Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin is a PlayStation 5 exclusive action RPG developed by Team Ninja. It takes place in 19th-century Japan, filled with war and samurai action. Players embody a skilled Ronin warrior traveling through a world of politics and conflict. Rise of the Ronin also shows the Bakumatsu period authentically, allowing you to experience the culture in an open world. You get to meet historical figures, watch the era of conflict between the East and West, and much more. Explore eXputer’s coverage of Rise of the Ronin to keep up with all of the latest guides, news, and updates.

  • Developer: Team Ninja.
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • Release Date: March 22, 2024.
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5.
  • Genre: Platform game, Fighting, Action RPG, Adventure.
  • eXputer Review Score: 4/5