Rise Of The Ronin: How To Unlock Ki Blaze [With Images]

Let your entire party go berserk by getting infinite Ki for a brief period of time.

Ki Blaze is a really powerful ability in the Rise of the Ronin that is learned quite late in the story. It is basically like the Spartan Rage from God of War or the Limit Break from the Final Fantasy 16 which allows you to go berserk during battle. Mastering Ki Blaze is essential since the boss battles can get really tough after you complete Chapter 1.

Important: This guide will contain spoilers regarding the final boss fights of Chapter 1 in Rise of the Ronin, so proceed with caution.
Key Takeaways
  • Ki Blaze is a special ability that is unlocked by completing Chapter 1 in the main story.
  • It has a separate gauge located above the health and Ki bars in Rise of the Ronin.
  • Once the gauge is filled, players can activate Ki Blaze by pressing the triangle and circle buttons simultaneously.
  • The Ki Blaze ability not only buffs up the Ki of your main character but also your allies in the party.

How To Unlock Ki Blaze In Rise Of The Ronin

ki blaze rise of the ronin
The Sakurada Gate Incident Mission In Rise of the Ronin (Image Captured by Us)

Ki Blaze is unlocked after completing The Sakurada Gate Incident mission in Ronin.

Basically, after completing Chapter 1 in the game, you will be able to access the Ki Blaze ability. During the final mission of Chapter 1, you will come across enemies who use this technique for the very first time, and you will have to be these enemies in order to get your hands on the ability.

The fight is actually really tough, and you’ll need to make sure that you start the mission with a strong party of allies. You will have to fight the Shogun and the Blue Demon simultaneously, which can result in a frustrating battle. I would recommend that you beat the blue demon first and let your allies aggro the shogun.

  • Strategy For The Sakurada Gate Incident Mission: Make sure to manage your Ki in order to have an easier time during the battle. I also depended upon rifles to deal damage from range from time to time. 

Using Ki Blaze During Combat

ki blaze rise of the ronin
Activating Ki Blaze Imbues My Sword With Fire And Gives Me Unlimited Stamina For A Brief Period of Time (Image Captured by eXputer)

In order to use the Ki Blaze ability, you will need to fill up your Ki Blaze gauge. The Ki Blaze gauge is a separate bar that is represented above the health and the Ki bar of your character. Once the Ki Blaze gauge is filled, you can press the triangle and circle buttons simultaneously to activate Ki Blaze.

What the Ki Blaze ability actually does is it gives you and your party members infinite stamina for a brief period of time. You can basically keep attacking, parrying, and blocking without having to worry about your Ki. It will allow you to stagger bosses more effectively.

  • Building Up Ki Blaze Guage: The Ki Blaze gauge itself builds up by killing enemies, dealing damage to damage to bosses, and perfectly parrying attacks. I always try to build up my Ki Blaze gauge before entering into a boss fight during each mission.

This concludes my guy on how you can unlock the Ki Blaze ability in Rise of the Ronin. I have not only mentioned the method of unlocking this ability but also the uses of Ki Blaze in complete detail. I hope that the guy helped you in becoming a stronger Ronin. Let me know if you’re enjoying your time with Rise of the Ronin in the comments below.

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