Mario Strikers Battle League Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

Our Mario Strikers Battle League Football Tier List will help choose you the best character for yourself and win.

Mario Striker: Battle League Football is a chaotic 5 versus 5 football game, the central premise of the game is to score a goal in any way possible whether it is tackling or attacking the opposing team. However, the opponents can gain “Powerups” at their disposal. Powerups primarily work the same as other Mario Games. Many players find it difficult to choose a character so we made a Mario Strikers Battle League Tier List.

Key Highlights
  • Players get to choose their final five from a horde of 16 potent strikers. 
  • Mario Strikers Battle League Tier List ranks characters based on three crucial factors–speed, strength, and passing accuracy. The better these stats are, the more efficiently the character will tackle and attack the opposing team.
  • In-game characters that are masters of all the detrimental domains include Pauline, Waluigi, and Toad. Their stats outperform every other unit’s skills and assets. 
  • Mario Strikers Battle League characters that are weak relative to the rest include Daisy and Luigi.
  • This chaotic five-on-five football game requires excellent agility and response to opponents’ tackles, and for that, only the best characters match. 

Here is the Tier List Summed up!

Mario Strikers Battle League Tier List Ranking Table
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Pauline, Waluigi, Toad
A-Tier  Rosalina, Mario, Wario, Bowser Jr, Bowser, Birdo, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Peach
B-Tier  Shy Guy, Yoshi
C-Tier  Daisy, Luigi 

Best Characters In Mario Strikers Battle League

In Mario Strikers: Battle League, each character has their own control scheme, albeit some are more straightforward than others. Because Boom Boom is not a playable character, he is not included in this list. Remember that equipable stuff can boost any character’s stats.

With such a big collection of characters, players can get confused about which character to choose from. In our Mario Strikers Battle League Football Tier List, its easier for players to choose a character based on

  • S: Excellent performance with no significant flaws
  • A: A good performance with a few flaws.
  • B: The player will just be able to get by with average performance.
  • C: Overall worst Performance

Let’s take a look at the tier list below.

Stats for best characters in Mario Strikers Battle League:

Donkey KongA16.
Princess PeachA9.
Bowser Jr.A13.
Diddy KongA9.
Shy GuyB13.


In the S-tier category, we have characters who are the best characters to choose from. They outperform everyone on the list with their skills and assets.


This one’s even better than the much-hyped talk of the town these days–Waluigi. Though Pauline will comparatively seem a bit slower in terms of turns, she’s incredible overall once a player gets used to it. Pauline has amazingly onboard Speed and Strength, meaning no opponents are spared by her tackles.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
20 16 9 9 9


A great defender thanks to the extraordinary Strength and Speed on board which he uses to rush toward foes and knock them down in an instant via his superb tackle. 

The character quickly covers any opponent attempting to score a goal; however, you won’t want him in the front lines too often because his shooting and passing abilities aren’t as fantastic. 

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
15 16 9 9 14

Nevertheless, if you still manage to get a shot toward the opposing goal, be careful to counter his Hyper Strike with another one since this can tie Boom Boom up and render him defenseless.


Toad is difficult to manage on his alone since he is a team player. You’ll need to communicate with pals and pass regularly to get the most out of him because he’s more of a supporting role. As a result, he’s not a suitable pick for many players since he’s difficult to control effectively.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
9 17 11 15 11

You may form a team of two or more Toads and use their high Speed to obtain items and Hyper Strike Orbs. Toad’s low Strength, on the other hand, leaves him highly vulnerable to tackles.


In the A-tier category, we have characters who are a good pick. However, they lack in some aspects of the game which is the cause of their underperformance.


Mario Strikers Battle League Football Rosalina

In Mario Strikers Battle League Football, Rosalina is a ferocious attacker. Do you want to score some goals? She’s the ideal character for it. Her offensive and technical abilities are excellent to get the ball into the opponent’s goals without the need to get near the cages.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
14 9 17 10 13

Donkey Kong

Mario Strikers Battle League Football DK

This ape makes up for his lack of speed and skill with his power and passing skills. He can simply take down an opponent for possession of the ball and quickly find a teammate for a goal. Utilize his Hyper Strike to stun opponents and then score while they’re unconscious.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
16 9 13 16 9

Donkey Kong’s excellent Strength and Passing make him a versatile character that can be used both offensively and defensively.

Princess Peach

After years of being kidnapped by Bowser, it appears that our princess has mastered the art of moving swiftly to evade his grasp. Peach’s great speed and technique make her a dangerous Captain since she can dribble past opponents and lose them.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
9 17 9 13 15

She may be tackled easily, but if you dodge past your opponents well enough, you can utilize her skill to take the ball and get your team back on track. When scoring, try to stun Boom Boom with her Hyper Strike and then take another shot to score. Peach’s Hyper Strike covers a lot of ground, allowing her to shock a large number of opponents.


Mario Strikers Battle League Football Mario

Mario is by far the most well-balanced character available, making him ideal for beginners. He has strong control and speed, and landing his Hyper Strike is easier for him than for other characters, because Mario’s high Technique makes the Hyper Strike meter more controllable, so it’s a safe bet to let him use Fire Cyclone. Anyone using him should concentrate on shooting and executing Hyper Strikes.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
11 12 14 10 16



Bowser is a beast on the pitch when he has the correct gear to maximize his power and shooting. He’ll be both incredibly sturdy and score regularly, which will keep him from taking tackles from featherweights. His sprinting speed is a weakness, but if you’re lucky enough to have a mushroom, it’s virtually a certain conclusion that you’ll score.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
17 9 17 11 9



Wario isn’t the most strategic character in the game, but his brutal strength and devastating tackle make him an entertaining character to play. His Hyper Strike isn’t as powerful as some others, thus Donkey Kong or Rosalina are better alternatives if you’re looking for a powerful character to score with. Wario may be used similarly to Bowser in terms of exerting defensive and attacking pressure in the midfield.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
17 9 15 13 9

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is a must-have companion if you look forward to improving your team’s passing sector. The balanced type Mario Mario Striker is well known for his invaluable passes and precise assists.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
13 13 11 17 9

Diddy Kong

This one’s a midfielder who’s worth your attention too. Diddy Kong has got a pretty well-balanced combo of speed and strength, topped with a precise ability to pass even in the tightest spot. The character’s onboard technique is excellent too. 

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
9 16 9 16 13


Couldn’t tackle the scoring dilemma yet? This character’s offense might help! Birdo, the powerhouse, has an incredible capacity to fire off shots and land you more than a few scores within tight spots. The character’s canon-like face does all the jobs, even if it is filling the gap that Birdo’s deficient Strength and Speed might pose. 

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
9 10 18 9 17


In the B-tier category, we have characters who put up an average performance. The Characters on this list are hard to handle, but they can still be helpful in certain areas of games.


Yoshi isn’t the fastest character on the pitch, but he can make players feel powerful and help them score goals. His excellent shooting and passing skills make him perfect for receiving a pass from a teammate and propelling himself at the goal.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
10 10 17 17 9

The ideal method to make advantage of him is to send him up the field with a teammate, get a short pass from a teammate, and then score. Yoshi is difficult to defend since he can score goals close to the line of scrimmage. Yoshi’s outstanding Passing and Shooting stats make him a threatening offensive character.

Shy Guy

Though the character falls slightly short of getting into the A-Tier, he’s another decent player one can consider. Shy Guy doesn’t own anything extraordinary, but his base stats are pretty good to employ, no matter the field position. In Cup Battles and Quick Battle, players can board more than a couple of Shy Guys at once.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
13 12 13 13 12


The characters in the C-tier are possibly the worst characters to choose from. They do not perform well in the game. These characters give a below-average performance.



Luigi’s strongest asset is his shooting precision, which allows him to land Hyper Strikes more easily than other characters. Luigi’s excellent passing and technique enable him to move the ball upfield. Luigi is good, but he’s sluggish and lacks a lot of shooting force, you might want to avoid him since he is hard to use. If you decide to play as Luigi, keep in mind that he is most effective while attacking a goal with a teammate.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
11 11 10 14 17


Daisy, as a shooter, isn’t as powerful as she can get when employed in a Strength setting. However, one can still make good use of the versatility. The character owns high passing and technique skills that keep opponents off the board.

Strength Speed Shooting Passing Technique
13 9 10 13 18

Mario Strikers Battle League Tier List Criteria

We have put in a lot of time and effort to make this Mario Strikers Battle League Tier List. Thorough research into each of the character’s skills and ability to prosper in gameplay was done. This Tier List was created to help beginners of the game find the best character for themselves.

As a matter of fact, we aim to make tier lists that are as unbiased as possible, based on the character’s potential on the battlefield. While tier lists are largely subjective, our crew devotes a significant amount of time, effort, and expertise to evaluating a character’s potential and assigning them to ranks. Let us know which characters are your favorites in the comments section below.

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