Destiny 2: The Best Osteo Striga Rolls [3000+ Hours Experience]

Learn everything there is about how to get the Osteo Striga exotic SMG in Destiny 2, as well as the best perk combos/rolls to craft on it.

Destiny 2 Osteo Striga is an exotic SMG that has gained a lot of popularity ever since it was first released in the Witch Queen expansion roughly a year ago. This kinetic exotic SMG is strong in both PVP and PVE, but what makes it unique from the rest of the exotic weapons is the fact that you can craft and customize its perk rolls back at the Enclave on Mars. So let’s briefly discuss how you can get your hands on the best Destiny 2 Osteo Striga roll for PVP and PVE, as well as learn how to obtain the weapon itself in case you’re a new player.

Key Takeaways
  • The Osteo Striga is an exotic SMG that shoots tracking poison bullets and is available with the Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2.
  • As of Season 21, you can obtain the Osteo Striga by completing the Witch Queen campaign.
  • Aside from the exotic traits, Osteo Striga’s latter perks and Exotic Catalyst first need to be unlocked to craft at the Enclave by earning sufficient weapon XP.

  • The PVE god roll comprises perks that boost the gun’s handling and reload speed to make it easier to use in crowded situations.
  • Lastly, the best Destiny 2 Osteo Striga PVP roll consists of maximizing stability and range, but you can freely swap them to your preference of stats. 

How To Get Osteo Striga In Destiny 2

destiny 2 osteo striga
Osteo Striga (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPE Exotic Kinetic SMG
Impact 25
Range 80
Stability 37
Handling 26
Reload Speed 18
Aim Assistance 55
Inventory size 30
Zoom 13
Airborne effectiveness 27

Following are the intrinsic perk and traits associated with the Osteo Striga SMG as well as its unique exotic catalyst:

  • Screaming Swarm: Fires a stream of sentient, toxic projectiles that track the targeted enemy.
  • Toxic Overload: Landing a final blow or multiple precision hits triggers a burst that poisons nearby targets.
  • Exotic Catalyst: Poison final blows return ammo to the magazine as well as grant increased reload and stability stats to the weapon.

Originally, when the Witch Queen expansion first came out, players could instantly acquire the Osteo Striga as long as they had bought the deluxe edition of the DLC. But without the deluxe access now, you will simply need to complete the main campaign of the Witch Queen in order to unlock the Osteo Striga for crafting in the Enclave on Mars.

But that aside, you will need the following list of crafting materials and resources to shape your first Osteo Striga at Level 1:

  • 15,000 Glimmer
  • 2,375 Resonant Elements
  • 7 Resonant Alloy
  • 1 Ascendant Alloy

However, before you end up marching down there, you should know beforehand that you won’t be able to craft the best roll for the Osteo Striga straight away as they will be unavailable, and in order to acquire them, you will need to level up the weapon at certain level thresholds to unlock and access them. Furthermore, the exotic catalyst will also need to be unlocked by grinding the Osteo Striga to Level 10.

Best PVE Roll

d2 pve
PVE roll (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

In my personal experience with the weapon, Osteo Striga performs extremely well in PVE, whether it’s ritual or weekly activities such as strikes or Dares of Eternity or even endgame content like the recent Root of Nightmares raid. It is not only a viable weapon for ad-clearing but also fun to use with any kind of subclass.

But with that said, the following are my hand-picked PVE god roll perks for the Osteo Striga:

Fluted Barrel Ultra-light Barrel

  • Greatly increases handling speed
  • Slightly increases stability
  • Stability: +5
  • Handling: +15
The increased handling will allow you to boost weapon swap speed between your other special weapons besides the Osteo Striga.
Smallbore Dual strength barrel

  • Increases range
  • Increases stability
  • Range: +7
  • Stability: +7
An alternative barrel choice if you prefer a minuscule range boost to the weapon.
Flared Magwell Optimized for fast reloading.

  • Greatly increases reload speed
  • Slightly increases stability
  • Reload Speed: +15
  • Stability: +5
Increased reload speed will make it easier to use the Osteo Striga during intense encounters or situations in PVE.
Short-Action Stock This weapon is especially easy to grip.

  • Greatly increases handling speed
  • Handling: +15
Further helps increase weapon swap speed, almost making it lightweight to switch guns during gameplay.

Best PVP Roll

d2 osteo striga
PVP roll (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Since the Osteo Striga supports unique tracking bullets with poison effects, it honestly makes this one of the best kinetic exotic guns to use against Guardians in PVP for casual, ranked, and even the Trials of Osiris. You technically don’t need to fine-tune the weapon for PVP usage.

But still, if you are looking to min-max the stats to your preference solely for PVP, then I’d recommend the following list of perks:

Polygonal Rifling Barrel optimized for recoil reduction

  • Increases stability
Stability: +10 It can be swapped, but greatly helpful if you’re playing Destiny 2 on a console using a controller and want recoil control over the Osteo Striga.
Accurized Rounds This weapon can fire longer distances.

  • Increases range
Range: +10 Higher range stats can allow you to fire at longer distances on PVP maps in The Crucible.
Hand-Laid Stock This weapon is optimized for recoil control.

  • Increases stability
Stability: +10 Further increases stability, making it easier to use it for sustained fire in PVP.

That does about it for the guide. Destiny 2 Lightfall may not have provided the players with the same feeling as Witch Queen, but hopefully, Bungie aims to address the issues with the grand finale of the Light vs Darkness saga’s expansion, The Final Shape. By the time players get story information regarding the DLC, I sincerely hope the developers also address the controversial ending of Lightfall too.

If you enjoyed reading this article, then I’m sure you might find it intriguing to see how the Osteo Striga fairs in our PVE weapon Tier List for Destiny 2. Looking to pair a special weapon with this SMG for PVP? Then be sure to check out my guide on the Best PVP snipers for Destiny 2. If you have any other questions or concerns, then be sure to let me know in the comments section below!

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