Destiny 2: All Apogee Repeaters Locations [With Images]

Collect all 39 Apogee Repeaters Throughout Neomuna in Destiny 2 to get the triumph score achievements done!

The world of Destiny 2: Lightfall is vast and filled with hidden secrets, such as the elusive Apogee Repeaters scattered throughout the metropolitan city of Neomuna. As a Guardian, you must locate and retrieve all 39 Repeaters in order to complete a challenging triumph in your records section.

Key Takeaways

Apogee Repeaters are small devices that must be located and interacted with to complete a triumph. Here are locations for all:

  • Zephyr Concourse: 8 Repeaters with platform jumping, enemy encounters, and exploration.
  • Ahimsa Park: 8 Repeaters on structures and overhangs, requiring grappling and jumping skills.
  • Liming Harbor: 8 Repeaters hidden on buildings and structures, making it challenging to locate all.
  • Irkhalla Complex: 3 Repeaters needing exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat readiness.
  • Esi Terminal: 3 Repeaters on ledges, platforms, and a construction site’s unfinished building.
  • Typhon Imperator: 3 Repeaters that demand careful observation and platform jumping.
  • Radiosonde: 3 Repeaters situated on a yellow crane, a tower platform, and a suspended platform.
  • Maya’s Retreat: 3 Repeaters at the Temple area, a cave with a waterfall, and a cliff overlooking the region.
Important:  The ultimate challenge of finding all the Apogee Repeaters scattered throughout Neomuna is a special emblem reward that players will receive upon completion.

The Location Of Apogee Repeaters

Here is a quick breakdown of all the Apogee Repeaters locations in Destiny 2:

LocationApogee Repeaters
Zephyr Concourse8
Ahimsa Park8
Liming Harbor8
Irkhalla Complex3
Esi Terminal3
Typhon Imperator3
Maya's Retreat3

Small devices known as apogee repeaters are dispersed around Neomuna. These devices need to be located and interacted with in order to complete a triumph. The players get a special emblem from the triumph as a prize for their achievement. The Apogee Repeaters are scattered all over Neomuna, and they can be found in various locations, such as:

  • Zephyr Concourse
  • Ahimsa Park 
  • Liming Harbor 
  • Irkhalla Complex 
  • Esi Terminal 
  • Typhon Imperator 
  • Radiosonde 
  • Maya’s Retreat

How to Find the Apogee Repeaters

  • The players must extensively explore the city of Neomuna in to find the Apogee Repeaters. 
  • There are certain Repeaters at each location that must be located and interacted with.
  • Locating the Repeaters is made much simpler by our guide’s detailed instructions on where to locate each one.

The Ultimate Challenge

Finding all 39 Apogee Repeaters scattered throughout Neomuna is not an easy task. However, with our guide, players can find all the Repeaters and complete the triumph. The challenge is worth it, as it rewards players with a special emblem that they can wear with pride. So, gear up and get ready to take on the ultimate challenge of finding all the Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion.

Zephyr Concourse: Search For 8 Apogee Repeaters

This location has 8 Apogee Repeaters to find, so get ready for a challenging but rewarding hunt. Here are detailed steps to help you find all of them:

Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters First Zephyr Concourse Apogee Repeater
First Zephyr Concourse Apogee Repeater
  • Look beneath the starting bridge for the first repeater.
  • Climb to the top of an alcove on the main donut structure for the second repeater.
  • Ascend the parasol-like extension near the spawn point to locate the third repeater.
  • Jump across platforms in a straight line to quickly reach the fourth repeater.
  • Defeat a Cabal enemy to spot the fifth repeater high in the sky along the platform.
  • Find the sixth repeater near a building on the left at ground level.
  • Search an overhang above a large gap left of the Fast Travel spawn point for the seventh repeater.
  • Keep platform jumping to discover the eighth repeater.

Remember to use your Strand ability to grapple toward some of the repeaters and to look up and around for hidden locations.

Ahimsa Park: Uncovering 8 Apogee Repeaters

Ahimsa Park is another location in Neomuna where you can find a total of 8 Apogee Repeaters. The locations of each one are listed below where you can find each one:

  • Large Structure: As soon as you spawn in, head towards the large structure in front of you to find the first Apogee Repeater.
Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters First Ahimsa Park Apogee Repeater
First Ahimsa Park Apogee Repeater
  • Pillar: After grabbing the first repeater, head to the right side of the large structure to find a pillar you can grapple onto to get the next repeater.
  • Top of Pillar: Keep heading right and grapple onto the top of another pillar to find the third repeater.
  • Curved Spine-like Structure: Head back to the large structure where you found the first repeater and look for a curved spine-like structure nearby. The fourth repeater can be found beyond it.
  • Chainsaw-looking Building: For the fifth repeater, jump onto the chainsaw-looking building nearby and look for the repeater on top.
  • Alcoves Overlooking Road: Head back to the main area of the park and jump onto the alcoves overlooking the road to find the sixth repeater.
  • Overhang: To find the seventh repeater, head to the large gap on the left side of the Fast Travel spawn point and look for an overhang.
  • Inside Building: Finally, head back to the large building where you found the first repeater and look for the eighth repeater inside a room in the building.

Liming Harbor: Where to Find 8 Apogee Repeaters

Liming Harbor is one of the most challenging areas to find all the Apogee Repeaters. However, fear not! We are here to guide you through it. Below you’ll find a detailed description of all eight Apogee Repeaters in Liming Harbor.

  • First Repeater: Look for a neon sign near the water’s edge, and you’ll find the first repeater there.
Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters First Liming Harbor Apogee Repeater
First Liming Harbor Apogee Repeater
  • Second Repeater: From the first repeater, use your Strand ability to grapple towards the second one, which is located on a building across the road.
  • Third Repeater: Head down the road towards a building with an arch. Follow the marker, and you’ll come across the third repeater.
  • Fourth Repeater: Keep looking up to spot the fourth repeater, which is tricky and hidden high in the sky.
  • Fifth Repeater: Head back down to the streets and then towards a building on the other side of the arch. Run along a couple of roofs to get to the fifth repeater.
  • Sixth Repeater: From the fifth repeater, continue on the platforms until you see a crane-like structure. The sixth repeater is hanging from it.
  • Seventh Repeater: Look for a cranny past the crane, which you’ll access by continuing on the platforms. The seventh repeater is there.
  • Eighth Repeater: Head towards the water for the last one, which is on the building that almost looks like a ship.

Irkhalla Complex: Unravel 3 Apogee Repeaters

Explore the Irkhalla Complex to locate three crucial Apogee repeaters needed for the Neomuna triumph. Access the complex via the Fast Travel point and head left from the spawn stairs, passing through a square door and proceeding down a corridor leading outside.

Finding the Repeaters:

  1. The First Repeater: Continue left from the spawn stairs, go through the square door, and navigate the platforms between buildings to reach a crane-like structure, where you’ll find the first repeater.
    Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters First Irkalla Complex Apogee Repeater
    First Irkalla Complex Apogee Repeater
  2. The Second Repeater: From the first repeater, move left and cross a gap onto nearby platforms. Use parkour to reach the building opposite the crane, where the second repeater hangs off the side.
  3. The Third Repeater: Head towards the large structure visible from the second repeater’s location. Secure the last repeater situated on one of the protruding guns on the building’s deck.
Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters First Irkalla Complex Apogee Repeater
First Irkalla Complex Apogee Repeater

Esi Terminal: 3 Repeaters

To locate all three repeaters in the Esi Terminal zone for your Guardian’s triumph records, follow these steps:

  1. Spawn Point Location:

    • In Esi Terminal, head right after spawning in.
    • Look for a neon sign with a blue arrow reading “Esi Terminal” to guide you in the right direction to start your search.
      Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters First Esi Terminal Apogee Repeater
      First Esi Terminal Apogee Repeater
  2. First Repeater Location:

    • After leaving the spawn area, grapple onto the platform on the left side of the neon sign.
    • Turn around to find the first repeater tucked away in a small corner behind a plant.
  3. Second Repeater Location:

    • From the first repeater, proceed down the main street until you reach an alleyway on your left.
    • Go down the alley and spot the repeater on a ledge to your left.
    • Grapple onto the ledge to collect the repeater.
  4. Third Repeater Location:

    • After obtaining the second repeater, continue down the alley and make a right turn.
    • Keep following the path until you reach a construction site on your right.
    • Locate the final repeater on one of the unfinished buildings in the middle of the site.

Typhon Imperator: Locate 3 Apogee Repeaters

Typhon Imperator is one of the many locations in Neomuna that contains Apogee repeaters. Here are the steps to find all three of them:

  1. Spawn Point Location: Start by heading straight towards the archway with the red neon lights when you spawn in Typhon Imperator.
  2. Keep Your Eyes Peeled: The first repeater is a bit tricky to spot as it’s positioned high up on the wall. Be attentive as you explore the area.
  3. Jump Across the Pillars: To find the second repeater, jump across the pillars separated by a gap. Look up on the wall to your left (or potentially right) to find an alcove containing the repeater.
  4. Look Above the Giant Statue: The last repeater can be located by finding the giant statue in the area and looking above it. The repeater is on a ledge that can be reached with careful maneuvering.
Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters First Typhon Imperator Apogee Repeater
First Typhon Imperator Apogee Repeater

Radiosonde: Discover 3 Apogee Repeaters

The Radiosonde location is one of the more difficult ones to reach in Destiny 2, but with a little effort and some careful navigation, you can find all three Repeaters in no time. Here is a walkthrough to help you find them:

  1. Spawn Point Location: Start by heading toward the building with a large radio tower on top as you spawn into Radiosonde.
  2. First Repeater Location: From the spawn point, go left and look for a massive yellow crane in the distance. The first Repeater is on top of this crane.
  3. Second Repeater Location: Return to the spawn point and locate a set of stairs leading up to the building with the radio tower. Climb the stairs and jump onto the platform attached to the tower. From there, you can see a platform with the second Repeater. Use your jump abilities to reach it.
  4. Third Repeater Location: The third Repeater is situated on a platform suspended in the air by several cables. Look for a large metal container while descending the stairs to reach this platform. Jump onto the cable after climbing the container and use your jumping abilities to navigate the cable and reach the platform with the third Repeater.
Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters First Radiosonde Apogee Repeater
First Radiosonde Apogee Repeater

Maya’s Retreat: Scour for 3 Apogee Repeaters

Maya’s Retreat is a location in the Dreaming City of Destiny 2 that houses three Apogee Repeaters. It is a vast and beautiful area filled with lush greenery and waterfalls, making it one of the most stunning locations in the game. You must extensively search the area and look for the following landmarks to find the Repeaters:

The Temple: Go to the Temple area and climb the building to the top. Search for a small platform with a purple banner when you get there. This is where the very first Repeater is.

Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters
First Maya’s Retreat Apogee Repeater
  • The Caves: Explore the caves near the Temple area, and you will find a second Repeater hidden inside.
      • Look for a cave with a waterfall inside, and the Repeater will be located in the back.
  • The Cliff: Head to the highest point in the area, and you will find a cliff overlooking the entire region.
      • Jump off the cliff and look for a small platform on the side of the mountain. The third Repeater is located here.

Be cautious when exploring Maya’s Retreat, as the area is filled with powerful enemies and traps. It is recommended to bring a fireteam and suitable gear before attempting to find the Repeaters.


destiny 2 hours
Destiny 1 and 2 hours (Image via Time Wasted on Destiny)

I was chosen to write this guide for the Apogee Receptor locations (Steam Name: LIONT4MER). I have well over 3000+ hours across both Destiny installments, including playing it recently with the latest expansion and being up-to-date with the changes of the latest season too.

So even with my Raid Report track record, rest assured that these locations will help you narrow down all the apogee receptors in order to acquire the triumph easily.

Ending Remarks

Apogee repeaters offer players a challenging yet rewarding experience. From Zephyr Concourse to Maya’s Retreat, each location presents its own set of obstacles and requires careful navigation and coordination among team members.

The radiosonde, Typhon Imperator, and Esi Terminal also provide unique challenges for players to overcome. With the right strategies, loadouts, and teamwork, players can successfully locate and activate all the repeaters. The ultimate challenge of the apogee repeaters is not for the faint of heart but for those willing to put in the effort; the rewards are worth it.


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