Destiny 2 Has Also Allegedly Become Unplayable On Steam Deck Using Windows

The game has become unplayable on Steam Deck and throwing error after an update following the latest APU driver update.

Destiny 2 has recently been in some murky waters after failing to meet players’ specific demands. The game still receives a lot of updates and love from the developers, resulting in a vast number of active player counts after half a decade. However, Bungie has also made some decisions that rubbed the community the wrong way.

Destiny 2 team earlier elaborated on its decision to not officially support a Steam Deck version, confusing players with vague reasoning. The Steam Deck version was left behind, but players forged their own method of playing the game on the handheld. 

Destiny 2 has been playable on Steam Deck by ditching the SteamOS for Windows, well, until recently, at least. 

Major Takeaway

  • Destiny 2 has appeared to stop working on Steam Deck running dedicated Windows, throwing a nasty error.
  • The sudden error mentions how the game is not supported for handheld. 
  • Players suspect the errors began after the latest Steam Deck’s APU driver update.
  • Thankfully, not everyone appears to suffer through it; and some other unreported factors could cause the error.

The method of running dedicated Windows on Steam Deck to play Destiny 2 proved highly reliable and worked smoothly for a long time. However, a player has reported Destiny 2 is not running anymore after the latest APU driver update on the handheld. The game allegedly throws an error, failing to run like before.

Image Credit: u/StuMcDowell on the r/SteamDeck subreddit.

Running the game after the update results in error stating, “Destiny 2 is not currently supported on Steam Deck.” The game has unfortunately broken on the Steam Deck running Windows after the APU driver update, and no other viable solution currently exists to play Destiny 2 on the portable. 

A journalist and a Steam Deck analyst, Deckverse, vented frustration on Twitter following the unfolding situation. He blamed Bungie for making Destiny 2 unplayable on Steam Deck using Windows.

Deckverse cited, “Locking people out of your game who decide to dedicatedly run Windows on their Decks just to be able to further boost your revenues, is ridiculous. Even by your standards

However, the culprit appears to be the update here, not Bungie, but it is hard to verify. Bungie may have gotten the method patched intentionally to make Destiny 2 unplayable using windows on Steam Deck. There is also a chance of the update unknowingly fixing the loophole and making the game unplayable. 

Fortunately, not everyone is experiencing the error, and the game appears to work fine for some players after the update that commented on the situation in the Reddit forum. Best to grab your handheld to check if the update has broken the game for you or not. 

The title may eventually become unplayable for everyone if future updates continue to patch the current method to play it on Steam Deck using Windows. We suggest taking the news with a slight pinch of salt, as some other factors may have played a role in preventing the game from working for the aforesaid user.

Destiny 2 is still boasting an incredible number of players, sometimes surpassing the likes of the relatively new Halo Infinite. Bungie has brewed the title with a lot of love, keeping it fresh with constant updates. It remains a popular game to this day and continues to see immersive additions.

Bungie could benefit a lot by officially bringing the massively popular title to Steam Deck, but no plans appear on the horizon. The developers seem to steer clear of all requests made by fans to bring Destiny 2 officially on Steam Deck, and the decision is improbable to change in the future.

What are your thoughts about the last workaround of running Destiny 2 on Steam Deck finally crumbling? Do you think Bungie should add official Destiny 2 support on Steam Deck? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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