Upcoming Indiana Jones Won’t Be An Xbox Exclusive

"I pretty much know it isn't," states Jez Corden.

Bethesda’s upcoming game, Indiana Jones, was speculated to be an Xbox exclusive. However, according to an accredited industry insider, Jez Corden, that is not the case. In other words, the Indiana Jones game will be released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

In the most recent episode of The Xbox Two Podcast, when responding to someone in the audience about the Indiana Jones game being exclusive or not, Jez Corden said, “It isn’t.” The way he said that was reason enough to believe it. However, he further elaborated on the situation.

Rand al Thor 19 went on to ask whether Jez Corden thought that it isn’t or not, to which he responded by saying, “I pretty much know it isn’t.” There is also some back and forth, where Rand al Thor 19 says that Jez Corden was earlier claiming that the game is exclusive, but to that, he responds by saying, “I have never said ‘India Jones was exclusive.'”

Jez Corden is renowned when it comes to providing inside information about the video game industry. He recently claimed that Forza Motorsport is reportedly in its beta stages a while back. While adding to that, he said that “there have been some influencers who’ve actually played it.”

Still, the information here should be taken with a grain of salt, as Jez Corden could be wrong. During the podcast, he said that he has always claimed that Indiana Jones wasn’t an exclusive. However, he further says that he has that information from a year back, so “maybe some things have changed.”

It could be true that things might have changed, and Bethesda has decided to make Indiana Jones an Xbox exclusive. The official teaser for the game was originally revealed all the way back in January 2021. It has been almost a year-and-a-half since then.

Recently, Indiana Jones has been in hot waters due to a job listing that suggested that the game could feature multiplayer. Hence, more and more news will keep coming out about the game, and eventually, we will find out, as both Jez Corden and Rand al Thor 19 said.

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