Explained: How To Get Dawn Chorus In Destiny 2

Dawn Chorus: The Solar Exotic Helmet That Will Set Your Enemies Ablaze

Many gamers were disappointed when the Dawn Chorus Exotic Warlock Helmet was removed from Destiny 2. The helmet’s random drop rate made acquiring it challenging, to begin with, and now it seems to be impossible. Nonetheless, the Rites of Ember Exotic Perk is well worth the effort since each strike increases scorch damage and melee energy. It’s an excellent tool for any Warlock to have in their armory while facing PvE encounters. Thus, Bungie has said nothing regarding the Dawn Chorus’s destiny, but fans should be vigilant.

Key Takeaways
  • For the best chance of obtaining the Dawn Chorus exotic helmet, players should run Legendary Lost Sectors on Master difficulty while playing alone. However, it may take numerous tries.
  • Players were still able to get the Dawn Chorus helmet without the bare-bones roll from collections after Bungie recognized and addressed the problem in September and October 2022.
  • Destiny 2‘s Dawn Chorus exotic helmet was removed in the recent update for unexplained reasons.
  • It might be a bug or a creator’s choice to balance the game.

How To Get Dawn Chorus Exotic Helmet

The Dawn Chorus exotic helmet may be obtained by completing Legendary Lost Sectors solo and crossing your fingers for a drop of a class-specific exotic helm. Many attempts may be required; persistence and patience are needed.

  • To enhance your chances of obtaining the helmet, you should run the Lost Sectors on Master difficulty.
  • But you should know that doing so will subject you to more modifiers and challenging champion enemies.
Destiny 2 Dawn Chorus Removed How to get Dawn Chorus
How to get Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus Exotic Perk

Rites of Ember, an Exotic Perk available on the Dawn Chorus helmet, amplifies the scorching effect of a Warlock’s Daybreak projectiles. There is increased damage from scorch effects, and Warlocks earn a small amount of melee energy each time a scorching effect damages a target. This benefit shines most in PvE encounters, especially if players aren’t using Well of Radiance as a Solar Warlock.

Bug Issue

  • When the Dawn Chorus wasn’t showing up in player collections, Bungie basically acknowledged it was a problem in September 2022.
  • On October 18, 2022, this issue was fixed. It’s important to note that this didn’t stop players from obtaining the Exotic, but it did remove the chance of getting a bare-bones roll from collections.

Why Was Dawn Chorus Removed From Destiny 2?

The Dawn Chorus exotic helmet has vanished from Destiny 2 with the most recent update. But as of right now, we don’t know why Bungie took it down; they haven’t said anything about it.

  • This might be due to a bug or malfunction, or it could be a choice made by the creators to maintain game balance.
  • For some reason, the Dawn Chorus is presently unavailable to players.

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With the Rites of Ember Exotic Perk increasing scorch damage, the Dawn Chorus Exotic Warlock Helmet in Destiny 2 is a fantastic addition to any Guardian’s collection. While it’s tough to get owing to the Legendary Lost Sectors’ random drop rate, the odds may be improved by completing them on Master difficulty when playing solo. Unfortunately, the Dawn Chorus has been removed from Destiny 2 in the most recent update, and it is still being determined if or when it will be reinstated. Dawn Chorus may return if Bungie continues its tradition of listening to its community and addressing concerns quickly.


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