Long-Awaited Samurai PS5 Exclusive Finally Gets A Release Date

Rise of the Ronin will make landfall in March next year.

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  • Rise of the Ronin is a promising new action RPG, coming out exclusively for the PS5. 
  • The game finally has a release date now, following its initial announcement in 2022. 
  • Pre-orders for Rise of the Ronin are about to go live any day now, with multiple purchasable editions. 

Team Ninja, the famed developer behind the likes of the iconic Ninja Gaiden franchise, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and plenty more like-minded IPs, is currently working on a promising samurai-centric action RPG called Rise of the Ronin. During The Game Awards 2023, the developers unveiled more of Rise of the Ronin and finally made a release date official for the title. It comes out in March next year. 

YouTube video

Team Ninja being Team Ninja, expect rip-roaring action from Rise of the Ronin, and the pre-order trailer in question pretty much cements this notion for the time to come. The video shows off some open-world traversal mechanics in-game, including a grappling hook that helps drastically with movement, along with a glider that makes covering longer distances easier. 

And it’s not just swordplay that boils into the equation here—thanks to the setting of the title that takes place around the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s iron fist rule. That is when numerous options for every fighting warrior opened up, thus the inclusion of guns in Rise of the Ronin, especially for our protagonist. From the looks of it, players will mix swords and guns together while carving their own path in feudal Japan. 

Rise of the Ronin In-Game Screenshot
Rise of the Ronin In-Game Screenshot Showcasing Gunplay

To offer more details about the project, Team Ninja’s Director and President, Fumihiko Yasuda, has taken center stage on the PlayStation Blog, going in-depth into the title, its pre-orders, and available editions. First off, the studio head lets out an important message for the audience that highlights the company’s vision and future aspirations. 

As a title, Rise of the Ronin features a historical setting quintessential to Koei Tecmo, while brimming with Team Ninja’s own brand of action and combat. Throughout creating our biggest game to date, we have been working alongside the team at SIE to create an experience that allows players to fully embody a Ronin during the closing days of the Tokugawa Shogunate.” 

Within the post, it’s been detailed that Rise of the Ronin will receive two purchasable editions, with one of them being the Digital Deluxe variant. The latter will set players back about $79.99, but come with a bundle of extra goodies, including the Bando Warrior Armor SetDigital SoundtrackDigital Art Book, along with a hefty number of pre-order bonuses that you would get upon purchasing the Standard Edition as well. 

Rise of the Ronin's Digital Deluxe Edition
Rise of the Ronin’s Digital Deluxe Edition

Rise of the Ronin comes out on March 22, 2024, for the PlayStation 5 exclusively. Keep an eye on the game’s official listing on the PlayStation Store to purchase it when the pre-orders go live, which is on December 14, 2023—merely a week away from now.  

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