Destiny 2: The 28 Best Legendary Weapons [Expert’s Take]

Learn everything there is about the best PVP and PVE legendary weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall, including their stats and god rolls.

The Best Legendary Weapons Destiny 2 are hard to come by, especially if you’re a new player; then you will want to hunt each of them down to have the best DPS, as well as shred trash mobs easily. Our list contains a variety of weapons, such as rocket launchers that are best-suited for boss DPS while some are either Auto rifles or SMGs which can be the Best PVE weapons and for PVP.

Key Takeaways
  • Among the total weapons in the list, the top 10 Best Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2 include the following:
  1. The Hothead is a popular heavy weapon used to deal DPS to bosses in raids using godroll perks such as Explosive Light & Field Prep.
  2. Funnelweb SMG can melt down targets in both PVP and PVP as long as you have Godroll perks on it, such as Demotlisitonist and Frenzy.
  3. Rufus’s Fury is obtained via Root of Nightmares and, with the recent buffs to Auto Rifles, can decimate foes in PVP and PVE.
  4. Blowout is found in the Crucible Loot pool of Destiny 2 and is a great alternative rocket launcher for players who can’t acquire the Hothead.
  5. Submission is found via the Vow of the Disciple raid with a unique Origin trait that allows you to gain health on the number of hits to targets before reloading.
  6. The Immortal is obtained via Trials of the Osiris and is currently the strongest weapon in PVP with powerful perks such as Target Lock.
  7. Perpetualis is the exclusive Season of Defiance weapon, a great alternative weapon to Rufus’s Fury and for Strand subclass builds in Destiny 2.
  8. Commemoration is one of the best LMGs, as perks such as Reconstruction double the Magazine size, allowing you to fire it almost endlessly.
  9. Corrective Measure is acquired via the Vault of Glass, and with perks such as One-For-All, you can decimate trash fodder enemies in PVE activities.
  10. Fixed Odds is acquired via the Duality dungeon and has a perk called Incandescent which will incinerate and explode enemies upon their deaths.
Important: It is worth stating while most of these weapons can easily be obtained as of Season 20, some are not in the usual loot pool, but Bungie might possibly bring them back in the future or make an alternative way to obtain them again.

Destiny 2 Best Legendary Weapons Comparison

The HotheadArc Rocket Launcher5040474567
FunnelwebVoid SMG1544703154
Rufus's FuryStrand Auto Rifle1858415082
BlowoutArc Rocket Launcher5039414458
SubmissionKinetic SMG1545702958
The ImmortalStrand SMG2325583039
PerpetualisStrand Auto Rifle2135625867
CommemorationVoid Machine Gun4155575564
Corrective MeasureVoid Machine Gun4157644972
Fixed OddsSolar Machine Gun7028303133
SuccessionKinetic Sniper Rifle9023303548
Hezen's VengeanceSolar Rocket Launcher2029236035
1000-Yard StareVoid Sniper Rifle7045424166
Wendigo GL3Solar Grenade Launcher5038414666
RegnantVoid Grenade Launcher5037403961
HeritageKinetic Shotgun7043704568
Nessa's OblationVoid Shotgun7047694948
ForbearanceArc Grenade Launcher10027707179
Chroma RushKinetic Auto Rifle1856354780
Hung Jury SR4Kinetic Scout Rifle6255504667
Doom of ChelchisVoid Scout Rifle6240394464
CataclysmicSolar Linear Fusion Rifle4148312566
FatebringerKinetic Hand Cannon8457554684
EyaslunaStasis Hand Cannon8464494580
Nation of BeastsArc Hand Cannon8457424571
Darkest BeforeArc Pulse Rifle2348273575
Midha's ReckoningArc Fusion Rifle9522191868
BXR-55 BattlerSolar Pulse Rifle2359716385

1. The Hothead

destiny 2 hothead
The Hothead (Image Captured by Us)
Weapon TypeArc Rocket Launcher
Blast Radius50
Reload Speed45
Aim Assistance67
Inventory size34
Airborne Effectiveness8
Rounds Per minute20

The Hothead was introduced to the player base in Season 15 and is a part of the Nightfall-exclusive loot in Destiny 2. In the current Season 20, the Hothead rocket launcher is unobtainable unless they purchase it via legacy engram decoding via Zavala. You almost have a guaranteed chance to obtain it if it’s part of the weekly grandmaster nightfall exclusive weapon.

  • Purchasing it via Zavala to unlock it for Focused decoding requires 5x Vanguard engrams, 10,000 Glimmer, and 25 legendary shards.


  • The god rolls of the Hothead rocket launcher include perks such as Field Prep and either Explosive Light or Vorpal weapon.
    • Explosive Light or Vorpal Weapon will increase the damage by collecting an orb or simply using it on bosses.
  • The weapon has several uses throughout each core playlist and activity, especially in Gambit and raid boss fights such as Nezarec.


  • The tracking module perk may be ideal for PVP, but I don’t suggest using it in The Crucible since alternative weapons are much better.
  • For crowd control, you’ll find better utility when using weapons such as Machine guns in the heavy slot.

2. Funnelweb

destiny funnelweb
Funnelweb (Image Captured by Us)
AmmunitionRounds per Minute 900 (Magazine 37)
Reload speed31
Aim Assistance54
Airborne effectiveness20

If you ask me, I would easily call the Funnelweb my ‘main’ weapons in Destiny 2 as SMGs are not only the most applicable weapons for ad-clear in almost every activity. The Funnelweb SMG was first introduced in the Season 15 of Destiny 2.

  • The Funnelweb SMG is in the general loot pool, and while you could ‘focus decode’ it in the past seasons, you can still obtain it by a random world loot drop.
  • In the first column, I suggest obtaining either Perpetual Motion or Subsistence, and lastly, Frenzy, in the last column, makes it the best Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons to use in Lightfall.


  • 900 RPM SMGs are powerful as of now, making ad-clearing a breeze with the god rolls on almost every endgame PVE activity.
  • If you’re someone like me that loves grenade builds on their Guardians, then acquiring Adrenaline Junkie can be a great perk to have on the Funnelweb since it can help with the grenade ability recharges on kills.


  • Due to it being a close-range energy weapon, you might not find much for it in long-range-focused encounters, especially activities such as Grandmaster Nightfalls.

3. Rufus’s Fury

destiny 2 rufus fury
Rufus’s Fury (Image Captured by Us)
WEAPON TYPEStrand Auto Rifle
Reload Speed50
Aim Assistance82
Inventory size60
Airborne effectiveness22

Rufus’s Fury is currently one of my favorite PVE and PVP weapons, so hence why it easily lands at the top of my list for the best Destiny 2 Legendary weapons. Furthermore, the weapon is also craftable as long as you collect five deepsight weapon patterns for it. The weapon is part of the Root of Nightmares raid Loot table, and more specifically, you obtain it through the 3rd and final encounters of the raid itself.


  • The god roll perks for Rufus’s Fury include Reconstruction and Hatchling for PVE as well as PVP god roll perks too, such as Target Lock.
  • Perks such as Reconstruction and Target lock are both excellent as the former double the ammo capacity, and the latter increases damage.
  • The 720-RPM auto rifles can dominate both PVP and PVE as they have a high rate of fire.


  • You will need to own the Lightfall expansion and must be experienced with the Root of Nightmares raid to attempt it in order to acquire Rufus’s Fury.
  • Despite the weapon being in the Kinetic slot, you might be tempted to use any other weapon instead, such as the Succession, along with an SMG in the energy slot for easy ad-clear.
  • It is hard to run Auto Rifles such as the Rufus’s Fury in higher-level activities such as Grandmaster Nightfalls or master raids due to their tendency to require you to use meta weapons in order to survive efficiently.

4. Blowout

d2 blowout
Blowout (Image by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEArc Rocket Launcher
Blast Radius50
Aim Assistance58
Airborne Effectiveness10
Bounce Intensity23
Rounds Per minute20

The Blowout is an arc rocket launcher found in the Crucible loot pool. You can also purchase it from Lord Shaxx via Crucible engrams earned by leveling up his reputation. The weapon was launched in Season 19 and is currently popular for the Warlock class mains.


  • The god roll perks for the weapon are Demolitionist and Explosive Light, both of which can immensely help with DPS on single-target bosses.
  • In Season 20, Starfire Protocol Warlocks can use the god roll to almost double their DPS uptime since fusion grenades will reload the Rocket Launcher during damage cycles.
  • The Blowout is easily obtainable for F2P players if they want a great DPS-heavy weapon.


  • Despite being available from the Crucible loot pool, there are far better options to use in terms of heavy weapons for PVP.
  • While it is easy to farm than the Hothead, most players might not be tempted to continuously play Crucible matches in order to level up with Shaxx’s reputation.

5. Submission

destiny 2 submission
Submission (Image by eXputer)
Reload Speed29
Aim Assistance58
Inventory size65
Airborne effectiveness27

The kinetic SMG, Submission can be obtained via the Vow of the Disciple raid, which was launched with the Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2. You can also acquire the adept version of the weapon via the Master difficulty of the raid and craft it at the Relic on Mars if you possess five deepsight weapon patterns for it.


  • The god roll perks for the Submission are Frenzy and Overflow, both of which can make it a relentless bullets-praying weapon capable of melting a heap of ads.
  • Submission can be a great substitute weapon if you want to equip a special weapon in the energy slot instead for PVE-related activities.


  • The loot pool of the raid is so diverse that it can become a chore to even obtain the weapon, despite it being available from every encounter except the final one.
  • The Submission gets outshined by other SMGs which are superior to it, such as Funnelweb and Unforgiven.
  • Even if you can get your hands on a range masterwork variant, the range is pretty abysmal on the Submission, especially in long-range combat situations.

6. The Immortal

destiny 2 immortal
The Immortal (Image by eXputer)
Reload Speed30
Aim Assistance39
Inventory size37
Airborne effectiveness25

The Immortal is one of the most popular weapons right now, as of Season 20 in Destiny 2. Not only is it a decent strand SMG option for PVE, but more so, it is actually one of the best PVP weapons right now. The Immortal SMG can be obtained via rewards from the Trials of Osiris.


  • Either Threat Detector, Perpetual Motion, and Target Lock make it one of the most deadly weapons against Guardians in PVP.
  • Target Lock is a must as it will increase the damage on a target the longer it is fired on them, making the Immortal a sure contender for my list of the Best Lightfall Legendary Weapons Destiny 2.


  • Non-PVP players might have difficulty finding a fire team to grind this weapon in the Trials of Osiris.
  • Its strand element can synergize quite well with your Strand Subclasses for PVE, but to reiterate, there are far better options for Strand weapons, such as Rufus’s Fury or Perpetualis.

7. Perpetualis

destiny 2 perpetualis
Perpetualis (Image by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEStrand Auto Rifle
Reload Speed58
Aim Assistance67
Inventory size54
Airborne effectiveness19

The Perpetualis is a legendary Auto Rifle introduced with the latest seasons of the Lightfall Expansion, Season of Defiance. The weapon is a part of the Defiance engrams loot pool, which can be progressively earned during Defiant Battlegrounds activity completions and using focus decoding to obtain it in the H.E.L.M.


  • The perks for the god roll of Perpetualis include either Zen Moment or Keep Away and Target Lock in the last column.
  • If you have the god roll perks I’ve mentioned, the weapon is insanely good for any content or activity, especially since Auto Rifles recently received a buff via a mid-season update in Season 20.
  • While it isn’t any 720 RPM auto rifle, Perpetualis will still melt the health bar of ads in PVE with its 600 Rounds Per Minute.


  • The weapon will eventually rotate out of the seasonal loot pool, so you’re gonna have to farm for its deepsight patterns in order to craft it before it becomes unobtainable.
  • It might not perform up to standards in PVP, as the Meta is constantly shifting in The Crucible.

8. Commemoration

destiny 2 commemoration
Commemoration (Image by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEVoid Machine Gun
Reload Speed55
Aim Assistance64
Inventory size55
Airborne effectiveness18

The Commemoration is a legendary machine gun acquired via the Deep Stone Crypt raid in Destiny 2. The raid itself was launched back in the Beyond Light expansion. The weapon is considered to be the deadliest machine gun for PVE as its god roll perks include Reconstruction and either Killing Tally or Rampage.

The special origin trait is called Bray Inheritance which regenerates a small amount of ability energy when dealing damage using the Deep Stone Crypt raid weapons.


  • Reconstruction will double the weapon’s capacity over time, which on a machine gun such as the Commemoration can yield insane results, especially in PVE.
  • Rampage or Killing Tally is a must-have perk as it will boost its damage, making clearing trash mobs a breeze, even in endgame activities.
  • The weapon is easily farmable if Deep Stone Crypt is the featured raid during weekly resets.


  • If you’re not accustomed to using LFG, then you might have a hard time finding a group to help you complete the raid for the first time or farm it for the weapon.
  • In terms of the encounter completion drops, Commemoration is only dropped via the final encounter of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

9. Corrective Measure

destiny 2 corrective measure
Corrective Measure (Image by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEVoid Machine Gun
Reload Speed49
Aim Assistance72
Inventory size59
Airborne effectiveness6

The Corrective Measure Legendary machine gun dates back to Destiny 1, as it was originally launched with the Vault Of Glass raid. The raid has since made its reprisal in Destiny 2, bringing this weapon alongside the other VOG-exclusive loot. Unfortunately, it has no unique origin traits, but you can obtain a timelost version of the weapon on the Master Difficulty of the Vault of Glass.


  • In terms of the god roll, attaining perks such as Feeding Frenzy or Subsistence which will make reloading and ammo commodity hassle-free for the Corrective Measure.
  • In the last column, I opted to have One For All since it further boosted my damage when hitting multiple targets to clear heaps of trash mobs with ease.
  • The reprised Vault of Glass is free to play for all players of Destiny 2, so you don’t have to own any expansions in order to access it.


  • Unfortunately, you cannot farm any deepsight weapon patterns for the Corrective Measure.
  • The adept version of Corrective Measure gives you the option to choose between another row of perks, but you will need to attempt the master difficulty of the raid to acquire it.

10. Fixed Odds

destiny 2 fixed odds
Fixed Odds (Image by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPESolar Machine Gun
Reload Speed31
Aim Assistance33
Inventory size37
Airborne effectiveness16

Since Machine Guns have become fairly popular again in the current season, I just had to include another one called the Fixed Odds, a legendary Machine Gun introduced back in Season 17. You can acquire this weapon through the Duality Dungeon, and the encounters are worth farming with a group of Guardians, especially for Artifice Armor or god roll weapons you desperately need for PVE.


  • Currently, The Fixed Odds machine gun is one the few LMGs that can roll with Incandescent along with Frenzy, which will swiftly clear ads using the elemental explosions and fast reload speed.
  • If you have the optimal DPS strategy, you can easily farm the final boss of Duality for the Fixed Odds and potentially one-cycle the damage phase.
  • Alternative god rolls also include perks such as Rampage to increase your damage or Firing Line which will significantly increase damage when next to two or more Guardians.


  • To access Duality, you must purchase the Dungeon Key add-on, a separate DLC aside from the main expansions.

11. Succession

destiny 2 succession
Succession (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEKinetic Sniper Rifle
Reload Speed35
Aim Assistance48
Inventory size50
Airborne effectiveness4

Next up on the best Legendary Weapons Destiny 2 list we have The Succession, a legendary Sniper Rifle that can be obtained via the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. The raid was launched with the release of the Beyond Light expansion. The only catch is that the weapon is a potential drop via the Atraks-1 encounter, so you might have to farm him until you get the Succession or its deep sight weapon patterns to craft your god roll on it yourself.


  • The best perks for the Succession include Reconstruction, which will regenerate ammo from reserves over time, and Vorpal weapon to help dish out extra damage to bosses.
  • It has a high-impact and high-zoom scope, making it one of the best Destiny 2 legendary weapons for DPS in the endgame PVE content of the Lightfall DLC.


  • The Succession is not a suitable weapon for PVP as you will find better options, such as 1000-Yard Stare, are much more viable.
  • The Reconstruction becomes such a must-have perk on the Succession that it is easily considered dismantlable if it doesn’t roll with it.

12. Hezen’s Vengeance

destiny 2 Hezen's Vengeance
Hezen’s Vengeance (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEVoid Rocket Launcher
Blast Radius20
Aim Assistance60
Airborne Effectiveness3
Bounce Intensity35
Rounds Per minute25

Another solid option for Rocket Launcher users comes in the form of Hezen’s Vengeance, which is available from the reprised raid for Destiny 2, Vault of Glass. The following rocket launcher only drops with the Solar element and has an adept version attainable from the master difficulty version of the raid.


  • The Hezen’s Vengeance is a great alternative rocket launcher if you don’t have a god-rolled Hothead yet.
  • The best perks include Auto-loading Holster, which can significantly help take down powerful solar-shielded enemies during endgame activities.
  • Alternatively, acquiring the adept version can also help you have a varied perk pool to choose from on it, making it one of the best legendary heavy weapons for both PVE and PVP of Destiny 2 Lightfall.


  • Despite being a decent rocket launcher, you are far better off farming and trying your best to obtain an Explosive-light rolled Hothead.
  • According to the loot table, you can only obtain Hezen’s Vengeance via the Gatekeeper and Atheon encounters at the end of the raid.

13. 1000-Yard Stare

destiny 2 1000-yard stare
1000-Yard Stare (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEVoid Sniper Rifle
Reload Speed41
Aim Assistance66
Inventory size50
Airborne effectiveness2

Undoubtedly, in my personal experience with both Destiny titles, the 1000-Yard Stare is one of the best PVP legendary weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall. The only catch is that you will need the Bungie Anniversary pack to acquire it via the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.


  • Quickdraw and Snapshot are the god roll perks for the 1000 Yard Stare as it drastically improves the weapon’s handling to get those quick scope shots.
  • Even without the God Roll, the adaptive frame archetype of Sniper, such as the 1000-Yard Stare, is easily the go-to option for PVP.
  • It has a sizeable PVP-based perk pool, such as No Distractions, which is also another great perk that reduces flinching when using ADS on the weapon.


  • The Grasp of Avarice dungeon is only available in the 30th Bungie Anniversary pack, so you may need to purchase that add-on first to farm this weapon.
  • The 1000 Yard Stare is not suitable for PVE, nor does it have god-roll-worthy perks for that side of gameplay.

14. Wendigo GL3

destiny 2 wendigo
Wendigo GL3 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEArc Grenade Launcher
Blast Radius50
Aim Assistance66
Airborne Effectiveness16
Bounce Intensity22
Rounds Per minute120

The Wendigo GL3 is another legendary weapon in Destiny 2 that I would instantly name as the top-tier DPS weapon to dominate PVE. Grenade Launchers had received a buff before Season 20’s launch, and they are performing just as well as Rocket Launchers.

You can acquire the Wendigo GL3 via the featured Nightfall if the weapon is part of its exclusive loot pool for the season. Alternatively, you can also purchase it from Zavala via weapon focusing.


  • The reason why it became the best grenade launcher is due to its god-roll perks, such as Explosive Light and Auto-loading holster, allowing you to melt high-level enemies and bosses easily.
  • Using grenade Launchers can be highly effective if you want to dish out DPS in short bursts.
  • The Vanguard’s Vindication origin trait of the Wendigo GL3 will allow you to heal your HP when killing enemies.


  • Farming Nightfalls for the god roll, especially on the grandmaster difficulty, can get tedious.
  • Grenade Launchers are not suitable for PVP as these kinds of burst-firing DPS types are best used in endgame PVE content such as raids.

15. Regnant

destiny 2 regnant
Regnant (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEVoid Grenade Launcher
Blast Radius50
Aim Assistance61
Airborne Effectiveness14
Bounce Intensity26
Rounds Per minute120

Regnant is one of the newly introduced legendary heavy weapons with the Season of Defiance in the Lightfall expansion of Destiny 2. This legendary grenade launcher has void damage and can be acquired through Defiance engrams. Like the Perpetualis, you can also focus this weapon on dropping in the H.E.L.M. to easily acquire it.


  • Regnant is a solid alternative to the Wendigo GL3, as players can get the exact god roll perks on it which are spike grenades, an Auto-loading holster, and Explosive Light.
  • Stats-wise, it is almost identical to the Wendigo GL3, so there aren’t any DPS output differences.
  • Once you have five deepsight patterns, you craft the weapon, level it up and insert your preferred perks to make it a god roll.


  • Regnant is a seasonal weapon, so it will eventually be replaced from the loot pool with other weapons, making it unobtainable.
  • For DPS on bosses, I would still highly encourage you to use rocket launchers such as Hothead and use this in other activities instead, such as strikes or Gambit.

16. Heritage

destiny 2 heritage
Heritage (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEKinetic Shotgun
Reload Speed45
Aim Assistance68
Inventory size49
Airborne effectiveness5

The Heritage Kinetic shotgun is acquired through the Deep Stone Crypt raid, specifically via the Atraks-1 encounter. You can also acquire five deepsight weapon patterns to unlock the Heritage for crafting back at the Relic on the Enclave.


  • The Godroll perks for the Heritage are Reconstruction and Recombination, which will not only regenerate ammo but also increase the weapon’s damage on elemental kills.
  • Heritage’s Godroll is especially powerful on Grenade kickstart builds or any build which will help you activate recombination repeatedly to increase damage on it.
  • It is a fantastic special weapon to take down champions or major-type enemies.


  • For PVP, you may instead find better results by using other shotguns such as Matador 64.
  • To obtain the god roll or the deepsight patterns, you may need to farm countless runs of the Atraks-1 encounter of the raid.

17. Nessa’s Oblation

d2 nessa oblation
Nessa’s Oblation (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Reload Speed49
Aim Assistance48
Inventory size49
Airborne effectiveness5

Nessa’s Oblation is one of the brand-new weapons introduced with the Lightfall expansion, and you can obtain it via the Root of Nightmares raid. Specifically, you can acquire it through the first and second encounters of the raid and craft it after you receive five deepsight weapon patterns for it.


  • Repulsor Brace is a great perk that will work in synergy with Void builds; defeating void-debuffed targets with the weapon will grant you an overshield.
  • Destabilizing rounds is a perk that will nearby targets around defeated ones to become volatile, allowing trash mobs to explode without extra effort.


  • Due to the current PVE meta, you won’t find much use for this weapon aside from mainly using it for Shotgun-focused or void builds.
  • You are better off obtaining and crafting other weapons better than Nessa’s Oblation, such as Rufus’s Fury and Acasia’s Dejection.

18. Forbearance

d2 forbearance
Forbearance (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEKinetic Grenade Launcher
Blast Radius100
Aim Assistance79
Airborne Effectiveness4
Bounce Intensity27
Rounds Per minute72

Forbearance is a kinetic grenade launcher that is found through the Vow of the Disciple raid. The exact encounters it is obtained through are the Caretaker boss fight as well as the final encounter, Rhulk. It is a wave frame archetype that shoots out projectiles that, upon impact, dish out a shockwave to damage targets. There is also the adept version of Forbearance obtained through the master difficulty of the Vow of the Disciple.


  • The Godrolls for the Forbearance include Ambitious Assassin, which will overflow the magazine based on the number of kills, and Chain Reaction, which will create an elemental explosion on final blows.
  • This wave-frame grenade launcher is easily the best legendary Destiny 2 weapon to clear ads with, especially if you’re attempting tough PVE segments, such as Day 1 raids and Nightfalls.
  • My suggestion would be to hunt down five deepsight weapon patterns for the Forbearance in order to craft the Godroll at the Relic.


  • Despite the weapon having a large perk pool, players can use no alternative perk combination besides the Godroll one.
  • Vow of the Disciple can be a challenging raid to complete, especially if you’re a new player to Destiny 2.

19. Chroma Rush

destiny 2 Chroma rush
Chroma Rush (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEKinetic Auto Rifle
Reload Speed47
Aim Assistance18
Inventory size54
Airborne effectiveness10

The Chroma Rush was launched as a seasonal auto rifle during Season of the Splicer. It means that you cannot obtain it anymore unless Gunsmith or Xur are selling it in their inventory. There is a slight chance that Bungie may reprise the weapon in the future so you can earn it from world drops and other activities.


  • I personally found Heating Up and Rampage to be the Godroll perks for the Chroma Rush, as it gains a damage boost by rapidly defeating enemies and also increases its stability/accuracy.
  • What makes it even better is how there is a variety of other equally great perks to have on the Chroma Rush, such as Feeding Frenzy or Subsistence, and lastly, kill clip or Tap the Trigger for PVP.
  • Due to the recent buff to auto rifles in Season 20 and since Chroma Rush is a 720 RPM auto rifle, it can absolutely shred in both PVE and PVP.


  • Again, the only hindrances to the weapon are how it is almost unobtainable in the current season of Destiny 2.
  • Auto Rifles of any type tend to lack at closing distances on targets at long distances in both PVE and PVP.

20. Hung Jury SR4

destiny 2 hung jury
Hung Jury SR4 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEKinetic Scout Rifle
Reload Speed46
Aim Assistance67
Inventory size60
Airborne effectiveness22

The Hung Jury SR4 has returned in Destiny 2 since its days from the original installment, and for a good reason, it was one of the best scout rifles. However, instead of being acquired as a world drop or purchasable from vendors, you can obtain it as part of exclusive nightfall weapons. The Hung Jury SR4 may occasionally change on what Nightfall it may be dropped, so it is worth checking out periodically.


  • In my experience using the gun and learning through fellow clanmates, I found the most popular choice of perks being Rapid Hit, as well as either Firefly or Explosive Payload.
  • Aside from the ones we mentioned, There are many great options here in perks, which makes Hung Jury SR4 a dominant Scout Rifle in PVE activities.
  • The weapon has excellent Range, and 180 RPM can make Hung Jury SR4 an ideal scout rifle for long-distance scenarios.


  • While Scout Rifles may generally perform great during Grandmaster Nightfalls or Master Lost Sectors, for general ad clear, you may want to use other weapons such as an SMG.
  • Hung Jury SR4’s availability may depend on the Nightfall, and you will only have better luck getting it through the hardest difficulty, Grandmaster.

21. Doom Of Chelchis

d2 doom of chelchis
Doom of Chelchis (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEVoid Scout Rifle
Reload Speed44
Aim Assistance64
Inventory size54
Airborne effectiveness17

The Doom Of Chelchis Scout Rifle is obtainable through the King’s Fall raid in Destiny 2. The raid itself returns from Destiny 1, as it features all weapons and armor being reprised too. The Doom of Chelchis also features a unique origin trait like its other raid-exclusive weapons called Runneth Over, where Reloading near allies will overflow the magazine.


  • The best unique perks for the weapon in PVE gameplay are Firefly, Explosive Payload, Frenzy, or Focused Fury.
  • Doom of Chelchis is also excellent in PVP if you have perks such as Steady Hands and Eye of the Storm.
  • This gun is quite possibly one of the rare weapons that feature both Explosive Payload, Firefly, and One-for-All in the perk pool.
  • The Kings Fall raid is free-to-play, so players can try to obtain the Doom of Chelchis.


  • Doom of Chelchis suffers from low reload speed and handling, so you might want to try getting a masterwork in those stats to boost its viability.
  • Despite being a solid option in PVP, it may not perform well on close-range maps of The Crucible.

22. Cataclysmic

cataclysmic destiny 2
Cataclysmic (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEVoid Linear Fusion Rifle
Reload Speed25
Aim Assistance66
Inventory size37
Airborne effectiveness13

The Cataclysmic is a Linear Fusion rifle in the Heavy slot that can be obtained via the Vow of the Disciple raid. It deals void damage and specifically drops via the first and second encounters of the raid. You can also craft it if you acquire five deepsight weapon patterns.


  • The godrolls for the Cataclysmic are Fourth Time’s the Charm and Bait and Switch.
  • Bait and Switch will allow the weapon to gain a damage boost when dealing damage with other weapons in a short period of time.
  • It is also a great weapon in PVP, as you can acquire rolls such as Sleight of Hands and High-impact reserves to quickly take out Guardians.


  • Due to the nerf towards Linear Fusion Rifles, they have lost their status as the best Destiny 2 Lightfall legendary weapons for DPS in PVE activities.
  • Due to the nerf, you may find it better to obtain godrolls of other weapons, such as the Forbearance.

23. Fatebringer

destiny 2 fatebringer
Fatebringer (Image Captured by Us)
WEAPON TYPEKinetic hand cannon 
Reload Speed46
Aim Assistance84
Inventory size53
Airborne effectiveness10

The Fatebringer kinetic hand cannon is part of the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2. The weapon is quite popular for veteran players as it was the most used legendary weapon back in Destiny 1 on consoles for PVE. It returns with exact same prowess and powerful perks that made it a must-have hand cannon.


  • The perk pool for the Fatebringer is filled with fantastic rolls to make it ‘Godroll” worthy such as Explosive Payload and Firefly.
  • Despite being most popular in PVE, it is also the best Destiny 2 PVP legendary weapon with perks such as Killing Wind and Eye of the Storm.
  • Having the feasibility to acquire the exact same Godroll as its Destiny 1 counterpart makes it a weapon that every player should obtain.


  • The slow reload speed and small magazine size might be a turn-off for most players.
  • Both the standard and adept versions of Fatebringer are non-craftable weapons, so it all comes down to having a good RNG to acquire them.

24. Eyasluna

destiny 2 Eyasluna
Eyasluna (Image Captured by Us)
WEAPON TYPEStasis Hand Cannon
Reload Speed45
Aim Assistance80
Inventory size54
Airborne effectiveness10

Eyasluna is another weapon returned from Destiny 1 and is available with the Bungie 30th Anniversary pack. You can obtain it with the loot pool of the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. If you’re hunting for the best PVP legendary weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall, this is the one you want as soon as possible.


  • The weapon’s perk pool is filled with perks that honestly make it one of the best hand cannons to use in both PVP and PVE, such as Outlaw or Perpetual Motion and Headstone or Moving Target.
  • If Grasp of Avarice is the featured dungeon for the week, you can try farming encounters to obtain the Eyasluna.
  • The Headstone perk synergizes greatly with Stasis subclass builds.


  • Like most 140 RPM Hand Cannons in Destiny 2, you might face trouble with the reload speed.
  • To make the most out of the Eyasluna, you may need to acquire individual god rolls for both PVP and PVE.

25. Nation Of Beasts

d2 nation of beasts
Nation of Beasts (Image credit: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEArc Hand Cannon
Reload Speed45
Aim Assistance71
Inventory size51
Airborne effectiveness10

The Nation of Beasts hand cannon is dropped via The Last Wish raid, which is included with the Forsaken expansion pack. The weapon has a short perk pool, but thankfully, it allows the Nation of Beasts to quickly achieve and drop with the preferred godroll perks.


  • The Godroll for the Nation of Beasts, as someone who has readily used it in the past, is Outlaw, along with either Kill Clip or Explosive Payload.
  • It is also viable in PVP if you have the Opening Shot perk.
  • Fortunately, the weapon is available to drop throughout every encounter in the Last Wish raid, making the weapon highly accessible to obtain.


  • Due to the low range of the weapon, you might experience damage falloff when using it at longer distances.

26. Darkest Before

d2 darkest before
Darkest Before (Image credit: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEArc Pulse Rifle
Reload Speed35
Aim Assistance75
Inventory size50
Airborne effectiveness10

The Darkest Before pulse rifle was first introduced in the base Destiny 2 content but was later moved out from the loot table completely. But since then, you can now acquire it via the Prophecy dungeon, launched during the Season of the Arrivals.


  • The Godroll perks for the weapon are either Overflow or Surplus, along with Rampage in the last column.
  • Due to it being rapid-fire frame along with a 540 RPM pulse rifle, Darkest Before is extremely good in PVP at mid-to-close distances.
  • The Prophecy Dungeon’s encounters are fairly easy to learn and complete to obtain this weapon.


  • Darkest Before severely lacks in range, so you will either need to masterwork that stat to use it somewhat at long-range distances in PVP.
  • Given its lack of powerful perks, the weapon is not an ideal Pulse Rifle for PVE.

27. Midha’s Reckoning

destiny 2 Midha's Reckoning
Midha’s Reckoning (Image credit: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPEArc Fusion Rifle
Reload Speed18
Aim Assistance68
Inventory size28
Airborne effectiveness8

The Midha’s Reckoning fusion rifle is acquired through the King’s Fall raid. Specifically, you can obtain this by completing the Golgoroth or the final encounter. The weapon also has a harrowed version which is essentially the adept variant via the Master Difficulty mode of the raid.


  • The best perks include either Backup Plan or Cornered and, lastly, Reservoir Burst to make the dish out more damage in PVE.
  • You can also access fantastic PVP perks on Midha’s Reckoning, such as Kickstart or Successful Warmup.
  • The weapon has a decent range to easily handle most targets in both PVP and PVE.


  • The slow charge time can be tricky to manage and use, especially in PVP.
  • Although the Midha’s Reckoning is craftable, you only have a chance to obtain it during the mid-to-last encounters of the raid.

28. BXR-55 Battler

destiny 2 bxr
BXR-55 Battler (Image credit: eXputer)
WEAPON TYPESolar Pulse Rifle
Reload Speed63
Aim Assistance85
Inventory size60
Airborne effectiveness10

Don’t let my personal ranking for the BXR-55 Battler fool you because this weapon is hands down my best legendary pulse rifle weapon in destiny 2, which I often use in both PVP and PVE activities. The Halo Franchise’s Battle Rifle inspires the weapon’s creation. You can obtain it as a random reward via Xur’s Treasure Hoard engrams and by completing Dares of Eternity runs.


  • Demolitionist and Incandescent are the perks you want for the Godroll, as this weapon can melt trash mobs in raids or other endgame PVE activities.
  • There are a ton of unique perks for the weapon in its general perk pool aside from the ones I’ve mentioned, such as Outlaw, Kill Clip, and Perpetual Motion.
  • Acquiring the weapon is extremely easy as you can use treasure keys on the weapon chest on Xur’s Treasure Hoard to obtain BXR-55 Battler with your desired rolls.


  • The only downside is that the BXR-55 Battler mildly suffers from range, which can be compensated with a masterwork in that stat.

Best Legendary Weapon Ranking Criteria

destiny 2 hours
Destiny 1 and 2 hours (Image via Time Wasted on Destiny)

I (Steam Name: LIONT4MER) created the following list of the Best Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2, as a player frequently aware of the ongoing meta and the constantly shifting sandbox. Having numerous completions of every raid introduced so far, along with well over 2500+ hours across both Destiny releases, you can be sure that these weapons are ranked and listed with the utmost hands-on experience.

Summing It Up

Destiny 2 is easily one of the longest-running looter shooter titles in the market, with millions of players logging in to play it every week. The annual DLCs, as well as the constant updates made to the game, allow the player base to be glued to its daily happenings or events. There are also many other activities, such as hunting down all the Lightfall Exotics, including Dawn Chorus and more!

If you have any other questions about the list, please let me know in the comments section below! Aside from that, I wish you luck hunting down your favorite weapons from the list!

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