12 Best Bows In Destiny 2 [3000+ Hours Experience]

Bows have been around in Destiny 2 since the Forsaken expansion. Here is our tier list of the eighteen best bows the game has to offer.

Bows were first introduced to Destiny 2 in Year 2 of Destiny 2 when the Forsaken expansion was launched. They quickly gained popularity among the community because of their long-range usability, allowing me to clear enemies, especially majors, and champions, from a long distance without putting myself at risk.

Important: It is important to note some of the bows mentioned on this list of best bows in Destiny 2 can only be acquired when Banshee-44 or Xur bring them on a weekly rotation. Otherwise, there is no way to obtain these weapons.
Key Takeaways
  • This list below mentions some of the Top 12 best bows Destiny 2 has currently available.
  1. Arsenic Bite-4B is an energy slot arc energy bow. It is part of the world drop loot pool and has useful perks like Archers Tempo, which decreases its draw time.
  2. Lunulata-4B is a stasis bow in the energy slot. It is one of the easier weapons to obtain because it is part of the world drop loot pools.
  3. Accrued Redemption can be acquired from the Garden of Salvation raid. It can roll with perks like Quickdraw, making it a good choice for PvP.
  4. Tyranny of Heaven is a solar energy bow from the Last Wish raid. It has good perks in its perk pool, making it usable in PvP and PvE.
  5. Whistler’s Whim is a legendary bow that can be acquired from the Trials of Osiris, which is the endgame competitive PvP activity in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Best Bows Summary

Arsenic Bite-4B6822816860
Accrued Redemption7661705340
Tyranny of Heaven817746920
Whistler's Whim6828746920
Point of the Stag7663725540
Leviathans Breath6084650
Verglas Curve6853836360
Ticuu's Divination6847796260
Trinity Ghoul8095744560
Le Monarque7678705150

1. Arsenic Bite-4B

The Most Accessible Bow in Destiny 2.
stasis bow
Arsenic Bite-4B (Image Captured By eXputer).
Impact 68
Accuracy 22
Stability 68
Handling 65
Reload Speed 60
Aim Assistance 81
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 10
Draw Time 540
Recoil Direction 51

Don’t get deceived by the looks of Arsenic Bite-4B because this legendary arc energy bow comes with a lightweight frame archetype. Therefore, it can be used to draw and shoot arrows at a faster rate.

In my experience, it can roll with very few good perks like Snapshot, Explosive Head, and Archers Tempo. The combination of these perks makes it a very useful weapon in both PvP and PvE content. You can acquire it from any activity currently available in Destiny 2 because Arsenic Bite-4B is part of the world drop loot pool.

  • Lightweight Frame gives +10 mobility stat to your character.
  • Perks like Snapshot can allow players to aim down sights very quickly, which is especially useful in PvP.
  • The Archers Tempo on this weapon allows us to shoot arrows at a quicker rate.
  • Limited amount of perks available on the weapon makes it a less popular choice amongst many players.
  • Time-consuming to acquire since there is no way to focus on Archer’s Tempo.
  • Lightweight frame; has comparatively less damage than some other bows.

2. Lunulata-4B

The Best Mobility-based Bow.
Lunalata-4B Bow with stasis energy
Lunalata-4B (Image Captured By Us).
Impact 68
Accuracy 15
Stability 69
Handling 72
Reload Speed 60
Aim Assistance 82
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 7
Draw Time 500
Recoil Direction 49

Lunulata-4B is a legendary stasis energy bow. It is also a lightweight frame weapon, thus giving you +10 mobility when the weapon is equipped.

If you ask me, this bow has some unique perks available in its perk pool, such as Golden Tricorn and Headstone, which are incredible perks when used with a grenade-focused stasis build. Lunulata-4B can be acquired from any currently playable source in Destiny 2 since it is part of the world drop loot pool.

  • Pair with a few stasis builds, especially those that utilize grenade spam.
  • Perks like Golden Tricorn are helpful in reducing ability cooldowns.
  • Lunulata-4B has many PvP perks available at its disposal.
  • A large perk pool can make it a difficult task to acquire your desired roll.
  • No option to focus farm Lunulata-4B; it can be time-consuming to obtain it.

3. Accrued Redemption

The Best Long-Range Bow in Destiny 2.
Kinetic Bow
Accrued Redemption (Image credit: eXputer).
Impact 76
Accuracy 61
Stability 53
Handling 60
Reload Speed 40
Aim Assistance 70
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 10
Draw Time 612
Recoil Direction 77

Accrued Redemption, is a kinetic slot bow and is mostly optimized for long-range engagements. It also drops with perks like Archers Tempo and Explosive Head making it a top-tier bow.

You can acquire Accrued Redemption from the first encounter of the Garden of Salvation raid. I highly recommend you aim for the Archer’s Tempo and Explosive Head perk combination.

  • S-Tier perks like Archers Tempo and Explosive Head.
  • Very effective at long-range engagements.
  • Easy to acquire
  • Only has a handful amount of perks in its perk pool.
  • Base stats make it a less interesting choice among other bows.

4. Tyranny Of Heaven

The Best Solar Element Bow in Destiny 2.
Solar Bow
Tyranny of Heaven (Image credit: eXputer).
Impact 68
Accuracy 17
Stability 69
Handling 52
Reload Speed 20
Aim Assistance 74
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 10
Draw Time 500
Recoil Direction 54

This simple and elegant-looking bow, Tyranny of Heaven, is a legendary solar bow with a lightweight frame. It has several perks available that reduce draw time and increase its damage, which is great in my opinion. Tyranny of Heaven can be acquired from the Last Wish raid. In particular, it drops from the Vault encounter of the Last Wish raid.

  • Gives +10 mobility stat because it is a lightweight frame gun.
  • It has perks like Archers Tempo that reduce its draw time with each precision shot.
  • Limited amount of perks, most of which are very basic.
  • No perk is available on this bow that can be utilized with subclass abilities.

5. Whistler’s Whim

The Best PVP Bow
trials of osiris pvp bow
Whistler’s Whim (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Impact 68
Accuracy 28
Stability 74
Handling 76
Reload Speed 60
Aim Assistance 74
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 19
Draw Time 500
Recoil Direction 60

Only acquirable through Trials of Osiris, the competitive PvP endgame activity, Whistler’s Whim really makes the whole effort worth it because of how good it performs, speaking as a subpar PVP player.

This bow can only be acquired by playing Trials of Osiris, which arrives every week on Friday’s daily reset. You can either complete the weekly bounty for a chance to obtain it or go for the five, seven, and flawless reward. If you go flawless, you will be rewarded with the Adept version of Whistlers Whim, which has improved stats and more perk options available at its disposal.

  • Adept version makes it one of the best PVP bows Destiny 2 currently offers.
  • It has a good combination of PvP perks available, which are Moving Target and Opening Shot.
  • Trials of Osiris is a difficult activity and not for every player.
  • Acquiring the role you desire is difficult and time-consuming.

6. Point Of The Stag

The Best Compound Bow.
point of stag arc bow
Point Of The Stag (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer).
Impact 76
Accuracy 63
Stability 55
Handling 61
Reload Speed 40
Aim Assistance 72
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 10
Draw Time 612
Recoil Direction 77

Point of the Stag is one of the best bows Destiny 2 has among all the other arc bows currently in the game. With games like Archers Tempo and Vorpal Weapon, it becomes an S-Tier bow.

If you keep hitting precision shots, Vorpal Weapon will increase the damage of each arrow you fire. It will also allow you to do more damage on enemy guardians while their super is active.

Point of the Stag can be acquired from the Monument of Lost Light located in the tower near the vaults.

  • Perks like Archers Tempo will give you the advantage of reduced draw time on the Point of the Stag bow.
  • One of the perks on this bow is the Vorpal Weapon, usable in both PvP and PvE activities.
  • Slightly more expensive to acquire from the Monument of Lost Light.
  • Hitting precision shots can be difficult due to the unusual sight on this bow.

7. Leviathan’s Breath

Best Heavy Bow in Destiny 2.
heavy exotic bow
Leviathan’s Breath (Screenshot Captured by eXputer).
Impact 60
Accuracy 84
Stability 5
Handling 0
Reload Speed 0
Aim Assistance 66
Zoom 20
Airborne Effectiveness 17
Draw Time 132
Recoil Direction 75

Currently, the only heavy exotic bow in the game is Leviathan’s Breath. However, despite it being a heavy weapon, it is certainly not a good weapon and will only waste your exotic and heavy slot at the same time.

Therefore, I recommend trying other bows on this best bows Destiny 2 list that you can use for PvP and PvE activities. You can acquire Leviathan’s Breath from the Monument of Lost Light in the tower, which is located between the vaults.

  • Comes with the knock-back effect, good against majors and champions.
  • Strong against unstoppable champions.
  • Offers very limited usability, making it useful in very few situations.
  • Draw time to fire an arrow on this bow is very slow, making it tedious.
  • Ammo economy is very bad, and a less popular choice for endgame activities.

8. Verglas Curve

The Best Stasis Element Bow.
stasis exotic bow kinetic slot
Verglas Curve (Screenshot Captured by eXputer).
Impact 68
Accuracy 53
Stability 63
Handling 72
Reload Speed 60
Aim Assistance 83
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 20
Draw Time 580
Recoil Direction 60

This shiny stasis energy exotic bow is Verglas Curve. It comes with the exotic perk Hail Barrage that will grant you Stasis arrows when you land a precision shot. If hip-fired, the shots fired are all released in an instant. The other perk on Verglas Curve is Hail Storm, which allows you to freeze targets and create stasis crystals. It can be obtained from the Monument of Lost Light in the Tower.

  • Can be paired with many stasis builds, increasing its usability and effectiveness.
  • When hip-fired, it will fire multiple arrows that will end up freezing enemy targets.
  • Verglas Curve has a low impact of 68, which makes it less effective in PvP.
  • It has a higher draw time compared to the rest of the bows.

9. Wish-Ender

The Best Endgame Bow in Destiny 2
wish-ender bow destiny 2
Wish-Ender (Screenshot Grab: eXputer).
Impact 92
Accuracy 85
Stability 85
Handling 40
Reload Speed 30
Aim Assistance 51
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 19
Draw Time 820
Recoil Direction 60

This sleek-looking bow is Wish-Ender. Its exotic perk Queen’s Wrath, allows us to see enemy combatants through walls when aiming down sights. It also has an Anti-Barrier champion mod that you can use in Nightfalls.

Initially, it used to be obtained by completing a long exotic quest. However, similar to most old exotics, now you can simply acquire Wish-Ender by visiting the Monument of Lost Light located in the Tower.

  • Allows you to see through walls when you aim down sights.
  • Anti-Barrier Champion mod that will allow you to stun anti-barrier champions.
  • Deals damage to shielded combatants by penetrating their shields.
  • No usability in PvP activities despite its capability to see through walls.
  • Very slow draw time, therefore putting you at risk when using it.

10. Ticcu’s Divination

Most Unique Exotic Bow.
solar multi arrow bow destiny 2
Ticcu’s Divination (Image Captured by Us).
Impact 68
Accuracy 47
Stability 62
Handling 66
Reload Speed 60
Aim Assistance 79
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 23
Draw Time 580
Recoil Direction 60

This might be one of the coolest exotic bows Bungie has released so far. Ticcu’s Divination allows us great usability with solar builds, and it is strong against Overload Champions, too.

Its exotic perk, Sacred Flame, fires multiple arrows that track enemies when hip-fired. Furthermore, targets marked by these projectiles will explode upon death.

Ticcu’s Divination can be acquired from the Monument of Lost Light in the tower, which is located near the vault. Its catalyst will drop from Vanguard and Seasonal activities.

  • Fires multiple arrows when hip-fired that track enemy targets.
  • Aiming down sights will cause the targets to ignite and explode.
  • Spreads scorch to nearby targets.
  • Due to ignite and scorch capabilities, it will pair up very well with your solar builds.
  • When hip-fired, Ticcu’s Divination had very little damage on each of its arrows.
  • Less effective when it is used in long-range engagements.
  • Require you to coordinate with your teammates for it to be more effective.

11. Trinity Ghoul

The Best Arc Element Bow.
arc exotic bow destiny 2
Trinity Ghoul (Image Captured by Us).
Impact 80
Accuracy 95
Stability 45
Handling 63
Reload Speed 60
Aim Assistance 74
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 24
Draw Time 756
Recoil Direction 77

With the introduction of Arc 3.0, Trinity Ghoul quickly rose up the ranks of exotic weapons. It is best known for its ad-clear capabilities and chain-lightening effects.

All of the credit goes to its perks, Lightning Rod and Split Electron. Furthermore, acquiring the catalyst makes it an even better weapon because the Lightning Rod perk can activate with any type of arc damage. You can acquire this bow from the Monument of Lost Light located in the tower near the vaults. The catalyst for Trinity Ghoul will drop in the Vanguard playlist from activities like Vanguard Ops and Nightfalls.

  • Activating the exotic perk will allow us to kill enemies with a chain lightning effect with arc damage.
  • You can integrate it very well with any arc built on all three classes.
  • Equipping Trinity Ghoul will use up the exotic slot, and you won’t be able to use any other exotic weapon.
  • This weapon does not have any anti-champion mod as an intrinsic perk.

12. Le Monarque

The Best Void Element Bow.
le monarque best exotic bow destiny 2
Le Monarque (Screenshot Grab: eXputer).
Impact 76
Accuracy 78
Stability 51
Handling 69
Reload Speed 50
Aim Assistance 70
Zoom 18
Airborne Effectiveness 18
Draw Time 684
Recoil Direction 78

A void exotic bow with plenty of potential to be used with any build, Le Monarque really tops the charts for me. It has been a top choice of players for all endgame activities, such as Grandmaster Nightfalls and Master raids.

You can acquire it by visiting the Monument of Lost Light in the tower, which is located between the vaults. I highly recommend you make it your top priority to acquire this bow since this is one of the best bows Destiny 2 has for all your PvP and PvE encounters.

  • Overload Champion Mod makes it strong against overload champions.
  • Constantly hitting overload champions with precision shots keeps them stunned for a long time.
  • Poison damage applies a small debuff.
  • Sometimes Overload champion mode will fail to proc properly.
  • Locks you out of using an exotic in your heavy slot.

Alternative Picks

Here are the other bows which we did not include in the guide and their reasons.

  • Biting Winds: It has brilliant perks but hitting headshots is necessary for competitive use.
  • Holless-IV: It’s impact is good but handling is poor, and low reload speed.
  • Raconteur: You can heal your allies but it has high recoil and slow reload speed.

Best Bows Destiny 2 Criteria

I have created this list of the best bows Destiny 2 has to offer (Steam Name: LIONT4MER) with my in-depth knowledge of the Destiny franchise over the span of six years. Furthermore, I have been a consistent player of Destiny since the launch of the franchise when Destiny 1 was released on old-generation consoles.

Therefore, with over 3000+ in Destiny 2 and numerous raid completions that can be viewed on the Raid Report website, I can ensure you this list is reliable and trustworthy.

I have also reviewed the latest expansion, Lightfall, which has added numerous amount of activities and weapons. Furthermore, the Destiny 2 community has also been blessed with the all-new Strand subclass and some new exotic gear. You can view a list of exotic gear that was added with the Lightfall expansion.

That is the end of my best bows Destiny 2 list. Bows have been the choice of weapon for most endgame activities because they allow me to take down enemies at a long range. Although the list is short, the bows I mentioned above stood out the most from all the bows in Destiny 2.

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