Nier Reincarnation Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Discover the Most Powerful Characters in Nier Reincarnation to Help You Dominate the Competitions.

In this Nier Reincarnation Tier List, we have carefully ranked and evaluated all the characters based on Weapon, Force, HP, Attack, Defense, and other Stats. Whether you’re seeking powerful attackers, sturdy tanks, versatile supports, or unique specialists, this tier list offers valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each character same as we did for ranking characters in Dragon Flight Tank Tier List

Key Takeaways

Nier Reincarnation features 34 Main characters along with variations that count to 100+ characters.

  • We have considered the top 30 characters with excellent powers and skills.
  • S Tier includes the most exceptional characters in the game.
  • A Tier consists of some of the strongest characters that help in completing missions and dungeons.
  • B Tier comprises units that are not as potent as those in the A Tier but are still capable of completing most challenges with ease.
  • C Tier features the weakest characters in the game, but strategic planning and upgrades can still help clear most content, albeit not worth investing much time in them.
  • Characteristics including Weapon, Force, HP, Attack, Defense, Agility, Critical Rate, Critical Damage were taken into account while making this tier list.

Nier Reincarnation All Character Stats

Below is the Stats Comparison of all Nier Reincarnation Characters including Weapon, Force, HP, Attack, Defense, Agility, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage:

CharacterWeaponForceHPAttackDefenseAgilityCritical RateCritical Damage
063y – Fractured PrisonerFaulty Greatsword190115180284203890100010%150%
2P – Mock MachineryMock Type-4O Sword180735311377413803100030%150%
A2 – Divergent AttackerType-3 Blade178845433775623781100030%150%
Emil – Divergent OddityPhilosopher's Staff178704780664175337100010%150%
Fio – Intoner GirlOne's Chakram186067304651144997120010%150%
Gayle – Celebratory HunterBlade of the Lost Seal189345777986303961100010%150%
Griff – Abstract CaptainWar's Chronicle IV176236515973664222100030%165%
Noelle – Celebratory DefenseIron Signpost162537143051314968100010%150%
The World-Ender – Divergent LadSpear of the Usurper172915910372024548100010%170%
2B – Divergent BattlerYoRHa-issue Blade184485792271384525130010%150%
Akeha – Summer AssassinBlack Sunflower161136658759294724100010%150%
Dimos – Abstract GunmanOutlaw's Gun172508548552884513120010%150%
F66x – Abstract CaptiveCryptolith Staff193819121140305555100010%150%
Fio – Abstract GirlBloodroot Vase187045390958467047100030%150%
Fio – Summer GirlGlossy Spheres175329266250474438100010%150%
Gayle – Abstract HunterWretched Blade170396075469614652120010%150%
Griff – Celebratory CaptainFormal Salute170126117963665222100010%150%
Levania – Reborn BeastRecurring Sin222177481168175172100010%150%
Rion – Mechanical ExileCruel Adoration187017351259935137100010%150%
Zero – Divergent SisterThe Black Flower171205086576923712100010%170%
Akeha – Abstract AssassinSilversnow Fang171636714045957088100010%150%
9S – Divergent ScannerType-4O Sword153256090246705300120010%150%
Argo – Celebratory TravelerCicada Husk159175613166134140100010%150%
Dimos – Dissenting GunmanBeloved Salvation160267703246654422116010%150%
F66x – Dissenting CaptiveBlossoming Staff170388009138195392100010%150%
Kainé – Divergent WarriorAncient Overlord171505434947916693100010%150%
Lars – Abstract SoldierBlade of Judgment160956515959464024130010%150%
Lars – Reborn TruantPerfect Justice222356685666165548100010%150%
063y – Abstract PrisonerAntinomy Sword184065772068855321100010%150%
Argo – Abstract TravelerCore Half-Pike160984988448215779100010%150%

Tier Ranking of Nier Reincarnation 

Tier Character
S 063y – Fractured Prisoner, 2P – Mock Machinery, A2 – Divergent Attacker, Emil – Divergent Oddity, Fio – Intoner Girl, Gayle – Celebratory Hunter, Griff – Abstract Captain, Noelle – Celebratory Defense, The World-Ender – Divergent Lad
A 2B – Divergent Battler, Akeha – Summer Assassin, Dimos – Abstract Gunman, F66x – Abstract Captive, Fio – Abstract Girl, Fio – Summer Girl, Gayle – Abstract Hunter, Griff – Celebratory Captain, Levania – Reborn Beast, Rion – Mechanical Exile, Zero – Divergent Sister, Akeha – Abstract Assassin
B 9S – Divergent Scanner, Argo – Celebratory Traveler, Dimos – Dissenting Gunman, F66x – Dissenting Captive, Kainé – Divergent Warrior
C Lars – Abstract Soldier, Lars – Reborn Truant, 063y – Abstract Prisoner, Argo – Abstract Traveler


S tier Characters - Nier Reincarnation Tier List
S-Tier Characters

The S-ranking characters are the most exceptional ones in the game, and acquiring them as soon as possible is highly recommended.

063y – Fractured Prisoner Quiet man seeking revenge with a Faulty Greatsword, high agility, and capable of using powerful ranged attacks. Limited move set makes him predictable.
2P – Mock Machinery Humanoid machine designed for combat and espionage, versatile in combat with high critical damage, but low agility leaves him vulnerable to attacks.
A2 – Divergent Attacker Tough android with Type-3 Blade for powerful attacks, strong defense, and self-destruct capability, but limited range options affect her effectiveness.
Emil – Divergent Oddity Mysterious being with potent magic, variety of spells and magic attacks with critical damage, but weaker physical attacks and limited range.
Fio – Intoner Girl Protagonist with a variety of powerful weapons and magic attacks, high agility, but predictable due to limited move set.
Gayle – Celebratory Hunter Hunter with high agility, force, and HP, capable of using traps, but vulnerable due to limited agility and predictable moves.
Griff – Abstract Captain Young unit captain with strong force and attack, shield for protection, high critical rate and damage, limited range options.
Noelle – Celebratory Defense Girl with extremely high defense and HP, capable of using powerful magic attacks and healing spells, but limited mobility.
The World-Ender – Divergent Lad Young girl with high force, attack, and critical damage, specializes in single-target damage with Blaze Rush power, vulnerability due to focus on one enemy.

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A tier Characters- Nier Reincarnation Tier List
A-Tier Characters

The A-tier consists of some of the strongest characters and will aid players in easily clearing missions and dungeons. 

2B – Divergent Battler YoRHa android with good Defense, YoRHa-issue Blade for close and ranged attacks, but low HP and Force.
Akeha – Summer Assassin Skilled assassin with high Critical Rate and Agility, fast Healing Potential, but low HP and Defense.
Dimos – Abstract Gunman Old fighter with high Attack Power and Critical Rate, long-range attacks, and good Defense, but vulnerable if caught off guard.
F66x – Abstract Captive Composed woman with High HP and Defense, good critical damage rate, but average attack power and affinity-dependent skills.
Fio – Abstract Girl Wielding Bloodroot Vase for single-target damage, high attack and defense stats, increased water damage, but affinity-dependent skills and limited to single-target attacks.
Fio – Summer Girl Cheerful demeanor with high physical attack and Healing Potential, increased damage on chain attacks, but slow movement speed and low defense.
Gayle – Abstract Hunter Hunter with high Attack Power and Critical Rate, unique abstract powers for additional damage, and good Defense, but low HP and Force.
Griff – Celebratory Captain Fast Attack Speed, unique celebratory powers, but low agility.
Levania – Reborn Beast Knight-like with insect-like characteristics, high HP and defense, force regenerates HP, above-average attack power, but slow movement speed and low agility.
Rion – Mechanical Exile Wise wanderer with strong attack power, both ranged and melee attacks, force boosts attack power, but low HP, defense, and agility.
Zero – Divergent Sister Intoner with high attack power, force freezes enemies, very high critical damage, but low HP and defense, not too agile.
Akeha – Abstract Assassin Accomplished assassin with good balance between ranged and melee attacks, high agility and critical rate, but low HP, defense, and less useful force.


B tier Characters - Nier Reincarnation Tier List
B-Tier Characters

These B-ranking Tier List characters are still capable and can get players through most content without much difficulty. 

9S – Divergent Scanner Scanner-type YoRHa with excellent hacking abilities, can analyze enemies, but lacks close-range combat abilities and can be fragile.
Argo – Celebratory Traveler Agile adventurer suited for support roles, provides healing and item finding, but lacks offensive capabilities and may take unnecessary risks.
Dimos – Dissenting Gunman Old fighter with excellent long-range combat abilities, provides covering fire, but lacks close-range combat skills and can be reckless.
F66x – Dissenting Captive Composed woman with high defense, can immobilize enemies, but lacks offensive capabilities and may struggle to work with others.
Kaine – Divergent Warrior Woman with high physical attack power and magic abilities, sturdy frontline fighter, but can be slow and has an abrasive personality.


C tier Characters - Nier Reincarnation Tier List
C-Tier Characters

These are the weakest Tier List characters, and though they can still clear most content with strategic planning and upgrades, it may not be worth investing too much time in them.

Lars – Abstract Soldier Boy caught in a never-ending war with powerful attack and defense stats, versatile in combat but lacks speed and specialization.
Lars – Reborn Truant Seeks revenge with high force, speed, and agility, decent HP, but low defense and limited weapon proficiency.
063y – Abstract Prisoner Wields Antinomy Sword and Toxic Vein skill, high critical rate, speed, and agility, proficient in close-range combat but lacks effectiveness at long range.
Argo – Abstract Traveler Wields Core Half-Pike, fast and agile with high force, but low defense and HP, vulnerable to enemy attacks and proficient in close-range combat.

Nier Reincarnation Patch Notes & Criteria

This tier list is based on the Latest Version [3.2.0 Update] of Nier Reincarnation and takes into account all the changes made to the characters. 

In creating this Nier Reincarnation Characters tier list, we considered the following critical factors:

  • Weapon
  • Force
  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Agility
  • Critical Rate
  • Critical Damage
  • Power and Skills

Through countless hours of gameplay, our team has meticulously assessed the performance of each character in Nier Re[in]carnation. In addition, we have gathered valuable insights from online gaming communities, exclusive gaming groups, and renowned individual players, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of character capabilities.

Our Nier Reincarnation tier list evaluates characters based on their abilities and traits, serving as a valuable resource to pick the best character. Focus on selecting characters from the S and A tier, although others also excel in specific situations. Stay informed with the latest news and engage in discussions on this subreddit.

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