Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics: All Weapons & Armor

Master the New Lightfall Exotics and Armor in Destiny 2 - Unleash Your Guardian's Full Potential!

Like every other DLC in Destiny 2, Lightfall is no exception when it comes to providing the best exotics for players. The exotics greatly increase the potential of what a guardian can do on the battlefield. This guide will walk you through how to get each exotic weapon and armor, which will easily get you through the toughest content in this new season!

Key Takeaways
  • Winterbite Stasis Glaive is a powerful heavy weapon that has the ability to immobilize foes by firing massive energy pellets at them.
  • Since it fires aggressive tracking shots that can be fired from the hip, the Last Warning is a weapon in that is useful for efficiently killing lesser foes.
  • Deterministic Chaos is a void machine gun that shoots in a rhythm and weakens foes on the fourth shot. 
  • Hunters Cyrtarachne’s Facade comes equipped with the Acrobat’s Focus characteristic. The helmet provides temporary resistance for 10 seconds while taking damage. 
  • Hunters may wear Tight Fit Speedloader Slacks. These legs accelerate reloading, handling, and aerial dodging. If the player avoids or overcomes foes while the buff is active, they will acquire another stack and reset the duration. 
  • Titan leg armor Abeyant Leap is equipped with Puppeteer’s Control. Barricade with Drengr’s Lash creates two Strand missiles. These missiles hit harder, fly further, and suspend targets. Woven Mail protects airborne opponents against this unusual equipment.
  • Cadmus Ridge Lancecap is a unique Titan helmet with the Lancer’s Vigil perk. This helmet creates stasis crystals while utilising the Diamond Lances with the Stasis subclass. Quick precision attacks and killing foes with a Stasis subclass weapon behind a Rally Barricade will generate a Diamond Lance.
  • If you are wearing a swarmer’s armor, breaking a Tangle will cause the spawning of a Threadling, which will seek out and attack nearby foes. When an opponent takes damage from the Threadling, that opponent will unravel.
  • Warlock exotic Ballidorse Wrathweavers has the Hearts of Ice perk. Winter’s Wrath Shockwave increases shatter damage, over shields allies, and boosts Stasis weapon damage.

Exotic Weapons

The Lightfall addition for Destiny 2 introduces many new exotics for players to track down and acquire. Each exotic has benefits and abilities that may substantially improve your Guardian’s gameplay. In this guide, we’ll look more in-depth at the three new exotic weapons included in Lightfall and the methods through which you may get them.

Here’s a summarized table of all the exotics in Destinty 2 Lightfall expansion: 

Exotic Weapon
Weapon Name ImpactRangeStability Reload SpeedAim AssistanceAirborn Effectiveness
Winter bite95.085.0-5 sec81.010.0
Final Warning35.045.066.048 sec88.027.0
Deterministic Chaos sec64.019.0
Exotice Armor
Armor Name MobilityResilienceRecoveryDisciplineIntellectStrength
Cyrtarachne’s Facade103.022.074.0100.050.042.0
Speedloader Slacks81.0100.
Abeyant Leap51.
Cadmus Ridge Lancecap22.0100.075.0100.033.070.0
Ballidorse Wrathweavers28.

Winter bite

Shield Duration39
Reload Speed5
Aim Assist81
Airborn Effectiveness10

The Winterbite Stasis Glaive delivers a powerful punch, rendering foes immobile by freezing them with huge energy pellets that freeze onto their targets. Because of its status as an unusually heavy weapon, it can deal hits to both individual bosses and large groups of foes. For players to acquire Winterbite, they will first need to finish the Lightfall campaign, enabling them to go on a quest to get the Glaive.

Final Warning

Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2
Reload Speed48
Aim Assist88
Airborn Effectiveness 27

Final Warning, it is a good weapon for swiftly wiping out cannon fodder foes since bullets track aggressively toward targets when hip-fired, making it possible to hip-fire. For players to receive Final Warning, they must first complete the Final Strand mission, which can only be accessed if all Strand pieces have been unlocked.

Deterministic Chaos

Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2
Reload Speed38
Aim Assist64
Airborn Effectiveness 19

The Deterministic Chaos is a void machine gun with a rhythm of projectiles striking them the fourth time it fires a round. This weakens enemies when the projectiles strike them every four and renders opponents volatile upon hit, making this weapon a fantastic choice for engaging bosses and clearing away trash mobs. Unfinished Business is a quest that started in the Hall of Heroes after the Lightfall campaign was completed. Players need to finish brighten quest to receive Deterministic Chaos.

Lightfall also comes with two more weapons that aren’t accessible anywhere else right now besides the exotics already in the game. The Verglas Curve is a stasis bow that can fire many arrows at once in a single volley and manufacture stThe Root of Nightmares is a raid exotic that Bungie has not yet disclosed the details of.

Final Thoughts On Exotic Weapons

The new exotic weapons introduced to Destiny 2 as part of the Lightfall update are, in general, fascinating additions to the game that provide players with new and different ways to engage in gameplay. Everyone will find something they like doing in this game: putting their foes to sleep with Winterbite, putting them on notice with Last Warning, or letting loose devastating missiles with Deterministic Chaos.

For players to get these exotics, they will first need to finish the Lightfall campaign and all of the associated quests, and they may also need to unlock all of the Stran pieces. Yet, if you have the appropriate gear and are willing to put in the effort, gaining such potent weaponry is not out of the question at all.

Exotic Armor

The Lightfall combing includes adding six new pieces of exotic armor—two for each of the three classes: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. Your Guardian’s powers may be significantly improved by combining the appropriate subclass and playstyle with the appropriate armor, each with its special benefits.

Hunter Exotic Armor

In Lightfall, Hunters get two new Exotic armor pieces to add to their arsenal, offering exciting new ways to customize your Guardian build.

Cyrtarachne’s Facade

Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2

The Cyrtarachne’s Facade is a unique helmet for Hunters that comes along with the Acrobat’s Focus attribute. By utilizing the grapple ability while equipped with the Strand subtype, this helmet grants you temporary resistance to damage that lasts for ten seconds. In addition, while the Woven Mail boost is active, it will reduce any incoming flinch.

Speedloader Slacks

Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2

The unique Hunter legs known as Speedloader Slacks are along with the Tight Fit attribute. These legs improve the speed at which you reload, your handling and the efficacy of your aerial dodging. If you avoid or destroy opponents while the buff is active, you will gain an extra stack of the buff, and the duration will be reset. This may be done up to five times.

Titan Exotic Armor

Titan players in Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion have access to two new Exotic armor pieces to add to their collection. These new armor pieces are designed to help Titans excel in battle with unique abilities and perks that complement their playstyle.

Abeyant Leap

Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2

Abeyant Leap is a unique piece of leg armor for Titans that comes along with the Puppeteer’s Control perk. Two extra Strand missiles are created when you use the Barricade ability while equipped with the Drengr’s Lash aspect. These projectiles go longer, target foes more aggressively, and hold them in the air temporarily. This exotic item also gives damage resistance to opponents that are suspended in the air via the use of Woven Mail.

Cadmus Ridge Lancecap

Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2

This unique Titan helmet, the Cadmus Ridge Lancecap, is equipped with the Lancer’s Vigil perk. When used with the Stasis subclass, Diamond Lances generate stasis crystals upon impact when thrown, with additional crystals generated by striking monsters and vehicles. In addition, if you are using a Stasis subclass and are positioned behind your Rally Barricade, fast precision strikes and combatant last blows with a Stasis weapon will cause a Diamond Lance to spawn in the area around you.

Warlock Exotic Armor

With the release of Lightfall, players can unlock two new Exotic armor pieces for their Warlocks that provide various advantages during combat.


Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2

Swarmers are a unique piece of leg armor for Warlocks that come along with the Swarmers perk. If you destroy a Tangle while wearing this armor, you will give birth to a Threadling, which actively seeks out enemies to attack. Any targets that Threadlings damage will result in the unraveling of that target.

Ballidorse Wrathweavers

Lightfall Exotics in Destiny 2

The exotic Warlock weapon, Ballidorse Wrathweavers, is equipped with the Hearts of Ice perk. Your Winter’s Wrath Shockwave provides more shatter damage and grants teammates within its range an over shield and increased damage dealt by Stasis weapons.

How To Obtain Exotic Armor

By finishing the Lightfall campaign on the Legendary difficulty setting, you will be able to receive one item of exotic armor for each class. Upon completing the campaign, you will be prompted to choose two new exotics tailored to your class. You will need to finish a Legendary or Master Lost Sector on a day when that specific exotic is up for grabs to acquire the other exotic available for your class.

Final Thoughts On Exotic Armor

The newly added exotic armor components in Destiny 2: Lightfall each come with a one-of-a-kind perks that may be used to improve a player’s Guardian skills. It is necessary to finish the light fall campaign on the Legendary difficulty setting and finish the Legendary or Master Lost Sectors on specified days to get these unique armors. Players can make the most of their Guardian’s capabilities and transform themselves into a dangerous opponents in the game by using the correct exotic armor in conjunction with the ideal playstyle and subclass.


Completing the Lightfall campaign, and taking on Raids, Legend Lost Sectors, and Dungeons are all excellent ways to get this full gear, even though gaining these Exotic pieces of armor and weapons might be challenging. Destiny 2 receives an additional layer of complexity and excitement with the addition of the new Exotic armor pieces and weaponry that come with the Lightfall update.

In this thrilling new chapter of Destiny 2’s continuous adventure, there is something for everyone to find and master, no matter how long you’ve been playing the game or how much experience you have as a Guardian.


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