Destiny 2: Best Builds For Each Class [2500+ Hours Experience]

With 2500+ hours in Destiny 2, here are my favorite builds to use in the current sandbox of the game for each class.

Destiny 2 Builds are a crucial part of the game. They help you play the game with the play style of your choice. Whether you are a passive player or an aggressive player, these uniquely created builds allow you to play Destiny 2 the way you want. However, with the constantly changing meta, the Destiny 2 best builds for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock keep changing with every season and every expansion. The three builds I have mentioned below are the top contenders in the current meta for all three classes.

Key Takeaways
  • Destiny 2 builds are highly customizable according to your choice and playstyle.
  • They rely heavily on reducing ability cooldowns, such as grenades and powered melee abilities.
  • The advantage of these builds is that they can provide a smooth gameplay experience when tackling endgame activities.
  • The strand sub-class build on Titan offers an offensive playstyle, providing DPS and enemy clear ability.
  • Warlock build uses the Stasis sub-class, offering great support by freezing and slowing down enemies.
  • Hunter build utilizes the Solar sub-class, providing great ad-clear and healing support to your allies.
Before You Start: In my experience, it will be highly preferable that you Masterwork all the armor you intend to use for build creation.

Destiny 2 Best Builds Summary

Here is an overview of each of the best builds I have listed for the three classes in Destiny 2:

TitanStrand-Banner of War
-Flechette Storm
-Thread of Warding
-Thread of Fury
-Thread of Transmutation
-Thread of Generation
HunterSolar-On Your Mark
-Knock`em Down
-Ember of Torches
-Ember of Singering
-Ember of Searing
-Ember of Benevolence
-Ember of Beams
WarlockStasis-Glacial Harvest
-Iceflare Bolts
-Whisper of Conduction
-Whisper of Refraction
-Whisper of Rending
-Whisper of Fissures

Titan Build

The best Overall PVE Build for Titans.
Strand subclass build
Titan Strand Build (Image By eXputer)

With the release of the Season of the Witch, the Strand subclass on Titan has received a new versatile Aspect called Banner of War. You can acquire this new Aspect by talking to Nimbus and then completing the Veil Containment. Afterward, head to the Pouka Pond to acquire Banner of War. The various builds that can be created from this Aspect have great viability in all activities.

Aspect & Fragments (Image By eXputer)


  • Banner of War: Defeating a target with a melee attack or sword raises a Banner of War that periodically heals nearby allies and increases melee damage. Destroying targets will increase the duration and effectiveness of this aspect.
  • Flechette Storm: Activate your charged melee while sliding to knock targets away and deal damage. This also increases the range of your melee attack to some extent.


In my experience, these Fragments are best suited for Destiny 2 best Titan build for the strand subclass. However, you can choose Fragments that suit your playstyle.

  • Thread of Warding: Picking up Orbs of Power grants you Woven Mail. This increases damage resistance.
  • Thread of Fury: Damaging targets with a Tangle grants melee energy.
  • Thread of Transmutation: While you have Woven Mail, weapon kills create a Tangle.
  • Thread of Generation: Dealing damage generates grenade ability energy.


  • Towering Barricade: Create a huge wall that prevents incoming damage temporarily.
  • Strafe Jump: Titan jump that allows increased control mid-air.
  • Frenzied Blade: Activating charged melee allows you to dash forward slashing targets in front.
  • Shackle Grenade: Detonates on impact and suspends nearby targets.


mods customization
Mods (Screenshot By eXputer)

The mods for this Destiny 2 best build you choose will depend on the activity you are engaging with, the weapons you are using, and your play style. For Stats mods, you should pick a combination of Resilience and Discipline mods so that these respective stats are at the maximum tier.

Here are the armor-specific mods you should choose:

-Kinetic Siphon
-Heavy Ammo Scout
-Bolstering Detonation
Chest Piece-Discipline/Resilience
-Resist Mods
-Elemental Surge
Class Item-Time Dilation


Ideally, you want to choose one of these exotic armor pieces to improve the effectiveness of this build.

  • Heart of Inmost Light: This exotic chest piece will allow ability regeneration at a much quicker rate. When you use an ability, other uncharged abilities will refresh at a quicker rate.
  • Synthoceps: These exotic arms increase the damage of your charged and uncharged melee attack significantly.
  • Monte Carlo: An exotic auto-rifle in the Kinetic Slot, which regenerates your melee ability energy when you get kills with this weapon.

How It Works

This Destiny 2 Titan build with the Strand sub-class works similarly to other Heart of Inmost Light builds. You essentially want to manage your buffs and abilities carefully to keep Banner of War up at all times.  Start off by getting a charged melee kill. This will start the Banner of War buff with a thirty-second countdown.

Afterward, simply start utilizing your abilities, slaying ads, and rotating between each of your abilities. If you run out of charged melee energy, using Monte Carlo to get kills comes in handy.

Hunter Build

Best Ad Clear Build for Hunters.
solar blade barrage build
Hunter Solar Build (Screenshot Grab by eXputer)

Destiny 2 best builds for the Hunter class have always been unique and are useful for providing an extra bit of damage and ad clear.

This Hunter build uses the Solar sub-class, giving insane DPS potential and will make you invincible. You will primarily focus on using Blade Barrage super ability. Furthermore, this bow is heavily focused on using bows. I would recommend using exotic bows such as the Wish-Ender or Ticuu’s Divination.

subclass abilities combination
Aspect & Fragments (Image By eXputer)


  • On Your Mark: When you get precision final blows, you and your nearby allies temporarily gain increased handling and reload speeds. This buff stacks up to three times.
  • Knock `em Down: Your Blade Barrage super will launch more projectiles. While Radiant is active, any kills you get with your Hunter Throwing Knife will refund all of your melee energy.


  • Ember of Torches: Powered melee attacks against enemy targets make you and nearby allies Radiant.
  • Ember of Singeing: Class abilities will recharge at a faster rate as you scorch targets.
  • Ember of Searing: Defeating scorched enemy combatants returns melee energy and creates Firesprites.
  • Ember of Benevolence: Applying Restoration, Cure, or Radiant returns all ability energy. It also provides health regeneration for a short duration.
  • Ember of Beams: Projectiles from your Blade Barrage super have strong target acquisition.

If you plan on running a Solar Bow with this Destiny 2 build, you should switch to Ember of Empyrean instead of Ember of Beams. This fragment will extend the duration of the Restoration buff when you get the final blows of the solar weapon.


  • Acrobats Dodge: Dodge to perform an acrobat leap. Upon landing, make yourself and your allies Radiant.
  • Triple Jump: While airborne, you have a second and third jump available.
  • Knife Trick: Throw a fan of multiple throwing knives that will Scorch targets when they hit them.
  • Healing Grenade: A grenade that will cure you and your allies and regenerate a significant portion of your health. It also grants the Restoration buff upon picking it up.


hunter mods combination
Mods (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)

The mods you choose for your Destiny 2 best hunter build will differ based on the activity and weapons you are using. However, some of these essential mods, such as Siphon Mods, Utility Mods, and Surge Mods, will be useful in all situations.

Here is a list of mods that will be crucial to your Solar Hunter build:

-Solar/Kinetic Siphon
-Dynamo x2
Gautlets-Kinetic/Solar Loader
-Impact Induction
-Focusing Strike
Chest Piece-Discipline/Resilience
-Elemental Resist Mods x3
Legs-Elemental Surge
-Discipline Mod
Class Item-Time Dilation


  • Oathkeeper: Improved draw time on bow shots, holding bow charges indefinitely, increased airborne effectiveness, and increased bonus damage up to 150% according to how long bow charge is held.
  • Wish-Ender: This bow will provide wall-hacks and an intrinsic Anti-Barrier mod, which is useful in Grandmaster Nightfalls.
  • Ticuu’s Divination: A solar bow with tracking bow shots when hip fired. It also causes an explosion when enemy targets are tagged with it.

How It Works

Start off by getting a powered melee ability to kill to get the Radiant buff, also Scorching any nearby targets. Now, use your Ticuus’s Divination bow to get kills, which will recharge your abilities at a faster rate. You can also throw your healing grenade, which, when picked up, will also return a huge chunk of all your ability energy.

To summarize, you will be switching between powered melee kills and throwing healing grenades for yourself and your allies. Pairing this with kills from Solar bow, such as the Ticuu’s Divination, to keep getting ability energy back.

Warlock Build

The Best Non-Solar Support Build for Warlocks.
warlock build stasis subclass
Warlock Stasis Build (Screenshot Grab By eXputer)

Destiny 2’s best builds for the Warlock class are always great for providing support for your fireteam in all sorts of activities. This Destiny 2 best warlock build uses the Stasis sub-class, mainly relying on certain abilities rather than weapons.

stasis subclass abilities
Aspect & Fragments (Screenshot By eXputer)


  • Glacial Harvest: Stasis shards are created when you freeze enemy targets. High-tier targets create more shards.
  • Iceflare Bolts: When you shatter a frozen target, it spawns seekers that will freeze nearby targets.


  • Whisper of Conduction: Nearby Stasis shards track to your position. Pairs well with Glarical Harvest.
  • Whisper of Refraction: Defeating slowed or frozen enemies grants you ability energy.
  • Whisper of Rending: Primary weapons do more damage to frozen targets.
  • Whisper of Fissures: More damage and radius from a burst of stasis crystal when it’s destroyed.


  • Healing Rift: Heals you and nearby allies standing in the rift, also providing 20% damage resistance.
  • Burst Glide: Jump once airborne to activate glide with a strong initial boost.
  • Coldsnap Grenade: Freezes targets on impact and sends seeker to track nearby enemies.
  • Penumbral Blast: Sends a blast of stasis energy that freezes and damages targets for a short duration.


mod combination for stasis build
Mods (Image By eXputer)

Following are the Mods for the Warlock build:

-Solar/Kinetic Siphon
-Heavy/Special Ammo Finder
Gautlets-Kinetic/Solar Loader
-Impact Induction
-Bolstering Detonation
Chest Piece-Recovery/Discipline
-Elemental Resist Mods/Concussive Dampener
Legs-Elemental Surge x2
-Elemental Charge
Class Item-Time Dilation
-Font of Restoration


  • Osmiomancy Gloves: These exotic gloves give you an additional Coldsnap grenade that also rechargers quicker. Grenade ability also has improved travel distance.
  • Conditional Finality: A double-barrel Stasis shotgun that comes in handy when dealing with high-tier enemies.

How It Works

This build works best in high enemy density. When you see a group of minor enemies, such as thralls throw your Coldsnap Grenade. This will freeze enemies and the Seeker will track nearby enemies, freezing them as well. Further, you can kill the frozen enemies, which will result in a burst of Stasis energy freezing, slowing, and killing more nearby enemies.

Important: These three builds that I have mentioned for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock may not be effective when the next season launches and the current meta changes.

My Criteria For The Best Destiny 2 Builds

destiny 2 time
Destiny 2 hours spent [Image via Time wasted on Destiny]
In my opinion, the PVE meta tends to shift a lot when looking at the builds for each class. While I definitely factored in the most used builds, I strongly suggest checking out what the community is offering, too. An instance is SneakyBeaver on X’s clip of the newly buffed Celestial Nighthawk Hunter build in Season of the Wish, which annihilates bosses.

My favorite build is definitely the Strand one for the Titans due to how Woven Mail provides a great damage reduction, and of course, Titan is my main class to use in the game.

This brings my Destiny 2 best builds guide to an end. If you are interested in similar guides, make sure to check out Best Titan Builds in Destiny 2. You can also check the Best PvE Weapons Tier List to see what weapons go best with your builds.

You can head over to D2 Armor Picker and Destiny Item Manager (DIM), which will help you pick out Armor, Mods, Aspects, and Fragments with ease. If you have any concerns or queries, make to to let us know in the comments. As always, your feedback is highly appreciated.

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