12 BEST Linear Fusion Rifles In Destiny 2

Linear Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2 are the most popular weapon for sustained DPS; here is our list of best linear fusions rifles in Destiny 2.

The choice of the best linear fusion rifles in Destiny 2 will vary from activity to activity and depend on players’ preferences and play styles. Some activities, such as a long DPS phase, can use linear fusion rifles (LFRs) like Taipan-4FR and Reeds Regret. On the other hand, some endgame activities may require burst DPS for enemies like champions, especially in Grandmaster Nightfalls, where linear fusions like Stormchaser can make a night-and-day difference.

Before You Start: Even though Linear Fusion Rifles are the best option for DPS, they have received a minor nerf since Season 20, which does not make them as strong as they were in prior seasons.
Important: Despite the recent nerf that Linear Fusion Rifles got, they remain the best option for sustained DPS during boss fights and can be useful in some burst DPS scenarios.
Key Takeaways

The 12 Best Linear Fusion Rifles in Destiny are as follows:

1. Arbalest is the best exotic linear fusion rifle in Destiny 2 that comes with an anti-barrier perk and an exotic perk that removes any enemy shield; this weapon is a top choice for master and grandmaster nightfalls.

2. Sleeper Simulant is a heavy slot linear fusion rifle that has been in the game since Destiny 1 and is a slow-firing weapon with slow charge time, but if we use it correctly, it has great DPS potential.

3. The Queenbreaker is an exotic linear fusion rifle that has switchable scopes for short-range and long-range combat, making it comparable to sniper rifles as well as viable in certain PVP situations.

4. Lorentz Driver is a void linear fusion rifle with a similar archetype to Arbalest, and its exotic perk EM Anomaly which pulls and explodes targets, makes it a fun weapon to use in PVP.

5. Taipan-4FR is probably the most used linear fusion rifle in the game, as it came out with the Witch Queen expansion and quickly gained popularity because of its unique perk pool.

6. Reeds Regret, which is now part of the Legacy Decoding Trials of Osiris Perk Pool. This weapon is similar to Taipan-4FR but offers greater damage output due to its synergy with the Stasis subclass.

7. Cataclysmic can be crowned as the king of all linear fusions, and we can obtain this weapon from the Vow of the Disciple raid, and despite the recent nerf, Cataclysmic has the highest DPS.

8. Stormchaser is an aggressive frame linear fusion rifle that fires in a burst of three bullets, but with the right roll, it can be a good option in endgame activities to take down champions and majors.

9. Briars Contempt is the most recent addition to the game. It can be obtained from the new raid Root of Nightmares.

10. Tarantula returned in Witch Queen, making it probably one of the easiest linear fusion rifles to obtain for New Light Players.

11. Fire and Forget is an aggressive frame stasis linear fusion rifle similar to Stormchaser and fires in a three-burst fire and can roll with Chill Clip.

12. Sailspy Pitchglass is an arc linear fusion rifle that came out in Season 18 of Witch Queen. This weapon can roll with Voltshot making it a good choice for quick ad clear.

Best Destiny 2 Linear Fusion Rifles 

WeaponImpactRangeStabilityReload SpeedMagazine
Sleeper Simulant257592484
The Queenbreaker416590605
Lorentz Driver413852286
Reed's Regret405053316
Briar's Contempt445152255
Fire and Forget443549225
Sailspy Pitchglass443247235
Important: Two of the aforementioned weapons, which are Fire and Forget and Sailspy Pitchglass, do not have a method to target farm them, so we can only obtain these weapons if Xur or Banshee brings them on a weekly rotation.

1. Arbalest

kinetic slot linear fusion rifle.
Arbalest – Kinetic Slot Linear Fusion Rifle. (Image Captured by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEExotic Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine533 / 06
Handling40 (with catalyst)
Reload speed28
Aim Assistance31
Airborne effectiveness12

Arbalest was first brought to Destiny 2 in the Forsaken expansion during season six, which was Season of the Drifter. Initially, the weapon did not gain any attention and kept collecting dust in the vaults of many us players. However, when Bungie made changes to the sandbox, it gained popularity immediately, making it one of the most used special weapons in the game.

The exotic perk on this weapon is Compounding Force which shoots slug shots that can do a good amount of damage even at a long range. Furthermore, it has an Anti-Barrier mod built into the gun. The combination of these two perks makes Arbalest the best exotic linear fusion rifle in Destiny 2.

You can obtain Arbalest linear fusion rifle by visiting Shaw Han on Cosmodrone and completing the quest Another Last City.


  • Arbalest has a very strong exotic perk Compounding Force, that allows it to take down champions and majors from afar, thus making it a must-have choice for master-level content.
  • Disruption Break allows for slightly extra damage after using it to break an enemy combatant’s shield.
  • Unlocking the catalyst gives access to the Genesis perk, which refills ammo from the reserve magazine.
  • It has an Anti-Barrier mod built into it, allowing players freedom to leave a mod slot open on their armor.


  • This weapon can take some time to get used to because it requires you to be quick and precise while also keeping in mind the slow rate of fire.
  • Aside from certain endgame activities like grandmaster nightfalls and raids, the weapon does not prove to be very useful in most situations.
  • Among other linear fusion rifles, it falls on the lower end of boss damage potential.

2. Sleeper Simulant

Sleeper Simulant heavy ammo linear fusion rifle.
Sleeper Simulant – Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle. (Image Captured by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEExotic Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine102 / 04
Reload speed48
Aim Assistance55
Airborne effectiveness34

Sleeper Simulant was reintroduced into Destiny 2 during the Rasputin DLC in Year One. Although it wasn’t the best exotic linear fusion at the time it did provide some utility during Nightfall activities. However, it eventually became part of the PvE and PvP meta and was on par with other linear fusion rifles in Destiny 2 as Bungie tuned it and made it more powerful.

You can obtain this weapon from the Monument of Lost Light at the tower, which is located near the vaults. You can obtain the catalyst of this weapon by doing playlist activities like strikes, where it has a chance to drop once the strike is completed.


  • The weapon has an exotic perk called Dornröschen which penetrates shielded combatants and refracts the laser.
  • The shot fired from this weapon is a laser that bounces and splits into multiple lasers, each with slightly increased damage.
  • The catalyst decreases the charge time of Sleeper Simulant and increases ammo reserves.


  • The gun only has four shots in the magazine, which forces the player to reload frequently, therefore missing out on DPS.
  • Reload speed of the gun is also very slow, which forces players to use a mod slot on their armor for a linear fusion rifle reloader.
  • Takes up an exotic slot restricting players’ loadout.

3. The Queenbreaker

switchable scope LFR weapon.
The Queenbreaker – Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle. (Image Captured by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEExotic Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine633 / 5
Reload speed60
Aim Assistance60
Airborne effectiveness18

The Queenbreaker is an exotic linear fusion rifle in a heavy slot that uses power ammo. This weapon was initially released in Destiny 1 during the House of Wolf expansion. It made its return in Destiny 2 Year 2 during the Forsaken expansion.

This weapon is unique in the sense that it’s a sniper and linear fusion rifle, both at the same time, which makes it very useful in PVP. It also shares physical features similar to the gun Fallen uses.

You can obtain this weapon from Xur when he brings it on weekly rotation on Friday. It can also be obtained from random exotic drops.


  • Exotic perk on The Queenbreaker, Wire Rifle shoots targets at a long range and chains nearby targets, which blinds them.
  • This gun has a switchable scope allowing for both short-range and long-range use.
  • The Queenbreaker also comes with a Quickdraw perk, which allows players to draw this weapon very quickly.
  • The catalyst on this weapon increases the range and aim assistance by +20 each.


  • This weapon has less DPS than other linear fusion rifles, which makes it useless for boss fights.
  • The ammo economy on this weapon is not good for PVE activities.
  • Despite having long-range stats on this weapon, it is highly suggested you use a sniper for long-range encounters.

4. Lorentz Driver

void energy LFR.
Lorentz Driver – Energy Linear Fusion Rifle. (Image Captured by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEExotic Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine533 / 06
Reload speed28
Aim Assistance22
Airborne effectiveness1

Lorentz Driver is a void linear fusion rifle that was introduced in Season of the Lost. Unlike most of the other linear fusions in the game, this gun utilizes special ammo. It also shares a lot of features with Arbalest; however, Lorentz Driver is more of a PVP linear fusion rifle rather than a PVE weapon.

This weapon can be obtained from the Monument of Lost Light. Lorentz has the exotic perk Lagrangian Sight which marks targets and, upon killing those marked targets, will give bonus ability energy. Furthermore, killing three targets without dying gives this weapon bonus damage for a short period of time.


  • Its exotic perk Lagrangian Sight performs very well in PVP activities by giving players more uptime on their abilities.
  • The perk EM Anomaly causes targets to implode, which makes it easier to kill multiple enemies.


  • This gun does not offer practicality in any PVE endgame activity except in very few situations.
  • Lorentz Driver only synergies with certain builds.
  • It takes up an exotic slot in the energy slot, restricting the player to limited build creation.
  • You need to get final blows with this weapon quickly to keep the exotic perk active.

5. Cataclysmic

legendary linear fusion rifle best in destiny 2.
Cataclysmic – Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle. (Image by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEExotic Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine533 / 06
Reload speed25
Aim Assistance66
Airborne effectiveness13

Cataclysmic is a solar energy weapon and can be called one of the best Destiny 2 linear fusion rifles. With its unique perk pool, it offers great utility and the highest boss damage potential, given the conditions are right and the player hits critical shots on the boss. Therefore, making it one of the strongest boss damage weapons in the game.

The roll you should go for on this weapon is Fourth Times The Charm and Bait & Switch. With this unique perk combination, the player can shoot this weapon for a reasonably long time because Fourth Times The Charm returns the bullet to the magazine and Bait & Switch, thus increasing the damage of each shot by a huge margin. In conclusion, you can bring this weapon to any boss fight, and you will outperform your teammates.

This weapon can be obtained by doing the Vow of the Disciple raid. It is recommended you try to obtain the red border for this weapon.


  • This linear fusion rifle has the highest DPS among other PVE weapons in Destiny 2.
  • If you manage to hit critical spots consistently, the bullets will be returned to the magazine.
  • The perfect roll on this weapon can be obtained with ease by obtaining the red border version.
  • Cataclysmic is very good for players attempting solo activities.


  • To obtain this weapon, players must learn how to do Vow of the Disciple raid, which can be enticing.
  • The red border for this weapon can take up to five weeks to obtain.
  • Missing critical spots greatly punishes the player by losing out on DPS by a lot.

6. Taipan-4FR

witch queen LFR gun
Taipan-4FR – Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle. (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEExotic Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine533 / 06
Reload speed31
Aim Assistance64
Airborne effectiveness09

Taipan-4FR is a void linear fusion rifle from the Veist Foundry, and it is for this very reason it is a unique weapon. You can either obtain this weapon as a world drop, which means it will drop randomly from doing any activities, or you can complete the quest available on Enclave by obtaining the red border, which will allow you to craft a perfect roll.

The perfect roll for this weapon is Triple Tap and Firing Line, which returns bullets to the magazine after each of 3 critical shots, and increased damage on each shot by 20% when near an ally. Furthermore, its origin trait, Veist Stinger, increases the effectiveness of triple tap. Further, it contributes to returning bullets to the magazine, allowing players to fire this weapon for a very long time without reloading.


  • Taipan-4FR has a large perk pool with various combinations like Triple Tap and Firing Line, Clown Cartridge, Focus Fury, and many more.
  • This gun is easy to obtain via the enclave quest, and it also drops frequently as a world drop.
  • It has the highest sustained DPS potential after cataclysmic.
  • Its origin trait, Veist Stinger, can allow players to shoot almost continuously for a considerably long time.


  • This weapon may not be as effective in solo play because Firing Line requires you to be near allies to proc.
  • Similar to most linear fusion rifles, precision shots are key to maximizing DPS, which may not be suitable for everyone or every situation.
  • Falls short in burst DPS compared to other linear fusion rifles in the game, like Stormchaser and Fire and Forget.

7. Reeds Regret

Stasis LFR as shown in image above
Reeds Regret – Stasis Linear Fusion Rifle. (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Weapon TypeLegendary Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine526 / 06
Reload Speed28
Aim Assistance66
Airborne Effectiveness14

Reeds Regret is a linear fusion rifle with stasis energy, also from the Veist Foundry; however, this weapon is only available from Trials of Osiris, which is the PVP endgame activity. Currently, there is no way to focus the rolls you want to get, and the only way to obtain it is to use Trials Engrams on the Focus Decoding tab with Saint-14 in the tower.

Similar to Taipan-4FR, ideally, you want to get a roll that is Triple Tap and Firing Line for the maximum boss damage potential, which makes it an equally good weapon. Still, depending on the activity and your play style, you can also go for rolls that grant increased handling stability and reload speed, such as HarmonySurplus, and Heating Up.


  • Reeds Regret offers a large variety of perks that you can utilize in both PVP and PVE endgame activities.
  • You can integrate this weapon with stasis builds, further increasing its utility.
  • In certain situations, this weapon can outperform both Taipan-4FR and Cataclysmic.


  • To acquire this weapon, players need to play Trials of Osiris, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • A perfect role is very time-consuming to obtain because you cannot focus on the roles you want to obtain.

8. Stormchaser

three burst fire linear fusion
Stormchaser – Aggressive Frame Linear Fusion Rifle. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEExotic Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine533 / 05
Reload speed25
Aim Assistance62
Airborne effectiveness62

Stormchaser is an aggressive frame arc energy linear fusion rifle that shoots in a three-burst fire. This linear fusion rifle was the first of its kind. It made its debut with Witch Queen expansion.

Stormchaser shines the best in situations where a large amount of damage is required quickly while killing champions in Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Players can obtain this weapon from the Duality dungeons Vault Encounter. Unfortunately, it is the only source to acquire this weapon. Therefore, we recommend that players wait until Duality is the featured dungeon on a weekly rotation and then proceed to farm the vault encounter until they have their desired rolls.


  • This weapon stands out in burst DPS situations, such as for killing champions and majors.
  • Stormchaser is easier and less tedious to acquire compared to other aggressive linear fusions.


  • Although the gun is easy to acquire, the desired rolls on this weapon are difficult to obtain. Players have to wait for weeks until Duality Dungeon is farmable.
  • This weapon has only a few useful perks that can offer endgame utility.
  • Players need to own Witch Queen and the Dungeon Key pass to access Duality dungeon to get their hands on Stormchaser Linear Fusion Rifle.

9. Briars Contempt

root of nightmare LFR
Briar’s Contempt – Solar Linear Fusion Rifle. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPELegendary Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine533 / 05
Reload speed25
Aim Assistance67
Airborne effectiveness14

Briars Contempt is a relatively new weapon that was recently introduced with the Lightfall expansion. It is a solar energy linear fusion that can roll with a large variety of perks and several perk combinations. Furthermore, since this is a recent weapon, it is possible to obtain a crafted version of the gun which allows you to choose perks of your choice.

You can acquire this weapon by completing encounters in the Root of Nightmares raid. You can visit the loot table of the Root of Nightmares raid as a guide to see which encounters in particular drop Briars Contempt linear fusion rifle.


  • Briars Contempt has Reconstruction in its perk pool which fills the magazine from the reserve magazine, therefore, making reloading this weapon almost non-existent.
  • The frenzy perk on this weapon increases its damage by 15% when in combat for a long time, therefore making it a good weapon for both boss DPS and taking down champions and majors.
  • It can also roll with perks such as High Impact Reserves and Keeping Away, which increases the range and reload speed of this weapon, thus making it useful in PVP content.


  • Acquiring this weapon can be a challenging task because it requires players to learn the Root of Nightmares raid, which can be an enticing task for some casual players.
  • The weapon falls short on longer DPS phases compared to other weapons like Cataclysmic and Taipan-4FR.

10. Tarantula

Tarantula world drop linear fusion rifle.
Tarantula – Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle. (Image credit: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPELegendary Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine533 / 05
Reload speed23
Aim Assistance58
Airborne effectiveness06

Tarantula is an arc precision linear fusion rifle that has been in the game since the beginning. It is one of the easiest linear fusion rifles to obtain in the game that drops randomly from the world drops and any activities other seasonal activities in the game.

The perk pool on this weapon is very limited and restricts its usage to playlist activities like strikes and crucible and seasonal activities. Therefore, we do not recommend you focus your time going for this weapon and instead look for better alternatives, like Taipan-4FR, that is faster to obtain.


  • This gun is one of the easiest linear fusion rifles to obtain. It does not require players to participate in any endgame content or complete a quest to acquire.
  • Tarantula is available in free to play version of the game and does not require any DLC to acquire
  • It is a good starting linear fusion for new players who are just starting their journey in the game.


  • Although the gun is easy to obtain, it is still difficult to obtain a good roll on this weapon.
  • This gun has less usage in endgame activities because of its limited perk pool.
  • The reload speed on this gun is relatively slow, so we recommend not using it.

11. Fire and Forget

fire and forget season of seraph linear fusion rifle
Fire and Forget – Aggressive Frame Linear Fusion Rifle. (Image credit: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPELegendary Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine533 / 05
Reload speed22
Aim Assistance60
Airborne effectiveness07

Fire and Forget is an aggressive linear fusion rifle with stasis energy. Similar to Stormchaser it also shoots bullets in a three-burst fire. As a result, this makes it very useful in killing champions and majors in endgame content like master raids and grandmaster nightfalls.

Currently, this is the only linear fusion rifle in the game that can roll the Chill Clip perk.

This weapon was released in Season 19, Season of the Seraph of the Witch Queen expansion. For this reason, there is no method to target farm this weapon. It is when Banshee or Xur brings it on a weekly rotation.


  • Fire and Forget can roll with Chill Clip which increases damage by 5% for other players damaging the boss.
  • Chill Clip is a curated perk which means it is always available on the weapon.
  • Additionally, it has the Headstone perk on this weapon that can freeze enemies and forms a wall/rock on the location an enemy was killed.


  • There is no way to target farm this method; therefore, acquiring it is completely dependent on when Banshee and Xur bring it on a weekly rotation.
  • This weapon has less DPS compared to other linear fusion rifles in this category.
  • All things considered, Fire and Forget is the weakest linear fusion rifle on our list.

12. Sailspy Pitchglass

season of plunder linear fusion rifle.
Sailspy Pitch – Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPELegendary Linear Fusion Rifle
Charge Time / Magazine533 / 05
Reload speed23
Aim Assistance60
Airborne effectiveness15

Sailspy Pitchglass is an old linear fusion rifle that was released with Season of Plunder in the Witch Queen expansion. It is one of the most unique-looking weapons with sound effects that are similar to the guns. Fallen enemies use. This is one of the first weapons that can roll with Voltshot, thus making it immensely good for ad clear and damage on boss fights.

Unfortunately, this gun, too, is not obtainable by farming. You can only obtain this weapon when Xur or Banshee brings it on a weekly reset. This makes acquiring the perfect roll a long time-consuming task and completely based on luck.


  • Sailspy Pitchglass is one of the better linear fusion rifles for an arc-focused build.
  • The Voltshot perk on this weapon is very good for ad clear because it chains nearby enemies.
  • This weapon performs very well when arc surge is the modifier of the activity.


  • Similar to Fire and Forget, this gun, too, does not have a way to target farms.
  • The usable roll on this weapon is difficult to obtain and very time-consuming.

Best Linear Fusion Rifles Criteria

Destiny 1 and 2 Hours. (Image by Time Wasted on Destiny)

I have created this list of the best linear fusion rifles in Destiny 2 (Steam Name: Radio), with my ample knowledge and expertise in the game for over six years. I have been a religious player of the franchise since the original game was released on old-generation consoles.

Therefore, with my 2000+ hours on Destiny 2 and plenty of raid completions, as can be seen on the Raid Report website, you can rest assured that the list provided above is trustable and according to my personal experience in the game.

Summing It Up

This sums up our best Linear Fusion Rifles Destiny 2 list. These guns that we have mentioned stand out from other linear fusion rifles in Destiny 2 for PvP and PvE activities. Although Bungie has nerfed this weapon type, and they are not the perfect DPS weapon in the current meta, linear fusion still manages to surprise and perform pretty well in most situations.

We highly recommend you visit r/DTG, which is the official subreddit of Destiny 2, to learn more about the minute details of each of the weapons we have mentioned above and how they can be used to make unique builds. Furthermore, light.gg can provide you with a full list of all available perks on each of the aforementioned weapons.

Furthermore, head over to this page to view our list of the best kinetic weapons in Destiny 2 to pair with the linear fusion rifles we have suggested, thus creating a killer endgame PVE build.

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