Destiny 2 Abeyant Leap Exotic Titan Boots [Guide]

Jump Into Action & Learn How To Get Abeyant Leap Exotic Titan Boots in Destiny 2

When paired with Abeyant Leap and Exotic Titan Boots, a Titan in Destiny 2 can access useful bonuses that improve crowd management and overall survival. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Abeyant Leap, from its benefits to where to locate it and how well it does in PvE and PvP.

Key Takeaways
  • The Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots are a powerful addition to any Titan’s arsenal, offering unique crowd-control abilities and increased survivability in PvE and PvP encounters.
  • To obtain the Abeyant Leap Exotic Titan Boots, complete Master or Legend Lost Sectors or the Lightfall campaign on Legendary.
  • Puppeteer’s Control perk empowers Drengr’s Lash by adding two projectiles with improved tracking and longer travel distance.
  • The Titan Barricade creates energy lashes that suspend enemies in mid-air.
  • The Woven Mail perk grants a shield that reduces incoming damage and flinching but does not protect against headshots in PvP.
  • Abeyant Leap and Khepri’s Horn are two Exotic Titan armor pieces that affect the Barricade ability differently.
  • Abeyant Leap is ideal for crowd control, while Khepri’s Horn is better for single-target or group damage.
  • It is a powerful exotic leg armor for Berserker Titans in Destiny 2‘s Lightfall expansion. It offers efficient crowd control in PvE, suspending enemies in the air with lashes and waves of Strand energy.
IMPORTANT: The best way to get Abeyant Leap exotic is through farming Legendary and Master Lost Sectors.

What Are Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots

Abeyant leap exotic boots in Destiny 2
Abeyant Leap

Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots are one of the new pieces of the gear featured in the Lightfall expansion. These boots have been built with the Titan class in mind and are meant to improve the Berserker subclass. The Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots are highly demanded due to their unique powers and ability to affect the meta.

  • The Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots allow players to create energy lashes with their Titan Barricade.
  • They seek out and hold foes in the air, making them vulnerable to attacks.
  • The boots also provide a Woven Mail bonus, which lessens incoming damage and weapon flinch.
  • Obtaining the boots is a challenging and rewarding experience.
  • The Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots are a strong addition to any Titan’s arsenal and can provide advantages in PvE and PvP situations.
  • In Crucible battles, they can be particularly effective at dominating the battlefield and eliminating enemy teams due to their ability to hold foes in the air.

Whether you are a seasoned Destiny 2 player or a beginner, the Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots are a must-have gear to improve your gaming experience.

How To Get Abeyant Leap

Abeyant leap exotic boots in Destiny 2
Lost Sectors on Neptune

If you’re a Titan and want the Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots, you’ll have to do some tough things to earn them. The specific way of getting the Abeyant Leap Master Exotic Titan Boots remains unclear. Still, based on past Master Exotic goods, it’s probable that you’ll have to accomplish Master or Legend Lost Sectors. These activities are well-known for being the most dependable source of Exotic Armor cultivation. Watch out for the Abeyant Leap Titan Exotic Boots, which may also be obtained via random actions.

  1. Legendary and Master Lost Sectors are best for farming Exotic Armor, including the Abeyant Leap Exotic Titan Boots.
  2. Wait for the daily Lost Sector to focus on boots and farm it as much as possible.
  3. Leaving Engram slots full will send any Exotics obtained from Lost Sectors to the Post Master, which can be opened on a boots-focused day for a higher chance of Abeyant Leap drops.
  4. Bungie plans to decrease the power of Lost Sector farming and move players toward core playlists, likely in Season 21.
  5. Completing the Lightfall campaign on Legendary with a Titan rewards players with a pair of Abeyant Leap boots, but the roll may be low.
  6. Abeyant Leap is a powerful armor piece specifically designed for Berserker Titans, offering a unique and devastating ability.

Abeyant Leap Exotic Titan Boots Perks

The armor grants a shield that reduces incoming damage and how much you flinch when hit. It’s important to note that while this shield protects you from most types of incoming damage, it doesn’t protect you from headshots in PvP.

  • Drengr’s Lash is a powerful Strand Aspect for crowd control.
  • Pairing it with the Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots can make it even better.
  • The boots allow you to suspend adversaries using the projectiles’ ability, similar to Stasis.
  • This is great for dealing with multiple foes at once.
  • Berserker Titans get a bonus of the Woven Mail shield when they suspend enemies.
  • The shield reduces incoming damage and the amount of flinching when struck.
  • This makes it an excellent defense in battle.

Remember that the shield won’t protect you from headshots in PvP. So, use the Woven Mail shield wisely and make strategic moves to keep your head safe.


  • Unique design and powerful perks
  • Potent crowd control and survivability potential
  • Synergizes with Drengr’s Lash, enhancing its crowd control potential


  • The roll hat the boots have will likely be low
  • Requires effort to obtain through Legendary and Master Lost Sectors or Lightfall campaign
  • Bungie intends to decrease the power of Lost Sector farming, so obtaining the boots may become more difficult in the future.

In summary, the Abeyant Leap Titan Exotic Boots are an impressive addition to any Titan’s arsenal, offering exceptional crowd control and survival abilities. These boots are a must-have for players up for challenging content, especially in PvP situations. With their unique appearance and potent bonuses, the Abeyant Leap Titan Exotic Boots will surely become a favorite among Titan mains in Destiny 2. So, don’t miss out on the chance to boost your gameplay with these formidable boots.

Abeyant Leap VS Khepri’s Horn: Which Is Better?

Abeyant leap exotic boots in Destiny 2
Khepri’s Horn

Abeyant Leap and Khepri’s Horn are two Exotic armor components for Titans in Destiny 2 Lightfall that impact the Barricade ability in various ways. While Abeyant Leap generates lashes that suspend enemies, the Khepri’s Horn releases a burst of solar energy when the Barricade is breached.

Abeyant Leap:

  • More effective at controlling groups of enemies.
  • Enables Titans to suspend enemies in the air.
  • Creates an opening for strikes from the Titan or their allies.

Khepri’s Horn:

When picking between these two Exotic armor parts, it comes down to personal choice and playstyle. If you like to dominate the battlefield and set up your friends for victory, Abeyant Leap is the way to go. However, Khepri’s Horn could be the superior option to deliver damage and concentrate on eliminating targets.

It’s worth mentioning that both Exotics have their strengths and faults, and none is objectively superior to the other. Ultimately, it comes down to how you approach fighting in Destiny 2 Lightfall as a Titan.

Abeyant Leap In PvE: Is It Worth Pursuing Titan Builds?

Abeyant Leap armor piece is created for the new Strand subclass, giving Berserker Titans a more powerful class ability. Whether or not Abeyant Leap is worth pursuing a Titan’s PvE build depends on the player’s tastes and playstyle.

  1. When a Titan equips the Abeyant Leap exotic boots, they may create a barricade that launches lashes and waves of Strand energy that seek out foes. These lashes can knock an opponent out of the fight and leave them defenseless while they are in the air.
  2. This gives you access to an efficient method of crowd control, which comes in handy in PvE engagements in particular. With the Abeyant Leap equipped, several potentially dangerous enemy-dense confrontations may be easily contained with comparable effectiveness to Stasis because of the projectiles’ ability to harm foes with Suspend.
  3. Abeyant Leap grants the Woven Mail buff a shield that reduces incoming damage and how much you flinch when you get hit. Though, Woven Mail does not protect you from headshots in PvP.

Whether Abeyant Leap is worth pursuing, Pvp players depend on the player preferences and playstyle.
If a player values crowd control and prefers using Titan barricades, then Abeyant Leap can be a valuable addition to their build.

  1. If a player prefers other strategies for dealing with enemies or if they rarely use barricades, then Abeyant Leap may not be as useful.
  2. Abeyant Leap can be useful in PvP encounters, especially with the instant way to stop enemies from moving by suspending them in the air.
  3. However, its potential is less potent than in PvE and may require more situational use.

Finally, Abeyant Leap is great crowd control and an option for a Titan’s PvE build. Yet, the value to the guardian will vary depending on their tastes and playstyle. Abeyant Leap may be a potent tactic for players that place a premium on crowd management and like deploying Titan barriers.

The Exotic Boots In PvP: Why It’s a Must-Have for Titan Mains

In PvP, Titan mains can’t do it without Abeyant Leap. Titan’s barrier ability becomes a catastrophic form of crowd control because of Drengr’s Lash Aspect’s capacity to suspend targets in the air. Targets in the air are easier to hit since they can’t run away from the more accurate and far-reaching missiles.

  • Titans can utilize the Puppeteer’s Control perk to trap enemy projectiles safely.
  • The Suspend ability is one of the most potent crowd control skills in Destiny 2, which works effectively on enemies and Stasis.
  • The Abeyant Leap Exotic Boots offer an added benefit of the Woven Mail shield, which reduces damage and the amount of cringing when taking damage to the Titan class ability.
  • However, Woven Mail does not prevent headshots in competitive play.

In conclusion, Abeyant Leap is a must-have for Titan mains who want to dominate in Crucible matchups since it completely changes the game. Titan’s barrier ability is a powerful form of crowd control, unrivaled by other means due to the Drengr’s Lash Aspect’s ability to suspend in the air, increased tracking and range of projectiles, and the Woven Armor boost.

Final Thoughts

Berserker Titans can take their gameplay to the next level with Destiny 2’s Abeyant Leap Exotic Titan Boots. To get on these highly sought-after boots, you can farm Legendary and Master Lost Sectors or complete the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty. Overall, the Abeyant Leap Exotic Titan Boots is a game-changer for any Titan, providing rare benefits and lethal attacks to help you dominate the battlefield.


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