New Indiana Jones Game Possibly Being Made On Unreal Engine

MachineGames is looking for an Unreal Engine expert, latest job listing suggests.

It was revealed early in January that MachineGames is developing a new Indiana Jones game, which Bethesda would publish. Although little is known about the game, a recent job listing raises the possibility that Unreal Engine could be employed.

The Wolfenstein series is MachineGames’ best-known creation. MachineGames previously used id Tech 5 for their Wolfenstein games and id Tech 6 for Wolfenstein Youngblood. Still, for their upcoming project—the new Indiana Jones game—they may switch to Unreal Engine.

Major Takeaways:

  • MachineGames has put out a job listing that seeks expertise in Unreal Engine.
  • MachineGames is currently onto developing the upcoming Indiana Jones game.
  • Nothing is known about the new game except a short trailer that Bethesda revealed in early 2021.

Kudos to Emopulse for discovering a fresh job posting that suggests that MachineGames is searching for a Lead Level Designer to oversee and train a group of level designers for their most recent project, the new Indiana Jones game.

The applicant must have some knowledge of the Unreal Level Editor in order to be considered. One of the requirements for this job role is advanced knowledge and experience with level editors (Unreal Level Editor, Sandbox Editor, Hammer, or similar).

Qualifications for Lead Level Designer at MachineGames
Qualifications for Lead Level Designer at MachineGames

GameInfinitus located more job listings at MachineGames. Another job posting for an AI Gameplay Programmer refers to “Havok products, physics, and AI” as experience. The list of preferred skills indicates expertise and experience in “designing player companions” as well as a grasp of multiplayer bots “as human replacements.”

Although the listing is vague regarding the specific project to which these talents apply, the details suggest that it may be a component of the future Indiana Jones game. Although these ideas aren’t particularly original for current AAA games, multiplayer and companions would be an exciting addition.

In addition, another job posting for a Lead Environment Artist includes “Knowledge of PBR systems with a focus on material definition, readability, and convincing surface detail,” indicating that their upcoming game may use global illumination lighting.

The next Indiana Jones game hasn’t yet been released, but Todd Howard of Bethesda did hint that it has been in the works for a while now. In a recent interview, Todd expanded on the idea behind the project and said that fans of the Indiana Jones series will find it enjoyable. He remarked that it was a “unique experience” for a video game.

MachineGames previously did an incredible job in the Wolfenstein series. With a reboot, they were able to successfully transfer it to contemporary platforms. They also released a second, highly regarded sequel after it.

In January 2021, Bethesda revealed that they have been working on a new Indiana Jones video game. Only a brief teaser trailer has been released nearly two years after the announcement. Neither the platforms nor the specifics of the game have been confirmed.

There are no platforms currently listed for Indiana Jones. Given that Microsoft now owns MachineGames, it’s probable that this might be an Xbox exclusive in addition to PC.

While these are just speculations, an Industry insider, Jez Corden has claimed that the upcoming Indiana Jones might not be an Xbox exclusive.

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Update: The listings in question are no longer available on ZeniMax’s official website.

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