Last Cloudia Tier List: All Characters Ranked [Feb. 2023]

Our Last Cloudia has got over 100 character and we have ranked them from the best to worst according to their performance in the game.

Did you go through our Epic Seven Tier List and FGO Tier List? This right here is another similar one! The Last Cloudia is a Japanese role-playing game that immerses players into its fascinating gacha world loaded with intense battling and entertainment. Our Last Cloudia Tier List will make it even more interesting! 

The game offers a sprawling storyline and huge collection of quirky heroes topped by its compelling cinematic effects and engaging combat to keep players always on the edge of their seats. The most cherishable part, though, is that each of its heroes bolsters some unique attribute. Nevertheless, it still doesn’t mean they are equal. 

Despite each having exceptional qualities, only a few can breeze like a champ through the content, ultimately providing you the best Last Cloudia experience ever. Hence, here’s a glimpse of the topmost worthy Last Cloudia characters. The post also holds a complete reroll tier list in the end for players who want to mark new triumphs all over again. 

Last Cloudia Tier List Table 
S-Tier Hero Davan (Tank, Melee DPS), Thunderbolt Sevia (Breaker, Melee DPS)
A-Tier Killer Ice Princess Sevia (Melee DPS), Warlock Leena (Healer), Lily (Ranged Magical DPS), Goroth – the Giant (Melee DPS, Tank), Zaix (Thief, Breaker, Melee DPS), Blaze Blade Shin (Melee DPS), Zouglas (Tank, Melee DPS)
B-Tier Doura the Bluebeard (Counter, Melee DPS), Princess Lilah (Healer, Ranged Magical DPS), Phantom Thief Robin (Thief, Melee DPS), Gallant Flame Vaughn (Breaker, Melee DPS), Ice General Zekus (Breaker, Ranged Magical DPS), Prince Gorm (Tank, Melee DPS, Support), Dyne of the Three Sages (Ranged Magical DPS), Master Thief Robin (Thief, Melee DPS), Lanceveil (Tank), Lukiel (Support, Melee DPS)
C-Tier Soul Reaper Melza (Magical DPS and Melee Physical), Blood Rose (Breaker, Melee Magical DPS), Magic Beast Rei (Breaker), Godhunter Shin (Melee DPS), Lilebette of the Blaze (Support, Ranged DPS)
D-Tier Beast Romel (Support, Melee DPS), Maddine (Tank, Support, Melee Physical and Magical DPS), Selios (Melee DPS), Mysterious Girl Theria (Support, Healer), Eliza (Magical DPS)
E-TierSky Hero Graevin (Knight), Kyle the Swordsman (Breaker, Melee DPS), White Knight Melza (Support, Melee DPS)

Last Cloudia Characters Tier List Explained

LC tiers explained S-E
Last Cloudia Characters Tier List Explained (S-E)

As said earlier, each option in Last Cloudia’s character roster is a hero on its own. Though it’s amazing news, an extensive roster will definitely make picking the right in-game company daunting. Based on various critical factors like abilities, stats, and veteran player preference, our Last Cloudia character tier list can give you a hand in doing so. 

The list below is divided into six tiers from S to E. As with all tier lists, the S tier here contains the most robust characters of Last Cloudia that are often priority picks of most players. As we tour you down to the last tier, units will become less useful for combat, with the E tier reserved solely for the least effective ones.

Because we have ranked Last Cloudia best characters as per their output potential and not how powerful they may look stats-wise, get ready for some surprises. Nevertheless, let’s get into it! 


This tier houses undeniably the best characters of Last Cloudia. Thanks to their awesome combat potential and massive power onboard, players will be at an advantage if they team up with the S-Tier characters. 

Last Cloudia HeroRole PlayedElementType
Thunderbolt SeviaBreaker, Melee DPSLightningSoldier
Hero DavanTank, Melee DPS EarthSoldiers


The characters of this tier also pack a massive punch of power and usefulness but fall a little short in competing with the top-tier dwellers. These characters are worth considering if you don’t want to spend a lot of your time and effort trying out different tactics or pounding for resources. 

Last Cloudia HeroRole PlayedElementType
LilyRanged Magical DPSLight, DarkGod
Warlock LeenaHealerEarthSorcerer
Killer Ice Princess SeviaMelee DPSIceSoldier
ZouglasTank, Melee DPSEarthKnight
Blaze Blade ShinMelee DPSFire, DarkSoldier
ZaixThief, Breaker, Melee DPSNeutralSoldier
Goroth, the GiantMelee DPS, TankNeutralCreature


This tier is where most of the Last Cloudia heroes dwell. Though Tier-B characters are not as robust as the ones we just introduced to you, they still prove very helpful in most fights. If you’re looking forward to making a decent addition to your team who can hold its own against the opposition, Tier B characters can be considered. 

Last Cloudia HeroRole PlayedElementType
Ice General ZekusBreaker, Ranged Magical DPSIceSorcerer
Gallant Flame VaughnBreaker, Melee DPSFireSoldier
Phantom Thief RobinThief, Melee DPSDarkSoldier
Princess LilahHealer, Ranged Magical DPSLightSorcerer
Doura the BluebeardCounter, Melee DPSIceSoldier
LukielSupport, Melee DPSLightGod
Master Thief RobinThief, Melee DPSDarkSoldier
Dyne of the Three SagesRanged Magical DPSFire, DarkSorcerer
Prince GormTank, Melee DPS, SupportNeutralSoldier


Though not very marvelous, the characters in this tier may still prove viable on some occasions. Having said that, Tier C characters can make a great part of a player’s combat team, given that he knows how to actually unleash their potential. Until then, they are just average picks. 

Last Cloudia HeroRole PlayedElementType
Lilebette of the BlazeSupport, Ranged DPSNeutralSniper
Godhunter ShinMelee DPSNeutralSoldier
Magic Beast ReiBreakerIce, LightningBeast
Blood RoseBreaker, Melee Magical DPSDarkSorcerer
Soul Reaper MelzaMagical DPS and Melee PhysicalDarkGod


Characters housed here may hold good against weaker opposition but are certainly not recommended for most combats. Tier D Last Cloudia characters fall short against powerful enemies, ultimately not being able to take players to the endgame (the main objective). 

Last Cloudia HeroRole PlayedElementType
ElizaMagical DPSFireSorcerer
Mysterious Girl TheriaSupport, HealerLightSorcerer
SeliosMelee DPSIceSoldier
MaddineTank, Support, Melee Physical and Magical DPSEarthSorcerer
Beast RomelSupport, Melee DPSLightBeast


Here you will be greeted by the weakest characters of Last Cloudia’s current meta. All of them are difficult to utilize in most combats. Players who learn how to handle them well might still be able to make the most out of a Tier E character, especially in initial boss fights: otherwise, they should be avoided.  

Last Cloudia HeroRole PlayedElementType
White Knight MelzaSupport, Melee DPSLightKnight
Kyle the SwordsmanBreaker, Melee DPSFireSoldier
Sky Hero GraevinKnightNeutralSpirit

Last Cloudia Reroll Tier List 2022: Best Characters to Try Your Luck With 

LC reroll tier list
Last Cloudia Reroll Tier List 2022

Rerolling is a common concept in gacha games like Genshin Impact. It means creating a new account and trying your luck on the generous early Last Cloudia bounties. This will ultimately enable you to acquire the characters you want to play as without having to fork over real-world funds.

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Of course, due to their obvious power potential, the Tier-S Last Cloudia names are deemed the main objective of most players who opt for a reroll. The characters who reside in the lower tiers might also be the best choice; therefore, don’t forget to make a few additions from there too. 

If rerolling, we recommend you keep an out for the ones listed below. These are the best characters of Last Cloudia from tiers below S who might prove worthier than many of you have had expected.  

  • Kyle

Kyle wields melee weapons to deal with most opponents. He couples his arsenal’s strength with his very mighty skills and ability to render rapid attacks to knock the foes down in no time. This best character houses some AoE and ranged attacks too. 

What’s more? To make combat even easier for himself, Kyle can summon a robust shadow clone. Also, he can increase the STR to three whenever his allies are down. Meaning the rest of the party is also supported by Kyle’s addition. With all that said, the character still acts a little squishier than others at times. 

However, given the solid attack set and move recharge rate of Kyle, players can achieve massive damage inflicting potential needed at the start of the game. 

  • Rei

Rei won’t seem very incredible to all, but, in the right hands, the character is truly one of a kind. He can manifest small AoE attacks topped with special lightning ones too. This is further complemented by Rei’s ability to swell his crit rate for spells and attacks and recover from incoming damage. 

Rei can also inflict lightning damage to all kinds of opposing beasts worth 10,000,000 Volt thunderbolts. The downside, however, is the character’s low ultimate recharge rate and INT. His MP is also on the lower side. While many players can easily achieve early game triumph via Rei, many finishing boss fights might prove tricky. 

  • White Melza

A melee physical combatant who is also a pretty viable healer. While manifesting a 360 attack stance, White Melza is used to dealing rapid attacks. These include small to wide-ranged Light AoE attacks. She also maxes this by adding extra elemental damage, which has a pretty darn quick reloading speed too. 

As far as White Melza’s healing potential is concerned, the character can heal all the party allies while also mending MND and defense if the HP drops too low. Overall, White Melza can be a great Light damage rendering + support unit of a reroll Last Cloudia team. In comparison, experienced players can unleash even greater potential from it. 

  • Theria

Though Theria’s major role is of a healer, she has got amazing long-ranged attacks to help your team take down some of the distant enemies. This includes large AoE Light and Light elemental attacks. Nevertheless, Theria is particularly good at healing allies and removing debuffs when required. 

However, the character herself falls short of defense when low on HP. Also, Theria’s recharge rate is very slow. If you are searching for a good healer for your reroll team who could also occasionally support your ranged attack stance, Theria is a good option. 

  • Zekus

He is a great magical unit to summon on board if you look forward to inflicting your opponents with some cool magic ranged attacks. Zekus has got small ice attacks in his pack, too, paired with high break power, but you need to compromise with the slow reloading speed for that. 

Nevertheless, the larger ice attacks are worth waiting for as they will make the enemies unable to see almost anything. This best character of the Last Cloudia roster can also apply INT and STR buffs to allies. Also, while the reloading might be slow, Zekus’s ultimate skill recharge rate is pretty quick.

  • Lilebette

Another possible reroll candidate from the C-Tier who, like Rei, may not seem very viable to most players but can be a great addition for a reroll party. Lilebette is a long-ranged attacker rather than a melee one. All her ranged displays of damage are paired with quick reloading and AoE potential to help you counter bosses from any distance. 

Lilebette’s ultimate move and recharge rate are also pretty darn speedy. With this character in your Last Cloudia team coupled with two melee specialists, you can aim to conquer even the hardest of the game’s battles without worrying about attack or healing potential. 

Yes, you guessed it right. Lilebette has also got decent healing stats on board. All in all, players should prioritize syncing Lilebette with potent units to unleash as much out of her as expected from a typical Tier-S character. 

Nevertheless, with characters, players aiming for a reroll also need Arks. These Arks do not only make the initial adventure a lot easier but are basically what determines your chosen character’s skills. These are the Last Cloudia Arks you should look for:

  • Sandwyrm
  • Skyship Lonvalion
  • Pirate Ship Legnis

How To Reroll In Last Cloudia 

Rerolling is an important process in Last Cloudia, that helps you can get the best characters in our tier list for August 2022. Before you reroll in the updated 2022 version of Last Cloudia, there are some factors you should look for. 

  • Make sure you spend at least 6000 stones on the DMC units. If you have two multies, make sure that you get at least two or three Arks or DMC units in Last Cloudia. 
  • Additionally, we recommend that you use a Guaranteed Ticket so you can avoid getting a dupe, as it will waste your time and resources. 
  • After using 6 DMC tickets, you will have a chance to get a Featured Unit.  
  • Moreover, if you have an account with three or four DMC Units or Arks before you start the story you will get a great head start.  

At last, after setting up your account you can progress in your story. It is to be noted that players should reserve on the start dash banner, about 6000 to 9000 stones. Doing so will help you acquire at least one or two DoH units. 

Steps To Reroll 

The rerolling process is quite easy and you just have to create some game data. Additionally, you can use an Emulator in the August 2022 update of Lost Cloudia for more convenience but you can perform the reroll on your Android device as well to get the best characters in our tier list. 

  • The first step is to find the folder called com.aidis.lastcloudiaen in the game. Rename it by adding a figure in front of the name. 
  • This folder is located in the Internal Storage of your device. Go to Android and then select Data. You will find the folder here. 
  •  Clear all the data and cache of the game from the App Settings located on your phone. 
  •  After you are done, you just have to go back and change the folder to its original name. 
  • Now, you will have a whole new account that you can reroll on. 

Once you have obtained some of the best characters in our tier list by rerolling in the August 2022 update of Lost Cloudia, all you have to do is link your account and upload all the data you have to make it your future account. 

Final Words

Picking a useful unit in Last Cloudia is the first, most important step towards experiencing a pleasant Last Cloudia combat. This core step becomes a lot more achievable with an up-to-date Last Cloudia tier list. Hoping that this post helps you make an informed decision, we conclude the tier list here. May the best player win! 

Last Cloudia Tier List Criteria

A game’s tier list is an organized categorization of entities, characters or other crucial in-meta elements. Their hierarchy is determined according to each element’s general effectiveness and power. Keeping this in mind and inducing all the necessary information, we have tried making our Last Cloudia Tier list as definitive as possible.  

The grading done in this tier list is based on the general capacity and strength output of each unit. For the most part, each character’s effectiveness in-field is regarded as more important than stats. However, this doesn’t mean the list completely forsakes stats. Of course, high HP is preferred over low HP but not at the cost of overall performance. 

Anyways, the Last Cloudia tier list is subject to frequent updates as new information about the meta and how characters evolve becomes more available. Therefore don’t miss checking back often! 

Quick Last Cloudia Guide

LC Quick guide
Quick Last Cloudia Guide

The latest game from AIDIS, Last Cloudia, is a fast-paced free-to-play RPG available on Windows, iOS and Android devices. It features an interesting plot partnered with intense battling and a mighty gacha system. At the very start, Last Cloudia will greet players with a short movie, displaying its immense worldview while also telling them its story. 

The gameplay is simple: Players accompany their group on an epic adventure. They’ll have to battle their way through numerous opposing forces to save the world. Adhering to the typical gacha mechanics, more characters can be recruited along the way. You can summon new heroes to your party using in-game or real money. 

The game consists of an extensive collection of characters that players can learn easily, hence allowing them to churn the team of their dreams. Players can also participate in various short quests that Last Cloudia almost regularly puts at their disposal.

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