How To Unlock Lightfall Sub-Classes In Destiny 2

Unleash the Power of the Darkness by wielding the Strand subclasses in Destiny 2 Lightfall!

Strand is a brand-new subclass that may now be played in the game, thanks to the most recent addition just released. Unlocking this Destiny 2 Lightfall subclass might be an exciting experience, but you must work to do it. This guide will explain the steps you need to do to unlock Strand and make the most of your new Darkness subtype.

Key Takeaways
  • After gaining access to the Strand subclass, players must meditate at the Pouka Pond region to acquire the subclass’s Aspects, Fragments, and alternate grenade powers.
  • The price of an Aspect is 150 Strand Meditations, whereas the price of a Fragment is 200 Strand Meditations, and the price of a Grenade is 50 Strand Meditations.
  • The Strand subclass allows players to create a grappling hook for fast travel by pressing the “grenade” button, launching themselves into the air, and grabbing onto anything.
  • Woven Mail is a kind of armor that can be crafted using the Strand subclass, and it shields the wearer from taking too much damage.
  • The Strand subclass may momentarily suspend foes in midair and assault unraveling enemies to release strands that attack other enemies.
  • Sever, a debuff from the Strand subtype, reduces enemy damage and makes them easier to kill. Aspect or Fragment and Strand subclass levels determine the debuff’s duration. 
  • Tangles may go to many foes, while Threadlings move over the ground and suspend enemies. Strand abilities generate Tangles that may be hurled or shot to explode foes.
  • Guardians may use Aspects, Fragments, and Grenades to customize the Strand subclass’s playstyle. Upgrades have pros and cons.
Important: For players to be able to use Strand in the game, they need to complete the Lightfall campaign.

Complete The Lightfall Campaign

You must finish the Lightfall campaign before utilizing the Strand subclass. When you first log in to the game after acquiring the downloadable content, the game will provide you with an automated prompt.

  • Players will be invited to begin the Lightfall campaign via a prompt.
  • The mission can also be started by choosing Neptune from the Director screen.
  • During the campaign, players will have multiple chances to use Strand’s power.
  • Players should look out for areas with a high concentration of Strand threads.
  • Osiris will be present to assist with the technical aspects of using Strand.

By the end of the Lightfall campaign, players should feel confident in their ability to handle the fundamentals of Strand, thus allowing the full potential to use it freely outside of the main campaign missions.

Unlocking Aspects, Fragments, And Grenades

Guardians, you’ve unlocked the powerful Strand subclass in Destiny 2‘s Lightfall campaign, but the journey isn’t over yet. To fully realize its potential, you must collect all its Aspects, Fragments, and alternate grenade abilities. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to the Pouka Pond near Strider’s Gate and meditate to obtain the necessary improvements.
    Use the Strand subclass to complete public events, lost sectors, and the Terminal Overload activity on Neomuna to acquire Strand Meditations.
  2. Remember that purchasing Aspects, Fragments, and grenades will cost you Strand Meditations. A Fragment costs 200, an Aspect is 150, and a Grenade is 50.
  3. After acquiring all available Aspects and Fragments, players can buy grenades to add to their Strand subclass arsenal.
  4. It’s important to remember that the Aspects and Fragments available during the campaign are the only ones that can be obtained until you’ve collected them all. Once you have acquired all available Aspects and Fragments, any new ones that become available can be purchased.

By following these steps, you’ll unlock the full potential of the Strand subclass and dominate the battlefield. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and collect all those Aspects, Fragments, and grenades!

Mastering Strand’s Abilities

It is time to master Strand’s skills now that all of its Aspects, Fragments, and Grenades have been unlocked, and you have access to all of them. The following is a brief breakdown of some of the powers that are available to you:

Grappling Hook

Sub-Classes in Destiny 2 Lightfall
Grapple (All Images Credits: Aztecross YouTube channel)

With Strand, you may fashion a grappling hook allowing lightning-fast travel. If you want to utilize the grappling hook, you’ll need to press the “grenade” button, and then you’ll be able to propel yourself into the air. You can grip onto anything, even explosives and the Sparrows of your friends.

Woven Mail

Sub-Classes in Destiny 2 Lightfall
Woven Mail

A protective layer of Woven Mail that may be worn as armor can be created by weaving together strands. Use this skill to lessen the blows that are falling upon you.

Keep taking mind that Woven Mail will only mitigate physical damage in PvP situations. You may still take damage from blows to the head, and melee attacks will have their usual effect.


Sub-Classes in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Using Strand, you can suspend foes in midair, rendering them helpless temporarily.

  • In PvP matches, players suspended by Drengr’s Lash are raised off the ground but can still walk and fire their weapons.
  • When using an ability that causes an opponent to become unraveled, attacking that enemy will cause threads to burst out and attack other enemies in the area.
  • The target which took damage will also become unraveled.
  • This ability is considered the best of all the Destiny 2 Lightfall strand subclass abilities.


Sub-Classes in Destiny 2 Lightfall

When an enemy’s connection to the material world is severed, they become less capable of altering it, reducing the damage they do.

  • The Sever debuff reduces the danger of challenging foes, making them easier to defeat.
  • Guardians must use their Strand abilities on enemies to inflict the Sever debuff on them.
  • After the debuff has been applied, the enemy will do less damage, making them simpler to defeat.
  • The duration of the debuff depends on the Aspect or Fragment being utilized and the level of the Strand subtype.


Sub-Classes in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Threadlings are little creatures generated by Strand abilities and will move along the ground to an opponent before hanging them in the air.

  • Tangles are larger creatures created by Tangle skills and will travel along the ground to many enemies simultaneously.
  • Using Strand powers to vanquish foes results in the creation of Tangles.
  • These balls of Strand energy may be scooped up and hurled against adversaries or fired to cause them to explode.

Mastering The Strand Subclass

The Guardian’s progression in the Lightfall campaign relies heavily on their ability to become proficient in the Strand subclass.

  1. The new subclass provides access to a wide variety of skills, some of which include the production of a protective layer of Strand armor, the power to suspend foes in midair, and the capacity to lessen the amount of damage they do.
  2. Strand may also be fashioned into a grappling hook, allowing lightning-fast movement around the planet.
  3. Throughout the story campaign, players will have several chances to learn the ins and outs of Strand’s gameplay and try out its many abilities.
  4. Opportunities to explore and practice utilizing the subclass may be found in regions with a high concentration of Strand threads in various locations.

Osiris, a character that the player cannot control, is also available to provide advice and aid in gaining a better knowledge of the more technical elements of the new subclass.

Importance Of Aspects, Fragments, And Grenades 

Unlocking Aspects, Fragments, and Grenades gives Guardians access to further improvements they may make to using the Strand subclass in Destiny 2. These upgrades provide various benefits and drawbacks, enabling players to modify the playstyle of the subclass to suit their preferences.


In Destiny 2 Lightfall, subclasses are an exhilarating experience to unlock that adds additional layers of complexity to the game’s gameplay. Players may get access to the Strand subclass and begin to investigate its potential if they have completed the Lightfall campaign.

The player’s playstyle may be customized by acquiring different Aspects, Fragments, and Grenades. Doing so will improve the player’s current subclass. The new subclass, Strand, may be mastered by Guardians if they try to explore it and get enough practice using it during the campaign. This will allow them to become a formidable opponent in the game.


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