Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Tier List [Tested, Ranked, & Compared]

Here's how I rank each and every exotic weapon in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 is currently in season 23, and with each season, it gets better exotic armor, weapons, higher levels, and much more. If you are looking for the best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Tier List, then you have come to the right place.

Key Takeaways
  • Known for its rich collection of both playable characters and Armor, Destiny 2 has an equally amusing fighting weapon list that stretches up to 90 total weapons.
  • From Machine Guns to Shotguns, Launchers, Bows, Swords, and nearly seven different kinds of Rifles, all of the 90 Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons hail from a distinct style. 
  • Besides types, we have adopted overall efficacy and benefits as the primary factors for ranking each playable weapon option. 
  • Exotic Weapons that stand as the finest options in Destiny 2 are Bastion, Osteo Striga, Thunderlord, Chaperone, Forerunner, Monte Carlo, Divinity, Lorentz Driver, Gjallajorn, Witherhoard, Trinity Ghoul, The Lament, and Eriana’s Vow.
  • Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons that aren’t worth grinding include Cerberus+1, Borealis, Coldheart, Graviton Lance, Truth, and Worldine Zero.

Let’s briefly compare these Destiny 2 Exotic weapons by listing down their stats:

WeaponTierTypeImpact/Blast RadiusRangeReload SpeedRPM/Charge Time/Draw TimePvP/PvE
Travelers ChosenS TierSidearm49.086.046.0RPM: 300PvP
Vex MythoclastS TierFusion Rifle33.085.060.0RPM: 390PvP
No Time to ExplainS TierPulse Rifle33.060.060.0RPM: 340PvP
Ace of SpadesS TierHand Canon84.075.042.0RPM: 140PvP
The Last WordS TierHand Canon78.020.080.0RPM: 225PvP
The ChaperoneS TierShotgun75.0100.037.0RPM: 35PvP
Heir ApparentS TierMachine Gun39.060.050.0RPM: 900PvP
ForerunnerS TierSidearm32.0100.080.0RPM: 200PvP
BastionS TierFusion Rifle80.025.024.0CT: 780PvP
JötunnS TierFusion Rifle95.047.023.0CT: 820PvP
1k VoicesS TierFusion Rifle0.0100.030.0CT: 1,000PvE
Osteo StrigaS TierSMG25.080.018.0CT: 600PvE
GjallarhornS TierRocket Launcher90.0N/A37.0RPM: 15PvE
DivinityS TierTrace Rifle6.067.045.0RPM: 1,000PvE
Agers ScepterS TierTrace Rifle6.069.055.0RPM: 1,000PvE
Dead MessengerS TierGrenade Launcher100.0N/A50.0RPM: 72PvE
Monte CarloS TierAuto Rifle21.045.079.0RPM: 600PvE
WitherhoardS TierGrenade Launcher60.0N/A33.0RPM: 90PvE
Dead Man’s TaleS TierScout Rifle67.060.050.0RPM: 120PvE
Eriana’s VowS TierHand Canon100.0100.024.0RPM: 90PvE
The LamentS TierSwordN/A40.0N/ACT: 20PvE
ThunderlordS TierMachine Gun41.060.069.0RPM: 450PvE
Lorentz DriverS TierLinear Fusion Rifle41.038.028.0RPM: 533PvE
Trinity GhoulS TierCombat Bow80.080.050.0DT: 720PvE
Wardcliff CoilA TierRocket Launcher10.0N/A50.0RPM: 60PvP
Polaris LanceA TierScout Rifle67.0N/A33.0RPM: 150PvP
Black TalonA TierSword60.040.0N/ACT: 75PvP
DualityA TierShotgun80.070.01.0RPM: 65PvP
ThornA TierHand Canon84.034.040.0RPM: 140PvP
CrimsonA TierHand Canon92.055.060.0RPM: 415PvP
MIDAA TierScout Rifle60.035.080.0RPM: 200PvP
SturmA TierHand Canon92.060.050.0RPM: 120PvP
DeathbringerA TierRocket Launcher90.0N/A33.0RPM: 15PvP
Eyes of TomorrowA TierRocket Launcher50.0N/A46.0RPM: 20PvP
HuckleberryA TierSMG23.048.0N/ARPM: 750PvE
SunshotA TierHand Canon80.031.072.0RPM: 150PvE
XenophageA TierMachine Gun100.068.031.0RPM: 120PvE
AnarchyA TierGrenade Launcher70.0N/A63.0RPM: 150PvE
Izanagi’s BurdenA TierSniper Rifle70.048.040.0RPM: 90PvE
HawkmoonA TierHand Canon84.052.059.0RPM: 140PvE
ParasiteA TierGrenade Launcher100.0N/A44.0RPM: 120PvE
CloudstrikeA TierSniper Rifle55.060.040.0RPM: 140PvE
Lord of WolvesA TierShotgun68.020.080.0RPM: 640PvE
Whisper of the WormA TierSniper Rifle100.075.036.0RPM: 72PvE
Outbreak PerfectedA TierPulse Rifle27.044.045.0RPM: 450PvE
Hard LightA TierAuto Rifle21.040.064.0RPM: 600PvE
Rat KingA TierSidearm49.030.040.0RPM: 300PvE
WavesplitterA TierTrace Rifle49.030.040.0RPM: 300PvE
Sleeper SimulantA TierLinear Fusion Rifle41.059.029.0RPM: 1,024PvE
Fighting LionB TierGrenade Launcher100.0N/AN/ARPM: 90PvE
The ColonyB TierGrenade Launcher30.0N/A60.0RPM: 140PvE
Vigilance WingB TierPulse Rifle33.060.040.0RPM: 530PvE
MercilessB TierFusion Rifle75.039.043.0RPM: 1,000PvP
MalfeasanceB TierHand Canon78.040.080.0RPM: 180PvP
Wish EnderB TierCombat Bow92.0N/A30.0DT: 780PvP
Ruinous EffigyB TierTrace Rifle8.035.033.0RPM: 1,000PvP
Legend of AcriusB TierShotgun84.0100.020.0RPM: 55PvP
The Fourth HorsemanB TierShotgun80.022.036.0RPM: 360PvP
Bad JujuB TierShotgun27.035.047.0RPM: 450PvP
ArbalestB TierLinear Fusion Rifle41.036.028.0RPM: 533PvP
Tractor CannonB TierShotgun65.010.015.0RPM: 80PvP
Ticuu’s DivinationB TierCombat Bow68.0N/A60.0DT: 580PvP
Sky Burner’s OathB TierScout Rifle67.070.050.0RPM: 150PvP
LuminaB TierHand Canon84.053.061.0RPM: 140PvP
Tommy’s MatchbookB TierAuto Rifle18.043.020.0RPM: 720PvP
The QueenbreakerB TierLinear Fusion Rifle41.050.060.0RPM: 633PvP
SymmetryB TierScout Rifle45.020.015.0RPM: 260PvP
The Jade RabbitC TierScout Rifle67.080.054.0RPM: 150PvP
Salvation’s GripC TierGrenade Launcher50.0N/A25.0RPM: 120PvE
BorealisC TierSniper Rifle90.049.065.0RPM: 72PvE
TruthC TierRocket Launcher90.0N/A39.0RPM: 15PvE
ColdheartC TierTrace Rifle6.060.030.0RPM: 1,000PvE
The ProspectorC TierGrenade Launcher10.0N/A25.0RPM: 165PvE
Cryosthesia 77kC TierSidearm51.072.046.0RPM: 260PvE
Two Tailed FoxC TierRocket Launcher30.0N/A29.0RPM: 40PvE
Leviathan’s BreathC TierCombat Bow60.0N/AN/ADT: 1,328PvE
Prometheus LensC TierTrace Rifle6.060.040.0RPM: 1,000PvE
D.A.R.C.IC TierSniper Rifle55.030.060.0RPM: 140PvE
Graviton LanceC TierPulse Rifle29.050.057.0RPM: 300PvE
Sweet BusinessC TierAuto Rifle18.030.0N/ARPM: 360PvE
Worldine ZeroC TierSword60.040.0N/ACT: 20PvE
Cerberus+1C TierAuto Rifle33.0N/A35.0RPM: 360PvE

Tier List Criteria

Every Exotic Weapon from Destiny 2 is included in this tier list. The Exotic Weapon Tier List for Destiny 2 assesses the usefulness and benefits of each piece of gear, allowing you to utilize it to determine which armor is most advantageous.

The Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Tier List is divided into the following four categories:

  • S-Tier: The most advantageous and finest weapons currently available in the game.
  • A-Tier: Exceptional, top-notch weapons that are always advantageous to you.
  • B-Tier: Balance yourself with stable weapons.
  • C-Tier: Weapons best avoided.

S Tier

Exotic Weapons of the S Tier in Destiny 2
Best Exotic S-Tier Weapons in Destiny 2

These weapons are/were the best in the game and are part of the ultimate Tier of Exputer’s Destiny Exotic Weapons Tier List. They are coupled with some good abilities and breathtaking attention to detail that make you stand out in the game.

A Tier

A Tier Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2
Destiny 2’s Good Exotic Weapons

These weapons could be considered the second-best exotic weapons in the game. In my best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Tier List, they are ranked second, but one can put them easily on the ultimate tier.

B Tier

B Tier Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2
Destiny 2’s Average Exotic Weapons

These weapons, in my opinion, are not worth the grind unless you want to or have unlocked them in the past and can be considered average, and are the second worst on my Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Tier List.

C Tier

Worst Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2
Destiny 2’s Worst Exotic Weapons

I am not sure if most people would even consider grinding for these unless they are obsessed with collecting exotic weapons, despite how bad they are.

All About The Exotic Weapons

The exotic weapons are not so important for casual players or those who are just starting, but for the long-time enthusiasts of any game, they matter a lot. For those unaware, exotic weapons are rare and not easy to fetch.

Are They Optional?

Yes, the Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2 are optional, and you can enjoy the game without them, but if you go for it, it gives a new purpose to the game with great perks and stats enhancement.

Where To Get Them?

These optional weapons can be found only in random places, and you need to unlock them. The process can be simple if the weapon is not rare, but if it is otherwise, you need to go on challenging quests to be able to see the rare items in your possession.

Some of the ways of unlocking them are:

  1. The decryption of special exotic engrams.
  2. Random Rewards
  3. From Vendors
  4. Quests and Missions
  5. Buying a Season Pass
  6. Drops
  7. The decryption of the bright engrams. 

Can You Unlock All Exotic Weapons?

No, you can’t do that, unfortunately. With each season, the exotic weapons become time-bound, and as the new season comes, it is impossible to get the past season’s exotic weapons. 

Equipping Them

The game only allows you to equip one exotic weapon at one point. In all the updates till now, this has not been changed, and it is highly unlikely you will see it change.

Changes Due To Updates

Last Update:

Here are all the changes you need to be aware of that took place in the latest Destiny 2 Patch Update:

  • Some older Iron Banner Special/Power weapons that had lost their scope glint have been fixed.
  • Purchasing a Last Wish deep sight weapon from Hawthorne will no longer unintentionally award bonus pattern progress in addition to the progress provided by consuming the deep sight on the weapon.
  • The size of the red dot in Mecurial Overreach’s scope has been increased based on player feedback.
  • The damage of the Collective Action weapon perk against Guardians has been reduced to 10% from 20%.
  • The icon for the Navigator’s intrinsic trait has been changed.


My legendary Destiny 2’s Exotic Weapons Tier List is based on my research, community input, and game time. Some of these exotic weapons might be ranked higher or lower than your expectations.

Thus, I’m open to your feedback, but this Tier List can not be a subject of unjust criticism since ranking something is a variable thing to do. 

The exotic weapons in Destiny 2 are not easy to fetch, and many gamers are fond of them, maybe to flaunt them or for their sense of achievement or the love of the game. 

Therefore, you must be aware of all the best exotic weapons in the game. Some are worth grinding for, while others are best avoided. We at Exputer have ranked them all in tiers to help you decide which weapons are worth the effort.

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