Destiny 2: How To Get Cloud Accretions Faster

Rank faster with Nimbus by farming Cloud Accretions in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2: Lightfall introduces Cloud Accretions, a new open-world resource scattered around Neptune that players can collect to increase their rank with Nimbus, a faction that creates and maintains advanced technology used by Guardians.

Key Takeaways
  • Cloud Accretions are new resources in Destiny 2: Lightfall, found on Neptune.
  • Needed for the Unfinished Business exotic quest and to increase rank with Nimbus faction.
  • Perfected Resource Detector mod marks nearby Cloud Accretions within 75 meters.
  • Wombo Detector mod scans a radius of fifty meters for hidden supplies and caches.
  • Terminal Overload chest bug is an efficient way to farm Nimbus’ reputation points.
  • Public events, patrols, replayable campaign missions, partition activities, regional chests, and Lost Sectors contribute to earning reputation points.
  • Focus on quick and easy activities to quickly level up Nimbus’ reputation.

What Are Cloud Accretions In Lightfall DLC?

Cloud Accretion

Cloud Accretions is a sort of resource that you get from several locations on Neptune. They have the appearance of little glossy pebbles and may easily merge into the surrounding surroundings, making them difficult to notice at times. Yet, you should keep an eye out for them because of the significant part they play in action.

Gather some Cloud Accretions if you want to fulfill the Unfinished Business exotic quest. A component of these missions is the collection of Cloud Accretions. In addition, you get 20 reputation with the Neomuna and some Glimmer for picking them up, both of which might be useful in your advancement.

How To Get Cloud Accretions

Perfected Resource Detector [Image Source: VG247]
To get Cloud Accretions faster, do the following:

  • The best way is to use a resource detector mod on your ghost, which marks any nearby Cloud Accretions while you travel around Neomuna.
  • The perfected resource detector mod is very helpful in finding Cloud Accretions.
  • The Enhanced Resource Detector is another great Ghost mod that can help you get resources faster.  
  • The mod beeps faster when Cloud Accretions are within 75 meters of you.
  • Cloud Accretions can be found near walls and other structures.
  • When you get close enough, press the “use” button to pick them up, and you’ll get 20 Neomuna reputation and some Glimmer as a reward.

Why Get Cloud Accretions

Enhanced Resource Detector

Why should you invest time in collecting Cloud Accretions now? Well, the answer is pretty simple.

  • As was previously established, completing the Unfinished Business exotic quest is required in order to get access to certain very powerful exotic weapons.
  • These weapons can only be obtained using Cloud Accretions.
  • Thus, you’ll need to acquire some Cloud Accretions if you plan on acquiring that weapon.
  • Also, you will get 20 Neomuna reputation, one step closer to the next tier reward, and one legendary engram for picking up a Cloud Accretion.

How To Find Cloud Accretions

Wombo Detector

The Wombo Detector is another useful mod that may be used for six energy to scan a radius of fifty meters for hidden supplies and caches. This mod is a bit less powerful than the Perfected Resource Detector mod, but it’s still a helpful tool to use when searching for Cloud Accretions on Neomuna.

  • The Wombo Detector add-on marks adjacent Cloud Accretions on the screen, making them simpler to notice.
  • With this upgrade and a sparrow, you may fast travel around Neomuna, expanding your search’s scope.
  • The Perfected Resource Detector mod is an improved alternative to the Wombo Detector mod.
  • It has a 75-meter detection range and can alert you when Cloud Accretions are close, and where useful materials could be located.
  • Wombo Detector mod, on the other hand, uses less power and may still be useful in the hunt for Cloud Accretions.

What Is Nimbus Faction

How to Rank Up FAST with Nimbus

Nimbus is a faction in Destiny 2: Lightfall that may be advanced through by doing certain tasks. A subset of the city’s technologists is responsible for designing and maintaining the cutting-edge equipment that Guardians rely on. Raising your Nimbus tier grants, you access to legendary engrams, gear, and other goodies that may be used to further your character’s development.

So, why is Nimbus relevant to the Cloud Accretions in Destiny 2?

  • You get 20 reputation with the Neomuna when you collect Cloud Accretions.
  • Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Neomuna is the name of both a locale and the currency needed to advance in Nimbus’s tier system.
  • So, accumulating Cloud Accretions may boost your standing with Nimbus and the Neomuna in general.
  • As your Nimbus level rises, you’ll be eligible for better and better gear, legendary engrams, and other benefits.
  • In order to strengthen your friendship with Nimbus and advance in the ranks of the Neomuna, you must amass a large number of Cloud Accretions.

How To Farm Nimbus Reputation & Level Up Faster

Terminal Overload Mission

The Terminal Overload chest bug is the most efficient way to farm reputation points with Nimbus. It’s a public event that happens in all three of Neomuna’s zones and ends with the appearance of two chests.

  • There will be two types of chests: a key chest that can only be opened with a certain object and a conventional chest that may be opened by anybody who participates.
  • You may leave the area after looting the chest, then return and re-loot it again to get a 100 reputation with the NPCs there.
  • You may earn up to 300 reputations each Terminal Overload by making many trips before the chest despawns.

You may still get a reputation the old-fashioned way if the Terminal Overload chest glitch is fixed in a patch.

  • Even if you solely focus on scan and survey patrols, which entail a brief trip to a defined area, patrols remain a fast method to churn out a reputation rapidly.
  • Kill missions are also good, but you shouldn’t do them until your patrol choices have been exhausted.
  • If you run out of fast patrols in Neomuna, remember that you may always relocate to a different territory.

In addition to the Terminal Overload chest glitch and patrols, other ways exist to earn Nimbus’ reputation rank. Replayable campaign missions and partition activities are other activities that can help you quickly earn Nimbus’ reputation rank.

  • Public events give 100 reputation points for just a few minutes of work.
  • Regional chests reward only 20 reputation points each.
  • Lost Sectors, like Hydroponics Delta, can be run to farm reputation points


To sum up, the Cloud Accretions are used for exotic quests, and players can find them by installing a resource detector mod on their Ghost, which will mark nearby Cloud Accretions. To increase their rank with Nimbus, players can farm reputation by completing various activities, including the Terminal Overload public event, patrols, replayable campaign missions, partition activities, and looting regional chests and Lost Sectors. The quickest way to level up is to focus on quick and easy activities that give a decent amount of reputation points.


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