Destiny 2 Unlock Deterministic Chaos [Step By Step]

Unlocking Deterministic Chaos: A Challenging but Rewarding Journey in Destiny 2

In search of a powerful new weapon to add to your Destiny 2 arsenal? Each serious player must have the Deterministic Chaos machine gun. However, you must complete a challenging and rewarding quest to unlock it. Read on to learn how to obtain this powerful weapon.

Key Takeaways
  • The Deterministic Chaos machine gun in Destiny 2 can only be obtained once the Unfinished Business questline has been accomplished.
  • Gathering Cipher Qubits, defeating Vex enemies, and retrieving the Seed of Silver Wings are all necessary steps in the quest.
  • Improve your chances of success by stocking up on ammo and consumables and equipping yourself with weapons and armor suited to the enemies you encounter.
  • Working with other players to finish the task may be more efficient.
  • After finishing Unfinished Business, return to Nimbus for your exotic weapon reward, Deterministic Chaos.

How to Unlock the Powerful Exotic Deterministic Chaos

Destiny 2 is about the hunt for powerful loot, and Lightfall, the most recent addition, has brought a new must-have exotic weapon: the Deterministic Chaos. This void-heavy machine gun can weaken enemies and create volatile explosions. Nevertheless, for players to access this weapon, they must first complete the Unfinished Business quest, which is both a challenging and rewarding journey. This walkthrough will cover the steps to unlock Deterministic Chaos and provide some extra advice to help the process go more smoothly.

Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos Deterministic Chaos
Deterministic Chaos

Step One: Begin the Unfinished Business Quest

The first thing you should do is start the Unfinished Business Quest.

When you finish the Lightfall campaign, the Unfinished Business questline will become available. Talk with Nimbus to receive the quest, and then go to the Hall of Heroes to begin it.

Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos Unfinished Business Quest
Unfinished Business Quest

Step Two: Gather Cipher Qubits and Extract Data from Cloud Accretions

To proceed to the next quest stage, you must gather Cipher Qubits and extract Rohan’s data from Cloud Accretions. Defeating enemies of the Vex and then using Cipher Qubits to extract data from Cloud Accretions is the best way to get these resources. It is necessary for you to collect a total of forty Cipher Qubits.

Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos Collect 5 resources, each one requires 8 cipher qubits
Collect 5 resources, and each one requires 8 cipher qubits

Consider using a resource detector mod on your Ghost to simplify the process and make it easier. As a result, you will have an easier way of locating the Cloud Accretions, and you will be able to gather the Cipher Qubits you need in less time.

Step Three: Retrieve the Final Data Packet

The quest’s final data packet may be retrieved at Maya’s Retreat once you’ve extracted it from five Cloud Accretions. There will be waves of Vex enemies, so be ready for a hard battle.

Consider teaming up with other players to help you win this fight. Working together this way will make defeating the Vex enemies easier and end the battle more quickly.

Step Four: Speak to Nimbus and Osiris in Radiosonde

Once the final data packet is secured, make your way to the Radiosonde to speak with Nimbus and Osiris. Several dangerous Vex enemies protect this location, so ensure you’re prepared for a fight.

Use weapons and armor explicitly designed for use against Vex enemies to give yourself a fighting chance. Against the Vex, void weapons are highly effective, allowing you to dispatch your enemies efficiently.

Step Five: Complete the Thrilladome Lost Sector

Thrilladome Lost Section of Liming Harbor is the next objective in the quest. You’ll face up against many Vex enemies here, so prepare for a difficult battle.

You may use solar weaponry to help win this fight. Very useful against the Cabal enemies you’ll be facing here. As an added precaution, stock up on ammunition and consumables, and be ready to use your skills to dispatch your enemies rapidly.

Step Six: Defeat 100 Combatants in Ahimsa Park

After finishing the Thrilladome Lost Sector, you must prove your prowess at Ahimsa Park by defeating one hundred combatants. This is a beautiful chance to improve your abilities with your newly acquired weapons and skills.

Consider using your abilities to eliminate several enemies at once so that you may complete this quest more quickly. Due to this, you will be able to advance more rapidly and complete the step more effortlessly.

Step Seven: Retrieve the Seed of Silver Wings

The next thing that has to be done is to go and get the Seed of Silver Wings from Calus’ Typhon Imperator. Enemies of the Cabal heavily guard this location, so make sure you are ready for a challenging battle before venturing here.

Using void weapons in this battle could be helpful if you want it to go more smoothly. They are useful for facing off against the Cabal enemies who roam in this area. In addition, check that you have a sufficient supply of ammo and consumables, and get ready to use your skills to eliminate the enemies in a shorter time.

Step Eight: Assemble the Passkey

After you have the Seed of Silver Wings, you should talk with Nimbus to assemble the passkey. You will need a free heavy slot in your inventory to store the passkey, so make sure you have one of them.

Step Nine: Complete the Unfinished Business Quest

The final part of the quest is to complete the Unfinished Business mission, which can be located in Liming Harbor. This will bring the quest to a successful completion. This mission places you against the Vex in a brutal battle, but in exchange, it offers some great rewards, such as the exotic weapon known as the Deterministic Chaos. Consider using weapons and abilities tailored specifically for use against Vex enemies to make this battle more manageable.

Return to Nimbus after completing the Unfinished Business quest to receive the Deterministic Chaos exotic weapon as a reward for completing the quest.

Tips for Success

  • Unlocking Deterministic Chaos is difficult, but making significant progress toward your goal with proper strategy and preparation is possible. You may improve your chances of success by following these suggestions:
  • Confronting the most difficult challenges will require working with the other players. You’ll be able to work together to eliminate enemies more quickly and efficiently thanks to your unique ability to team up.
  • Ensure that your weapons and armor are suitable for your enemies by guaranteeing they are well-balanced. Although void weapons are excellent for caring for Vex enemies, solar weapons are fantastic for dealing with Cabal enemies.
  • Make sure that you have a sufficient supply of both ammo and consumables. It may be a significant setback if you are in a battle and suddenly run out of ammo or lose significant health, so always be prepared.
  • Make the most of your abilities by utilizing them to their best capacity. It would be best if you were quick to use your abilities because of how strong they may be; doing so will allow you to defeat your enemies more quickly and efficiently.


The process of unlocking the Deterministic Chaos exotic weapon in Destiny 2 is challenging. Still, if you have the right strategy and are well-prepared, you will successfully achieve your goal. You will be able to acquire this effective weapon and take on even the most difficult challenges in the game if you read this guide carefully, follow the procedures explained in it, and use the tips and tricks provided for you to be successful.


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