Destiny 2: Expert Guide On 15 Best PVP Snipers

Learn from the expert about the best PVP snipers in Destiny 2 for 2024, as well as their pros and cons.

The list of the best Destiny 2 PVP snipers can vary as each gun offers a drastically different archetype and pool of perks that can alter your playstyle in combat. In contrast, perks may not matter too much in PVP right now, but there are the usual ‘god rolls’ that you should get, especially if you want that specific sniper rifle to have an edge. Each of these best sniper rifles I have showcased in this list can heavily benefit you in 2024 in both of Destiny 2’s core PVP modes; Crucible and Trials of Osiris.

Key Takeaways
  • The 15 Best Destiny 2 PVP sniper rifles can vary from each other in terms of stats, god rolls as well as whether they’re easily obtainable or even available anymore.
  • These Destiny 2 sniper rifles also have unique archetypes, such as the hard-hitting Aggressive frames to the rapid-fire frames for high fire rate.
  • The popular choices are The Supremacy, 1000-Yard Stare as well as Beloved for their balanced stats and superb perk pool for PVP.
  • A couple of snipers, such as the Silicon Neuroma and Succession, are great in PVE but can be plainly used since they also have good PVP perks and stats.
Important: The following Destiny 2 Best Snipers list is based on the current PVP meta of Season 21 in the Lightfall expansion, so their stats or viability can differ via future balancing patches or updates to the gameplay sandbox.

Here’s a summary of the 15 best PVP Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2; all compared to each other:

SupremacyThe Best Beginner-Friendly Sniper Rifle.
Defiance of YasminThe Sniper with High Aim Assistance.Adaptive7054464642
1000-Yard StareThe Best High Power Sniper Rifle.Adaptive7052454241
Mercurial OverreachThe Best Impactful Sniper Rifle.Adaptive7065545250
BelovedThe Best Well-Balanced Sniper Rifle.Adaptive7050464738
Eye of SolThe Best Precision Sniper Rifle.Adaptive7050494640
CloudstrikeThe Best Exotic Arc Sniper Rifle.Exotic Arc5560494640
MechabreThe Best Zooming Sniper Rifle.
SuccessionThe Best Range Focused Sniper Rifle.Aggressive9076233035
Silicon NeuromaThe Best Damage Dealing Sniper Rifle.Aggressive9074172427
Praedyth's RevengeThe Best Rapid Fire Frame Sniper Rifle.Rapid-fire5534407063
Frozen OrbitThe Best DPS Sniper Rifle.
Volta BracketThe Best Accessible Sniper Rifle.Aggressive9072232428
IrukandjiThe Best Handling-Based Frame Rifle.
Bite of the FoxThe Best Aggressive Frame Sniper Rifle.

1. The Supremacy

The Best Beginner-Friendly Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 supremacy
The Supremacy (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose This:  Easy to handle and carry, especially for players new to sniper category.
Impact 55
Range 32
Stability 38
Handling 68
Reload Speed 62
Aim Assistance 77
Inventory size 42
Zoom 40
Airborne effectiveness 2

The Supremacy was originally part of the Queen’s Wrath event rewards back in Destiny 1 in 2014. The gun became one of the rarest weapons ever since the event itself was featured only once in the game’s lifecycle.

However, with the release of Destiny 2 and the Forsaken expansion, you could now earn the Supremacy again as part of the Last Wish raid rewards. Thankfully, the weapon has a chance to be dropped in any encounter, so the only thing stopping you from getting it is pure RNG.

  • The Supremacy boasts excellent perks and stats with an upgrade option.
  • High aim assistance and Targeting Adjuster mod is a great edge.
  • It has a great scope with a balanced zoom stat.


  • Rapid-fire frame sniper rifles cannot 2-shot body Guardians.
  • Can have a difficult time killing Guardians during their Super activation phase.


2. Defiance Of Yasmin

The Sniper with High Aim Assistance.
defiance of yasmin
Defiance of Yasmin (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose This:  It features high impact with controllable recoil.
Impact 70
Range 54
Stability 46
Handling 46
Reload Speed 42
Aim Assistance 65
Inventory size 35
Zoom 40
Airborne effectiveness 4

The Defiance of Yasmin makes a return in Destiny 2 with the reprisal of the King’s Fall raid’s loot pool, a raid that was originally featured in Destiny 1 with the Taken King expansion. You can obtain from the Warpriest as well as the Daughters encounter in the raid, not to mention even craft it via the Relic at the Enclave, as long as you have five deep sight weapon patterns in possession.

  • It has a variety of great perks, which are superb for PVP.
  • You have the option between god-roll-worthy perks.
  • The Harrowed (Adept) version of the sniper rifle allows you to equip with enhanced traits and perks.


  • Defiance of Yasmin mostly shines well only in PVP.
  • The low handling stat can be bothersome.


3. 1000-Yard Stare

The Best High Power Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 1k stare
1000-Yard stare (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: It has high base power and performs well against sturdy opponents.
Impact 70
Range 52
Stability 45
Handling 42
Reload Speed 41
Aim Assistance 66
Inventory size 50
Zoom 44
Airborne effectiveness 2

The 1000-Yard Stare is yet another reprisal of a fan-favorite Sniper Rifle from Destiny 1, as Bungie brought it back as part of their 30th Anniversary pack during the Witch Queen DLC in Destiny 2.

This sniper rifle was, and still is, generally considered the best PVP weapon in Destiny 2 by the community, despite the fact that there are various other great weapons to counteract its popularity. You can obtain the 1000-Yard Stare via the Grasp of Avarice dungeon in the 30th Anniversary pack content.

  • No Distractions or Perpetual Motion to Snapshot Sights and Moving Target perks are great.
  • You can also obtain Quickdraw on it.
  • It has a low zoom which is perfect for most Crucible maps and instances.
  • You can farm the Grasp of Avarice dungeon as many times as you want.


  • To access the dungeon itself, you will need to purchase the Bungie 30th Anniversary.
  • You can’t craft the 1000-Yard Stare, which is as of Season 21 in Destiny 2.


4. Mercurial Overreach

The Best Impactful Sniper Rifle.
d2 best pvp snipers 2023
Mercurial Overreach (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Sniper has high impact, high Range, and decent Stability.
Impact 70
Range 65
Stability 54
Handling 52
Reload Speed 50
Aim Assistance 63
Inventory size 50
Zoom 40
Airborne effectiveness 5

The Mercurial Overreach is a brand-new sniper rifle introduced with the Season of the Deep in Destiny 2. The weapon is obtainable only by completing three competitive matches every week to get your first drop.

You can do this up to two times on your other two characters to have three chances per week in total to get a drop for it. However, it is worth mentioning that you need to complete your preliminary placement matches and then complete the usual three matches actually to acquire a gear drop of the Mercurial Overreach.

  • Has reliable range, stability, and handling stat.
  • The Mercurial Overreach has access to a great set of Gun Barrels in the perk pool.
  • It supports a larger reticle size in the scope, making it even better to use.


  • The drops are completely RNG-based.
  • You will need to first do placement matches to even be able to grind for the Mercurial Overreach.


5. Beloved

The Best Well-Balanced Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 beloved
Beloved (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: It has reliable base stats with impressive perk pool.
Impact 70
Range 50
Stability 46
Handling 47
Reload Speed 38
Aim Assistance 68
Inventory size 36
Zoom 40
Airborne effectiveness 3

The Beloved is no stranger to any PVP player in Destiny 2, as this sniper rifle was originally introduced with the Season of Opulence in the Forsaken DLC. It was later sunsetted but would soon make its return with the Season of the Haunted, allowing players to chase once again for its god rolls. The Beloved is easily another popular sniper rifle, one that’s easily been a sought-after PVP weapon ever since you couldn’t obtain it as easily anymore.

  • The Beloved is a cut-above against other sniper rifles solely due to its excellent perk poo.
  • The Snapshot Sights, and either Quickdraw or Moving Target is the god roll for PVP.
  • You can roll either Armor-piercing rounds or High-caliber rounds on it in the second perk column.


  • It is a seasonal-exclusive weapon.
  • You may have to wait for Xur to bring it into his weekly inventory.
  • It is dimilar to the Mercurial Overreach but lacks stats in some areas.


6. Eye Of Sol

The Best Precision Sniper Rifle.
d2 eye of sol
Eye of Sol (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This:  It can take down opponents from far distances with impressive recoil control.
Impact 70
Range 50
Stability 49
Handling 46
Reload Speed 40
Aim Assistance 68
Inventory size 45
Zoom 45
Airborne effectiveness 5

The Eye of Sol is the Trials of Osiris exclusive weapon, which can only be obtained via completing its playlist matches, via engrams, or by completing bounties and ranking up your reputation with Saint-14. For hardcore PVP players, it is quite easily the best kinetic PVP sniper that remains strong to this day in the current 2024 sandbox of Destiny 2.

The Eye of Sol also has access to two different Basic Origin traits, which are the following:

  • Alacrity: Gain increased reload, stability, aim assist, and range when you are the last living member of your fire team or running solo.
  • One Quiet Moment: Grants 40 Reload Speed and a 0.95x Reload Duration Multiplier while out of Combat.
    • For One Quiet Moment, being in Combat is defined as having either dealt or received damage within the last 5 seconds. Kills reduce this to 1.5 seconds until the damage is dealt with or received by the player. Lastly, it can activate even if the weapon is stowed.
  • The Eye of Sol checkmarks all the best PVP god roll perks.
  • It allows you to acquire Snapshot Sights,  Opening Shot or Vorpal Weapon.
  • In PVP, Snapshot + Vorpal Weapon can shut down players during their supers.
  • You can equip it with adept mods, which will greatly enhance the properties of Eye of Sol.


  • The Adept version can be difficult to obtain if you’re not adequate in the PVP.
  • A few players may not be tempted to grind Trials just to obtain the Eye of Sol.


7. Cloudstrike

The Best Exotic Arc Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 best pvp sniper 2023
Cloudstrike (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Easy to obtain and carry with decent base stats.
WEAPON ARCHETYPE Exotic Arc Sniper Rifle
Impact 55
Range 60
Stability 49
Handling 46
Reload Speed 40
Aim Assistance 68
Inventory size 70
Zoom 50
Airborne effectiveness 7

The Cloudstrike is an exotic sniper rifle introduced with the Beyond Light expansion which offers some unique properties. You have a chance to obtain the Cloudstrike through high-difficulty tier Empire Hunts in Destiny 2. While the weapon is primarily useful in clearing mobs of enemies easily in PVE, it is also a fun weapon to use in PVP solely due to its special exotic perks:

  • Moral Polarity: Precision final blows generate a lightning bolt at the target’s location.
  • Stormbringer: Rapid precision hits create a lightning storm at the point of impact.
  • Furthermore, if you are equipped with its exotic catalyst, Cloudtsrike gains the Triple Tap perk, where rapidly landing precision hits will return one round to the magazine.
  • The Cloudtsrike can annihilate everyone in that instance.
  • It has a solid 60-stat range with an easy-to-use scope.
  • The exotic catalyst of the weapon also provides a +25 boost to the handling stat.


  • You might not get the best use out of it if you’re only getting body shots in PVP.
  • It can get outmatched in viability in comparison to normal legendary snipers for PVP.


8. Mechabre

The Best Zooming Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 mechabre
Mechabre (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The weapon has high Impact, high Range and and reliable zoom capabilities.
Impact 90
Range 74
Stability 28
Handling 26
Reload Speed 30
Aim Assistance 41
Inventory size 45
Zoom 45
Airborne effectiveness 5

The Mechabre is a legendary snipe rifle that was dropped with the launch of the Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2. Players could acquire a random roll of the weapon by progressing through Eva Levante’s questline “Gone but not Forgotten” and receiving it for free as a completion reward. But after that, you would need to grind out Haunted Lost Sectors for more drops of the Mechabre.

Aside from its usual perk pool, the Mechabre also supports a basic origin trait which is called:

  • Search Party: This weapon is granted faster aim-down-sights and movement speed when aiming down sights with no allies near you.
  • If no allies are within 15 meters:
    • 2.5% Reduced ADS Movement Speed Penalty
    • 0.85x ADS Animation Duration Multiplier
  • It works extremely well in PVP due to the origin trait.
  • Without any fireteam members in 15-meter proximity, you gain faster ADS speed.
  • Can easily help you pick off body shots against wounded players in PVP.


  • Mechabre has low handling, so it’s hard to get used to it.
  • The gun has a 70-range stat with a high zoom, which can be tricky to get used to.


9. Succession

The Best Range Focused Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 best pvp sniper 2023
Succession (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: One of the Aggressive Frame Weapons with highest Impact and Range.
Impact 90
Range 76
Stability 23
Handling 30
Reload Speed 35
Aim Assistance 48
Inventory size 50
Zoom 50
Airborne effectiveness 4

The Succession is quite possibly one of my personal favorite sniper rifles, which has gained most of its popularity in PVE, but despite that, it’s still viable in PVP.

If you don’t have any of the snipers above with their god roll perks or to make them viable, the Succession has access to a couple of the best PVP perks, so if you’re both a PVP/PVE player, then you can easily try farming the Succession. You can obtain the sniper rifle via the Deep Stone Crypt raid, specifically from the Atraks-1 encounter.

Following is the basic origin trait for the Succession, found on every weapon from the Deep Stone Crypt:

  • Bray Inheritance: Dealing damage regenerates a small amount of ability energy.
  • The Succession comes with the usual god roll perks.
  • Essentially, if you’re a skilled PVP player, Slideways will boost your handling and reload speed.
  • The Succession also has a unique and comforting scope.
  • Succession is craftable with the perks of your choice.


  • It is an average choice for PVP gameplay.
  • The gun is primarily better suited for PVE gameplay
  • Most of its perk pool ranges from god roll perks such as reconstruction and recombination.


10. Silicon Neuroma

The Best Damage Dealing Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 silicon neuroma
Silicon neuroma (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: It has impressive base damage with high Imoact and Range.
Impact 90
Range 74
Stability 17
Handling 24
Reload Speed 27
Aim Assistance 47
Inventory size 35
Zoom 43
Airborne effectiveness 4

If you ask me, the Silicon Neuroma has been my personal favorite kinetic sniper rifle to use until it was eventually replaced with the Succession via my Deep Stone Crypt runs. The main noteworthy aspect here is that the Silicon Neuroma is exclusively a Nightfall activity weapon.

Every season, the weapon will be tied to a specific strike in the Nightfall playlist, which you can have a chance to acquire upon successful completion. I would strongly recommend farming Grandmaster Nightfalls since they have the highest chance of awarding you with exclusive weapons for the strike.

Along with it being a Vanguard playlist exclusive weapon, you can find the following two basic origin traits to choose from on the Silicon Neuroma:

  • Stunning Recovery: Stunning a Champion partially refills your magazine, triggers health regeneration, and improves recovery for a short duration.
  • Vanguard’s Vindication: Final Blows with this weapon grant a small amount of health.
  • The PVP perk pool has a lot of variety.
  • You can get armor-piercing or high-caliber rounds and snapshot sights.
  • The Silicon Neuroma has a great range with an adequate zoom.


  • It lacks reload speed and overall consistency when compared with the other types.
  • Despite having a great perk pool, Vorpal Weapon is missing.


11. Praedyth’s Revenge

The Best Rapid Fire Frame Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 best pvp snipers
Praedyth’s Revenge (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The weapon features high Handling with high Aim Assistance.
Impact 55
Range 34
Stability 40
Handling 70
Reload Speed 63
Aim Assistance 78
Inventory size 60
Zoom 49
Airborne effectiveness 2

The Praedyth’s Revenge sniper rifle is definitely a blast from the past for many veterans of the franchise. The weapon was part of the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 1, and now it returns with the reprisal of the raid and its beloved loot pool. You have a chance to obtain the weapon via the Oracles encounter or by defeating Atheon, the final boss of the raid.

  • It has excellent handling and aim assistance stats, making it a great PVP weapon.
  • It has great perks for PVP with the usual Quickdraw or Moving Target and Opening Shot.
  • You can also experiment with High-impact reserves.


  • You cannot create Praedyth’s Revenge with the perks of your choice.
  • The weapon has a low range.
  • Like other VOG raid weapons, it does not feature any origin trait.


12. Frozen Orbit

The Best DPS Sniper Rifle.
d2 forzen orbit
Frozen Orbit (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Suitable choice for skilled players who can manage recoil and look for high-damage weapon.
WEAPON ARCHETYPE Aggressive frame
Impact 90
Range 72
Stability 27
Handling 20
Reload Speed 30
Aim Assistance 48
Inventory size 45
Zoom 50
Airborne effectiveness 2

Don’t let my ranking of the Frozen Orbit deceive you; it is yet another fantastic PVP sniper rifle to use for Destiny 2, whether it’s the Crucible, competitive, or even Trials of Osiris. Ironically, you can obtain the weapon via the Crucible loot pool by completing matches or leveling up with Shaxx and claiming reputation engrams.

  • The Frozen Orbit features a diverse perk pool.
  • It features Killing Wind and No Distractions to the god roll PVP perks.
  • You can easily try your luck at farming the weapon by repeatedly completing Crucibles.
  • It has an excellent range stat, making it applicable for any long-range encounter in PVP.


  • It has 50 Zoom stat and a slightly lower aim assist.


13. Volta Bracket

The Best Accessible Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 volta bracket
Volta Bracket (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This:  The weapon has a decent set of PVP perks, such as Firmly Planted and either Opening Shot or Under Pressure
WEAPON ARCHETYPE Aggressive frame
Impact 90
Range 72
Stability 23
Handling 24
Reload Speed 28
Aim Assistance 43
Inventory size 28
Zoom 50
Airborne effectiveness 3

The Volta Bracket is a legendary sniper rifle that was introduced back in the Lightfall expansion’s launch. It is one of the regional weapons of Neomuna, which can be obtained as rewards for activity completions such as the Terminal Overload or by leveling up Nimbus and acquiring engram rewards from him. Furthermore, the weapon also supports Strand as its unique elemental damage.

It also supports a basic origin trait known as the following:

  • Nanotech Tracer Rockets: Landing multiple hits turns your next shot into a homing micro-rocket.
  • The Volta Bracket can easily be farmed.
  • You can get it by completing activities on Neomuna and ranking up with Nimbus.
  • It features Triple Tap and either Firing Line or Explosive Payload.


  • Other better PVP options with stronger perks and overall stats.
  • The Volta Bracket heavily suffers from low handling.
  • It is a kinetic slot sniper that has extremely low aim assist.


14. Irukandji

The Best Handling-Based Rapid Fire Frame Rifle.
destiny 2 irukandji
Irukandji (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Due to it being a Veist-manufactured weapon, it supports a great framework and scope, which makes it all the more satisfying to use in PVP gameplay.
Impact 55
Range 33
Stability 35
Handling 63
Reload Speed 56
Aim Assistance 70
Inventory size 46
Zoom 40
Airborne effectiveness 3

The Irukandji is one of the ordinary legendary sniper rifles that is found in the world loot pool, meaning that you can acquire it pretty much through any means via legendary engram drops or as a random drop. Furthermore, the weapon also supports Stasis as the main damage element.

The best way to acquire it is by checking in with either Xur or the Gunsmith’s daily or weekly inventory in the Tower, as it has a chance to spawn there with random rolls/perks periodically.

  • One of the easy-to-use Rapid Fire Frame rifles with well balanced stats.
  • The gun has great handling and Aim assistance stats.


  • The body shot damage of the Irukandji is pretty low.
  • The sniper rifle lacks in both range and stability.


15. Bite Of The Fox

The Best Aggressive Frame Sniper Rifle.
destiny 2 iron banner
Bite of the Fox (Image by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: It features impressive base stats in the Aggressive Frame category.
WEAPON ARCHETYPE Aggressive frame
Impact 90
Range 70
Stability 20
Handling 25
Reload Speed 25
Aim Assistance 41
Inventory size 38
Zoom 43
Airborne effectiveness 4

The Bite of the Fox is an aggressive frame legendary sniper rifle that is exclusively available in the Iron Banner loot pool. The weapon was originally added all the way back during the release days of Destiny 2, in Season 4. You can still acquire it now through the same ways, which is by either completing Iron Banner matches as well as by ranking up with Lord Saladin and receiving it randomly in his package rewards.

Lastly, the Bite of the Fox also features the following origin trait, which is also found on the other Iron Banner weapons:

  • Skulking Wolf: While at low health, Guardian’s final blows with this weapon grant enhanced radar and remove you from opposing radar.
  • Hammer-forged rifling and Accurized rounds boost its maximum range further.
  • It supports almost every PVP god roll perk needed for a sniper rifle.
  • It allows you to roll it with Quickdraw or Snapshot sights and either Moving Target or Opening shot.
  • The origin trait can come in as a clutch during intense situations.


  • The Bite of the Fox lacks stability and handling stats, making it slow and tricky to use.
  • The Opening Shot stat itself is low for the Bite of the Box.


Best PVP Sniper Rifle Ranking Criteria

destiny 2 hours
Destiny 1 and 2 hours (Image via Time Wasted on Destiny)

The following list of the 15 best Destiny 2 PVP snipers in 2024 was written by me (Steam ID: LIONT4MER), and the entire information was carefully crafted after discussion with my PVP clanmates as well as a few players on Discord. So with nearly 3000+ hours across both Destiny titles, you can remain rest assured that these snipers are up-to-date with the latest changes, meta information, and stats as of Season 21.

This wraps up my guide to the best PVP snipers. While you’re here, I would strongly recommend checking out how you can get your hands on the exotic Glaive weapon, Winterbite. Speaking of which, if you still haven’t, then it would be a good time to hunt down the exotic auto rifle known as the Centrifuse from the Season of the Deep. Lastly, for similar guides, you can also check out the list of the best bows in Destiny 2, as well as the best fusion rifles for both PVE and PVP.

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