Destiny 2: All Grandmaster Nightfalls [Best Walkthrough Strategy]

Rising to the Challenge: Conquering the Mounting Difficulty of Destiny 2's 6 Toughest Grandmaster Nightfalls

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes are a form of end-game content that provides players with demanding missions that include one-of-a-kind modifications and an elevated difficulty level. Players can compete in one of six unique Grandmaster Nightfalls during Season 19. The Insight Terminus, The Scarlet Keep, Birthplace of the Vile, The Corrupted, The Glassway, and Warden of Nothing are the hardest Nightfalls that come under this category. These kinds of nightfalls differentiate from other normal nightfalls through their unique “grandmaster” title.

Key Takeaways
  • It is necessary to have a Light Level of at least 1580 to participate in the Season 19 Grandmaster Nightfalls. 
  • Players need to have the correct synergy, match-game weaponry, and character builds to be successful in GM Nightfalls. 
  • Each GM Nightfall has a number of different modifications, such as Acute Burn, Shields, and Champions, which necessitate the use of certain weapons.
  • Players can use snipers, scouts, or auto guns when fighting Barrier champions, although Arbalest is often recommended.
  • For the best possible results when playing the role of a Warlock in Destiny 2, new players should consider beginning their experience with the Voidwalker.
  • New players beginning their adventures in Destiny 2 as a Hunter are advised to choose the Gunslinger subclass. 

  • Upon beginning play for the first time, we recommend selecting the Sentinel subclass as your initial role. 
  • Insight Terminus It is suggested to use Arbalest while facing Barrier Champions.
  • The Corrupted Hunters should favor Void subtypes and invisibility, employing talents like Omnioculus and Graviton Forfeit for power. Titans should utilize a Void loadout, while Warlocks should use the Dawnblade with Well of Radiance.
  • The Glassway Chooses weapons and gear that can kill enemies at a distance and up close. 
  • Warden of Nothing Hunters should employ a Void 3.0 build that stresses their ability to stay invisible, while Titans should spam skills and use Ward of Dawn as often as possible. Warlocks may use Solar 3.0
  • The Scarlet Keep Destiny 2’s Scarlet Keep Strike requires weapons to break Barrier Knight shielding. Anti-barrier Arbalest works well.
  • Birthplace of The Vile: Its required Power level is 1510; this Strike requires teamwork and smart planning to overcome its hurdles.

Important: The required minimum Light Level for Season 19 Grandmaster Nightfalls is 1580, with a recommended Light Level of 1595. Even at this level, players would have to face maximum difficulty. 


Requirements And Rewards

  • The active contest mode imposes a permanent -25 penalty on your fire team.
  • If you manage to finish the Insight Terminus strike at the Platinum Rank, you will be rewarded with Ascendant Shards, a large number of Exotic drops, and the opportunity to roll for a God Roll Adept Nightfall weapon.

If the level requirements are still too high, you can check out Destiny 2 Leveling Guide (Level 280-290) guide to level up faster.

GM Nightfall Modifiers

GM Nightfalls is very challenging since they include the game’s strongest modifiers. Conditions like Acute Arc Burn, Match-Game, Champions, Overlords, and Limited Revives may be altered. Completing GM Nightfalls requires careful planning and preparation and using complementary weapons and character builds.

Burn, Shields & Champions for Each GM

Various modifications are associated with each GM Nightfall, such as Acute Burn, Shields, and Champions. Using the appropriate weaponry while attempting to kill overlords and champions is recommended. Due to a match game adjustment, you cannot penetrate opposing shields unless you use Void, sun, or arc weaponry.

Champion Options

You can use any sniper, scout, or auto gun while engaging Barrier champions. In the majority of circumstances, Arbalest is required. Machine guns, bows, and arc grenades are all viable options against Overload champions. Shotguns and pulse rifles are both viable options for dealing with Unstoppable champions.

Build and Loadout Recommendations

Destiny 2’s campaign, crucible, and endgame gameplay are all much more challenging without the right build and loadout. Detailed descriptions of optimal character compositions for each available class are provided below.


Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2

The first thing you’ll do as a brand-new player is to choose a Voidwalker specialization. This is your best bet if you want to harm without putting yourself in harm’s way. Use the following adjustments with the Attunement of Hunger tree for optimal results.

  • Vortex Grenade
  • Devour
  • Bloom
  • Feed the Void
  • Ashes to Assets

We suggest a hand cannon, pulse rifle, or sniper rifle for optimal performance. Finally, as previously said, a fusion weapon should only be used against dangerous foes. The category of heavy weapons that a rocket launcher belongs to is an appropriate one.


Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2

If you’re a new player, we recommend picking the Gunslinger sub-class. People who want to do damage from afar should seriously consider using this strategy. In combination with the following addons, you may maximize your experience with the Way of the Sharpshooter tree.

  • Grenade of Swarms
  • Marksman’s Dodge
  • Chain of Woe
  • Gambler’s Dodge
  • Bottomless Grief

When it comes to firearms, we advise using either a sniper, pulse, or scout rifle. When confronting foes up close, a shotgun is the best choice of armament. A hefty weapon, like a sword, might be useful for this class.


Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2

Those just starting out should focus on the Sentinel specialization. Individuals that are comfortable in the tank position and can take more damage from their opponents may benefit greatly from this option. These augmentations complement the Code of the Protector tree and are recommended for usage with it.

  • Magnetic Grenade
  • Ward of Dawn
  • Towering Barricade
  • Defensive Strike
  • Benevolent Dawn

Shotguns, automatic weapons, and pulse rifles are what you should stock up on. While facing very powerful foes, rocket launchers should be among the arsenal’s primary offerings. This skill set benefits from the use of a sword or a similar heavy weapon.

If you’re just getting started in Destiny 2, it’s important to choose a class and customize your build and loadout to suit your playstyle. You should start by experimenting with the subclasses above and modifications to see which one works best for you, and then branch out to test out additional weapons until you discover the one that seems most natural to you. The most essential aspect of playing is that you enjoy yourselves and share many hearty guffaws.

Insight Terminus


In Destiny 2, the Insight Terminus Nightfall is a strike that belongs to the Grandmaster tier and requires preparation, coordination, and a reliable loadout. Players can win powerful rewards by overcoming the obstacles offered by this Nightfall if they approach it with the appropriate strategy. 


When the Void burn effect is activated on the Insight Terminus Nightfall, the damage done by and taken from Void sources is increased to 25% and 50%, respectively. As a result, protecting yourself from taking significant amounts of damage from Void-related sources and arming yourself with a weapon like the Retrofit Escapade are both crucial.


Overload Champions are absent from the Nightfall. However Unstoppable Champions and Barrier Champions are there. With anti-barrier weapons like the Arbalest, Anti-Barrier Bows, and Pulse Rifles, you can easily take down these Champions. Grenade Launchers with Unstoppable Champion upgrades like Ignition Code are very useful.


Although Arc and Void shields make up most of those found in the Nightfall, players should not be too concerned about them because they are infrequent.

Loadout Recommendations

While facing up against Barrier Champions, Arbalest is a great pick. Using a Grenade Launcher, an Anti-Barrier Pulse, or a Bow is the most effective strategy for dealing with Unstoppable Champions. During the Nightfall event, the Retrofit Escapade is a fantastic heavy weapon. It is also suggested that you equip your Grenade Launchers with Blinding Grenades.

Build Recommendations

Hunters should choose the Void subclass and equip Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk. Warlocks may benefit greatly from the Solar subclass when coupled with the Starfire Protocol; however, the Stasis and Void subclasses are also good options. Titans may choose from a number of different subclasses, including Solar and Arc, but one of the finest possibilities is the Void subclass with Bubble.


Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2

This section of the Nightfall is not too difficult to complete. A few types of Vex foes exist in the first area, including a Barrier Hobgoblin, a Void Minotaur, and several Goblins. Use the tunnel as cover as you carry out your assault from a safe distance. Players should hold back and secure their side of the canyon before advancing to the other side of the ravine to slay the Barrier Colossus.

Defend the Spire

There isn’t much of a challenge in finishing this part of the Nightfall. In this game, players must defend a Vex portal and a plate from enemy forces. Use tools and techniques, such as Witherhoard, explosives, Wells, and Bubbles, that may be used to efficiently manage huge numbers of people. Two unstoppable champions will come through the portal with the last wave. While dealing with them, you must ensure you have at least one unstoppable shot.

The Big Room

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
The Big Room

This is the first area of Nightfall that presents a serious threat. Players shouldn’t attempt to advance upwards when enemies are spawning from all directions. The most effective tactic is to build up a Well or a Bubble and then wait in the area immediately next to and around the entrance. Shooting the monster in the rear of the area will cause another wave of opponents and Champions to enter the chamber after the first wave of foes has been eliminated. When the Arc charge appears, seize it and throw it into the water.

The Boss

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
The Boss

The difficulty of this particular stage of Nightfall is unparalleled. While fending against attackers that continue spawning, players must activate three plates on either side of the Arena. After all three plates have been engaged, the boss will appear, and the player’s objective is to do enough damage to him to kill him. Maintain your position atop the map, avoid being killed by the monster’s Void fire strike, and focus on inflicting damage on the boss.

The Corrupted

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
The Corrupted

The gameplay of Destiny 2, The Corrupted Strike, is a difficult assignment. To complete it successfully, you will need a strategy that has been well laid out and has excellent execution. The following is a walkthrough that will assist you in completing The Corrupted Strike in Destiny 2.

Choosing the right builds

The Corrupted GM is a lengthy strike with several encounters with hazardous enemies. The Void subclasses and the ability to become invisible should be the primary emphasis of Hunters, and they should augment their powers with the talents Omnioculus and Graviton Forfeit. For greater survivability, Titans should employ a Void loadout with Heart of Inmost Light, while Warlocks should use Dawnblade in conjunction with Well of Radiance.

Beginning of the Strike

As soon as the game begins, you should go to the right side of the map and eliminate the Overload Champion that emerges there. Focusing on the Scorn and Taken enemies first is recommended, then going on to the Champions and minibosses.

The Elevator

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
The Elevator

It is imperative that you take command of the Taken Psions and wipe them out before you activate the console. By using the Relics on each side of the elevator, you may power up the Elevator Relics and send them on their way to another player. Use the control panel to summon the elevator and escape your pursuers. As soon as the charged Relics smash their shields, two Taken minibosses will arrive.

I suggest you visit the Temple. You must clear out of this room and vanquish the Unstoppable Champion at the top of the stairs before proceeding. Initially, concentrate on wiping out the Champions, and then go on to the Knights and Shriekers.

Twin Ogres

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
Twin Ogres

It would be best to eliminate the Unstoppable Champion in the normal chamber, then eliminate the Ogre miniboss. If you are transferred to the Ascendant Plane before the Ogre has been killed, you should eliminate the other foes and stay away from the Ascendant Ogre.

After you are transferred back, you will need to kill the standard Ogre. Before ascending to the higher level of the chamber and entering the Portal at the far end, you must first eliminate the two Unstoppable Champions and then deal with the Ascendant Ogre.

Explore the Temple in More Depth. Defeating undefeatable Champions and the countless Taken Thralls before you would be best. It is first necessary to stun Unstoppable Champions when armed with the Revitalizing Blast mod, then to kill them by firing Heavy or Special weapons. Strike down the Void-shielded Taken Hobgoblins perched on the pillars around the room’s perimeter.

Boss Room

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
Boss Room

Let a few foes spawn on the right side of the Arena so that the initial damage phase may begin. Then, withdraw to the platform before the Arena and use grenades or primary weapons to take them out from a safe distance. Sedia’s shield should be one-shot with a throweammate once one of the players has grabbed a Relic and thrown it to start the damage phase immediately. During the initial portion of the damage phase, the new Stormchaser linear fusion rifle should be used to do as much damage to the monster as possible.

Boss Room – Ascendant Plane

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
Boss Room Ascendant Plane

Kill the Overload Champion on the platform in front of you, then proceed to where the opponents are standing to shoot the enemies on the parallel platform. These foes include a Solar-shielded Knight, a Taken Vandal, and an Unstoppable Champion. Start a new damage phase by grabbing the Relic on the right side of the screen. Stay within the Arena and out of harm’s Way as Sedia unleashes her scream attack. Following that, you will defeat this Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall.

You can win Destiny 2’s The Corrupted Strike if you follow these guidelines and use the appropriate builds.

The Glassway

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
The Glassway

Understanding the Glassway Strike

In Europa, one of the planets in Destiny 2, players will face the difficult challenge known as the Glassway strike. You aim to combat the Vex and prevent them from conquering the Earth by any means necessary. The adventure takes place over several distinct locations, each with its own set of problems, and it culminates in a boss fight against Kridis, the Dark Priestess.

Choosing the Right Weapons and Gear

Choosing the appropriate weapons and equipment before beginning the assignment would be best. As you make your Way through the assignment, you will face various foes; thus, you must have equipment that can efficiently eliminate them. While you will be battling at a distance and in close quarters, it is highly recommended that you carry a variety of long-range and short-range weaponry with you since you will take a lot of damage while on this assignment; it’s very necessary to bring equipment that boosts your resistance to it.

The Main Hall

This part of the process is not too complicated. You will face an onslaught after an onslaught of foes, making it necessary to maintain mobility and seek shelter as appropriate. Minotaurs are dangerous foes since they are notoriously difficult to defeat. When swiftly wiping out groups of adversaries, grenades, and supers are your best option.

The Cradle

The Cradle presents a challenge that is somewhat greater than that of the Main Hall. It will be necessary for you to destroy many Vex constructions while dodging the beams of Light that they release. You must stay in this location and employ shelter to avoid the beams. Eliminate the constructions one at a time, and watch for any new foes that may appear while you do so. This step is very necessary.

The Nexus

The Nexus is the most difficult location to navigate during the Glassway Strike. It would be best if you defeated several formidable Minotaurs while avoiding the Void energy they exude. Since this task needs great coordination between the team members, clear and concise communication is essential. Make fast work of the Minotaurs by using your super abilities and explosives, and maintain your mobility to avoid being hurt by them.

The Final Boss Battle

The last boss fight against Kridis, the Dark Priestess, is difficult, but it is doable if you have a good plan. Since Kridis will teleport about the Arena, it is crucial to maintain mobility and escape her assaults. She also employs cover to shield herself from the Void energy she releases. Take care of damage as fast as possible by using your special abilities and explosives, and maintain good communication with the rest of your squad.

Final Thoughts

The Glassway Strike is a difficult quest that requires skill and coordination to complete successfully. You will be able to defeat the Vex and prevent them from conquering Europa if you use the techniques that are detailed in this tutorial, as well as if you use the appropriate weapons and armor. Following that, you’ll have no trouble taking down this Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2.

Warden of Nothing

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
Warden of Nothing

The Warden of Nothing attack in Destiny 2 is widely considered one of the game’s most difficult challenges. With the introduction of the Grandmaster Nightfall edition of this Strike, players are faced with overcoming the prison’s most deadly prisoners, including many champion foes and a final boss.

We will walk you through completing the Warden of Nothing Grandmaster Nightfall Strike, available in Season 17 of Destiny 2. We will explain the important encounters you will face and highlight the ideal builds for each class.

Best Builds to Use in this Raid

For hunters to successfully traverse the GM’s challenging areas, they need to use a Void 3.0 build that centres on their ability to remain invisible. Titans should employ a Void configuration that allows them to spam abilities and use Ward of Dawn as much as possible. The greatest choices for Exotics are the Heart of Inmost Light and the Helm of Saint-14. Two different builds are available to warlocks a Solar 3.0 build that uses the Well of Radiance, and a Stasis build that uses Osmiomancy and exotic gloves that boost Coldsnap Grenades.

Access the Prison

Players must engage in combat with a few Vex Goblins and an Overload Champion, who are stationed at the entrance to the Prison of Elders. When we get there, there will be parallel tracks, and the trains will arrive on one side first and the other afterwards.

Traverse the Tunnels

Gamers are instructed to sprint through the tunnels, utilize the platforms at the side of the tracks when an oncoming train comes near, and eliminate a miniboss Vex Hydra battling two Cabal Phalanxes and an Unstoppable Champion. When the players have defeated the Barrier Champion standing in the centre of the chamber by attacking from a distance, they should leap up and run over the tracks to escape being hit by the trains and make their Way out of the Level.

Exit the Tunnels

The players will encounter several foes guarding the exit, including some Barrier Champions, a few Hobgoblins, and many Goblins. It is recommended that players begin by eliminating the Hydra and the Goblins, then defeating both Barrier Champions from a distance, and finally eliminating the adds in the back of the room in hopes of creating a new miniboss.

The Arena

Before players can complete a challenge, they must defuse mines by standing at specific points on the map. At the same time, multiple adds spawn; they will first need to defeat two Barrier Champions, an Overload Champion, and an Unstoppable Champion. After they have done so, they can proceed with the challenge.

The first mine will instantly spawn in the centre of the Arena, and an Unstoppable Champion and a Barrier Champion will emerge through the middle entrance. Deactivate one of the mines while the Overload Champion is stunned, then do some significant damage to the Champion and move on to the remaining mine before the timer on the remaining mine hits zero. At this moment, a Colossus with a specific name will materialize in the centre of the Arena.

Boss Room

If guardians defeat all of the enemies in the area, the boss will finally show up. Players can then use Heavies and Supers to deal maximum damage to it. After the boss has been killed and all of the enemies are dead, the strike is finally complete. If the boss survives, it will set the whole floor ablaze. Therefore, players would have to act quickly, or they need to be ready to die.

Final Thoughts

Guardians who follow this advice will be in good shape to take on the Warden of Nothing Grandmaster Nightfall Strike. Adjust your equipment as needed, come up with a strategy to wipe out your most formidable foes, and work together with your colleagues to defeat the ultimate monster. If you put in the time and effort, you can get the Platinum rating and even the Conqueror Seal. Nightfall, the Grandmaster of the Wardens of Nothing, will be no match for you.

The Scarlet Keep

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
The Scarlet Keep

In Destiny 2, the Strike known as the Scarlet Kee may be very tough to complete, especially on higher levels like the Grandmaster level. This guide offers participants vital information that they may use to improve their chances of surviving and advancing through the Strike.

Use Anti-Barrier and Ranged Weapons

Since the Scarlet Keep is teeming with Barrier Knights, doing damage that can penetrate their shields is important. For this purpose, Arbalest is an effective weapon, and its inherent anti-barrier capabilities make it a very important addition to your armoury. Due to the enormous size of the battlefield and the great sightlines the opponents possess, they have ranged weapons like pulse rifles and scout rifles are especially beneficial in this Strike.

Work as a Team

Collaborating as a group is necessary to successfully perform the numerous tasks that make up the strike on the Scarlet Keep. During the process of activating the three plates, you need to have one player charge up the plate while two others take angles on either side of the plate to kill the Barrier Knight that appears. Acolytes can spawn in high numbers throughout the elevator process. To protect yourself from the oncoming fire, take cover behind the three pillars.

Apply Armor Mods

Armour modifications may give an additional defence against the arc damage that Wizards deal and the sniper attacks of Acolytes. To defend against the dangers above, you may want to equip yourself with some Sniper Resistance, Arc Resistant, and Concussive Dampener modifications.

Have Solar Damage Available

Several Wizards who are skilled with Solar shields make their are in the Scarlet Keep. Maintaining Solar weapons requires that at least one person be operating them at all times. Warlocks may destroy Wizards’ shields with melee strikes or explosives.

Focus on Add-Clear in the Boss Room

The last boss chamber of the Scarlet Keep strike is the most difficult phase of the encounter and demands significant add-clear. You may remove the little advertising before they leave the opponent spawn doors by using Witherhoard or one of the other ad-clearing tools. One player can concentrate on opening and repeatedly closing these doors to make the whole segment more doable. Make it a priority to concentrate on champions and orange-bar majors first, and switch your attention often between the front and rear portions of the boss chamber.

Keep Moving and Stay Aware

It is well known that the Scarlet Keep has very little cover so enemies may strike from a greater distance. Never stop moving, be aware of your surroundings, and use shelter wherever possible. For players to succeed in the Scarlet Keep Grandmaster Nightfall, they must be cautious, vigilant, and observant.

In conclusion, the attack known as The Scarlet Keep in Destiny 2 demands careful preparation, coordination, and smart use of weapons and armour upgrades. Players will have a better chance of surviving and completing this hard Nightfall strike if they follow these guidelines. Afterwards, you can easily beat the scarlet keep Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall.

Birthplace of The Vile

Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2
Birthplace of The Vile

In attempting to defeat the Scorn on Savathun’s Throne Realm, the Guardians will face several challenges in Birthplace of the Vile. Considering the recommended Power level of 1510, this Strike needs serious coordination and strategic planning to overcome its hurdles.

Locating the Dark City

The initial stage of the Strike is finding the location of the Dark City inside the Throne World. Go through the smoke to the hollow zone below, then proceed farther down the tunnels to Witch’s Echo. Scorn enemies, such as the Lillix and Lightscourge, will likely attack in waves, so you must be ready to defend yourself.

Clearing the Pyramid

Structure After all foes have been defeated, go inside the Pyramid building and continue up the staircase until you reach the area with the bright orange circle on the ground. If you stand on the platform, waves of foes will be triggered, and you will need to survive these waves to break through the barrier blocking the doorway ahead. You will find Scorn foes barring your route once you reach the next area, which can be accessed by ascending the stairs and passing through the doorway.

Navigating the Linear Structure

Continue going through the tunnels until you find yourself outside the pyramid’s main structure. Go toward the doorway blocked by an orange barrier on the left. The barrier will collapse upon the conversation’s conclusion, allowing you to enter the chamber behind it. When you have eliminated all of the opponents in this chamber that are Scorn, a doorway will open up in the rear of the room. After passing through the Portal, continue through the linear structure while destroying the Screebs and any other Scorn you encounter.

Disabling Resonance Slabs

When you reach the end of the linear structure, it would be best to beat the Portal Warden on the other side to open a new portal. You must return down the hallways to the next Arena with a Lacerated Abomination and several other foes. When defending this area from attackers, you and your Fireteam must disarm the two Resonance slabs that may be found here. Maintain your cohesiveness as a group and collaborate to turn off both of the Resonance slabs.

Defeating the Final Boss Heimiks, Warden of the Harvest

Go up the stairs towards the rear of the chamber, where you will discover a Corrupted Chieftain. After both Resonance slabs have been disabled, you may now access this area. Crossing the floating platforms and entering the doorway is necessary to reach the Cryptoglyph to the right.

When you have defeated the Corruption and acquired the item, go through the Portal that has opened nearby. Defeat the Scorn foes in the next chamber and then go through the doorway in the room’s rear to reach an area with many Scorn foes to contend with the outdoors. After you have defeated your foes, the orange barriers blocking the two entrances will collapse, and you can go into the next building.

To summon Heimiks, Warden of the Harvest, move closer to the circular receptacle in the Incubation Room. The final fight is simple, but between the several stages, you will be transferred to other places and have to beat Portal Wardens to return to the main chamber area. After Heimiks’ health bar is down by one-third, the first immunity phase will begin. During this phase, you will be moved to the hallway chamber where Screebs and other Scorns are.

You will enter the second immunity phase once the health bar on Heimiks has been reduced to one-third of its original size. At this point, you will be transported to a room with platforming routes on both the left and right sides of the room. Continue chipping away at Heimiks’ health bar until it reaches this point. To proceed with the battle against Heimiks, you must cross across and destroy the Portal Warden opposite the side. Final Thoughts

This Strike, Birthplace of the Vile, is a difficult one that will test your coordination and planning ability. You will either emerge victorious and achieve your GM title or you will lose it all. However, if you Follow these instructions, the Birthplace of The Vile Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall will be an easy challenge for you to complete. 


Destiny 2 Nightfalls offer experienced players the ultimate end-game content, with the Grandmaster Nightfalls being the most challenging. With the right preparation, tools, and tactics, players can conquer the toughest Grandmaster Nightfalls. Each Grandmaster Nightfall offers a rewarding experience for those up for the challenge. Remember to equip your arsenal with the right shields, Champions, weapons, and modifications, as each Nightfall encounter has its distinct collection. With our guide, you can overcome any obstacle that comes your Way in Destiny 2.


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