Rise of the Ronin Best Blade Sharpening Origin

After 10+ hours, dominate early game by choosing the Blade Sharpening Origin, AKA the starting class that suits your playstyle.

Blade Sharpening Origin is essentially your starting class in Rise of the Ronin, and each class best represents a certain playstyle. Depending upon your playstyle, choosing the right Blade Sharpening Origin can effectively boost your combat during the early game.

Key Takeaways
  • Blade Sharpening Origin is basically your starting class that decides your early playstyle, and there are a total of six of them available.
  • Players can choose a specific Blade Sharpening Origin if it complements their own playstyle.
  • Some starting classes are more action-based, while others depend more on stealth.
  • Choosing the strongest Blade Sharpening Origin can make your early game a cakewalk.

The Best Blade Sharpening Origin In Rise Of The Ronin

Here is a list of all the best Blade Sharpening Origins and the playstyle that they are good for:

No.Blade Sharpening OriginBest ForPlaystyle
1KillerThe Best Overall Blade Sharpening OriginFocused on action combat and head on encounters with enemies.
2BreakerThe Best Stealth Blade Sharpening OriginA stealthier approach to battle and taking out enemies without being seen.
3SeducerThe Best Offensive Blade Sharpening OriginKeep attacking and parrying continuously by mastering the Blade Flash mechanic.
4SapperThe Best Ranged Blade Sharpening OriginUtilize Rifles to finish to off enemies from range in either stealth or head on battles.

1. Killer

The Best Overall Blade Sharpening Origin.
starting class
The Killer Starting Class In Rise of The Ronin (Image Captured by Us)

This is my personal favorite Blade Sharpening Origin, as it allows me to fully experience the fast-paced action combat from the very beginning. First of all, choosing the Killer class will unlock the Counterspark ability, which will allow you to deflect incoming projectiles and damage enemies. If you deflect a bullet or a fire arrow, then your blade will also get buffed up with fire after the perfect deflection.

Aside from the ability, this class also provides stats that scale really well with Katanas, Odachis, and Greatswords. In my opinion, the Katanas and Odachis are some of the best weapons in Rise of the Ronin, and choosing the Killer origin will allow you to create a build surrounding these weapons from your early game.

  • Early Counterspark Unlock.
  • Great Scaling With Katanas And Odachis.
  • Built For Action.
  • Earn More Money By Killing Enemies.
  • Weak Stealth.

Why I Chose This Blade Sharpening Origin: I’m personally a huge fan of Odachis and have been maining this weapon type since Nioh, which is why I decided to go for the Killer class in my first playthrough.

2. Breaker

The Best Stealth Blade Sharpening Origin.
starting class
The Breaker Starting Class In Rise of The Ronin (Image Captured by eXputer)

The Breaker Blade Sharpening Origin is based on the dex stat and unlocks skills that increase the effectiveness of stealth early on. The Rapid Assassinations skill that comes unlocked with this class allows you to assassinate two enemies at once. It is an extremely useful skill that will allow you to clear out enemy camps with ease and without being seen.

Another advantage of choosing the Breaker origin is that you’ll have better scaling for Paired Swords and Bayonets. The Bayonet is a new weapon type and is really fun to use since it has both ranged and melee attacks. Lastly, the Breaker class also unlocks skills that allow you to craft more items during your early game.

  • Early Rapid Assassinations Unlock.
  • Great Scaling With Bayonets.
  • Ability To Craft More Items.
  • Buffed Stealth.
  • Weak Offense.

Why I Chose This Class: It allowed me to clear out huge enemy camps early on and even helped me clear some of the early main missions without having to fight most enemies head-on.

3. Seducer

The Best Offensive Blade Sharpening Origin.
best blade sharpening origin rise of the ronin
The Seducer Starting Class In Rise of The Ronin (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

This Blade Origin increases the Charm stat, which is tied to stamina recovery and allows you to level up your Ki Recovery skill early on. Ki is basically your stamina and you can actually recover most of it back after a combo by using the Blade Flash mechanic. The effectiveness of the Blade Flash mechanic can be increased during your early game by picking up the Seducer class.

Having enough stamina will always allow you to stay on the offensive during boss battles. Aside from the stamina buff, the Seducer origin also unlocks the Speechcraft Liar Skill which will allow you to select special dialogue options while talking to various NPCs. This will allow you to increase your bond with your allies quickly as well.

  • Early Blade Flash Upgrades.
  • Speechcraft Liar Skill.
  • Strong Offense.
  • Good Scaling With Polearms.
  • Weak Scaling With Strong Weapons.

Why I Chose This Class: With enough confidence in my parrying skills, I chose this class and fought all my battles with an offensive style by continuously regaining my stamina using Blade Flash.

4. Sapper

The Best Ranged Blade Sharpening Origin.
best blade sharpening origin rise of the ronin
The Sapper Starting Class In Rise of The Ronin (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The Sapper Blade Sharpening Origin is my least favorite starting class simply because it doesn’t have good scaling with any of the strong melee weapons. But if you’re someone who likes to use a ranged playstyle, then this starting class is for you. It scales really well with Rifles and Guns, which allow you to beat your enemies from range. You can even adapt a stealth playstyle by using rifles to clear out enemy camps without getting spotted.

However, choosing the Sapper class has one huge advantage and that is getting one extra heal during your early game. Having an extra healing item can really change the outcome of various battles, especially during the first few missions. I remember that I had to progress the story considerably with the other Blade Origins before I was able to get extra auto-refill heals.

  • Extra Heal.
  • Good Scaling With Rifles.
  • Potential For A Stealth Playstyle.
  • Buffs Rifle Damage And Bullet Speed.
  • Weak Scaling With Strong Weapons.
  • Weak Offense.

Why I Chose This Blade Sharpening Origin: When I had grown tired of sword battles, I decided to start a fresh playthrough with the Sapper class and tried out various Rifles to progress the story with a different and unique playstyle.

Honorable Mention

There is another class that I wanted to include in my list, but it didn’t make it because choosing this Blade Sharpening Origin would result in a difficult early game.

  • Beginner: The Beginner Blade Sharpening Origin comes with no extra skills; instead, it gives you six skill points to customize your early build the way you like. I only recommend this class to players who are experienced with Team Ninja’s games.

My Take On Blade Sharpening Origins

The addition of Blade Sharpening Origin or starting class is a great design choice as it allows players to decide how they want to play their game. If you want to have an easier time, then there is the Killer class for you, and if you want to toughen up your early game, then you can choose the Beginner or Unsharpened classes.

This concludes my guide on the best Blade Sharpening Origin in Rise of the Ronin. Be sure to check out my detailed Review of Rise of the Ronin for my in-depth thoughts and analysis. I have included my favorite classes and have also mentioned in detail why choosing them will be helpful for your early game. Let me know if you’re having fun playing Team Ninja’s latest release in the comments below!


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