Tekken 6 Tier List: Best Characters [Ranked After Testing]

Tekken Tag and Tekken 7 have overshadowed Tekken 6 somehow, and many players have spent a lot of their time on Tekken Tag and thus missed out on the brilliant storyline this game had to offer with some unreal mechanics for its time that hasn’t dated till this date. The game is seeing increased interest from the audience and thus, we at eXputer decided to make a Tekken 6 Tier List to help them pick the best characters.

Key Highlights
  • Tekken 6 features 40 characters with distinct support skill sets and fighting abilities.
  • Counterhit, Low Parry Combos, Recovery Frame, Grabs, Block Feature, and Jumping were the main factors behind ranking Tekken 6 characters. 
  • Options that excel in all determining factors include Emillie De Rochefort, Lee Chaolan, and Armour King, while Roger Jr, Lars Alexandersson, and Wang Jinrei are the ones you should avoid. 
  • The better the character is in blocking, counter-hitting, recovering, and low parrying, the better your chances are to survive in Tekken 6.

Here are our picks summarized: 

Tekken 6 Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Armour King, Alisa Basconovitch, Lee Chaolan, Nina Williams, Emillie De Rochefort, Jin Kazma, Bryan Fury, Kazuya Mishima, Devil Jin, and Yoshimitsu
A-Tier Ling Xiayou, Zafina, Wang Jinrei, King, Raven, Heihachi Mishima, Sergie Dragunov, Hwoarang, Paul Phoenix, Jack 6, Asuka, and Marshall Law
B-Tier  Baek Doo San, Devil Kazuya, Robert Richards, Miguel, Steve Fox, Leo Klisesen, Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, Ganryu, and Eddy
C-Tier Panda, Feng Wei, Law, Julia Chang, Lars Alexandersson, Roger Jr., and Wang Jinrei

All Characters Compared

Here is a complete look at the full Tekken 6 Roster:

Emillie De RochefortSPlatinum Grace and/or LiliGymnastics and Street FightingHumanHigh School Student/ Commoner
Nina WilliamsSCold Blooded Killer and Cold HeartAssassination Arts based on Koppojutsu and AikidoHumanBodyguard for Jin Kazama
Lee ChaolanSSilver-Haired Demon and/ or VioletMartial ArtsHumanCEO of Violet Systems
Alisa BasconovitchSAlisa Basconovitch onlyHigh Mobility Combat using thrustersAndroidProtector of Jin Kazama
Armour KingSWicked Flower / Evil FlowerPro-WrestlingHumanWrestler
YoshimitsuSThe Inheritor of the Demon SwordAdvanced Manji NinjutsuHuman (with a cybernetic arm)Leader of the Manji Clan
Devil JinSDestroyer of Worlds and/ or Jin KazamaKarate based on Kyokushin styleHumanMartial Artist
Kazuya MishimaSDevil Kazuya, Cold-Blooded Leader, and/ or Controller of the DevilMishima Style Fighting KarateHuman/ DemonHead of G Corporation
Bryan FurySWicked ReplicantKickboxingCyborg/ ZombieBrain data collector
Jin KazmaSDevil JinMishima Style Advanced Fighting Karate combined with Traditional Kazama Style Martial ArtsDemonThe Devil Gene within Jin Kazama
RavenAShadow Dancing RavenNinjutsuHumanUN Intelligence Agent and Ninja
KingABeast Priest and/ or Mysterious Masked WrestlerPro-WrestlingHumanWrestler and Priest
Wang JinreiAWang Jinrei onlyXin Yi Liu He QuanHumanMerchant/ Martial Artist
ZafinaAZafina onlyAncient Assassination ArtsHumanAstrologist and Imperial Tomb Defender
Ling XiayouADancing PhoenixPiguaquan and Baguazhang-based Chinese Martial ArtsHumanStudent/ Commoner
Jack 6AJack onlyBrute forceAndroidWeapon of Destruction
Paul PhoenixAHot-Blooded Fighter and/ or Aiming for the TopJudo-based Modified Martial ArtsHumanUnknown
HwoarangAFree-Wheeling KicksTaekwondoHumanLeader of The Resistance
Sergie DragunovAThe White Angel of DeathCommando SamboHumanSpetsnaz
Heihachi MishimaAThe King of Iron FistFighting Karate of the Mishima StyleHumanReclaims Mishima Zaibatsu
Marshall LawAThe Fighting Chef and/ or Flame of PassionJeet Kune Do-based Martial ArtsHumanDojo owner and instructor
AsukaAKansai PeacemakerTraditional Kazama Style Martial ArtsHumanStudent/ Commoner
Steve FoxBNT01 and/ or Stinging HookBoxingHumanProfessional Boxer
MiguelBMiguel Caballero Rojo onlyUntrained BrawlingHumanMember of The Resistance
Robert RichardsBSlim BobFreestyle KarateHumanMartial Arts prodigy and Bounty hunter
Devil KazuyaBKazuya Mishima and/ or The DevilMishima Style Fighting KarateDemonThe Devil Gene within Kazuya Mishima
Baek Doo SanBBaek Doo San onlyTaekwondoHumanResistance Commander
EddyBEddy Gordo onlyCapoeiraHumanMercenary
GanryuBGanryu onlySumoHumanOwner of Chanko Paradise
Lei WulongBSuper PoliceChinese martial artsHumanPolice Detective
Anna WilliamsBAnna Williams onlyKoppojutsu based Assassination Arts and Aikido based techniquesHumanAssassin
Leo KlisesenBLeo Kliesen onlyBaji QuanHumanSpeleologist
Lars AlexanderssonCTraitorous FistTekken Forces Martial ArtsHumanRebel Leader of Yggdrasil
Julia ChangCJulia Chang onlyWrestling and Baji Quan and Xin Yi Liu He Quan-based Chinese martial artsHumanForest Rejuvenation and G Corporation GENOCELL Researcher and
Spy for Violet Systems
LawCForest LawJeet Kune Do-based Martial ArtsHumanMarshall Dojo Student
Feng WeiCFeng Wei onlyChinese KenpoHumanChinese Martial Arts Master
PandaCPanda onlyImproved Kuma Shinken of Heihachi stylePanda (Animal)Bodyguard and Pet
Wang JinreiCWang Jinrei onlyXin Yi Liu He QuanHumanMartial Artist/ Merchant
Roger Jr.CRoger Jr. onlyCommando WrestlingKangarooUnknown


Tekken 6 Tier List
Best Characters in Tekken 6

The S Tier consists of Tekken Characters that are the best and tick the majority of the aspects that we talked about earlier. They have a unique skill set and their moves can help you in counter-hitting and jumping, and like that they have a good recovery. Other aspects are also there where the developers of the game have given them an edge over others. Let’s talk about the Tekken 6 best Characters.

Character Fighting Style Role Strengths
Emillie De Rochefort Gymnastics and Street Fighting High School Student Excellent movement and blocking, strong if mastered
Nina Williams Assassination Arts Bodyguard for Jin Kazama Strong offensive capabilities, attack-oriented
Lee Chaolan Martial Arts CEO of Violet Systems Superior wall carry and damage, excellent punishing abilities
Alisa Basconovitch High Mobility Combat Protector of Jin Kazama Ideal for beginners, effective poking style
Armour King Pro-Wrestling Wrestler Strong throws and special moves, effective all-rounder
Yoshimitsu Advanced Manji Ninjutsu Leader of the Manji Clan Unique and challenging playstyle, rewards creative strategies
Devil Jin Kyokushin Karate Martial Artist Strong offense and defense, powerful moves like launching hell sweep
Kazuya Mishima Mishima Style Fighting Karate Head of G Corporation Powerful standing strikes and punishment abilities, better used defensively
Bryan Fury Kickboxing Brain data collector High damage output, excellent mobility, unique taunts
Jin Kazama Advanced Mishima and Kazama Martial Arts Possessor of the Devil Gene Versatile with strong wall play and combos, despite a weaker power crush

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Tekken 6 Tier List
Above Average Characters in Tekken 6

The characters that are part of the A Tier are by no means bad characters, in fact, in some aspects, they can dismantle the characters even from the S Tier. The reason they are included here is from our experience in the game and they were lacking aspects with respect to which we set this tier list. You can disagree with it and we will not deny your opinion as it was a very hard decision to separate these characters from the S Tier. 

Character Fighting Style Role Strengths
Raven Ninjutsu UN Intelligence Agent and Ninja Effective in stealth and agility, skilled in various ninja techniques.
King Pro-Wrestling Wrestler and Priest Strong grappler, challenging to master but dominant once proficient.
Wang Jinrei Xin Yi Liu He Quan Merchant/ Martial Artist Excellent parry abilities, strong throws and combos, underrated with significant damage potential.
Zafina Ancient Assassination Arts Astrologist and Imperial Tomb Defender Easy to use despite multiple stances, strong in specific scenarios.
Ling Xiayou Piguaquan and Baguazhang-based Martial Arts Student/ Commoner Mixup heavy, requires full mastery of moveset for effectiveness.
Jack 6 Brute force Weapon of Destruction Strong defensively with limited but powerful moves, hard to master.
Paul Phoenix Judo-based Modified Martial Arts Unknown Strong offense and mixups, powerful “deathfist” move, great at punishing.
Hwoarang Taekwondo Leader of The Resistance Excellent in multiple stances, strong on offense with great mixup potential.
Sergei Dragunov Commando Sambo Spetsnaz Simple moveset ideal for beginners, excels in pokes and wall-play.
Heihachi Mishima Fighting Karate of the Mishima Style Reclaims Mishima Zaibatsu Offensive with strong poking and pressure, excellent against evasive opponents.
Marshall Law Jeet Kune Do-based Martial Arts Dojo owner and instructor Strong wall game and safe pokes, powerful at close range.
Asuka Kazama Traditional Kazama Style Martial Arts Student/ Commoner Strong defensive abilities, effective against stance-based characters.

B-Tier Average Tekken Characters

B-Tier characters are average. They have some good moves in the game and can be used to even defeat characters from the upper tiers but it requires loads of practice and patience. Patience in a sense, that you have to grind to get to know the weak points of these characters and practice them till you can identify how they are exploited. It was an easy list but if you crave a hard time with Tekken 6 Characters then picking these characters is not a bad idea.

Character Fighting Style Role Strengths
Steve Fox Boxing Professional Boxer Simple and effective boxing style, great for beginners.
Miguel Untrained Brawling Member of The Resistance Solid moves with powerful lows and strong whiff punishment, despite linear movement.
Robert Richards Freestyle Karate Martial Arts prodigy and Bounty hunter Good reach and impressive mobility for his size, popular among high-level players.
Devil Kazuya Mishima Style Fighting Karate Possessor of the Devil Gene Strong in whiff and general punishment, but overly defensive and reliant on risky mixups.
Baek Doo San Taekwondo Resistance Commander Master of stances and poke-heavy, but predictability can be exploited by opponents.
Eddy Gordo Capoeira Mercenary Unpredictable and strong in standing and whiff punishments, ideal for new players.
Ganryu Sumo Owner of Chanko Paradise Strong defensively, uses patient play to wear down opponents, but vulnerable to low crushes.
Lei Wulong Chinese martial arts Police Detective Excellent mixup potential and combo damage, superb wall game.
Anna Williams Koppojutsu based Assassination Arts Assassin High-risk, high-reward mixup-heavy character with a need for extensive move memorization.
Leo Kliesen Baji Quan Speleologist Strong wall game and carry, effective tools, though tracking is difficult.


Worst Tekken Characters
Avoid these characters in Tekken 6

The Tekken Characters on the C Tier are fairly and are best to be avoided. The upper-ranking characters of can be a good option for beginner players. These characters don’t checkmark the major aspects that makes one a good character in the game and thus they are placed in this hall of shame tier of our tier list.

Character Fighting Style Role Weaknesses
Lars Alexandersson Tekken Forces Martial Arts Rebel Leader of Yggdrasil Lacks character development, overly simple, ineffective stance.
Julia Chang Wrestling, Baji Quan, Xin Yi Liu He Quan Forest Rejuvenation Researcher and Spy Difficult executions, low damage output, poor block and standing moves.
Forest Law Jeet Kune Do-based Martial Arts Marshall Dojo Student Linear and predictable, easy to block and evade, lacks effectiveness.
Feng Wei Chinese Kenpo Chinese Martial Arts Master Identity crisis between offensive and defensive styles, limited range.
Panda Improved Kuma Shinken of Heihachi style Bodyguard and Pet Clumsy movement, unsafe plays, poor rewards for risk, very vulnerable to combos.
Roger Jr. Commando Wrestling Unknown Lacks effective moves, predictable, easily pressured, limited combo potential.

Tekken 6 Tier List Facts

We will now talk about the factors that resulted in these characters being part of their respective tiers. These are aspects that we observed in our extensive research and the time we put into the game.

  1. The Block Feature:
    • Blocking in Tekken 6 is not overpowering, requiring players to use it judiciously. The effectiveness of blocking varies significantly between characters, influencing their viability in competitive play.
  2. Grabs:
    • Grabs are complex to execute consistently, with a noticeable learning curve. Certain characters possess unique grabs that can be devastating, affecting their tier ranking.
  3. Recovery Frame:
    • Recovery time after executing moves is crucial for maintaining the flow of combat. Characters that recover quickly from attacks are generally placed higher in the tier list due to their ability to continue offensive or switch to defense swiftly.
  4. Low Parry Combos:
    • Low parry combos allow a player to counter low attacks effectively, leading to a free mini-juggle. Mastery of a character’s specific juggle combo can greatly enhance their competitive edge.
  5. Counterhit:
    • A counterhit occurs when a player interrupts an opponent’s move with an attack, which is pivotal for turning the tide in battles. Characters that excel in this aspect are favored in higher tiers.
  6. Jumping:
    • While jumping was more effective in earlier, more 2D-oriented fighting games, it has limited utility in Tekken 6. However, characters like Armour King who excel in jump-based attacks are noted for their unique capabilities.

Our Tekken 6 Tier List Criteria

We have played the game extensively and have looked at all the major and minor factors that were important and helped us rank Tekken 6 best characters. We looked at the general gameplay of the game, how the AI in the game behaves, the most overpowered and underpowered moves,s and the special moves beside the normal moves of all characters. The most important ranking factor for us was how one character stands out from others. For example, the game is built such that jumping is not an effective thing to do and the majority of characters fail in it but Armour King stands out where other characters in Tekken 6 fail. This resulted in Armour King getting more weightage from us on our tier list.

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Lars was considered a top tier before and now you dropped him to C because you don’t like him? Clearly there is a bias here.

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