Raid Shadow Legends Tier List: Ranking All Characters

Ultimate Raid Shadow Legends Hierarchy Grouped by Factions.

The staggering dark fantasy role-playing game Raid Shadow Legends is all set to drag modern RPG fans on the edge of their seats. But are they ready to tackle more than 500 characters to amass an army worth defeating powerful foes? No worries if most of you are clueless. Our Raid Shadow Legends tier list has come to the rescue!  

Raid Shadow Legends will push aspiring players into intense quests to save the land of the scourge. For that, you definitely need a well-balanced team of champions. In the game, you will be loaded with a surprisingly rich character roster, with each unit more worthy than the other. 

The Raid Shadow Legends champions ranking below strictly corresponds to the game’s current meta to help long-time players and rookies through the process. Because the overall game mechanism revolves around a series of complications, here’s an insight into how our Raid Shadow Legends tier list will propel forward and then the ranking. 

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Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

Raid Shadow Legends ranking
Raid Shadow Legends Tier List Explained!

In order to fully understand our tier list for Raid Shadow Legends and succeed in in-game challenges, you must acquaint yourself with the game’s faction mechanism. The massive Raid Shadow Legends character cast is classified into fourteen factions, each offering unique benefits and drawbacks. 

The fourteen factions are Dwarves, Shadowkin, Barbarians, Dark Elves, Demonspawn, Sacred Order, Orcs, Ogryn-Tribes, Banner-Lords, High Elves, Lizardmen, Knight Revenant, Skinwalkers, Undead Hordes. 

Raid Shadow Legends ranking below goes from S to D-tier, with the S-tier housing all the best units and D housing the avoidable ones. This was enough to let you start with our updated tier list so let’s go. 

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This tier ranks the best, most robust characters on the Raid Shadow Legends tier list. One should deem himself lucky if you get to start with any one of the champions listed here, as they will definitely perfect your team no matter what’s the combination.  

Raid Shadow Legends FactionsRaid Shadow Legends Characters 
DwarvesTormin the Cold, Underpriest Brogni, Rugnor Goldgleam, Grizzled Jarl, Runekeeper Dazdurk, Maulie Tankard, Rearguard Sergeant, Melga Steelgirdle, Trunda Giltmallet
ShadowkinLady Kimi, Genbo the Dishonored, Riho Bonespear, Genzin
BarbariansUrsuga Warcaller, Warmaiden, Tuhanarak, Scyl of the Drakes, Valkyrie
Dark ElvesMadame Serris, Lanakis the Chosen, Zavia, Coldheart, Blind Seer, Foli, Lydia the Deathsiren, Ghostborn, Rae, Kael
DemonspawnTyrant Ixlimor, Duchess Lilitu, Prince Kymar, Peydma, Umbral Enchantress
Sacred OrderMartyr, Sir Nicholas, Cardiel, Deacon Armstrong, Cupidus, Fenax, Venus, Abbess, Roshcard the Tower, Armiger, Athel
OrcsKreela Witch-Arm, Dhukk the Pierced, Warlord
Ogryn-TribesManeater, Uugo, Big ‘Un, Bellower, Ghrush the Mangler, Skullcrusher
Banner-LordsUrsala the Mourner, Sethalia, Archmage Hellmut, Lady Quilen, Raglin, Septimus
High ElvesLyssandra, Apothecary, Belanor, Arbiter, Tayrel
LizardmenKrisk the Ageless, Dracomorph, Rhazin Scarhide, Fu-Shan
Knight RevenantSinesha, Soulless, Miscreated Monster, Doompriest, Skullcrown, Rector Drath
SkinwalkersKhoronar, Norog
Undead HordesSeeker, Rotos the Lost Groom, Skartosis, Bad-el-Kazar, Urost the Soulcage, Ma’Shalled, Saito, Nekhret the Great, Siphi the Lost Bride, Nethril


Don’t miss adding an A-tier fellow man to your team just because they aren’t ranked under the top-tier. Though, of course, not as effective as champions of the S-tier, A-tier characters are great at battling through difficult situations. Not to mention that they do possess weaknesses, but that are too minor to blur the huge benefits also on board.

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Raid Shadow Legends FactionsRaid Shadow Legends Characters 
DwarvesHurndig, Mountain King, Baerdal Fellhammer, Dilgol, Rock Breaker, Gala Longbraids, Kurzad Deepheart, Geomancer
ShadowkinToragi The Frog, Hotatsu, Umetogi, Jintoro
BarbariansSikara, Soulbond Bowyer, Fahrakin the Fat, Kantra the Cyclone, Sentinel, Zephyr Sniper, Valla, Alika, Marked, Altan, High Khatun, Armina, Turvold, Atur, Skytouched Shaman, Elder Skarg
Dark ElvesRian the Conjurer, Spirithost, Kaiden, Luria, Psylar, Warden, Vizier Ovelis, Astralith, Pain Keeper, Crimson Helm, Lua, Visix the Unbowed, Fang Cleric, Spider
DemonspawnMarquis, Sicia Flametongue, Drexthar Bloodtwin, Fellhound, Inithwe Bloodtwin, Alure, Lord Shazar, Candraphon, Infernal Baroness, Countess Lix, Excruciator, Cruetraxa, Tainix Hateflower, Nazana
Sacred OrderMistress of Hymns, Romero, Inquisitor Shamael, Lightsworn, Aothar, Errol, Cardinal, Godseeker Aniri, Lodric Falconheart, Juliana, Hope
OrcsTuhak the Wanderer, Old Hermit Jorrg, Sandlashed Survivor, Angar, Zargala, Galek, Robar, Gomlok Skyhide, Vrask, Iron Brago
Ogryn-TribesShamrock, Towering Titan, Gurgoh the Augur, Ignatius, War Mother, Klodd Beastfeeder, Gurptuk Moss-Beard, Cagebreaker, Siegehulk, Grimskin
Banner-LordsMinaya, Richtoff the Bold, Lord Champfort, Rowan, Baron, Cillian the Lucky, Black Knight, Gerhard the Stone, Stag Knight, Lugan the Steadfast, Helior, Oathbound
High ElvesShirimani, Vergis, Heiress, Luthiea, Royal Huntsman, Royal Guard, Basileus Roanas, Ithos, Battlesage, Yannica, Elenaril, Thenasil
LizardmenRoxam, Aox the Rememberer, Vergumkaar, Ramantu Drakesblood
Knight RevenantRenegade, Ashwalker, Deathless, Wurlim Frostking, Golden Reaper, Hegemon, Executioner, Sepulcher Sentinel, Tomb Lord, Pestilus, Bystophus, Crypt Witch
SkinwalkersHakkorhn Smashlord, Steelskull, Fayne, Basher, Graybeard, Cleopterix, Longbeard,  Brakus the Shifter
Undead HordesSkartorsis, Vogoth, Frozen Banshee, Harvest Jack, Seducer, Mausoleum Mage, Bloodgorged, Gorgorab, Doomscreech, Zelotah, Drowned Bloatwraith, Suzerain Katonn


The B-tier inhabitants are capable enough to help you pass some quests in the same. This means they can make a decent niche-specific addition to your team if it already houses a couple of top-tier Raid Shadow Legends units to compensate for the gaps. All in all, it’s ok to stick with some B-tier characters until you get your hands on any better-tier hero. 

Raid Shadow Legends FactionsRaid Shadow Legends Characters 
DwarvesGrumbler, Stout Axeman, Cudgeler, Avir the Alchemage, Runic Warder, Fodbor The Bard
ShadowkinFenshi, Sachi, Burangiri, Itinerant, Chani, Oboro, Chonoru
BarbariansScrapper, Teshada, Trugorr, Baroth the Bloodsoaked, Elder, Kallia, Haarken Greatblade, Aina, Dunestrider, Anointed, Outlander, Yakarl the Scourge, Skirmisher
Dark ElvesJudge, Queen Eva, Ruel the Huntmaster, Delver, Captain Temila, Eviscerator, Retainer, Hexweaver, Mystic Hand
DemonspawnMarquess, Diabolist, Gorlos Hellmaw, Souldrinker, Hellgazer, Achak the Wendarin, Erinyes, Akoth the Seared, Skimfos the Consumed
Sacred OrderSanctioned Purifier, Tallia, Warpriest, Mordecai, Outlaw Monk, Astralon, Penitent, Bushi, Mother Superior, Canoness, Lamellar, Draconis, Templar, Frostbringer, Sanguinia
OrcsGrohak the Bloodied, Teela Goremane, Veteran, King Garog, Nogdar The Headhunter, Shaman, Seer, Bonekeeper
Ogryn-TribesGrunch Killjoy, Prundar, Drokgul the Gaunt, Shatterbones, Galkut, Ogryn Jailer, Geargrinder
Banner-LordsMyrmidon, Seneschal, Warcaster, Giscard the Sigiled, Hordin, Alaric the Hooded, Knight Errant, Azure, Halberdier, Chancellor Yasmin, Spymaster, Conqueror, Vanguard, Dagger
High ElvesPyxniel, Medicus, Exemplar, Hyria, Fencer, Jinglehunter, Elhain, Reliquary Tender
LizardmenQuargan The Crowned, Skull Lord Var-Gall, Drake, Haruspex, Jareg, Basilisk, Jizoh, Bogwalker, Jarang, Broadmaw, Gator, Venomage, Skathix
Knight RevenantPitiless One, Theurgist, Narma the Returned, Versulf the Grim, Coffin Smasher, Whisper, Crimson Slayer, Necrohunter, Gladiator, Kytis, Guardian, Thea the Tomb Angel
SkinwalkersUrsine Ironhide, Yaga the Insatiable, Gnarlhorn, Hoforees the Tusked, Ursine Icecrusher, Reinbeast, Bloodpainter, Grappler, Channeler, Fleshmonger Flesh-Tearer
Undead HordesDark Elhain, Elegaius, Husk, Little Miss Annie, Corpse Collector, Crypt-King Graal, Corpulent Cadaver, Dark Athel, Temptress, Anax, Lich, Balthus Drauglord, Grinner, Catacomb Councilor, Banshee


C-tier might prove decent compliments to your overall party combination, however, on some occasions only. Most of the time, they won’t perform very well; hence it is recommended to avoid them. Though one should not invest too much in a C-tier hero, you can compromise on them until a better Raid Shadow Legends tier list champion is available. 

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Raid Shadow Legends FactionsRaid Shadow Legends Characters 
DwarvesMaster Butcher, Icebound Prospector,  Bulwark, Boltsmith, Hatchet Slinger, Samar Gemcursed, Madman
ShadowkinVagabond, Fanatic, Lifetaker, Gory, Nobel, Yoshi the Drunkard, Odachi
BarbariansRagemonger, Tigersoul, Bloodbraid, Berserker, Hill Nomad, Suwai Firstborn, Maeve
Dark ElvesSteel Bowyer, Harvester, Wanderer, Paragon
DemonspawnTarshon, Abyssal, Tormentor, Mortu-Macaab
Sacred OrderSanctum Protector, Justiciar, Purgator, Adriel, Knecht, Chaplain, Lady Etessa, Confessor, Solaris
OrcsRipperfist, Torturehelm, Pigsticker, Bloodfeather, Raider, Chopper, Ironclad, Terrorbeast, Deathchanter
Ogryn-TribesSiegebreaker, Wagonbane, Mycolus, Furystoker, Occult Brawler, Stoneskin, Pounder, Rocktooth
Banner-LordsValerie, Misericord, Steadfast Marshal, Chevalier, Masked Fearmonger, Grandmaster, Sir Armitage, Lordly Legionary
High ElvesAdjudicator, Marksman
LizardmenSkink, Slitherbrute, Metalshaper, Hurler, Muckstalker, Hurler, Skullsworn
Knight RevenantFaceless, Pharsalas Gravedirt, Arcanist, Acolyte, Bergoth the Malformed, Magus, Daywalker, Centurion
SkinwalkersSnorting Thug, Panthera, Taurus, Ripper
Undead HordesSorceress, Dead Crusader, Karam, Bone Knight, Rotting Mage, Gravechill Killer, Hexia, Wretch


D-tier characters are the least recommended for use due to their obvious drawbacks. Players should expect almost no success from them as they provide hardly any support in terms of utilities. Raid Shadow Legends belonging to the Knight Revenant and Dark Elf faction are too good to be placed in this tier. 

Raid Shadow Legends FactionsRaid Shadow Legends Characters 
DwarvesHonor Guard, Perforator, Dolor Lorekeeper, Beast Wrestler, Flailer, Painsmith, Gloril Brutebane
ShadowkinConscript, Marauder, Infiltrator, Bloodmask, Assassin
BarbariansSlayer, Jotun, Woad-Painted, Ox
DemonspawnIfrit, Hellborn Sprite, Hellfang, Malbranche, Hound Spawn
Sacred OrderRenouncer, Judicator, Maiden, Harrier, Headsman, Witness, Missionary, Drillmaster, Hospitaller
OrcsHuntress, Twinclaw Disciple, Warchanter, Totem, Spikehead, Treefeller, Wyvernbane, Goremask
Ogryn-TribesMagmablood, Lumberer, Fortress Goon, Flesheater, Ruffstone 
Banner-LordsQuaestor, Bandit, Cataphract, Bombardier, Courtier, Frontline Warrior, Crossbowman
High ElvesMagister, Avenger, Aristocrat, Interceptor
LizardmenSkinner, Slasher, Flinger
Undead HordesHollow, Arbalester, Amarantine Skeleton, Ghoulish Ranger, Stitched Beast

Best Characters Of The Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

Best of Raid Shadow Legends
Best Characters of the Raid Shadow Legends Tier List

Raid Shadows Legends offer players multiple RPG swathes and modes with each hero, along with their specific upsides and drawbacks. Amongst the entire horde, some mind-blowingly powerful units can make all the difference while battling. 

Given the rich offerings, it’s perfectly common for new players to get caught by the overwhelming choices. To help rookies get through the same dilemma, here are some of our favorite and undoubtedly the best champions of the Raid Shadow Legends: 


Players in search of a powerhouse who could shower solid damage to their foes via some really potent debuffs should look no further than the outstanding Dracomorph. The hero belongs to the Lizardmen faction and is one of the most desired picks on the Raid Shadow Legends tier list, thanks to his worthy abilities. For a start, Dracomorph can hit foes with his robust weakness rendering AoE debuffs. 

Dracomorph also knows how to deal substantial damage at once with just one requirement that players should ensure he is fully built. Once built perfectly, the champion can even synergize decently with nukers while his presence ensures each enemy enough increased damage.

Moreover, this best Raid Shadow Legends unit can dish out more than a few Single-target attacks that further dish 10% extra damage on every hit debuff. What’s even more interesting is his “Surplus Damage” capability that impacts in case the single-target attack results in the target’s death. 

Surprisingly solid 5% Poison debuff that stays for at least three turns and 60% reduction to defense debuff for just two turns are other worth appreciating abilities offered by the power-packed Dracomorph. 


Lyssandra is a champion for players who prefer battling at a safer pace. The unit will help you put your enemies under her constant aggro while also safeguarding you as much from incoming attacks as possible. 

The Support warrior is also the best turn-meter manipulator you might find on this tier list. She belongs to the High Elves faction, owns the Spirit Affinity, and is a little too tanky. 

Given that almost all her utilities revolve around messing with single opponents, don’t forget to couple Lyssandra with an AoE-focused hero to keep up a good team balance. That said, Lyssandra’s utilities include: 

The rock-solid single targeting debuffing attack, Transference. It’s more of a transferring debuff ability rather than actually debuffing the target. Nevertheless, the other utility is Exhaustion. It’s also a single-target attack that can suck the turn meter of anyone who’s hit.

Furthermore, Lyssandra can dish out some Speed boasting buffs to allies while also filling up their turn meters (each by up to 30%) 


Turvold is a leader-type champion of the Raid Shadow Legends tier list who is known to synergize well with most other heroes of the game’s cast. He belongs to the Barbarian faction, has a move set that highly leans towards attack stance, and features Void Affinity. 

The character’s utilities include Crackling Blade, a dual-hitting single-target attack that places 25% Weakening debuff on enemies. Besides, Turvold can also use the same skill as a bounty for the allies, which are provided a 30% speed boasting buff, 30% critical speed boasting buff, and a 50% extra attack buff (all for two turns). 

Players can also use Turvold’s Aura, which swells the same faction Allies ATK by 42%. All in all, you will be especially benefited if you prefer characters of the Barbarian faction as Turvold has too many perks. 

Furthermore, Turvold houses Juggernaut single-target attacking ability which, like Crackling Blade, hits twice and boasts damage depending on the number of buffs already activated on the hero. 


Kael is hands down the best starter hero on our tier list. He has simply the best Attacks as well as Defence capabilities on board and will especially prove to be a brilliant team savior against Ice Golem and Dragon.

Robust in all situations of Raid Shadow Legends, particularly at late-game, this champion perfectly synergizes single-target and AoE shots to be a real cause of pain not only for small dungeon mobs but also the beast-like bosses.

Kael, the champion, hails from the Dark Elf faction with a move pool highly focusing on the Attack stance. Kael owns Magic Affinity like most champions of his faction but performs distinct enough to stand out.

Utilities that account for his uniqueness include Dark Bolt. It is an RNG-based Single-target attack that poisons opponents for two turns. Second is the AoE attack, Acid Rain. It offers Kael 25% fill for turn meter on every target killed.

Last but not least, Disintegrate, the almost-AoE attack hits random enemies with poison debuffs. What’s more? This best champion also has a useful Aura which swells a teammate’s health by a whopping 15 %, inducing massive sustain.


Athel is another best champion new players can choose for embarking on a decent start in Raid Shadow Legends. Those who prefer a paladin playstyle and are a little patient in nature are especially benefited by Athel. 

The character belongs to the Telerian faction of Raid Shadow Legends, hails a solid Attacking stance, and owns a highly sustainable self-buffing ability that can even be used early in the game. It boasts Defence as well as Attack and provides an extra turn in case the character’s HP has already shrunk below half the capacity. 

It makes up for Athel’s rather low damage rendering skill relative to other starter champions like Kael. Nevertheless, Athel’s other best utilities include: A triple single-target attack called Strike Down that, for only two turns, can weaken the enemy. Moreover, she also owns the Divine Blades AoE attack to target all opponents. 

What’s more? Athel’s Aura boasts all teammates’ HP by a whopping 15 %. The utility proves especially great for inducing increased sustain and supporting the opinion that Athel can indeed accompany beginners longer than expected.

Tier List Criteria 

This was our take on the tier list of Raid Shadow Legends champions. Hopefully, most parts of our hierarchy will seem relatable, guiding you through your game’s journey. 

Our team at eXputer ranked every unit based on their overall effectiveness in all Raid Shadow Legends battles and their abilities housed within. We also took into account individual upsides and drawbacks of champions against certain types of bosses to curate the most definitive ranking possible. 

All players, whether new or experienced, are recommended to keep their gameplay elements in utmost priority to make the most of our Raid Shadow Legends tier list and check thoroughly whether the chosen champions are worth keeping.

It also goes without mentioning that the above information is purely unbiased and mostly relies on popular opinion. While our main aim was to highlight the picks that most deserve your attention, players are encouraged to employ the units they are fully comfortable with. 

The above tier is constantly updated depending on when new Raid Shadow Legends characters are released. Therefore don’t miss bookmarking this page and check later. 

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