Destiny 2 World First Race: Who Did Root Of Nightmares First?

The race to world's first team for completing Root of Nightmares has come to an end!

The completion of Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares Raid is a significant event in the game’s community, especially when it comes to being the first team to complete it flawlessly. This trend has been in the series since the first game and still continues to prevail. While so many streamers and individuals with their teams raced for the “world’s first” title to complete the Root of Nightmares raid, it was HITP that pulled it off. 

Key Takeaways
  • Destiny 2 raids are endgame challenges that need six players to collaborate, solve puzzles, and defeat bosses.
  • The World First Race by Bungie is a competition for top PvE players to complete a new raid without mistakes first.
  • Root of Nightmares Raid became open to participants on 10th March, and the race to complete it first started then.
  • HITP won the World First Fireteam title for the Root of Nightmares Raid in Destiny 2, surprising many in the community.
  • Clan Elysium and Saltagreppo were also top contenders in the World First Race.

Who Won Root Of Nightmares Raid First?

Raid Winning Title

HITP’s six members, RoenXD, Kai, Grangalf, Osiris, SK, and Punz, defeated Nezarec in the fourth encounter and emerged as the first team to beat the raid and the additional challenges.

  • Their achievement came only two and a half hours after the raid went live, making it an exceptional accomplishment in the Destiny 2 community.
  • Bungie officially confirmed HITP as the World First Fireteam title winner, with each member receiving World First title belts.
  • They are now known as the World’s First Champions of the Root of Nightmares Raid in Destiny 2.

HITP’s victory surprised many in the Destiny 2 community, as they were not among the favorites to win the World First Race. Despite having fewer viewers on Twitch compared to other competing teams, HITP executed the raid mechanics flawlessly and secured their victory.

Teams Who Were Close To Winning World’s Raid Title

Raid – contest mode

Saltagreppo’s Team, Gladd, Datto, Gothalion, Sweatcicle, GernaderJake, Ekuegan, Leopard, GsxrClyde, and MrFruit were just some of the best Destiny 2 PvE broadcasters that competed for the World First Race.

  • Its members were all seasoned Destiny 2 gamers who had won the event several times.
  • Due to their consistent performance in prior races, they were picked as the frontrunners to take home the prize in the Root of Nightmares Race.
  • They had the most viewers of any team throughout the tournament because of their large Twitch fanbase.
  • Team Hard in the Paint won the World First Race despite the expertise and experience of the other competitors.
  • These groups, although not the first to accomplish the raid, still showed remarkable competence and perseverance.

The World First Race serves as a platform for top PvE players and streamers to showcase their abilities and compete in a friendly yet intense environment for unique in-game rewards and recognition from Bungie. Overall, these events continue to inspire and push the boundaries of what is possible in Destiny 2’s PvE content, setting the standard for future challenges and competitions.


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