FIXED: Destiny 2 Error Code Centipede [2023]

The full list of fixes that can help you resolve the error code Centipede in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a First Person Looter Shooter title developed by Bungie. It is currently one of the best grinding games out there in the market, with a multitude of activities and rewards to chase with your friends and fellow fire team members out in the wild. Veteran players of the first game since 2014 still enjoy it to this day; however, the only roadblocks are the bugs and glitches in Bungie’s Destiny 2, which result in issues like the Centipede error code.

Key Highlights
  • Error Code Centipede mainly occurs on PC with lesser chances on Console, with a different code.
  • The error generally happens because of a restricted NAT type and sometimes because of server issues.
  • Check if restarting the game fixes the error, then try restarting your PC. You can also try Power Cycling by unplugging your PC or Console for a few minutes before booting it up again.
  • If you have a restricted NAT type, you can contact your ISP about it or set up a static IP, as explained in the guide.
  • You can also try port forwarding the game’s respective ports through your router settings.
  • You’ll have to wait if the game’s servers are undergoing maintenance. You can verify this by checking Bungie’s Maintenance List or their Official Bungie Support Twitter account.
  • Sometimes using a VPN can fix the issue. Additionally, you should try connecting to the game through multiple regions when using a VPN.
  • If you’re on WiFi, we’d suggest using an ethernet cable to prevent unstable connectivity from causing issues.
  • Finally, If nothing else works, your last option is to upgrade your network connection.

Every now and then, Destiny 2 will run into seemingly unsolvable and vague errors, such as the annoying setbacks like the Weasel Error Code in Destiny 2, which is quite similar surprisingly to the Centipede issue.

But there is no need to worry as we have managed to put together a list of solutions that players can implement quickly so they can go back to taking down foes of the darkness with their guardians once again! But for now, let’s discuss what this error code means in the game.

What Is The Error Code Centipede In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Error code Centipede
The error code Centipede

The Destiny 2 Centipede error code is not given exception here since Bungie tries to improve the game’s core state and functionality each day, but it being such a massive game, there is bound to be problems here and there. So, in general, the error code seems to be generated via networking-related elements of the game.

Unlike other errors, the centipede generally only occurs on PC at the given moment while only having the slight chance to transpire on Consoles but with a different title or name.

According to what we can learn from Bungie’s Official Centipede Error Guide, it is mostly due to the game establishing a link with a restricted network connection. In hindsight, the NAT type aspect of your internet plays a huge role here in determining whether you connect to the servers of the game or not, so keep that in mind.

Either that or it can also be due to the servers of the game in your particular region having some sort of issue. However, with the help of the dedicated community of the game on Reddit and Discord, we have enlisted a few fixes and workarounds that can potentially help you overcome this error as quickly as possible. We advise you to follow each method carefully so that you may get the best chance to cure the Centipede error code in Destiny 2.

How To Fix The Centipede Error In Destiny 2

The game has a ton of things that can go wrong at better places. Bungie has proved with Destiny 2 that they are gradually polishing the game each day to prevent it from suffering from problems with the Centipede error code. But no safeguard can fully protect MMO games like it from severe issues.

It is worth mentioning that you can consider it to be the game’s fault most of the time, but if some fixes do not work out, then you might have to consider checking if anything is wrong on your end, like your internet connection or with the game’s files.

There have been threads about the error code Centipede on the Offical Forums of Bungie, as well as the numerous community sites we have mentioned previously. Players encountering the issue have had it resolved thanks to some loopholes and workarounds, which we are now going to discuss as briefly as possible.

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Restarting Game Or The PC

Starting with the essential workaround that every gamer must implement is restarting the game or your entire system. It is quite easily one of the oldest tricks in the book to resolve the troublesome issues where the game may freeze or get stuck during some instances.

The majority of gamers will know the universal trick that you instantly close most applications and games by pressing the ALT + F4 keys together on your PC. It is very handy, especially when you are trying to hard reset a game that’s gotten bricked on you for some odd reason.

We highly suggest doing this a couple of times to ensure it isn’t the game acting weird by randomly prompting you with an error code. Furthermore, you can also boot up and log in to the game pretty fast if you have it installed on any of your SSD or M.2 drives.

Most importantly, if restarting the game doesn’t work according to plan, then players should immediately opt to reboot their PC, which can help refresh the core state of the system and its components if they are at fault. You should be able to restart your system relatively with ease if you have your Windows OS installed on an SSD drive.

Alternatively, you can also try a unique workaround that involves “Power Cycling” your PC or console. It isn’t too complicated to do and ensures the Operating System of your PC runs with boosted efficiency.

Switching From Nat Type 3 To Nat Type 1

Now the most crucial steps of fixing the error code centipede, as listed accordingly from Bungie’s website for Destiny 2, revolves around switching some of your internet connection properties. It is basically called the Network Address Translation (NAT), which in layman’s terms can be described as a bridge or internal link between connecting your system’s IP address with the game’s backend servers. It has a total of three kinds:

  • Nat Type 1 (Open)
  • Nat Type 2 (Moderate)
  • Nat Type 3 (Restricted)

So the basic gist is that you must tweak your Router Settings to enable Port Forwarding for Destiny 2 and enable a Moderate or Open Nat Type if you have a Nat Type 3. As long as it isn’t the latter one, you should be fine. We recommend contacting your ISP to learn more, but we will mention also mention a detailed way to do it yourself:

Destiny 2 centipede Ip deatils
The Network Connection information
  • First of all, you will need your Network Connection details to set up a static IP address.
  • Open up the Windows Command Box by pressing together the Windows + R Keys.
  • Type in ‘CMD’ and then run it.
  • In the next menu that opens up, paste the text ipconfig /all”  and hit the enter button.
  • You should now be able to see your IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Servers information which we are going to use later on here.

Next up is assigning the static IP to get a secure connection of your System to your internet router or modem and remove the Nat Type 3 from your PC, which is covered in the following step-by-step procedure:

Command box NCPA
The Command Box
  • Press the Windows + R key to open up the command box once again.
  • Type in “npca.cpl” and hit the Enter key to continue.
  • You should now have a list of your currently available Network connections.
  • Select the one which you are currently using and click on Properties.
Windows Static IP
Configuring internet settings with custom settings
  • In the next menu, click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), as shown in the image above, and click on properties to modify its settings.
  • In this menu, select the option to “Use the following IP Address”.
  • Fill in the relevant information we covered in the first steps of the process, which are: IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, and DNS servers.
  • Click on OK to apply the changes that you made, and then head back into Destiny 2 to verify if it fixed the Centipede error code.

Port Forwarding Destiny 2

If even adding a static IP didn’t do the job, you can further add in another ray of hope of connecting to the Bungie servers of destiny 2 in order to resolve the Centipede error code.

It essentially involves heading into your router settings manually and setting up various port numbers from two different port destinations: TCP & UDP. Just keep in mind that the router menu may differ for everyone, so here is how you can enable ports in Destiny 2:

  • The Default Gateway IP address we covered in the NAT type method should be your entry site into the router, and the log-in credentials will be provided by your Internet Service Provider on the back of the router.
  • Once you are logged in, the tricky part is trying to find the Port Forwarding menu, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find since it won’t be buried deep within the settings of the router.
  • Fill in your Static IP address if it requires it.
  • Now you should see different rows to paste in the Port numbers for Destiny 2, which you need to accordingly need to do with all of the TCP and UDP port routes tailored for the PC version of the game:
  • TCP: 80, 443, 1119-1120, 3074, 3724, 4000, 6112-6114, 7500-7509, 30000-30009
  • UDP: 80, 443, 1119-1120, 3074, 3097-3196, 3724, 4000, 6112-6114, 27015-27200

So using this method should ultimately fix any network issues with your internet connection as well as remove any presence of NAT type 3 from your system.

Evaluate The Server Status

Destiny 2 Centiepede error code servers
Destiny 2 Servers offline

Multiplayer video Games like Destiny 2 strongly follow the principles of functioning on their backend servers provided by the developers at Bungie, it is the backbone of their routine system operations, and without it, you will likely run into issues like the error code Centipede.

When it comes down to it, Destiny 2 has an extremely active community of players that are always on the grind for more loot to be able to upgrade their light levels. However, in most cases, you may run into rare instances where the game has to be taken offline to perform maintenance procedures or fix some major ongoing issues.

These downtime processes last for a scheduled period of time, but in the end, they are highly worth the patience because Bungie may address a game-breaking issue fixed with it in an update or hotfix.

Luckily, Bungie has provided an Up-to-Date Maintenance List where you can stay aware of the latest and upcoming server downtimes for any future dates and timings. Bungie will even go as far as addressing any known issues in the patch notes once the offline status has finished and all services resume normally.

According to the majority of the players over on Reddit and the Official Forums, the Centipede error mostly occurs on Bungie’s side of things, so if the servers are indeed offline, you will be prompted with the Centipede Error code message during the login screen of Destiny 2. Furthermore, as stated by the image above, you can follow the Offical Bungie Support on Twitter to learn more about each minute of the maintenance procedure.

Switching To A VPN Connection

Destiny 2 operates on a secure connection with various regional servers supplied by Bungie. But is important to understand that even if your connection is firm and strong, the game will not establish a proper link unless there is a malfunction that will devoid the connection status completely.

Players of the game can alleviate the issue with ease by implementing a Virtual Protocol Network (VPN). These will essentially provide users with a verified and secure gateway to access most private subroutines of sites with ease as well as bypass any barriers of issues or problems when connecting Destiny 2 with the servers. Thankfully, in this age of modern gaming, there is a wide variety of VPN options to use in conjunction with running various region-locked video games and applications safely that many players use in the world.

There is the option of the well-known and popular premium service, NordVPN. If you are not a fan of paying for premium subscriptions, then you might surely consolidate with the offerings of Windscribe or ProtonVPN. They are both high-quality VPNs that switch up your IP address and let you browse anonymously, which is something everyone should strive for in 2022 if you want complete privacy of your data while gaming.

Lastly, we would advise trying to establish a connection with various different regions if you are not in the US in hopes of easily logging into Destiny 2. As long as you get past the main sign-in screen, you should have no trouble playing the rest of the game, as stated and confirmed, thanks to a few players on the Discord community.

Improving Your Network Connection

If there is a slight chance that none of the aforementioned techniques and methods worked. Then it is prime time to look into upgrading your internet connection. There are endless reports over the past few years where players managed to end up solving the error, particularly by boosting their network connection speed.

Weak or unstable internet speeds often lead to games crashing in several different ways because most powerhouse multiplayer games require a smooth and steady connection to function with relative ease. Ideally, you will want to strive for an adequate bandwidth that will ensure you can play the game without any difficulty. Otherwise, you might run into horrible issues like Latency or lag, preventing any streamlined gameplay.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend switching to an ethernet cable connection from a wireless one since the latter provides varying speeds with each bump or drop in signal range. Ethernet connection will make sure you have the highest speeds of your internet package without any sort of major loss and instability.

Strong network speeds will be essential, especially during endgame activities of Destiny 2 like Nightfalls. It should be your last hope to cure the Centipede error code in the game. Just be sure to restart the router and game once you switch to ethernet or if you made any necessary changes to it for the NAT type problem.

Fortunately, we have put together the definitive list that will help you resolve one of the more notorious error codes, which is the Centipede error code in Destiny 2. We hope the solutions we have listed will help you get the error fixed in some shape or form so it will rarely occur in the future, and as always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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