Destiny 2: PVE Weapons Tier List [Ranked & Compared]

Having over 3500+ hours, in this Tier list, I showcase PVE weapons in Destiny 2, ranging from exotics to legendary, their stats, and god roll perks.

Destiny 2 is a looter shooter that is packed with so many different types of guns available to use, which are divided into three slots; primary, energy, and heavy. The meta in PVE is constantly shifting with each new season with mid-season patches and balancing updates to the sandbox. But despite that, as a veteran player, the tier list I have prepared aims to summarize the widely used and sought-after weapons, their stats, best perks, and how viable they are in-game.

Key Takeaways
  • Destiny 2 offers a ton of unique weapons, which are commonly from legendary to exotics, each distinctively found in three weapon types; primary, energy, and heavy.
  • It is worth noting that weapon stats and perks can be modified by either crafting them, Mastering them, or even slotting mods and exotic catalysts into them.
  • The ranking criteria of each weapon are based on their current viability in PVE, especially for endgame content such as Grandmaster Nightfalls and raids.
  • S-Tier weapons are generally considered one of the best in the PVE sandbox; despite shifts in the meta, they have been consistently superb.
  • A-Tier and B-Tier weapons are great; some are decent, but to tackle the true endgame content, you may need to switch between them.
  • C-Tier and D-Tier weapons are painfully average at best or just not used at all compared to the rest in the current Season 21 meta.
Important: The ranking of each weapon, legendary or exotic, is primarily based on the current meta in Season 21 and my personal experience with them in PVE content.

Destiny 2 All PVE Weapons Comparison

Following is the list of all the Destiny 2 PVE weapons included in the list:

1ForbearancePrimary Grenade LauncherArc1007427
2GjallarhornExotic Rocket LauncherSolar904564
3HotheadRocket LauncherArc505740
4SuccessionSniper RifleKinetic907623
5Quicksilver StormExotic Auto RifleStrand184085
6Osteo StrigaExotic SMGKinetic258037
7WitherhoardExotic Grenade LauncherKinetic601263
8Vex MythoclastExotic Fusion RifleSolar338530
9ThunderlordExotic Machine GunArc416050
10CommemorationMachine GunVoid415855
11Wish EnderExotic BowKinetic926090
12Le MonarqueExotic BowVoid767346
13The ImmortalSMGStrand234025
14ArbalestExotic Linear Fusion RifleKinetic413650
15DeliveranceFusion RifleStasis806252
16Conditional FinalityExotic ShotgunSolar/Stasis803520
17Calus Mini-ToolSMGSolar153049
18Izanagi’s BurdenExotic Sniper RifleKinetic704841
19Trinity GhoulExotic BowArc808050
20RiskrunnerExotic SMGArc205055
21Apex PredatorRocket LauncherSolar504943
22Graviton LanceExotic Pulse RifleVoid2950100
23XenophageExotic Machine GunSolar1006832
25RiptideFusion RifleStasis552131
28The LamentExotic SwordSolar407440
30Retrofit EscapadeMachine GunVoid252344
31FatebringerHand CannonKinetic844657
32Rufus's FuryAuto RifleStrand183458
33BXR-55 BattlerPulse RifleSolar235059
34SunshotExotic Hand CannonSolar803140
35Touch Of MaliceExotic Scout RifleKinetic455336
36Hezen's VengeanceRocket LauncherVoid207929
37Chroma RushAuto RifleKinetic182556
39Outbreak PerfectedExotic Pulse RifleKinetic274440
40Doom Of ChelchisScout RifleVoid624940
41Hung Jury SR4Scout RifleKinetic624955
42CloudstrikeExotic Sniper RifleArc556049
43Nation Of BeastsHand CannonArc844057
44Wendigo GL3Heavy Grenade LauncherArc502938
45Iterative LoopFusion RifleArc552330
46PerpetualisAuto RifleStrand214325
47Corrective MeasureMachine GunVoid415257
48MalfeasanceExotic Hand CannonKinetic784080
49DivinityExotic Trace RifleArc66776
50Smite Of MerainPulse RifleKinetic294350
51ColdheartTrace RifleArc66060
52WavesplitterTrace RifleVoid66776
53Typhon GL5Heavy Grenade LauncherStasis503542
54Loaded QuestionFusion RifleArc955225
55One Thousand VoicesExotic Fusion RifleSolar010040
56MercilessExotic Fusion RifleSolar753932
57BastionExotic Fusion RifleKinetic802547
58TelestoExotic Fusion RifleVoid852579
59Nessa's OblationShotgunVoid706347
60Suros RegimeAuto RifleKinetic214543
61Circular LogicMachine Gun Strand414033
62CataclysmicLinear Fusion RifleSolar413948
63Old SterlingAuto RifleStrand214342
64Sweet BusinessExotic Auto RifleKinetic183040
65JotunnExotic Fusion RifleSolar954723
66Age-Old BondAuto RifleVoid338230
67Techeun ForceFusion RifleArc703939
68Zaouli’s BaneHand CannonSolar844352
69Mykel’s RevengeSidearmStrand353367
70Thin Precipice
71Targeted RedactionHand CannonVoid925623

Destiny 2 PVE Weapons Tier List Summary

Here is a quick overview of the commonly used best PVE weapons in Destiny 2 and which gun belongs to a higher or lower tier category:

Tier RankingWeapon Names
S-TierForbearance, Gjallarhorn, Hothead, Succession, Quicksilver Storm, Osteo Striga, Witherhoard, Vex Mythoclast, Thunderlord, Commemoration, Wish Ender, Le monarque, The Immortal, Arbalest, Deliverance, Conditional Finality, Calus Mini-Tool, Izanagi's Burden
A-TierTrinity Ghoul, Riskrunner, Apex Predator, Graviton Lance, Xebophage, Submission, Riptide, Funnelweb, Unforigven, The Lament, Ikelos_SMG_v1.0.3, Retrofit Escapade, Fatebringer, Rufus Fury, BXR-55 Battler, Sunshot, Touch of Malice
B-TierHezen's Vengeance, Chroma Rush, Heritage, Outbreak Perfected, Doom of Chelchis, Hung Jury SR4, Cloudstrike, Nation of Beasts, Wendigo, Iterative Loop, Perpetualis, Corrective Measure, Malfeasance, Divinity
C-TierSmite of Merain, Coldheart, Wavesplitter, Typhon GL5, Loaded Question, One Thousand Voices, Merciless, Bastion, Telesto, Nessa's Oblation, Suros Regime, Circular Logic, Cataclysmic
D-TierOld Sterling, Sweet Business, Jotunn, Age-old Bond, Techeun Force, Zaoulis Bane, Mykels Revenge, Thin Precipice, Targeted Redaction


destiny 2 s-tier weapons
Destiny 2 S-tier PVE weapons (Image Captured by Us)

The S-Tier weapons are some of the best in the game, considered by many players in the community to be top-tier for most endgame activities such as Master difficulty raids for DPS and ad-clear, Grandmaster Nightfalls, or even trying to solo farm Master Difficulty Lost Sectors. In most cases, if you have any of these weapons as a newcomer trying to ease in for the first time, then rest assured you will have a comforting time with Destiny 2.


destiny 2 a-tier weapons
The A-tier Destiny 2 PVE weapons (Image Captured by Us)

Now moving on to the A-Tier PVE weapons in this Destiny 2 tier list, these weapons are only slightly outmatched by the S-tier as they are mainly used across most PVE content and modes. So there’s a high chance you might see other players using these at certain intervals, such as GM Nightfalls or even Master raids (unless the encounter can’t easily adjust or demand to use them in favor of other weapons.)


destiny 2 b tier pve weapons
The B-tier Destiny 2 PVE weapons (Image captured by Us)

The B-Tier of my PVE weapons tier list comprises guns that can get you through most ritual and weekly PVE activities. Most of them do not have any notable qualities at the moment in the high-level meta in my personal opinion, hence why it’s best to just them if you want to try something different for a change.

While most of them are fun to use on their own, they’re just not that viable in the grand scheme of things with the endgame content meta in terms of stats and perks, so you might just end up using them in your leisure time for normal content such as strikes, seasonal activities or casual modes such as Dares of Eternity.


c tier
The C-Tier PVE weapons (Image Captured by Us)

The C-Tier weapons are average at best, and while some are arguably decent, they will only closely work with specific builds or situations in order to make them viable in gameplay. At the end of the day, you can still use them in your weekly or ritual activities, but I wouldn’t recommend using them in high-level content as stated in the previous tier too.


The D-tier weapons
Destiny 2 D-tier PVE weapons [Image credit: eXputer]
Lastly, it brings me to discuss the D-tier, which quite a few players and I would consider are at the bottom of the barrel. While you can certainly put various other non-meta weapons here, these are just recent or known ones that are heavily outmatched via the previous tiers. You will hardly notice any player using these weapons in the main line PVE content.

Tier List Ranking Criteria

The following tier list was crafted using my knowledge of the game and after numerous discussions with fellow clanmates, and LFG players, as well as via forums on Bungie.Net. Not to mention that the main emphasis of the ranking is tied to their performance for the true endgame of Destiny 2, comprising of raids and dungeons.

Following Season 21, new meta legendary or exotic weapons may be introduced with the passage of time, so I’ll be sure to update the list with any new weapon taking center stage or being nerfed with a balancing patch.

This brings me to the end of my Tier List. In the meantime, if you’re looking for similar Destiny 2 guides, then be sure to check out how you can get the Winterbite Exotic Glaive as well as the Best PVP Sniper Rifles.

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