Project Slayers Breathing Tier List [January. 2023]

All the breathing moves in Project Slayers have been rated in our Project Slayers Breathing Tier List.

All the breathing moves in Project Slayers have been rated in our Project Slayers Breathing Tier List since specific breathing techniques are superior to others. The game’s four breathing patterns provide players with advantages.

We have listed the breathing techniques here from best to worst so you can choose the one that suits you. While you’re at it, have a look at our Thymesia boss Tier List.

Project Slayers Breathing Tier List Breakdown

The breathing techniques have been graded from S-Tier to C-Tier, with S-Tier being the best breathing moves and C-Tier containing the poorest breathing techniques. Water, Thunder, Insect, and Wind are the several breathing techniques that may be used in the game.

S TierThunder Breathing, Flame Breathing, Mist Breathing 
A TierWater Breathing, Wind Breathing, Beast Breathing
B TierInsect Breathing


Project Slayers Breathing S-Tier

The S Tier is recognized as having the best breathing technique. By choosing the S Tier breathing method, you can never go wrong. In Project Slayers, Thunder Breathing’s enhancements are the best overall.

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Flame Breathing

Used by Kyojuro Rengoku, Flame Breathing relies on offense. It has very powerful singular slashes that deal huge damage and it also has DOT Burn Effects. Flame breathing is the type of breathing that imitates fire. Like fire, it is very destructive and has quick but powerful slashes. These slashes are so powerful that when a demon is slashed or beheaded by Rengoku, they feel a very intense burning sensation along with the slash. 

To get Flame Breathing you have to be at level 75. Then you can go to Wop city and get Flame Breathing from the Flame Trainer with 10K Wen and 150 Demon Horns.

1st Move Rising Scorching Sun

  • You launch a circular forward momentum attack with an arch which is covered in flames
  • It is extremely fast and has a lot of range

2nd Move Unknowing Fire

  • You dash forward while you are completely covered in flames and launch a big horizontal slash. 
  • The initial slash after the dash covers everything around you and is a 360° move.
  • You can aim it with your mouse cursor

3rd Move Blooming Undulation

  • Your sword is lit in flames before you powerfully and quickly swing it in a spiral of flames
  • You can extend your combos with this move

4th Move Blazing Universe 

  • You set your sword on fire and jump high up into the air causing you to fall down due to the gravity with a powerful downward slash.
  • You can hold down the move to jump higher and go further.
  • You can aim it with your mouse cursor 

5th Move Flaming Tiger

  • You launch an extremely powerful and damaging 3 hit combo, with the follow up of the 2nd and 3rd slash being accompanied by a flaming tiger’s head.
  • You can aim this move with your mouse cursor.

6th Move Purgatory/Rengoku

  • You charge up for a second in a high stance and then dash forward. If the move hits, you enter a cinematic where you slash through your opponent’s shoulder before stabbing them in the abdomen and throwing them away.
  • You can aim it with your mouse cursor
  • It is an extremely damaging move.

Mist Breathing

Mist Breathing is a type of breathing style that copies the mist to obscure your opponent’s vision. The breathing style consists of very fast sword slashes while concealing your own movements to confuse and overpower your opponent.

You can get Mist Breathing if you are at least level 75, have at least 150 Demon Horns and at least 10K Wen. Once these requirments are met you can go to Map 2 and takl to the NPC with white hair and a beard.

1st Move Cloud and Haze

  • You are surrounded by mist as you take a stance and dash forward, slashing anyone in your path in an unnoticeable manner.
  • It is a very long range move 
  • You can aim this move with your mouse cursor 

2nd Move Eight Layered Mist

  • You launch a series of 7 slashes that are all covered in mist before launching the final 8th slash and knocking your opponent back.
  • The final slash does the most damage 
  • It will still launch a few slashes but not all of them if an enemy is not caught in it. 

3rd Move Distant Haze

  • You cover the area with a buble of mist which slowly grows in size which makes you invisble to your opponent.
  • Once the move key is let go, you can teleport to anyone that is within the range of the mist bubble and slash them.

4th Move Shifting Flow Slash

  • You are surrounded by mist while you take a stance and then slash upwards in an arching motion.
  • This move can hit multiple people at once.

5th Move Lunar Dispersing Mist

  • You jump to the sky and then fire ranged slashes that are covered in mist.
  • You have to hold the key in order to use the move.

6th Move Obscuring Clouds

  • You pierce the ground with your sword which will cover the entire area surrounding you in your own domain of mist. You are completely blinded from your opponent’s sights while still being able to attack them.
  • You are faster in this domain of mist while being invisible to your opponents.
  • The opponents will additionally be slowed down while they are stuck in your mist domain.

Thunder Breathing

The breathing technique known as “Thunder Breathing” directs nutrients and oxygen toward the player’s legs. They move at almost instantaneous speeds. As a result, striking targets with terrible force.

This is demonstrated by how while using thunder breathing methods, the surface that the person is standing on breaks and degrades. Attacks occur so quickly that the air vibrates and emits loud cracks that resemble thunder, hence the name.

1st Move Thunderclap and flash

  • The opponent is damaged when the user swiftly passes by them.
  • Depending on which way your character is looking, this move can be directed.
  • It isn’t a block breaker.

2nd Move Heat Lighting

  • The player charges and unleashes a lightning burst on the adversary.
  • Based on where the mouse is, you can aim it.
  • It doesn’t work as a block breaker.

3rd Move Rapid Slashes

  • The opponent is slashed quickly.
  • It can’t be pointed toward anything; instead, it will turn on right in front of the hero.
  • It does not break any blocks.

4th Move Thunder Rain

  • The user will call out four lightning strikes to attack the adversary.
  • The position of your mouse will determine how the motion is targeted.
  • This move does not function as a block breaker.

5th Move Rice Spirit

  • When launched, the player teleports a bolt of lightning at that opponent, harming them. The player marks a zone around themself.
  • It cannot be directed; instead, as you continue to keep it down until a certain point, it just grows.
  • It does not break blocks.

6th Move Thunderclap and flash Sixfold

  • The opponent is damaged when the user swiftly passes by them.
  • Depending on which way your character is facing, it may be targeted.
  • It breaks down blocks.
  • Has a 10% chance of being unlocked by taking out Zanegutsu Kuuchie.


The breathing strategies that earned an A-Tier rating on our Project Slayers Breathing Tier List performed better than average. It indicates that while they aren’t the best breathing methods in the game, they do better than the majority of others.

Beast Breathing

Used by Inosuke, Beast Breathing is the type of breathing that copies the unpredictability and the ferociousness of a wild animal. Beast Breathing has a lot of combo extenders that are extremely hard to dodge and predict. That makes this breathing style incredibly strong when it comes to fast and erratic movements with a primal sense. The techniques may be simple but they contain very animalistic like movements.

To get Beast Breathing, you need to be at least level 75 and have 10K Wen. When these requirements are met, you will need to go the 2nd map and inside it, you can find the Beast Cave. There is a hole near the Beast Cave, you will go down the tunnels and there you will find the Beast Trainer. You must make sure to not get killed by Inosuke while in the cave, since he is there as well.

1st Move Pierce

  • You take a stance while spinning both of your swords before dashing forward in a very quick thrust motion and pierce your opponent.

2nd Move Crazy Cutting

  • You do a horizontal spin while jumping forward and also spinning both your blades in the air, cutting in all directions. 
  • This move is also a combo starter
  • It can stun your opponent

3rd Move Bending Slash

  • You dislocate your the joints in your arm so that you can increase the range of this attack before swinging full force in front of you in a swift strike.
  • This move will hit all directions.
  • This is a very high damaging move.

4th Move Throwing Strike

  • You will throw your swords at a certain distance and they will stab through anything they hit, including enemy players before running towards the blades to retrieve them. 
  • You can aim this move with your mouse cursor.

5th Move Devouring Slash

  • You take a charge stance and lunge forward while spinning and swinging both of your blades.
  • You can hold the move if you want to do the full charge.
  • If you hit the opponent with this move it will knock them back.

6th Move Devouring Rush

  • You dash forward with your blades outstretched and stab your opponent with both of them. You then throw your opponent high up in the air before doing an X-shaped slash on them as they fall down towards you.
  • If you miss your opponent you will be left wide open.
  • This is an extremely high damaging move.

Water Breathing

A protective breathing technique called “water breathing” imitates water. The user’s quick motions and assault patterns imitate the way water flows when more velocity is added, making it stronger. Due to this characteristic, it had multi-hit attacks that might get powerful when held and a propensity to knockback.

1st Move Water Surface Slash

  • The user makes a little forward dash and slashes horizontally ahead of them.
  • It may be vertically targeted (Up and down).
  • It does not break blocks.

2nd Move Water Wheel

  • You are brought to your opponents by the user spinning into a water wheel.
  • Depending on where your cursor is, you can aim it.
  • By prolonging the onslaught, it may be held down.
  • It does not break blocks. (Blocking is quite difficult, though.)

3rd Move Water Serpent

  • The player sends a water snake in the direction of the foe.
  • According to your cursor, you can aim it.
  • It does not break blocks.

4th Move Drop Ripple Thrust

  • The player advances slowly before unleashing a ripple thrust on the adversary.
  • Depending on which way your character is facing, it can be targeted.
  • This maneuver does not break a block.

5th Move Waterfall Basin

  • Quickly leaping into the air, the player releases the Waterfall basin upon touching down.
  • You can aim it according to your cursor.
  • It breaks down blocks.

6th Move Constant Flux

  • The player attacks the foe with a stream of water that never stops.
  • Depending on which way your character is facing, it may be targeted.
  • It can break blocks.
  • First, it must be unlocked by eliminating Giyu (10% probability).

Wind Breathing

A breathing technique called wind breathing concentrates on resembling the wind. Combat takes the form of generating strong wind gusts that are both damaging and far-reaching. The breathing technique in anime is sometimes seen as being solely offensive and having very few defensive skills.

It has a strong potential for a combination. Sanemi’s face is covered in countless scars, which demonstrates this. The player is required to locate Jinger and give him 5000 wens. The quest to enable Wind Breathing will subsequently be given by him.

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1st Move Purifying Wind

  • The player launches a destructive long-range wind slash in the direction of the adversary.
  • According to where your mouse is, it may be targeted.
  • It doesn’t shatter blocks, though.

2nd Move Dust Whirlwind Cutter

  • The player generates a whirlwind that damages the opponent as it transports them there.
  • You can aim it based on where your mouse is.
  • It does not break blocks.

3rd Move Clean Storm Wind Tree

  • The opponent takes a tonne of damage when the user cuts the whole region surrounding them.
  • You can’t aim it.
  • It does not break blocks.

4th Move Black Wind Mountain Mist

  • The user launches a strong close-range slash at the adversary.
  • You can aim it according to your cursor.
  • Surprisingly, it doesn’t break blocks.

5th Move Cold Mountain Wind

  • Three slashes are released by the player, wounding the adversary.
  • Depending on which way your character is facing, it may be targeted.
  • It does not break blocks.

6th Move Idaten Typhoon

  • The user leaps into the air and unleashes five powerful flying wind slashes at the adversary.
  • You can aim for it with your mouse.
  • It breaks down blocks.
  • Has a 10% chance of being unlocked by killing Sanemi before being unlocked through mastery.



The rating performance of B-Tier breathing methods is mediocre. Although they perform fairly well, they are not the greatest choice in the game.

Insect Breathing

Shinobu Kocho developed the breathing technique known as “insect breathing” just for him in Butterfly Mansion. She began poisoning the blade and scabbard with wisteria since she lacked the power to decapitate a demon. Instead of slashes, this breathing technique emphasizes high-speed thrust assaults that puncture the adversary.

Similar to the way some insects penetrate and inject toxins with their stingers, which gives the phenomenon its name, the penetrating wound can create an entryway for the venom to enter the demon’s body.

This uses a blade that is not just straight (since curved swords are better for slashing) but also has most of the blade replaced with a slender rod, with only the end resembling the tip of a katana.

This is done to maintain only the components required for piercing and to make this as light as feasible for speed. The scabbard is a transportable mixer and wisteria poison carrier, and the sword is also known as a “stinger.”

1st move Jawbreaker

  • The opponent is slashed, launched aloft with the user, and then knocked out cold by being slammed to the ground.
  • Depending on where your mouse is, it may be targeted (Only the slam-down part).
  • It does not break any blocks.

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2nd move Dance of the Bee Sting: True Flutter

  • The opponent is pushed, causing damage.
  • Depending on where your mouse is, it may be targeted.
  • It does not break blocks.

3rd move Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon

  • The opponent is thrust repeatedly and quickly by the user before a stronger final thrust.
  • Depending on where your cursor is, it may be targeted.
  • It breaks down blocks.

4th move Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag

  • To finish with a damaging last push, the user quickly sprints with their feet.
  • Depending on where your cursor is, you can aim it.
  • It can be kept down to lengthen the dash.
  • It does not break blocks.

5th move Mantis kick (counter)

  • The player kicks away an attacker by countering their attack.
  • You can’t aim it.
  • It does not break blocks.

6th move Butterfly Dance: Caprice

  • The opponent is knocked to the ground while the user leaps into the air, prepares an attack, and makes a midair rush for them.
  • Depending on where your mouse is, it may be targeted (For the slamming part).
  • It is a block-breaking technique.
  • Before being unlocked via mastery, it must first be obtained by slaying Shiron (10% probability).

How We Create Tier List

We spent several hours playing the game and doing online research to create this Project Breathing Tier List. Depending on the players’ perspectives on a particular breathing method, the rank in the tier list may change.

We made sure to analyze each approach in every scenario imaginable to determine which one performs best against adversaries.

The primary goal of the Project Breathing tier list is to inform Project Slayers players about the breathing methods and moves that distinguish certain characters from others.

Based on the play style or preference, you may switch to utilizing these tactics, and the list of the top tiers will be quite helpful in this respect.

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