enemies and causing final blows while there is a high charge will cause explosions and blind targets.
  • Its Intrinsic perk Regenerative Motion reloads the weapon gradually when you are sprinting.
  • You can pair Centrifuse auto rifle into several Arc builds on all three classes.

How To Get Centrifuse In Destiny 2

Similar to previous seasons, Centrifuse is also a seasonal weapon, therefore, it is highly preferable that you own Season of the Deep to obtain Centrifuse quickly.

If you own Season of the Deep which costs around 2400 Silver (in-game currency), you can head over to the season pass. From there you can acquire Centrifuse from Level 1 of the paid track of the season pass.

Centrifuse From Paid Season Pass Track. (Screenshot By eXputer)

However, if you don’t own Season of the Deep you will have to level up your season pass to level 35. You can easily achieve this by doing daily and weekly bounties from various vendors. The most efficient bounties are those from Crucible, Vanguard, and Gunsmith vendors.

It is recommended that you should complete all your bounties and turn them all at once in a fireteam at H.E.L.M. This will reward you with more XP thus allowing you to obtain Destiny 2 Centrifuse more quickly. If you are having trouble finding a fireteam you can visit r/DestinyLFG to find a fireteam for bounty dump. You can also visit the LFG at Bungie Fireteams to find a player for turning in your bounty.

Destiny 2 Centrifuse
Centrifuse From Free Season Pass Track. (Screenshot By Us)
Important: It is very crucial that your fireteam is at the H.E.L.M. to get the advantage of increased XP for better progress in the season pass.

Stats And Perks

Centrifuse Exotic Auto Rifle. (Image Captured By Us)
Important: The stats on this weapon are dynamic and the increase or decrease depending on the electrostatic charge you have on Centrifuse. Furthermore, having the catalyst equipped will further increase these stats.
Weapon TypeExotic Auto Rifle
Ammunation450 RPM
Reload Speed40
Aim Assisstance55
Airborne Effectiveness25

Destiny 2 Centrifuse auto rifle comes with a range of interesting perks that makes this a very good weapon. Like all exotic weapons its base stats, and its perks are fixed.

Here are all the perks of the Centrifuse exotic auto rifle:

  • Overcharge Capacitor: Sprinting, sliding, and firing the weapon will build a temporary electrostatic charge that accumulates over time. This will increase the range and reload speed of your weapon momentarily. Final blows from this weapon, when you have a higher electrostatic charge, will cause explosions. When you have maximum charge on Centrifuse a larger explosion occurs upon killing enemies. Furthermore, a full charge will also blind enemy targets.
  • Regenerative Motion: When you sprint or run this weapon will reload itself gradually.
  • Corkscrew Rifling: This weapon has slightly increased stats of range, stability, and handling speed of +5 each.
  • Appended Mag: This weapon has an increased magazine capacity of +4 bullets.
  • Hand-Laid Stock: This weapon is highly optimized for recoil control thus improving its stability when firing. This perk increases the stability stat by +10

How To Get The Exotic Catalyst

The catalyst of the Centrifuse exotic auto rifle can be acquired when you visit Banshee-44 at the tower. However, unlike other exotic weapons, Destiny 2 Centrifuse catalyst is very time-consuming and can be a tedious task. It is recommended that you complete the objectives and steps of the catalyst on the Shuro-Chi checkpoint of the Last Wish raid. This is guaranteed to provide you with the most efficient and constant progress.

Here are the required objectives you need to complete the catalyst for Centrifuse:

  1. Defeat targets with Arc Final blow: 0/40
  2. Defeat enemy targets rapidly: 0/20
  3. Generate calibration data; 0/200
  4. Defeat enemy targets: 0/450
  5. Return to Banshee-44 to receive the catalyst

Once the Destiny 2 Centrifuse catalyst is acquired you can equip it which will improve the stats and performance of your weapon a lot. When you are amplified, having the catalyst will make the weapon gradually gain overcharge. This means that when you are not sprinting you will still gain electrostatic overcharge. Unlike, when without the catalyst, when you stop moving you start to lose overcharge.

The Best Centrifuse Build

Centrifuse Warlock Build. (Image Captured by eXputer)

You can also use Centrifuse exotic auto rifle with many Arc builds on Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. However, it will perform comparatively better with your Titan and Warlock builds. With a Warlock class, you can use Vesper of Radius Arc build which will perform extremely well in PvE activities. Combined with the explosive nature of this build and the arc explosions from Centrifuse auto rifle exotic perk Overcharge Capacitor, ad clear wit this Destiny 2 Centrifuse build will be very easy and efficient.

So in conclusion Destiny 2 Centrifuse is a very good exotic weapon that revives the 450 RPM auto rifle meta. Moreover, it also brings back memories for veterans who find it similar to Zhalo Supercell from Destiny 1.

Centrifuse also manages to perform exceptionally well in PvP and PvE activities, with the catalyst making it an even better weapon. Furthermore, Destiny 2 Centrifuse build with arc subclass can be paired with Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks.

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